Wow or Eww?

Michelle Rodriguez in a See-through Dress – Wow or Eww?

Michelle-Rodriguez-in-a-See-through-Dress-Wow-or-Eww- - Michelle Rodriguez in a See-through Dress - Wow or Eww?

The body is definitely hot, but how’s the super-see-through black number?

Michelle Rodriguez in a See-through Dress – Wow or Eww?

Let’s see her on the next page, too!

Michelle-Rodriguez-in-a-See-through-Dress-Wow-or-Eww-2 - Michelle Rodriguez in a See-through Dress - Wow or Eww?

Michelle-Rodriguez-in-a-See-through-Dress-Wow-or-Eww-3 - Michelle Rodriguez in a See-through Dress - Wow or Eww?

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  • Julia

    Poor girl. It’s probably the flash from the cameras… I doubt the dress was intended to be seethrough.

    • ann

      I think this happened to John Kerry’s niece years ago. I think it was just the flash. That’s probably a very thin fabric. Hey, at least her undies match everything lol.

    • suzushii

      It’s definitely flash. I’ve read that flashes used by paparazzi got stronger, and the resolution ends up being ridiculously high, moreso then you’d see with the naked eye.

      So you end up seeing transparentness when it’s not there, and invisible hair follicles on the body, etc.

      • hahahaha
        suzushii ure funny

      • brittainb

        haha, yeah sometimes even on my camera, we will all take a group pic, and my bra will be showing through my shirt in the picture, but it isn’t showing to the naked eye. that’s a shame…poor girl

  • Sidney

    Well emm, eww, but she has an awesome body, and i can’t see her boobs, so it’s not horrid, but it would definitely look better if it weren’t see-through. I agree it’s propably the flashing lights, it’s happened to me too, just taking regular pictures. In fact i have a camera that seems to make everyone’s clothes see-through, the flash is really strong or something, many embarassing photos have been taken with that thing 😀 But celebs should test the outfits for that, they know what it’s gonna be like, with all the paps.

  • xepo

    insanely rockin bod, thats all I know. the dress would probably have been really sexy had the flashbulbs not lit it up.

    • mermaid

      agreed on all accounts.

  • Lana

    if i had a body that good i’d be rockin the nekkedness 24/7

  • southerngumdrops

    While it does look a bit tacky, I agree with the previous posters that I don’t think she intended it to be see through. Still, considering how many times this has happened to celebs in the past, you would think she would have thought about this beforehand..

    ps rockin bod! ow!

  • Mizzy

    her body looks good, but i think the dress is see-through because it is too tight and the fabric is being stretched too thin! she could have gone a size up and been fine…even if you have the best body earth that is no excuse to wear ill-fitting clothes.

  • rosie

    yeah, poor girl. i had the same thing happen to me with what i thought was an opaque black shirt. pictures revealed my bra and my navel piercing. though i agree w/an above poster, they ought to do “flash checks.” her bod is banging though. underwear like that would give me muffin top.

  • wify


  • beckers!

    its a wow from me as Michelle is one of my fav actresses.

  • violet

    she does look great, but it’s a pity about the flash, that’s happened to me before as well. unfortunately my body doesn’t rock as hard as hers!


  • one hell of a beautiful lady with a perfect body

  • april

    what an ugly underwear (yes, I can see it perfectly).

  • Ana

    I can’t help it, I’m so subjective. Had it been someone else I’d put them on fire, but she is my girl so I’ll go with “she probably didn’t know, flashes, resolutions etc.”

  • snoops

    lol i say eww just because its a bit much to put on show like that, whether or not it was intentional who knows, but the result isnt great. She has a nice body and I like that she doesnt wear loads of make-up – if the dress were opaque she wouldnt have looked great.

    • snoops

      I mean WOULD have looked great lol

  • Chick

    definitely WOW!! she looks amazing!

  • MsJess

    Why am I as a heterosexual woman attracted to her? Its weird but something about her is just masculine to me and that makes me attracted to her. She’s hot and doesnt dress like a guy but just something about her, I cant explain it. But thats off topic right? LOL

    Yea the dress is tacky but she’s still hot. Like someone else said it could just be the camera.

  • Jemima98

    I don’t hate the dress, but the fact that it’s see-through (unintentionally?) makes me not really dig it. She has a nice body, though

  • machmalow

    Ouw ! hopefully she’s got an amazing figure …

  • Polly

    Michelle always had an amazing body. But I think the dress is eww. It would of been better if there was like darker lace around the crotch that thong looks nasty.

  • missy

    She looks amazing and she has an amazing body…. VS worthy even!
    So bad about the see-through-ness, but = treat for me:)

  • Kae

    Ooops…that’s a little unfortunate BUT she has a killer body. Slim and curvy is where it’s at! She looks great!

  • Jenna118

    Don’t know about the see through (probably unintentional) but she has a great body!! God look at those abs…. I like the style of the dress but not the material..

  • Ninian

    That is one hot body!! Yummy!! =) As for the see trough dress, I think the flash theory is accurate.. Poor girl.. But good for me though! ;D

  • Padme

    I was going to say eww but I agree it probably wasn’t intentional. So if it weren’t see through I think she’d look hot!

  • Freedom

    W O W Definately. HER legs are amazing!

  • wify

    very nice

  • alex


  • I don’t think either she was aware of it but honestly…she looks amazing as always!awesome body!

  • Greg

    Wow, she is amazing. Dress is perfect on her and I would be so lucky to be her date. Very nice