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    • Morgan

      I agree. Pathetic AND trashy.

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  • Candy M.

    It would be hypocritical for me to criticize the theme of the shoot, because Ive seen many models do similar- I can say that Mileys face is not beautiful though. The body is actually looking good- great even though. I don’t know id she’s being herself or not- many teenagers have similar actions- its not up my alley though.

    • Isabel

      The difference between these and the pics by some models is that the later have been gracefully done. Even if they didn’t look classy -and weren’t supposed to be-, those pics look like art, like there was some actual effort to take them. Miley’s look just like the type of shoot that you make with your teenage friends in the basement.

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  • Katie

    Trying too hard. Just stop. This isn’t even cute. It’s disgusting. Is she trying to ruin her career and anybody taking her seriously?

    • Alias

      What career?

      • Lucie


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  • Dana


    • Alias

      You took the word right out of my mouth.

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    • charlotte


  • yaa

    she’s beyond revolting… i can’t

  • NOPEnopenope..

    thanks miley. you killed twerking for me. you stole it and destroyed it and you just keep abusing it every damn day.

    • Jello

      You have the best username on this site.

  • Penne

    Killer bod!

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  • T

    Lame and unoriginal

    • Carla


  • Carla


    • Winnie

      Lol actually. She thinks she’s Rihanna

      • Carla

        I read an article after I saw this post, the headline was Miley Cyrus dressed up as Rihanna and had Terry Richardson take some pics, haha!

  • carrie

    wow looks dumb imo..she looks healthy and fit though like she has gained-not waify at all-prob 5’5 120ish

  • liss

    she´s a joke that everyone is gettin expect from her

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  • katarina

    has anyone ever head of lil debbie the female rapper? her instagram is debbiecakes420…. go on and see the resemblance i think we have a copy cat

    • lc

      Hmm yes I see it.

    • Carla

      Just googled lil debbie and I can definitely see that Miley is using her as an influence mixed with Rihanna. I saw her video ratchets and I was like what the hell is this stuff? Is this what the kids are doing these days? When did this happen I feel so old! haha!

  • ebby

    she does appear very THIRSTY in these photos. its so funny that literally days after SvC posted the Miley quote where she says, ‘girls shouldn’t show off their bodies, blah, blah, blah,’ or something like that, all we see is her half naked in provocative poses.

    • Winnie

      LMAO YES! Thirsty is exactly the word I was looking for!

  • Jo

    Horrendous, try hard, boring.

  • Winnie

    Honestly, this isn’t as bad as I was expecting. I don’t know if that says more about me than her than it does about her *shrugs*

  • emily

    I mean….there was a brief period of time where she was looking truly beautiful. Pilates bod, shoulder length hair…i don’t understandddd. It’s not even the lovely poses, what’s with the heinous faces?

    oh. my adjective is…


  • emily

    wait. can I use “AmandaBynes” as an adjective?

    • Dani

      So sad and true.

  • AnnieC

    Terry Richardson is such a sleazy hack. Even worse than his ugly, monotonous style is the fact that people keep agreeing to pose for and with him. He’s just like a Kardashian – someone with no discernible talent or skill who makes money. I’m simply bewildered. And Miley, the backlash is tsunami-sized. Cool your jets and develop a little mystery. Once you’ve exposed everything, there’s nothing left to know and no reason to hang around.

    • Casey


      I think Terry Richardson best illustrates how messed up and fake the high fashion industry is in terms of what it tries to sell.

      High fashion generally tries to sell itself as arty/original/outside the norm, or at least, that’s how it comes across from its elitist fans. More than once I’ve encountered people who are into HF who look down upon “commercial” beauty as so mundane and boring, and how (insert weird looking model) is so beautiful and how they see unique forms of beauty…blah blah blah.

      But really, it’s comprised of the same kind of people you would find anywhere else…people who care about what others think of them as much as anywhere else, people who cannot think for themselves or have their own opinions…etc.

      Somewhere, someone decided Terry Richardson was a good photographer. And here he is, years later, still a “top photographer” despite a complete lack of skill or talent, originality, insight…anything, that would justify why he is paid to do what he does when thousands of other actually brilliant photographers who are able to present something unique are struggling to find work.

      It’s because the industry that he works in is in fact not nearly as rebellious as it claims to be. It’s because the members of that industry decided to follow that initial person’s opinion, regardless of any of their own thoughts on the matter. “Oh everyone else uses him, so I will too!” It’s because none of them can break the mold and hire some fresh photographer, but would rather hire this pervert just to fit in.

      It’s sad.

      And same with the narrow standard of “beauty” that HF allows, of super thin and tall models. It’s just some arbitrary standards that were determined and enforced. It’s very discouraging that so many people fall pray to thinking that these standards are actually absolute. Once again it’s because most members of the industry have a hard time actually breaking the status quo.

      • serena

        Casey, you made a lot of good points, and to add to that – Terry Richardson has been accused of sexually molesting and harassing young models. Obviously a lot of models are very young, some from poor families, and modeling is their ticket out – they’re afraid to stand up for themselves when molested or asked to starve though some models have come forward about this.

        Richardson is hardly just a HF photographer though. He’s pretty mainstream now, even photographed Obama! Some of his pics are really skeevy.

        • Jello

          I like Terry’s work because he has a knack to get big name stars to pose in ways that you rarely see, even if it often lacks class.

      • CK

        agree on every point Casey.
        Also, big names come to him cos he’s popular and labeled as “fashion photographer” so for them its another way to keep their popularity and also escape some criticism for racy pics cos they can say, well, that’s what Terry’s concept was or “i wanted to try smth interesting, out there” though it was obviously for more attention.
        The same HF brands do now sometimes when they suddenly make some blah-model the face of the brand cos she’d had recently became famous for dating someone famous or doing/saying smth so stupid or controversial that everyone’s talking about them.

      • lc

        Yeah, I agree with serena. Terry Richardson is hardly what I would call a HF photographer. That’s more like Patrick DeMarchelier, Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, ect.

      • cameron baum

        I completely agree.

        And about Miley… I think the thing that is pissing me off the most about her now is her complete lack of disrespect and lack of understanding in regards to how she is appropriating Black culture. She thinks a white person can “be Black,” but white people can’t be Black, because at the end of the day, white people can go back to the privilege of being white in a white patriarchal society. Gettin’ real tired of this.

      • Candy M.

        Blah Blah Blah-http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130227085840.htm

        • tr

          just go away.

  • ëËÉ

    lol i first read it, i saw richardson as ridiculous xD Miley’s new ridiculous shoot

  • Zoe

    Predictable. I wouldn’t expect anything less (or more, depending on how you see it) from either or them. He emits the aura of being one of the sleaziest individuals one could ever have the misfortune of coming across, or working with, and she- well, she just tries *so* hard. We get it, Miley- Hannah Montana’s all grown-up, edgy and ‘sexy; now, but the thing is, you still have an awful lot of growing up to do. Wear some clothes, and do or say something that’s classy for a change- now that would be *really* edgy and shocking to everyone! 🙂

    • Morgan

      I could not agree more. I understand wanting, as an artist, wanting to mature your music and be able to say, “I’m an adult and I don’t want to make little kid music anymore.” I mean, I GET that. But this transformation from good girl who occasionally makes poor decisions to I CAN BE A HOOKER I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALALAAA!!….?
      Look, I’m only 5 years older than this girl. I’m a metalhead and I love clubbing. But she’s acting like those poor, obvious bitches in made-for-teens movies: WAY. TOO. OBVIOUS. I’m sick of the twerking (thanks for ruining that for me, Ms. NO @$$), I’m sick of all short blonde hair being associated with her (eventually dyed mine back to black), I’m sick of all this crazy Gaga-esque flamboyancy that’s been bastardized by having no message, no art, and uber-sexualized when she still looks like she’s 13 playing with Mommy’s makeup. Keep your tongue in your head and try to act like a grownup instead of a spoiled teen rebel and maybe people will actually take you seriously. You don’t have to seem like the trashiest corner girl on the lot in order for people to realize you’ve grown up.

      • lc

        THANK YOU, Morgan! I could not agree more. %100 true. What is it with the kids these days…and I am only 5 years older than her too lol.

  • Dani

    She’s gone so far down the trashy hole I don’t think there’s any redemption. She was better off as Hannah Montana, this is sad

  • LMH

    I call the first picture “Cankles…..in….SPAAAAACE!”

  • PinkLadi

    She’s embarrassing.

  • tequilla


  • lc

    Embarrassing. A joke. Revolting. Unoriginal. Try hard.

    • swissmiss


      • serena


    • rubii

      yes¸! and what’s with that rap music shirt?
      She probably doesn’t listen to it and don’t know any of those artists..I mean, real rap artists

      • lc

        Rap??…But, a year or so ago she was like, ALL about the Iron Maiden, Nirvana, that kind of thing. Omg she is SUCH a poser.

        • rubiii

          exactly! hipster yesterday, badas* b*tch today ( wannabe Rihanna )
          get back to Daisy Dukes Miley

          • lc

            Yeah, exactly. Go back to who you really are, FN poser lol.

        • Morgan

          I can just imagine the warm welcome she’ll receive if she ever tries to butter up Rammstein LOL

  • Candy M.

    I have a friend who asked me “Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the upper arm flab, like Miley has in the Gala pics? It is such a problem area for me. It’s only noticeable from the side though, when looking straight on in the mirror my arms are straight and slim, but whenever a picture it taken from that angle its a disaster!”

    • serena

      Candy I was thinking Miley’s arms look nice and toned in the 1st pic! I used to have muscular arms (for a girl) when I was a swimmer…now I have a full time job and don’t work out as much. Tell your friend to lift weight, most girls neglect their arms in my experience.

      • Candy M.

        Hmm- so you are Ispyatroll? I knew I could bait you into commenting- if you did its proof that you are. In which case- your really helping the stereotype that you are all two faces. passive aggressive bs. It became apparent after you wrote nearly the same thing as Serena and Ispyatroll about the apple, malnurtuion, starving brain. It became very apparent how passive aggressive your comments have been- trying to alert Versus to get me kicked off so you don’t have to hear me any more. And its VERY clear that you are jealous of thin women- considering how you once tried to but couldn’t. When Natlalia pointed out the hypocrisy in that post you lashed out and showed your true side- telling her she was starved of nutrients- the same thing ispyatrilll said. When going back further I realized many of the things you’ve said ispyatroll has said. You’ve already argued your wont point serena/ispyatroll or i suggest another name- two face.

        • tr

          just go away. you are toxic!

      • Candy M.

        @Serena/Ispyatroll(see what i did there, same thing you do to get versus to moderate me, only I never lied about being Anna)- okay enough of the passive aggressive stuff. Ive seen your real side many times “Ispyatroll” including here
        “nion even if it makes YOU feel bad about being a fugly loser…don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll hit puberty one day, then you can stop lashing out at curvy women online to feel better about yourself ” or telling natalia to go eat an apple because she’s anorexic( if you wanted to hid ispyatroll maybe you shouldn’t be so transparent)
        “Also @Candy I’m surprised you’d pull out the racist card so easily, you use Beyonce and Oprah as examples of ugly women again and again but I don’t take that to mean you hate Black women. As for Liu Wen, she’s attractive but nothing special, just super tall for an Asian girl. If she were normal height I guarantee you would call her plain. Btw I would like to see more Asian women featured in Ads and Hollywood but Liu is just mehhh in my book. When she’s in a group photoshoot the other models outshine her easily.”

        First of all- every objective standard id important so yes, height makes her stand out, even alias said it makes her stand out! Second you get pissed when I try to say there is one standard of beauty but now you’re telling me I don’t find Liu Wens face groegous? You can’t go one day without contradicting yourself. Like when you said you want “candies torso and hilary rhodas legs”. So you want a tall woman’s lean torso and an even taller woman’s lean legs? But when replying to natalie you saidBarbra Palvin is your ideal? And you wouldn’t take candices legs because as you admitted above they have more body fat, but rather hilarys fat free long legs? But you don’t want to look ultra fit and lean, but you want hilarys legs?
        I think these are VERY lean and thin
        In fact probably the leanest legs at the VS fashion show- but you prefer more body fat like barbra palvin? And you don’t want to be tall but you want a tall woman’s legs and a tall woman’s torso? And the leanest part of candice is her torso, the leanest part of hilary are her legs? So basically you want to look like a hf model? Because other than candices legs her body is exactly like one, with hilarys it is. And you also said you don’t want to be lean and fit- but you told natalia you got to 108 and had no mensturation and were weak and tired. Why would you get there if you didn’t want to be lean and thin? You then go on to say it isn’t possible for most women(you), your reasoning for why it can’t be beautiful but doesnt that support my argument? You’re now saying after you tried but couldn’t remain lean and fit that you don’t want to be. That it isn’t beautiful because its NOT rekatable- or do you REALLY mean you want to BELIEVE it isn’t ideal because it isn’t achievable for you? As karmen pedaru said ” they criticize us models. But at the same time they are trying to look like us”.
        Next contradiction(out of a million) you suggest to us that we don’t find liu beautiful, that we are being dishonest. When I say the same about you, and I think thats quite evident from above and many other traces you’ve left as several other post, on marloes host. many of the women here have ADMITTED to weight issues and then tell us they don’t want to be thin.
        ” I’m skittle shaped and my thighs are never lean” Serena/ispyatroll

        “Also she has great legs with lean toned thighs. I’m jealous of her legs ” about A Lima

        “Also my 1st yr of college I gained 13 lbs and barely noticed because I was wearing stretchy yoga pants constantly!:
        But liu wen- you are suggesting that I am lying that this woman is lying ” think liu is a stunner. i’m surprised that many asians find her average. i think the other two ladies are beautiful as well. i wouldn’t call any of them average and i personally prefer liu’s face to the others.” “I find Liu Wen simply gorgeous” or on YouTube “She is one gorgeous angle!””she’s gorgeous and such a sweet heart!”
        “She is lovely!!””Personally I think Liu Wen is prettier than Du Juan ”
        I love this next quote- prves what I’m saying “I’m Asian and I absolutely love her face. The other Asians I know think that only when the (Asian) girl has “big eyes” or a taller nose is when she is pretty. Rubbish! Liu Wen’s face is balanced; her features fills in the spaces of her face perfectly. Her eyes aren’t too far up her face that it leaves too much space at the bottom, nor is her eyes too far spaced apart. Very proportionate face!”
        “i like how westerns think she may not be as beautiful as du juan…. but from Chinese point of view, or eastern asian standard may i say, she is way much prettier than du.”
        “i am Chinese, I think she is GORGEOUS, and I like her so much”
        “‘m Chinese. I think she’s gorgeous”
        “I love Liu Wen! She proves that you don’t need “double eyelid” to be beautiful. Asians know what I’m talking about..”
        “Absoolutely. It’s a shame that Miss Korea 2012 not only had double eyelid sugery but a total face transformation with face bones, jaws surgeries. It’s time for natural asian look instead of K-Pop plastic beauty.”
        “I think she is one of the most strinking girls i have ever seen! She is so pretty”
        “in this industry, the hight,perfect skinny bones structure(especially legs) and a very explicit facial feature are required as the 3 nonnegotiable conditions.
        beauty got absolute nothing to do with the eyelids.
        don’t make excuses for those fat short single ugly girls who have single eyelid .””So true. Wen is a million times more beautiful than those insecure Asian girls I know how get plastic surgery for double eyelids like it’s the norm”
        “And not only that, since Asian generally have small features, having large eyes balances out the spaces between the other features. Liu Wen’s face is attractive because her full lips balances out her eyes, harmonizing her features together. ”
        “Liu Wen is really beautiful… Her beautiy is definitely high class””to be a model u have to be pretty”:
        “she is so beautiful”
        “she is flawless”
        So I guess you just suggested we are all lying- but since you’re serena and have even been shown to lie and contradict yourself its impossible for you to be dishonest.
        This argument was won thousands of years ago- and you’ve just lost it again.

    • iseeyoutrollin

      You troll! “My friend asked me…”??? You copied and pasted my comment from the Miley at the Gala thread. Your friend asked you that? Those are my exact words i said about Miley’s arms that you copied and pasted on here. What a liar and a troll you are. Absolutely pathetic.

      • Candy M.

        Ok- Serena. Why did you serena notice this comment even if you weren’t the same?

  • Jossie

    Something tells me this idiot kid is going to end bad.

  • Nika

    I’m torn. This is repulsive but at the same time, it’s also quite sad.

  • solaxia

    embarrassing! Omg. The more I see certain parts of Hollywood the more I realise how immature it is. Why does everyone think this idiot photographer is original? It’s all the same same. Big whoop. Nothing exciting. This is really cringe worthy! PLUS she looks like Terry with those glasses on!!!

    • Winnie

      “PLUS she looks like Terry with those glasses on!!!”

      lmaaaaaaoooooooo omg, no you didn’t!

      • solaxia

        lol it did sound a bit harsh didn’t it?! It just popped out.

  • Polly

    Like OMG, I can give the finger, grab my crotch & smoke a cigarette . She really must look up to Rihanna or something. She’ll never be the girl she wants to be with that face, it’s too chipmunkish and cutesy.

  • Heather

    …just what I expected.

  • babyvincer


  • Viva

    I wonder what Liam’s family thinks of her

    • Zoe

      This. I sometimes look at all the stuff she does and wonder if Liam ever sees her antics and thinks to himself: “Is this the girl I one day hope to make my wife?” while having no second thoughts whatsoever. I mean, I’m all for doing what you want and taking control of your body and everything, but by God… If i were a guy, and I brought Miley home to my parents and was like “So THIS is the girl I’m going to marry,” all I can say is, sh*t would seriously go down. :/ Different strokes for different folks and all that, so of course it’s entirely up to him (and her!) 🙂

      • rubii

        yeah! seeing chris and his wife, such a nice family! and than Miley—she is probably a very nice girl or sth..but Liam himself, despite his hotness doesn’t seem to me as a good, angelic boy

        • Soph

          I have no idea about any of this but maybe it’s just a whole media styling thing and in real life with her family and Liam’s family she is more normal.. maybe its just publicity and stuff

  • Colpnipz

    First time I can agree that yes , she is infact ugly. I always though it was to harsh a word when I saw others commenting it, but now that I have seen her disgusting tounge and shapeless play-dough face 100 + times, I can agree. U.G.L.Y, u ain’t got no alibi, u ugly!

    She needs a wack, if she came to nz she would realize that not everyone cares. No one I know even knows about her antics, and the thugs where i live would probably assult her if she walked around dressed like she does. Is it just America who cares? Does uk, Germany, France, ?? Just curious.

    • Alias

      Her voice is extremely unattractive as well. When I heard her speak with that hair cut I thought to myself, Justin Bieber went blond and his voice finally dropped, but then I realized that was incredibly unfair, for Justin, because even he is prettier than her.

      • lc

        Lol, yes Alias. he is. She sounds like a chain smoking 80 year old woman.

    • Magda

      @ Colpnipz: I can answer for France: Hannah Montana was aired a couple of years ago so I guess that some teens know her but she is not famous here.

  • Mera


  • Alias

    Literally appalled by these pictures, although I didn’t expect anything good to come from Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson. I’m usually a fan of Miley’s body because she has really good proportions despite being only 5’5, but can’t say the same for the rest of her, and definitely not that hair. There’s just too much going on here I don’t really appreciate anything.

    As far Terry, I think he’s a disgusting person. But just talking about his work, anytime Terry is going to be shooting a celebrity it’s going to be bad. Not all of his work is bad, but it’s certainly repetitive. I do like his shots of Vlada for Lacroix, something about his overly bright lighting and Vlada’s subtle sexiness just worked. And of course, anything he’s shot with Marlon Teixeira in it – no wrong can be done there.

  • Laura

    She’s so obsessed with getting away from the Hannah Montana days (like anyone really cares what she did as a kid) it’d ridiculous. Trying to hard, changing her personality to “act cool” … so pathetic. It’s like she went into this shoot and said “okay, I want to take a new picture for every racy or “bad” thing I can think of so I’ll touch myself, I’ll give the finger, I’ll smoke… yeah, that sounds so bad ass”.

    I really don’t know whether to laugh or just feel sorry for her.

  • Autumn Jones

    Abominable. Repugnant. Horrid. Distasteful. There really aren’t enough words…

  • Mera

    The thing with Miley is the she isn’t edgy, and she tries too hard to be edgy.

    Her body is near perfect, however.

    • Winnie

      “Her body is near perfect, however.”

      isn’t it? sigh…it makes me reminisce about when i was that skinny last year. i was about 105 at 5’3″ 3/4 and while i loved it, i hated it at the same time. my butt all but disappeared, my clothes didn’t fit (and i’m already a size 0/2 in most things). my boobs went down to a C cup. i liked the compliments, and how much more toned i looked (with 0 effort), but at the same i love curvy bodies (i have complete body envy of Miguel’s girlfriend Nazanin Mandi, she has my dream height/body/everything). so i dunno what to do with myself now that i’m pretty much at a weight where i have the amount of curves, but am not as lean. i know Miley does pilates and spin classes, so maybe that’s what keeps her so lean

      • Mera

        I swear I saw a girl the other day who was 28-28–28 and about 5 5

        Maybe she was bigger, but she just looked sooooo tiny.
        And she wasn’t a teen – she was full grown.

        It was insane.

        • Winnie

          😐 that’s probably my biggest fear body-wise, being completely shapeless…

          • Mera

            I thought she was perfect.

            I am 6ft and 36-28-36 and I felt like a disgusting fat moose next to something so tiny!

          • Winnie

            @Mera your proportions sound amazing at your height! You must have such nice, slim curves. I’d probably admire you if I saw you in public. But I know how you feel. My roommate is 5’2″ an probably weighs 90 pounds lol, it’s easy to feel like a giant next to her, though I pretty petite myself. I find myself envying all sorts of women. Statuesque yet curvy like Stephanie Seymour and Iggy Azaelia, slim and curvy like Candice or Diane Kruger, thick and curvy like Amber Rose, who is pretty big right now yet still manages to have great proportions IMO, and then women who are petite and curvy like Nazanin Mandi and Draya Michele. Then sometimes I have days where I’m out shopping or something and I envy girls like Nicole Richie who can pretty much pull off anything. I think it’s natural that we compared ourself to others, but at the end of the day it’s important to build your own self-confidence and learn to accept the things about yourself that you can’t change (like your height, and the fact that my hips will probably never be any wider than they are now lol). I think being able to look at another woman and appreciating, or even envying how she looks can be great as long as it doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself

          • serena

            Mera you think that’s perfect?? To me it sounds awful, most Ruler shaped women still have some curves like Miranda Kerr or Anne V. Honestly your proportions sound much better, you have nothing to envy. One of my friends is super tall like you, she says the same thing about feeling big next to other women, but she’s blessed with a gracile build.

        • Alias

          Mera are you sure she had a 28 inch waist and not 18-20? I would imagine someone that TINY would have a much much smaller waist and are you sure those were her real chest and hip measurements? Even Vlada has 30 inches!

          • Mera

            Think Jessica Alba only smaller and literally straight up and down

        • Candy M.

          I think you mean 28-18-28 as that would be the same proportion as 34-24-34 but 6 inches smaller. And to Arias who said Vlada has a 30 inch hip measurement she is also 5’10 so that has to be taken into account- still thats incredibly small. If she was 28-28-28- I’m not sure how that would look. Generally I say whr(the only thing treated as objective here oddly enough) is subjective- but still proportions of waist hips and bust must be proportionate. I mean on one hand if they are all the same then in a way she is perfectly balanced- i supposed id have to see her though. I like rulers like Miranda Kerr or gisele- its just clean and simple to me(thats subjective though). The only measurements that I guess are bad are disporotiante ones like 34-24-45 or something. You get the gist. That would look ridiculous obviously which is why in modeling its preferred that bust and hips are the same.

          • Mera


            I meant 28-28-28 or 31-31-31

            She was straight up and down there was literally no curve whatsoever

        • Candy M.

          Mera- your measurements are proportionate so no need to feel bad. You also said 140, 6ft right? Im 135 and 6’1 so I imagine you at a slightly higher bmi can’t look like a pig.
          Take a look at Robyn Lawley- she’s probably bigger than you but looks amazing.

      • Casey

        Winnie, try weight training.

        It helps you add volume to the areas you choose to work out (so let’s say butt and thighs and upper arms and chest if you want a hourglassy figure).

        After a cycle of building up the muscles, you can do a cycle of “cutting” which is lowering your body fat.

        Then you can have the best of both worlds. You can be curvy and lean.

        Don’t be afraid to pick up the weights for fearing you’ll look like a female bodybuilder. Those women lift hundreds of pounds of weight, are very strict to keep their body fat not just low enough to be lean, but super low (athletic levels), and have been doing it for years and years. You’ll definitely not wind up looking like that, you’ll just give yourself some shape.

        • Winnie

          thanks Casey! i’ve been meaning to start weight training. most of the exercise i do is cardio based and i’ve started pilates to work on my core strength. i’ve just always been a wimp when it comes to weights lol

        • anon

          You’re absolutely right, Casey. I’ve always been thin(too thin, in my opinion) and always was trying to gain weight. When I started lifting weights, I added some shape to my body(butt, thighs, arms, chest) Now I no longer see myself as skinny, but thin/slim with curves/muscles. Go for it, Winnie, only good can come out of it.
          Though I was recently called fat for being 5’8″ and size 4, I know that’s ridiculous & still think of myself as still a bit too thin sometimes. I also envy voluptuous figures, like Sofia Vergara & other curvy(not fat) types of bodies. Sometimes I wish I had more hip. But anyway, weightlifting can & most certainly does help, no matter what body type or size someone is.

        • Candy M.

          Don’t forget to mention the VAST majority of those women have mesophorphic genes but more importantly use steroids.

        • Candy M.

          Unrelated, but “Also, I wanted to ask you, do you genuinely feel that women want to and strive to be attractive in the majority of men’s eyes, and if yes, why do you think women would want to be seen as attractive in the majority of men’s eyes?”- Casey

        • Candy M.

          Oh AND “Meanwhile, W magazine hasn’t worked with him in years, perhaps because the art director took offense to a photo he did of a woman with her head in an oven.”

  • Pixie

    Classless. This kid is ridiculous. 🙁

  • binks


  • prettyblackgirlwithkinkycurlyhair

    Twerk Miley, Twerk!!! No, seriously she’s trying waaaay too hard! Crotch grabbing and smoking?! Really? This is cringe-worthy.

  • rubiii

    I feel sorry for herm she is proving sth to the world. Poor girl. my words are: ridiculous, wannabe cool citizen, but still country as hell

  • jay-lisa

    She should follow Jennifer Lopez’s advice on “On how to be sexy and classy at the same time” ’cause she obviously crossed “the line into trashy when you reveal a lot”.

  • rubiii

    she’s doinf faces like Cara Delavigne..she is also trying too hard

  • JaneParker

    Wow, I’m comig late to the party! I have a question and I would love for someone who’s better informed than me to answer it.
    Why is this Terry guy famous? Seriously…! I love photography, but I’m no genius at it. My goal is to take a pic that’s goood enough in itself, thus not needing photoshop to make it great. A pic that’s been taken on manual mode with the right angle, ISO, lightning, etc. I’ve heard this guy is a creep. But forget about that for a second, focus on his photos. I’ve seen his galleries a while back. He is a CRAPPY photographer. So why is he famous? It really baffles me!
    As for the shoot: typical, same as all his shoots that I’ve seen!

  • MerryHappy

    Thirty b!tch. Seriously. If she tries harder, she’ll sprain something.

  • SA girl

    Anyone knows if Miley is still in a relationship with Liam Hemsworth? Those Hemsworth brothers are really handsome tall men. Maybe they broke up, so she is going rebel, then again, maybe not. Or, perhaps just an early adult rebellious stage, or the fact that her folks are separating? (rhetorial questions). I cannot help but feel sorry for her, seems to be hiding something, trying desperately to conceal it with her boyish look, and anger. I hope she finds contentment however, shame.

  • SA girl

    Positive comment: Her body looks really fit. Negative comment: She seems sad inside

  • Beckers

    Pain inducing

  • Nessa

    Unfortunately, I think she looks like an idiot, trying too hard to be something she ain’t, and some of the pics are even gross.

  • kat

    so f stupid omg

  • D

    She has an idea of how she wants to be portrayed, Rihanna likely being her inspiration (lol), everything she does seems to be for her image – rather then Miley just being herself. Which in result she ends up appearing as though she is trying too hard.

  • Britt

    Embarrassing ,
    What does her “fiancée ” think about this just showing her body and grabbing her vaj for everyone to see ew

  • Mageda

    Terry Richardson is the ultimate professional pervert, I’m not surprised mliey felt the need to go down this path

  • ems

    She makes me cringe so much.
    That third picture !??!?! No words.

  • snugglepup

    Just plain gross like a hanging snot from the nostrils of someone about to sneeze and you’re afraid the snot will end up on your face. Or obnoxious like the “pimple burst” scene in the movie Osmosis Jones. Ugh. And why is this girl still trying to twerk? She doesn’t know how to dance nor does she have ANY kind of BUTT. So full of this girl… She’s embarrassing. Go over home to good ol’ Tennesee gurl, yo’re a sweet thang n all but the thug life just ain’t for ya Destiny Hope…

    • lc

      Haha XD I have to say snugglepup this comment was pretty funny. Especially the last sentence.

    • serena

      LOL I didn’t realize she was from Tennessee, I assumed Montana because of her disney name (makes no sense…??)

      • lc

        Lol yes, Miley here is but a down-home pollyanna from Tennessee. Her father was a country musician after all. Destiny Hope here has come a looong way, it seems XD

  • Mera

    The problem with these photos, and Miley in particular, is that she doesn’t have any sort of charisma, or a ‘presence’ as they say.

    Richardson may as well have taken photos of a potato.

  • La la la la

    so last year she’s a billy idol wannabe, this year she’s a rihanna wannabe. she just doesnt really seem to have an identity. she also somehow trivializes ghetto culture by thinking its something you can just all of a sudden become. you can’t just “decide” to be ghetto and buy a grill and say you’re ghetto. it’s cultural. i dunno i think she objectifies women herself, admitting she goes to strip clubs and grabbing all those other women’s butts. it’s just weird.

  • Jui

    I think this is ridiculous, and it should stop.Yes, models are tall and thin. And yes, they are the generally considered the most attractive people in society. And yes, it’s true that beauty is both objective and subjective – it is NOT just one or the other. But so what? It does not make sense to argue over whether beauty is MORE objective or MORE subjective. We all have the bodies that we have, and we should all focus on making our bodies the best they can be, and the healthiest. There is something beautiful about every woman, even if they are not models. Many different body types can be attractive, if healthy, and cared for.

  • Plirr

    Oh, you guys all sound like a bunch of 20 something cranks… who come from churchy backgrounds or holier-than-thou middle class upbringings.

    She’s having fun. She’s young. Yes, she looks kind of dumb in these skeevy photos, but the moral judgment from on high is kind of amusing.

    Maybe it’s because you all grew up with her on Disney or something. I don’t have that connection with her and just see an adventurous young woman making some stupid mistakes but having a great time and trying to find herself.

    Relax folks.

    • lc

      Umm not really. Having fun?…She looks like she is on a mentally unstable downward spiral, a train wreck waiting to happen. As someone above said, she appears to have no identity; as well as no maturity, and no self respect. She is off the deep end.

      • serena

        So true lc, this girl’s not adventurous; just a try-hard addicted to attention because she was taught that fame and money are all that matters. So she gyrates and thrusts for cameras, believing herself to be a special snowflake – Billy Ray Cyrus must be proud, his little girl’s a real cash cow 😉 “Finding herself” is a good phrase though, she lacks identity.

  • Soph

    This is shockingly bad. It makes me so sad that young girls are going to look up to this girl, she is vile and a disgrace.

  • Nene

    Classiest shoot ever! Why shouldn’t it be? When the ‘greatest’ celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is doing his ‘thing’…
    I’ve heard that for someone to be a good artiste he/she must posess a bit of craziness or experienced some dysfunction in their lives.I kinda agree with the theory cos most artistes are often eccentric with so many personality quirks-but then there is a fine line b/w being somewhat crazy and being a pervert or a ‘quiet’ sadist.And this guy most definitely is a perv.
    Terry has a way of portraying women in his photos which i find degrading,disrespectful and sexist.
    And this makes me wonder why hollywood continues to have him in their good graces.
    On a side note,Miley is at that age where almost every hollywood starlet goes through a rebellious stage of unadulterated impulses and irresponsible spontaneity.The main purpose for this is nothing more than a desperate need for more attention and the first step is always weightloss and drugs.
    I just hope she doesn’t go the way of lindsey lohan,Mischa and Amanda bynes.
    P.S- Versus please can you post the Armani ad of Cate Blanchet for their new perfume ‘Sì’.
    Cate looked amazing in it.Now that’s a woman with class!

  • Dawn

    Gosh… Give her a sandwich, a pair of trousers and some dignity.

  • HB

    I think this is mostly Uncle Terry’s fault.

  • Goldfish


  • menta

    i really like her body, it’s close to perfect in my opinion. skinny with long legs yet still muscular. but she’s so annoying, her hair and face is unattractive and these trashy pictures don’t help her at all. bleh

  • ayu

    The one picture before the last is awesome, sums it up nicely, haha.

  • ellentjie

    When she tries to “model” like in the Rap Music pic, her mouth always gets in the way.

  • retrobanana

    I think the models pics with terry are gross and creepy too but they’re models so they are still beautiful and you know they can do whatever they want…miley looks like a stocky 14 year old boy that smells in these pics ….

    rhiannas were slutty and gross but she still looked pretty
    mila kunis were pediphile creep worthy and she looked scared to death
    and all of Lindsay lohans shoots with him she just looked doped out so it was okay
    mileys look the most awkward but I guess if your relevant you have to shoot with terry

  • Amanda

    I thought her sweatshirt said R.I.P. Music, because as far as I am concerned, pop music has died. This is so disturbing and twisted and sick! Terry the molester shot this.

  • Obama

    mILEY, rub it more…….i had a hardon……