Nicole Scherzinger, Wow or Eww?

Nicole Scherzinger’s Outfit – Wow or Eww?

FP_6934180_BARM_Scherzinger_Nicole_030811 - Nicole Scherzinger's Outfit - Wow or Eww?

Pumps, leggings, a knitted cropped top and a knee-length skirt, plus a hat… is it cute or just too much?

Nicole Scherzinger’s Outfit – Wow or Eww?

See some more before you decide!


FP_6933419_BARM_Scherzinger_Nicole_030811 - Nicole Scherzinger's Outfit - Wow or Eww?

FP_6934181_BARM_Scherzinger_Nicole_030811 - Nicole Scherzinger's Outfit - Wow or Eww?



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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Gia

    90’s called and they want their outfit back!

  • DimDim

    Not Ewww..

  • She looks like she escaped from the set of Sister Sister and is now off to do the running man to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This.

    Yet, I like it!

    • call_in


  • Mia

    big EW all around..the outift is terrible, the hair is too long and looks kind of gross, and her face is looking really old for her age.

    • Amerie

      her face looks great and since when long hair looks gross? nicole is a person who is taking care of her, great body, great face, great hair.

      • Mia

        well, as a fellow 32 year old I feel like she looks old for her age…she looks older than me and most of my friends. And i never said all long hair is gross, but that her hair looks kind of looks really dry and brittle, but who knows, it may not even be her real hair…

      • salma’ben

        TRUUUUE! she is beautiful head to toe, I would say perfect, and why is this picture on the WOWorEWW catego?! seriously she is stunning 🙂

  • Sidney

    Way too much going on. I like busy, frilly looks but this one is not working.

  • Priscila

    I think it could have worked without the leggings, hat and necklace….
    Anyway, her hair is flawless.

  • Randi

    I think if she lost the hat and the leggings (or whatever she’s wearing under the skirt) it wouldn’t be so bad…

    Did anyone else notice her nails? Very Catwoman-ish. Weird.

  • Ophelie

    So early 90s, if you told me this photo was from 1993 I’d believe it. I think I would like it without the leggings and the hat. Anyways, Hilary from Fresh Prince needs her hat back.

    • Hahahaha! Brilliant.

    • Sidney

      Lol come to think of it i can totally see Hilary in these pics 🙂

    • Hazal

      LOL! Best comment ever!!! 😀

    • Priscila

      Hillary. LOL
      I see it.

  • Issa

    Djeezzz. This girl really has no style at all

  • It’s too much, weird outfit, but at least it’s all blackand, the fabric isn’t weird, it’s not too revealing and her body is just amazing, so I can’t say “eww”… to me it’s not wow, not eww, just weird

  • I like the top, but otherwise, no. No, no, no. Just no.

  • mag

    i like it but without the hut!

  • Masa

    I dont know why, but I love this!

    • Chrissy

      it’s ok me too 🙂

  • Ingrid

    she can go out with the rubish bag on her and still look amazing

  • Hazal

    Awful oufit but her hair looks amazing.

  • Charle

    Love it! All black but still interesting and creative. Only suitable for entertainers though. I really dont want to see everyday people on the street dressed like that.

  • bex

    she is just way too try hard at the moment and not getting it right at all. did you see the recent turban outfit too? not her usual put together style at all. but hey everyone likes to experiment every once in a while.

  • She’s got a great figure, why hide it in That!?

  • otilia

    Eww outfit, gorgeous figure.

  • vanessa

    Eww that isn’t a good outfit

  • Inanna

    Fake nose, fake lips and fake boobs.

  • artemis

    WTF? she can do so much better with her pretty body
    love her anyway <3

  • Evelina

    She has a great figure, but I don’t care for all that much of the leggings, sweater, but I adore the heels and hat they are very chic. Yes, the outfit, hat and necklace piece are reminiscent of 93, 94ish.

  • yara

    the top half ruins everything. i actually like the skirt with those leggings and shoes. she looks trashy

  • yara

    not to mention the hedious bracelet

  • dsjsjjd

    What is her bodySHAPE???