Rihanna, Wow or Eww?

Rihanna’s Dress at the Grammy Awards – Wow or Eww?

wow1 - Rihanna's Dress at the Grammy Awards - Wow or Eww?

Rihanna has a subscription to our ‘Wow or Eww’ category because her red carpet outfits are always quite daring / provocative. So what do you guys think of this risky number? Pretty… or tacky?

Rihanna’s Dress at the Grammy Awards – Wow or Eww?

Must see from the back!

risky-dress - Rihanna's Dress at the Grammy Awards - Wow or Eww?

rihanna-021311-2 - Rihanna's Dress at the Grammy Awards - Wow or Eww?

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  • bex

    simply hideous. This dress des nothing for her body and the white colour makes it look like fluffed up loo roll. possibly in black it may have looked slightly more bearable. But still why wear something purely because it looks so different just to shock?

  • Maggie

    Awful dress, bur her face and hair look amazing!

  • lizzy

    i get it. i can see why people don’t like it, but i think she looks good.

  • silly

    • Yeah, that’s the word that comes to my mind too!

  • Sidney

    I don’t like it much. The shape is beautiful, but other than that it’s just dull to me. I don’t mind showing skin, even lots and lots of it if the outfit is so awesome it looks like every cut has it’s purpose. With Rihanna however, she might think the outfits really are very her, and beautiful or whatever, but to me it looks like she just wants to show skin, period.

  • annee

    why should someone dress this way?
    How more money they have, how les fabric they wear.
    I don’t get it! Not appropriate!

    So desperate in need for attention?

  • Tacky

  • Grey

    I didn’t even have to look at the picture to immediately know it would be an “eww.” This woman is pure trash, along with Gaga and Katy Perry.

  • Katy

    I think wow. There was a bit there where i thought her style was ugly and weird but lately i’ve been digging her outfits. And that body! She is a stunner. I’d kill for a booty like that.

  • Brittany

    We get it Rihanna, you’re edgy

  • siennagold

    Hate it

  • face, hair, body–amazing. dress–ridiculous. i can’t even say if i like it or not because theres hardly anything to like about it…its not even a dress

  • molly

    Just looks like tinsel tbh BUERGH

  • snugglepup


  • chris

    i like it

  • Hazal

    Major EWW!

  • organicnerd

    I always think her face is beautiful but for some reason she looks scary here. Did she have a chin implant or something?? As for the dress, her body rocks but she should leave more to the imagination

    • yeah, her chin looks über pointy.. weird

    • solaxia

      I think it may be weight loss? Under that poufy dress she appears to look skinnier? Don’t know!

  • cus

    i like it too

  • Evelina

    Tacky, Silly, even a little vulgar.

  • CoCoBalm

    Hollyweird destroying fashion sense one redhead mess at a time.
    Ugly is so in.

  • Natalie

    What a monkey face! Definetely ew..

    • krraank

      Natalie; I have not heard that one (monkey face) since my childhood days growing up in Trinidad W.I.
      HA HAHAH!!!

  • Suji

    I personally love it. Her style is unique and this dress shows off all of her gorgeous curves

  • wonderwoman21

    She already wore something very similar to this, has she run out of ideas and now simply walking arounf nearly naked is her last resort? The dress sucks, as far as her body goes…we’ve all seen it.

  • Amina

    I would never prefer that dress for myself, but i think rihanna defitnitely pulls it off! And man, who cares about the dress, when her face is enough to steal all the attention, she’s so beautiful, and that smile blew me away!

  • Lilly

    I think she looked great – she can totally pull it off.

  • noah

    simply gorgeous

  • no. hate her dress. hate her hair

  • holly

    People who say its trashy are kind of stupid and close minded imo. How on earth is this trashy you cant see her vagina so get over it! lol OBVI this is fashion if you dont respect fashion dont say bad things just say you dont like it because im sure all you people saying bad thing are wearing mom jeans and sneaker sitting there wishing you could look that good in that dress.

    • Hazal

      What a silly comment…

    • Zee

      hahahah hilarious

    • erica

      no. that’s not true. Women shoud leave a little more to the imaganation. Look sexy and classy. thats what i do and i am alittle older than her, but still in my 20’s and with fashion. she is pretty but another dress would have suited her alittle better. everyone has their own opinion. the style is ugly anyway…even if it wasn’t showing almost her entire body.

  • flossy

    She looks like she wiped her arse with a roll of toilet paper then exited the bathroom through a revolving door wrapping the rest of the toilet paper around her.
    Either that or she’s trying to recycle the tinsel from her Christmas tree!!

  • Bianca

    I wouldnt like it on a different person except maybe lady gaga lol but she can pull it off ! She’s simply georgous

  • lc

    Not flattering at all. Will she ever stop trying so hard?

  • i actually like it. yeah it is revealing but not like people are making it out to be. i say she made it work.

  • maddie

    even though this is dress is ugly on it’s own, her body makes it works..she just doesn’t have a good body at all. So disproportionate…and yes i know she’s a pear but only a runway model could wear this..even then the dress would still be ridiculous imo

    • lc


  • celeste

    it’s like mrs claus XXX version.

  • Alexa

    I’m not even a Rihanna fan but WOW WOW WOW.
    Only on her though; I don’t think anyone else could pull it off. She looks amazing

  • alli

    she looks like santa clause in a bad way!

  • alex de

    she has the most amazing body. I mean its not my style. I would like it better in black but she rocks it.

  • Peach

    Her body is amazing, but that dress looks like white garland wrapped around her – yuck.

  • Ashes

    She has a stunning figure BUT I’m not a fan of this dress. It looks like it would be awkward and impractical to wear. Personally, I could be the most beautiful woman in the world and I still wouldn’t be comfortable wearing that.

  • ok ok k

  • warm cotton

    I am torn on the dress I kinda like it but she has become so predcitable in her fashions she wore sometthing like this to the AMA’s only it was latex. I get the feeling shed rather not wear any clothing at all, EVER! She has such unnatractive features,a large protuding forehead a banana chin and a wide bell pepper nose, However when made up she looks stunning. Gawsh where wud these stars be w/o their MUA’s aka “the ultimate illusionists.”

  • cassie

    sorry, but i must ask…what dress?

  • What an idiot..

  • Cristina

    I usually defend Rihanna and i usually think her fashion choices are awesome. But this time, no, really, no. That dress is hideous.

  • Aims

    Looks like my shower curtin!!!! Oh Rihanna – we love you anyway. She’s got a great bod – but she should leave a little more to the imagination. Maybe she just really wants attention..

  • Anne

    ewwww rihana i dont wanna see your buttcrack or you half naked grossssss

  • padme

    lmao it looks like she glued a bunch of cheap plastic leis to a mosquito net.



    Yep I could’ve made this for her for the low low price of $23.69 lol

  • She looks like a toilet brush.

    • megs362

      HAH! omg yes!!! real tears

      • krraank

        Another Trini in the mix, eh 😀

  • Diana

    Ewww! As always…
    her body is amazing, though.

  • Dorian

    If that thing rides up even a LITTLE, the trim of her bikini line is going to be everybody’s business. Trashy.

  • shed

    she could have just came naked instead of wearing this hideous peice of garment

  • s

    Shocked at some of the comments. I love the dress and think she looks amazing in it. She has recently gained some muscle tone yet still looks really feminine.

  • Emily


  • Nicole


  • Nicole

    the dress is plain ugly……i dont like her hair color either, i use to think she was so much prettier back in the day!

  • Aylin

    face; hair –> amazing
    dress ( if you can call it dress) –> AWFUL

  • machmalow

    I must say that, for once, she looks great in that -pretty original, that’s the least we can say- dress.

  • Nafiye

    Ok I agree, the dress is awful!!!! But she’s sooooo pretty and has such a beautiful figure that I still think she looks GORGEOUS!!!

  • I don’t think these photos show off the dress very well. Her figure looked amazing if you saw it on T.V. I just noticed the skin toned part is her actual skin! that She lost some points with me on that.

  • rihanna sucks. put some clothes on fat cow

  • Sarah


  • I think she looks really sexy n I love her style but I think her hair should have been curly it would have looked even sexier but I love her so……

  • Woah you guys are harsh. This dress is Jean Paul Gaultier couture – was on the catwalks of Paris only last month. Riri makes a bold HIGH FASHION choice and does it well. If you don’t understand couture then yes, you probably hate the dress. Each to their own I guess.

    • padme

      lol well if it is HIGH FASHION and was on a catwalk then I guess it must look good!

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