Rihanna, Wow or Eww?

Rihanna’s Style Takes a See-Through Turn – Wow or Eww?

Rihannas-Edge-Takes-a-See-Through-Turn - Rihanna's Style Takes a See-Through Turn - Wow or Eww?

Umm, ok, the naked-er and naked-er trend is still going strong. Here’s Rihanna in a very brave black dress, leaving not-so-much to the imagination.

Where did Rihanna wear this very risky number? At some Paris Fashion Week festivities.

Rihanna’s Style Takes a See-Through Turn – Wow or Eww?

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  • Kelli

    I usually love her style but this is well SUPER SLUTASTIC! EWW!


      • Kelli

        LOL. I just can’ t imagine walking out of the house like that. Craziness.

  • anon

    This is too much.
    If it has just been the top half with maybe some skinny black jeans, then it would have just about passed as being “sexy” although still perhaps a little too much.
    But this is so ott, whats the point in even wearing the dress?? It’s all there on display…………classy!

  • nhana

    Definitly eeewww….I normally really like her style but it seems like she has been trying too hard the last couple of weeks – don’t like the new hair either!

  • lala


  • Sidney

    i somehow love it, though the fabric could be less soft, so it wouldn’t curl up like that, and would be more fitted. Obv. this isn’t your everyday-wear, but depending on what kind of party / which designer, she might fit right in. This is also the 1. time i’ve liked her new hair, the styling is nice. Only minus is the shoes, don’t think they fit the dress. I’m one of those who’ve thought Rihanna’s style has become a tad too forced lately, too edgy-wannabe, so this is a nice change, and surprising, i don’t know why i like it since i hardly ever like see-trough fabrics..

  • skirmute

    Her legs look chunky in this dress and shoes…
    The dress itself is not bad but it should be worn in a different way. This look is kinda sluttish… Maybe a pair of leggings would make it look much better.

    • Kaya

      since when are healthy curvy legs considered chunky? this day and age someone has to have bones showing in order to be called skinny if not they are called chunky/fat, that disgusts me.

      • C

        I don’t think skirmute meant that her legs ARE chunky, I think they meant that in this dress they look chunky (which is actually exactly what skirmute said so there shouldn’t be a misinterpretation…). Of course Rhianna’s legs aren’t chunky, I would say Alica Keys has chunky legs. But in the upper thigh area her legs do look a little big because the see through dress blurs the outline and makes them look that way. And all legs have bone showing…it’s called a knee. Unless you’re 400 pounds you’re going to have bone showing.

        • Kaya

          That’s not what i meant i meant bony legs like nicole richie, where there is no meat on them. I don’t think her legs look big at all in this dress or ever if that, she doesn’t have the capacity to look “chunky”.

          • skirmute

            Actually, I think she has perfect legs. But I was surprised how wrong clothes can make such a difference. Yes, I see her legs a bit chunky in these pics.

  • C


    There is nothing flattering about that outfit whatsoever. The dress looks something a stripper would wear. The shoes..the hair…wow Rhianna.

  • skirmute

    Oh, and her hair. Actually, I was waiting for the moment she’ll dye it blonde. I knew she will LOL
    A total make-under, although I used to like all Rihanna’s hairstyles… But I say a big NO for this one…

  • athena

    I love Rihanna, but her style is borderlining on trashy.

  • Meko

    i agree i usually like the things that she wears but she definately went overboard with this dress! looks trashy.

  • Juliette

    Rhianna might as well walk around naked. I’ve seen that girl’s breasts and bits more than I’ve seen my own.

    • aimee

      Hahaha! :)) Very cute comment, but totally agree :))

  • Kaya

    i think its a really nice/sexy dress, it looks amazing on her cause of her body <3!

  • sh3rry

    she might as well walk around naked.
    can’t stand her, who is she trying to be the next GAGA.

  • why eww ? she rocks what a nice body

    • mEEE

      I dont think people refer to “eww” to her body (which does rock, by the way!), it just really is a yucky dress! I can picture someone like Coco (Ice-T’s wife) or Amber Rose (Kanye West’s girlfriend) wearing this “thing”, not someone with great and edgy style such as Rihanna.

      • Kelli

        Exactly mEEE!

  • Anna

    Sorry thats an eww for me.

  • anon.

    She doesn’t have the body to wear that. What was she thinking…

  • anon.

    She does not have the body to be wearing this. What was she thinking…EWW from me.

  • machmalow

    😮 could have been … better

  • xo

    Part of Rihannas success is because of her EDGE and eclectic stylings.. not like shes wearing this number to prom or out to a club ppl.. Shes RIHANNA, a HUGE popstar/celebrity.. she pulls it off.. calling her “slutty” sounds sooo high school.

    • ABCD

      Her “edge” is so manufactured LOL! She trys WAY too hard. I think she is absolutely beautiful but her style is so forced. Anyone remember when she first came out looking like a bubblegum pop star? And then Jay-Z got his hands on her. Everything Beyonce and Rihanna do is manufactured – Beyonce is the mainstream “pretty” one and Rihanna is the “edgy” one and between the two of em, he’s making bank!

      • neutra

        ABCD is spot on.

        Rihanna isn’t what I would consider truly eclectic- she’s just another mainstream popstar who reads the manual on “contrived ways to make people think you are an individual”.

        • skigal

          i totally agree with abcd and nuetra

          • stajjny

            I agree 🙂 But you can’t forget, that maybe she’s also “trying diffrent styles”. I know i’ve been through different “style” periods. It’s a very big difference between being 17 and 21.

            Also, this dress is hideous, doesn’t matter that it happens to be Rihanna who’s wearing it. It’s just awful. Some things are not meant to be worn.

      • Kae

        I agree with you. I have nothing against Rihanna, I love her music but her “edgy” style is nothing new. I actually think her look is getting to be somewhat repetitive. Although lately, she seems to be trying a little too hard.

  • victoria

    FANTABULOUS!!! she has AMAZING style sense

  • Amy

    Ew. And it doesn’t work for her body.

  • Nkeon

    Rihanna has a great body but i’ve never been a fan of hers in any sense and this outfit certainly doesn’t sway my opinion

  • anabel

    I have to say I like it. I don’t care if it’s too revealing, she has a body that she can totally show off. I think the style of it goes well with the hair and lipstick and the blonde doesn’t seem as yellowish anymore, which is a good thing.

  • ha

    I love her lips. They looks so cool with that color. And while I admire her fashion risks (I hate celebrities who have all that money and little else better to do, but all wear the same effing thing instead of being creative) but this one is a miss. It’s unflattering and just plain too revealing.

  • virginia

    EWW! she needs to start covering herslef. It’s just too sluty

  • jess

    She seems to be getting style advice from lady gaga lately. I hate this so much! I feel like its really pretentious and she’s just trying to look edgy!

  • Karina

    Okay, I love Rihanna to death and I admire her style, but this is just way too much. Just because you have rockin’ kickass body and amazing confidence, does mean u can dress trashy!!

    • Eileen

      I personally think rhianna is extremely insecure just because u wear hardly any clothes, that dont make you confident…..I like Rhianna and her style but i admit she is trying a lil tooo hard lately ankuu is right she needs to relax, shes naturally beautiful apart from her xxl forehead which thankfully shes learnt to hide but besides that she is pretty but shes beginning to look lyk an ugly rich-girl hiding behind expensive clothing, cool shades n hot makeup

  • emmy

    LOL, what was she thinking? She is not lean and long enough to pull a dress like that. She should wear dresses for her body type. This dress would look amazing on someone like A. Ambrosio

  • Grey

    She’s incredibly trashy. I find this kind of attention whoring to be quite pathetic. She is a pretty girl. It’s a shame she doesn’t try to dress like she has some class.

  • nhana

    I wonder how the dress looks from behind!??

  • ankuu

    oh come’on just give her a sport outfit!!!! and tell her to relax and be A NORMAL PERSON

  • eunii

    Now she’s always trying to show her cooch &tits.!
    Not cute.
    &&.far from classy.

  • tomkat

    i i think she looks sexy no bra or panties