Zooey Deschanel Does Marie Claire & Talks Being Bullied

August 21, 2013 in Celebrity Quotes, Zooey Deschanel by Versus


On being bullied in school:

In an oft-told tale, one day a popular classmate actually spat in her face. “I was talking to her, and she didn’t want me to talk to her. I honestly did nothing,” Deschanel recalls. “I just remember walking over to my locker and wiping the spit off my face, so humiliated.” She recently spotted her assailant in photographs at a mutual friend’s wedding. “I’ve forgiven her,” she says now. “I just don’t forget.” Looking back, she thinks middle school helped build character. “A lot of people I knew who didn’t struggle, who maybe came from a lot of money or were really pretty—those people actually have a harder time as adults in a way. They don’t even understand what it’s like to not be pretty…I’m not saying it’s good, I don’t think people should be mean to each other, [but] I think it made me stronger.”

… says 33 year-old Zooey in Marie Claire.

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