1 Girl, 2 Outfits – AnnaLynne McCord


Here’s long-time-no-see Anna Lynne McCord (27), looking pretty and thin at 2 events this past week: the Hennessy Lounge At The W in Scottsdale and the 7th Annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

How do you like her outfits here?

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20 thoughts on “1 Girl, 2 Outfits – AnnaLynne McCord”

  1. I’ve always loved her style but that white dress looks like a nightgown and I don’t like it with that jacket. Not a big fan of the other outfit either. I always remember her being very thin but I agree she looks older than her age.

  2. It’s funny because celebs in their teenage years and twenties always look older than they are bc of the makeup, sexy image and all, but passed a certain age they look younger than they are bc they’ve started to get work done.

  3. She has a great body. And i usually consider her very beautiful but smth is really off here, i don’t know maybe it’s this shade of blond&bad make up, but she looks older than she is and v.tired, she used to look more fresh even when she went bit too much with her make up.

  4. I love her. She is totally striking! Pretty face and skinny (+sexy) body. Looking a bit tired though (maybe the weight loss?). And I think she should smile more with showing her teeth, and not this awkward in between smile. 🙂

  5. I don’t know, something about her lips and make up. She has such an amazing sexy body.. But I think she’d look perfect with less make up and no lip injections of she is doing them. Something about it ages her.

    • It’s gotta be lip injections. Search on the google image search for before and after lip injections. In almost every before and after picture, the woman looks aged in the after picture. I think fake lips really ages you. It usually never looks good. Some beautiful girls just ruin their faces.

      • Sick of people thinking ALL injectables look fake, obvious and ageing. Not true, maybe in Hollywood where things are done to excess and money is no object, but in the real world, a small amount, done correctly can look very natural and not obvious at all. I get my lips done, already have largish lips but prefer them even fuller with no lines (as larger lips tend to get dry and lined, atleast for me). Never once has anyone said they look fake or questioned anything. Even my own family has no suspicions.

        Hollyweid is not a good example

        • I agree. Many people on here say how fillers always look fake & freaky, yet they go on to praise actresses/models, finding them beautiful, not realizing that the majority have had fillers. It’s become commonplace, especially in Hollywood, because it’s quick & natural looking, if done right. If it’s overdone or done to change features, rather than to subtly enhance your natural features, then yes, it will look fake. It’s just ignorance on their part.

        • I wasn’t looking at Hollywood pictures, I was looking at doctor advertisements before and after pictures on average women. They were all non drastic, but most of the time the woman looked aged in the after shot.

          If you had largish lips from the start, your lips probably looked better and more natural before. The point I was making was about aging. While I can’t say without seeing your lips if the procedure aged you, but perhaps the trend of unnatural large fake lips on older women is why they do tend to make women look older.

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