Ashley Graham – 1 Girl, 3 Outfits

d-3 - Ashley Graham - 1 Girl, 3 Outfits

Ashley Graham was a busy girl this week, attending lots of glam events – and here are some of her best looks, featuring a silver curve-hugging dress, leggings and a cleavagey high-cut number.

Which one is your favorite look?

See many more inside!


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9 thoughts on “Ashley Graham – 1 Girl, 3 Outfits”

  1. That tube dress is not the look… it’s real one-ply. Could be better with other shoes and a lining.
    My favorite is actually the white blazer-cape, but why the leggings? I know you have jeggings girl.

    She’s so pretty I just really wish she would tone down the SEXXXY sometimes. Not because she’s a “big girl”, but because it just steals attention from that gorgeous face and even her lovely figure! But that’s style now I suppose? I just think a little mystery with a whole lot of confidence is [email protected]

  2. That hair and smile *d*r*e*a*m*y*

    still overweight, even if she styles herself nicely…she would be healthier dropping 5kg by eating 1/4 less

  3. The grey one is the worst, is too tight and does nothing for her. I like the other too. Did she lose weight? Kind of seems like it.

  4. DOnt think she’s the revolutionary people think she is but she looks good. She is too big for my taste and probably by most health standards but she’s surprisingly toned, and jiggles less on the runway than kate upton so she’s in decent shape. Anyways she’s made millions with her image and stuff so good for her

  5. The leggings and belted top outfit really highlights and flatters Ashley’s figure and her makeup is fresh and glowing. But the sparkly silver dress is just awful and bunches and clings in all the wrong places, and her makeup is harsh as well.

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