27 thoughts on “Camilla Belle – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits”

    • i agree. although i don’t think her beauty is understated… pretty much everyone agrees that she’s very gorgeous. is it just me or is she not in that many movies? she just needs to put herself out there more. and i don’t mean by doing when a stranger calls lol.

  1. i’m sorry, but what has this girl ever done except for be a glorified clothes hanger?
    I can’t deny her beauty, but from interviews and her credits, she doesn’t have a ton of charisma or talent.
    I do love her eyebrows though, i can see why designers are so taken with her looks.

    • I agree. her acting abilities are nothing special at all. it was kind of painful to watch her in “when a stranger calls”, but she does have nice eyebrows I agree! haha

    • Watch the “Ballad of Jack and Rose” with Daniel Day-Lewis”. I remember liking it a lot and she just looks like her natural self, not glammed up at all.

  2. taylor swift’s song ‘better than revenge’ is supposedly about her and how she is more known for cheating bfs and sleeping around than the movies she’s in. but who knows…

    besides that, she is a terrible actress.

  3. She is gorgeous, no doubt in that. But as most people, i have no idea why she is famous, i only know her from sites like this or gossip sites. And i need to say this – i have a pair of grey tights just a bit lighter shade than what she is wearing and they make my thighs look huge. I think her legs are – therefore – very skinny. But still hot. Yeah,i am jealous of her legs…

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