Jennifer Connelly – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits


Left: 44 year-old Jennifer Connelly at the ‘No Llores, Vuela’ photocall at Ritz Hotel the other day in Madrid.

Right: Jennifer as she attended the premiere of ‘Aloft’ in Madrid.

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17 thoughts on “Jennifer Connelly – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits”

  1. She is really beautiful in such a simple way. I love her classic features, and I think her body looks great. Love her hair/eye colors together.

  2. Holy wow. In that last pic you can tell she hasn’t had any/much work done. Meaning the rest of the pictures where she STILL looks flawless, after all these years, are NATURAL. I think she is one of the most exquisite beauties of all time.

  3. Looks spectacular for 44. Check out that short skirt! She met try very hard to stay this thin. For awhile, it was obvious she was struggling with eating issues.
    Also, I need those long earrings in my life. Seriously, they’re amazing.

  4. She’s one on the most beautiful women I know – absolutely stunning! But I have to say I am very happy to finally see someone other than myself who can’t really pull off the ankle boots look because of the shape of our legs 😀

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