Taylor Swift – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits


Above: Taylor at the z100s Jingle Ball in New York City last week.

Below: The tall and thin star at the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon in New York City.


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26 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits”

    • she’s been there for a while. look at the last pic–both her hip bones are super pronounced, forming a concave lower abdomen, and her rip cage is jutting out of the peephole.

      i would not be surprised to learn she has some mental issues. 1. growing up in global public eye. 2. subject matter of her songs–always about failure of love or something other. and 3. her fakeness and that desperate look in her eyes. she has become the stepford wife in her latest vid. not to mention, that vid totally glamorizes abusive relationships (even if it’s supposed to be satire–her pre-teen and teen fans likely dont know what that is). ugh. go away emaciated bunny lady.

      • She started to lose right after the VS show last year. When her and Karlie first started hanging out they were roughly the same size, now Karlie is bigger and Taylor is thinner.

    • I smell eating disorder, i am almost never wrong… (i’ve never been wrong… never) even when the person is not skinny I know it… There is something in the way their face muscles move that tells me straight everytime.

  1. Like the dress. Not so much her, though she is very beautiful. I’d like to see an extra 10, maybe even 15 lbs on her, but that’s just me.

    • I’d say she’s 115 lbs- I think 125 would be a good weight for her.That would put her right at the borderline of normal and underweight.

  2. That coat outfit with weird skirt underneath i don’t like. The dress i don’t like, but love it’s plum color which also suits her complexion and love the plum shoes too.

  3. I love Taylor, but I do think she is getting too skinny. Also she looks better when she smiles. These pitcures makes her look older than she is. Still, I think she is beautiful.

  4. I don’t think she should have worn that coat with that black and white dress …It changes the shape of the skirt and makes her look pregnant.

  5. Yikes she is tiny, even if she is 5″10 she should be around 130 to be considered underweight in the still viably healthy range. If she is 120 lbs or less….wowza. 🙁 I’m 5’0 and if I wanted to look like her I’d have to be 90 or 95 lbs. She looks so much older now, I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to watch yet another celebrity slowly kill themselves :<

  6. She should probably gain some weight not because I think she’s too thin but more like her average fan is going to freak out for her health if she doesn’t. Anyways she’s a singer not a model she doesn’t need to be super thin, I don’t know maybe she thinks she’s Karlie’s new replacement or something. She’s always trying to one up Karlie in candids so she can be like look I’m better looking than a model! I’m so sick of her. Who does she think she is? I can’t stand her.

  7. No matter how good her outfits look (if they look good), she will always look bad in them because she is always slouching. That makeup and hair makes her look old in combination with the super thin body frame. I never thought she was attractive to begin with, but she definitely looks better with more weight on. She looks like a candy cane now.

  8. She has a pretty face, nice body if you like them thin and tall. Recently she is getting very thin, and it makes her look a lot older than what she actually is. Anyway, I am not a fan. In the interviews I have seen of her, she comes off as insincere. Plus, the media portrays her as a possessive creepy cat lady, though not a verified fact, it seems believable.

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