Adele: “Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes. I really like how I look”

March_cvrnoupc-e1455320651187 - Adele: "Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes. I really like how I look"

On why she lost weight:

“I was trying to get some stamina for my tour, so I lost a bit of weight. Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes—which is really a big problem for me! Actually, I like myself more than ever. I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I really like how I look, I like who I am, I like everyone that I surround myself with.”

… says Adele.

Untitled-21 - Adele: "Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes. I really like how I look"

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0316-VO-WELL41-01 - Adele: "Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes. I really like how I look" adele3 - Adele: "Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes. I really like how I look"

34 thoughts on “Adele: “Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes. I really like how I look””

  1. She looks like a pretentious 40 yo,being 25. Gosh i cant stand all those overloaded intimistic vibes…im so intresting,my brain is so conplicated, feelings make me smarter because only smart ones have deep drama out of love. Bla bla bla. She stays behind an armour of unecessary poshness. Blah song,hello lyrics are a total joke.
    Nice lighting for the shoot.

    • I love her But i see where she comes off that way… Also isn’t kind of known that smarter people have a harder time with love or being in love

    • There are so many artists with more talent. Adele is like a standard bar singer to me. Nothing original or innovative, voice is okay. A lot of singers I know really dislike her and think she’s overrated, one because she doesn’t use proper technique( always sounds strained, thats why she needed vocal surgery) and two she just isn’t anything special vocally. Compare her to Aretha, or even a better comparison Dusty Springfield who she has modeled herself off of. Her success, and honestly 95 percent of popstars success just bewilders me. Most of them aren’t gorgeous, they aren’t talented- for example. Why is Selena Gomez a star? She isn’t pretty, she can’t sing? Of the current stars only Beyonce I understand, she’s gorgeous t a lot of people, she works really hard, she sings very well, she dances, flips the hair. But idk, Katy Perry- average looking, average voice. I just haven’t listened to radio since 2013.

      • Just reread my comment, that sounds very b—y lol! Maybe I should clarify a bit. Beyonce is a performer, she sings, she dances, nice stage outfits etc. Madonna and Gaga do the same for example, Britney and Katy too. People expect something else from them, compared to Adele, whose fame relies mostly on singing. They attract different crowds. You don’t go to Adele to dance and scream, you go there to listen. With Beyonce you are singing, dancing, screaming etc

        I don’t think Beyonce has a bad voice, same with Gaga. I can’t stand Katy, Britney and Madonna’s singing tbh. If it wasn’t for Madge’s past controversy in the eighties (she was in the right place at the right time with armpit hair and burning crosses) and Katy’s wacky outfits, singing about kissing girls (okay, and boobs) they wouldn’t be famous. Britney; same story, her whole hype was about the innocent looking girl claiming to be a virgin, while dancing sexy. Not a good singer imo. Christina Aguilera showed up to compete with Brit (CA does have a good voice), and eventually went the s—ky route because she couldn’t compete. After that she tried to rely on just singing again and it failed.
        Gaga tried to be famous relying on talent alone, but it didn’t work, so she went the crazy performer route, which people eventually grew tired of. Miley is doing the same now.
        Beyonce had her DC’s fame, she had been training (singing and dancing at the same time, daily vocal and dance training) since she was a kid, she is beautiful etc. She’s also consistent, no weird image changes and she is a high profile person with her husband and baby (and the rumors about that baby). I am not surprised she is famous, she puts on great shows and knows how to entertain people, that makes her a superstar.

        Adele has been very lucky, because a lot of talented singers never get famous or well known.

        I think it’s the same with Coldplay at the Superbowl, people were pissed because they just sang and jumped around silly. They were terribly boring compared to Bruno and Bey. That’s because those guys aren’t performers, they just make music and sing. Them doing Beyonce’s dance routine would have looked ridiculous, the same if Adele suddenly took over Bey’s stage persona and started hair flipping and dancing.

        I have no idea why Selena Gomez is famous lolll

      • Yes. Aretha just kills it.

        I agree with most of your post. Adele has a beautiful voice, but I still think Amy Winehouse > Adele. I think she sang with more depth, more emotion. Something very raw in her voice. She’s the only major singer from the past decade who really had It.

        Have you heard of Andra Day? You should look her up. Her voice is beyond words. Dunno if she’s actually getting much airplay, but she should be.

    • Poshness?! She’s from Tottenham, and she’s stayed pretty true to her roots, I think. There is nothing over-complicated about her. Seriously, of all the criticisms you might want to level at her, these are the most inaccurate.

      • It was of course a superficial impression. Here the reasons: i dont like her nusic, i think the lyrics are so overrated, she acta as if she was double her age but hey,its not ilkegal, maybe she makes such money because she appeals to all the 40-60age gap making listener not cut out from the modern scene, and she ia appealing to 15-35as well. Must be like that. I cabt stand that she talks like my mother and she takes herself far too seriously. But live and let live.

        • Fair enough not liking her music, I just think calling her posh is really weird. Her retro look and old-fashioned way of performing is meant to be nostalgic, but it’s not for everyone.

  2. What a surprise, a chubby person who acts liek they’re totally in love with their bods is waay happier when they lose weight. This si wh yI ahte that “body positive” lying crap.

    • but thats not the point.. no one said they dont want to be skinnier or healthier..just they dont want to be treated like ugly crap dressed in sacks in the process.. you cant get healthier if you f-ing hate your body and hide your self in shame. thats gonna only made you eat more crap and cry lol. besides, skinnier doasnt mean skinny..skinny doasnt mean healthy..skinniER on the other hand for some people doas.. adele said she doasnt want to be supermodel and that is good cause she aint. there. the only thing that is stupid is fillers in her lips and nose job. but, whatever her business..

      • yeah, reading my comments now I did come off a bit harsh. I just meant that it’s not a surprise that so many of these celebs who say they love their “curves” or are happy with their bod(i think she said something about “skinny minis” at some point) lose the weight and get on the “get fit bandwagon”

    • I agree, I think it makes perfect sense. And I think a lot of overweight people who were actually happy and had no healh problems are surprised by how much better they feel after weight loss. Good for her for not being afraid to say it!

        • You didn’t misinterpret anything. Sometimes you can’t describe things without laughing. I don’t even like Adele but she hasn’t said anything controversial and still everyone complains.

  3. Tough I have no idea why people got angry with this quote, I remember she said “I in no way think to lose weight, I am a singer not a model my looks are irrelevant and no I am never gonna wear cleavage and show my b❆❆bs to the world” or some stuff like this. Well k.

  4. I don’t get the look she’s going for, like a posh lady in her 50’s. She could dress so much better but still vintage influenced (if that’s what she’s going for…), now she looks matronly as f. Maybe ask some tips from Lana del Rey and Marina Diamandis (Or rather, their stylist’s, I don’t know).

    She can sing, that’s for sure, but I don’t enjoy her style and all the ballads tbh. I even find Hello a bit irritating, the lyrics sound pretentious.

  5. I will always remember her quote:
    “I’d rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album than look like Nicole Richie and do a s*** album.”
    As if being skinny has something to do with making good music. I don’t like her attitude

    • I think that’s exactly what she did mean though – that your weight has no bearing on whether or not you’re making good music.

    • i took it as there are starlets out there who spend an inordinate time on their appearances vs what their job is – their music, their acting skills, ect – pouring endless amounts of time into their image. Its less important as a singer, since they are more creative based than actors who really are vessels for characters

  6. oh come on, its not like she is skinny now.. she just made herself healthy.. its different for every body.. i like her voice but.. i dont have a problem with her new healthy just.. plastic nose and lips? then why an attitude right..

  7. I don’t really understand the “posh-matronly” look or w/e either, but oh well, she can sing, that’s the important thing. Because you know, she is a singer…

  8. She looks great! But let’s be real…I’m guessing she lost 70+ lbs. Hardly “a bit of weight.” AND that’s after having a baby (i.e. even more effort required). If the gastric bypass rumors are true, maybe that’s why she’s trying to downplay it?? Either way, just admit you worked hard to lose a significant amount of weight and/or made a huge decision to help with the process (surgery). The media loves her, so it’s not like she’d lose her fans.

    But this “Yeah, I woke up one day and was a stone lighter, dunno what happened” quote is disingenuous and it puts me off

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