Alessandra Ambrosio: ‘If I’m 2 pounds heavier, I’m fat. If I’m skinnier, I’m sick.’

Alessandra Ambrosio: 'If I'm 2 pounds heavier, I'm fat. If I'm skinnier, I'm sick.' 1

Alessandra Ambrosio has something interesting to share:

“I’ve been tiny since I was four, and I eat whatever I want” she told WWD. “All that matters is that I stay healthy.”

“If I’m two pounds heavier, I’m fat. If I’m skinnier, I’m sick. It’s ridiculous” she said. “And that’s not coming from agents or designers.”

… says Alessandra.

Alessandra Ambrosio: 'If I'm 2 pounds heavier, I'm fat. If I'm skinnier, I'm sick.' 2

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59 thoughts on “Alessandra Ambrosio: ‘If I’m 2 pounds heavier, I’m fat. If I’m skinnier, I’m sick.’”

    • @ formerly sam
      XD yay I see ehr , in the first picture , the blond chick in the black bra on side lines right? fierce

      My opinion: FINALLY an honest or seeminly genuine statement from ms. Ambrosio. Not this I’m curvy bullsh*t.

      “If I’m two pounds heavier, I’m fat. If I’m skinnier, I’m sick. It’s ridiculous,” she said. “And that’s not coming from agents or designers.”
      Then who is it coming from? I don’t get it, what is she implying? is from the media?from her fans? from VS? who’s the culprit? I seriously wanna know. This is a possible fresh insight on negative body image and the causes of it.

      • It’s totally true, though.

        It’s coming from people like us, reporters, journalists, bloggers, etc.

        VS never seems to have problems with “curvier” models, as they photoshop wayyyyy more than 10 pounds on them.

        • It couldn’t be coming from people like us. I have never seen a single comment about her ever calling her fat. I don’t know wtf she’s talking about.

  1. Um, no, Alessandra: you are ALWAYS skinny.
    Bony, even. One of those girls who couldn’t look slightly fleshy if she tried.

    Why the drama? I’ve never ever heard anyone describe her as fat.

    • yea i agree…when was she ever fat in anyones opinion? not that i remember! but i do understand where she is comingg from…

  2. I hate that dress,
    I’ve seen it everywhere.

    She’s right.
    No one here should question who she’s talking about.
    Even if it’s not you, you’ve seen people on here making the comments.

  3. i think she means us. women on these sights can be so horrible.

    i also hate when people say since i was four. really? you were conscious of your weight then? doubt it. anyway you should judge your weight post puberty, i feel its most relevant for an adult. craziness…

    • I was quite aware of what my body looked like in comparison to the other little girls, when I was 5. Don’t think that people become conscious of what they look like only post-puberty. That’s generalizing everyone into one static category. I can also look back on photos and say now whether I was fat or skinny. She’s stating that she, from a young age she was thin, why is this an unbelievable statement?

      I also believe children are more aware then we give them credit for. Heck, they will point out things that we will dare not say to strangers like “Mommy, why is that lady so fat/bony” and point at them. So, are these children not aware of what people and they themselves look like amongst others?

      And many women who are fat as children, remain fat as adults, the same can be said for thin ones. They may gain some curves here and there, and plump a bit as puberty hits, but they are still relatively slim. Of course there will be exceptions to this, and not everyone is the same.

  4. She is ridiculous. I have never heard someone calling her fat.
    I’m so fed up with models’ talks about their eating habits. Yes, sure, they eat whatever they want. Once a day, probably. Just stop fooling people, please!

    • My best friend is a model and she is totally skinny and still eats whatever she wants. She even beats me with the amount of choco she eats per day.
      Just because you can’t eat your hamburgers without gaining some weight and fatty curves here and there, doesn’t mean all models have anorexia nervosa.

      • And just because your friend manages to eat whatever she wants doesn’t mean that every famous person who claims they ‘eat loads and are just naturally thin’ really is.

  5. she wouldn’t even look fat if he gained 10 or so :p
    but I don’t believe she eats whatever she wants, and even if so, not in the amount she wants

  6. I have never commented on this site but i have to say it: someone ought to tell this woman that 2 lbs is a normal weight fluctuation from morning till evening. There are plenty of women who during their periods weigh up to 5-6 lbs or even more, more than normally. She is overreacting like crazy. Her pictures are top priority for every thinspiration site i’ve ever been too (sheer curiosity, don’t get me wrong), and she complains she’s called fat? Even anorexic girls with a bmi of 14 look up to her as the ultimate body achievement. What hope is there for normal women if someone like this just throws words like that around?

  7. I like her for saying that..In another post she responsed to question about her weight and said “It’s always an issue, as long as I know I’m healthy that’s all that matters” and that’s the type of attitude you should have

  8. Just a suggestion Versus..I think just like you’ve made a few posts about Ashwariya Rai, you should make a few posts about other Bollywood actresses, They’re fit and have the most enviable figures..Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and deepika padukone are very popular in our part of the world and I think would be very popular on this site

    • I would really like to post about them, but finding pictures is sooo difficult, they aren’t photographed by the photo ag. I work with.

    • I would like to see those and others from all over the world, but I think it’s very difficult to do. Though it would also be something that has never been done before!

  9. i feel bad for her, these models lives revolve around their weight i would never want to be a model… that’s all they ever talk about whether it be to do with them being too slim or too heavy – even though they aren’t ever too heavy and it’s just the industry telling them that.

  10. I really don’t care what anyone says, she’s right whether you like her attitude or not.

    Just because we haven’t heard people call her fat, we’re fraction of the world’s population that comments on women like her. None of us are omniscient.

  11. It comes from people like us who go these sites and talk about other people bodies. Acually not all of us, because some like me, would never pull apart another persons body and scrutinize someone else.

    I think she is GORGEOUS, one of my favourite VS models along with Miss DOutzen! They are both stunning and perfect bodies, even though they are very different!

  12. Story of my life. Just ignore everyone alessandra. She’s healthy the way she is. I believe she has always been skinny. She’s a string bean type.

  13. i find her pretty when shes skinnyy or when she is a bit curvier (not that ive ever seen that i suppose.. but i could imagine it lol) i wouldnt want to be as thin as she is but she looks nice. i think people, including myself are jealous, hence the often vicious comments :\ but i dunno its not the greatest message the vs girls send ‘be happy with ur body!!’ how … when models and stuff are so skinny and its insinuated we need to look like that… this world has a lot of problems

  14. If it hadn’t happened to me I would have a hard time believing it, but sadly it has! When I was in North America I was mostly a size 2. Towards the time I left I was fitting more often in 0-000, so I don’t know what I am now, but I had gained a little weight. It was hardly any weight as my size did not change. Before I had gone to North America I had people calling me anorexic, boobless/bumless, 12-year-old boy, etc. The usual slim-person insults. After gaining a little weight that wasn’t even enough to put me up one size in the UK and Europe (vanity sizing is there, but appears to be slower than in North America) and had apparently put me down one or more sizes in North America, people were calling me chubby, fat, telling me to exercise more… Some were family members, some were acquaintances. I don’t know, maybe some people loved having the opportunity to tell the ‘skinny b—‘ she got a bit fat. But for family members I only have an explanation for one: she’s a tiny 4’11” East Asian and, from her very East Asian point of view, anything above 95lb is fat.

  15. Oh my god, why are some people so obsessed about weight?? ( Including myself. ) Craziness!!!

    Tame the inner b— ladies – pettiness is least attractive of all.

  16. She looks way too bony for my “taste”, but if she wants to stay that size so be it. I find it sad that some people are convinced they couldn’t stand to gain even a few lbs when they’re propably underweight by BMI standards (no, i don’t believe BMI is an absolute measure of health or anything, but it does give some indication of your size compared to the standards and what not) But she herself chose to be a model.. Visiting this site, i actually don’t think people are being that harsh on celebs, as far as size goes. (I think it’s rather that even if the celeb is an ideal size we still point what we like or don’t about the body or clothes, but don’t slander someone just bc of a few lbs) There are always some who like thinner and some who like bigger, but all in all i can’t somehow relate to that “fat” comment Ale made, especially since celebs always get a certain amount of critique etc no matter what.

  17. I guess the only thing I can conclude is that she is obsessed with weight. But she is a model and (unfortunately) their jobs depend a lot on their sizes and weight! Now, what I don’t get is why “we” don’t make an effort to just don’t care.
    When I say “we” i really don’t mean we, I mean most of you, because I finally overcome my illness . I had an ED (I’m finally 100% recovered) and that’s why I was in this site for start…let’s be honest: almost everyone commenting and coming here has or had an ED or at least some body or food issues.

    People who are healthy (healthy percentage of body fat- forget the weight for god sake, healthy eating, healthy mind, healthy living) are extremely more happy than who feels like they should really evaluate if Alessandra or whoever is fat or thin.

    I guess I don’t belong here anymore, as the she’s thin, she’s fat comments in all the posts annoy me a LOT.

    Versus, I know your objective with this website is not to promote that thin is good or whatever and you just make this for fun (and maybe for a little profit too =P). But the reality is that most of the girls here have/had a body or food problem.

    Girls, you don’t have to live worrying about stupid things (unless you’re not healthy…than it’s not stupid, it’s a matter of taking care of you). Get over that and start living, but really living. there’s more than this.

    • Helena,
      “But the reality is that most of the girls here have/had a body or food problem.”
      I don’t see how you can possibly make that assumption – I think it’s out of line. I get 50 000 visitors per day and a conclusion such as yours is based on a few comments. I can see how my visitors initially come to my site (keywords, other sites, etc) and nothing indicates that the majority of the people on this site have a food problem – in fact, I think the people on this site have quite healthy mindsets… compared to other dedicated websites.

  18. In response to the above comment, most commentators on this site are against thin people. They unfairly go after people who take care of their bodies and some promote being heavy or even over weight.

    But as for Alessandra, I think she looks great. Good for her for wanting to be healthy. The fact of the mater is that you can be tiny at 4 years old and not concerned about you weight. I don’t get how that is a problem.

    • Just minutes ago, I received a mail where someone was complaining that my site is too pro-skinny and that I am overly-promoting the thinnest figures and criticizing the thicker ones. Isn’t that funny? The sole fact that I have complaints from both parts shows that the site is pretty much in the middle, not anti-skinny, not anti-curvy.

  19. Please, if models ate whatever they wanted, they wouldn’t be able to be models. Not all of them can have supercrazyfast metabolisms. Just once I’d like to hear a model say, Yeah, I have to work for this body.

    People SHOULD be mindful of what they eat.

  20. well i want to say is i agree 100%!! i said it. it seems like if she gains weight she’s fat but if she lose weight she’s sick, too skinny, bad influence for young girls. i’ve heard it all and i think it’s sad how people can bash her because of what she said. if she wants to be that size then who are we to judge? how can you judge who is healthy and who is not? bulls— if you ask me. women are always bashed for their body and it’s mostly women that does it but then complain about the issues we faced. i’m all for opinions but if you have to be ignorant to express your views then i guess keep it to yourself and leave women alone who doesn’t have your specific body type.

  21. this disturbs me a little bit. people claim that skinny women always starve themselves but they never attribute it to the equilibrium how their body naturally falls to. just like some people have difficulty losing weight, there are lots of thinner people out there who can eat as they wish and not gain any weight at all. that is their body!! instead of saying they’re like 12 year old boys, you should realise that there is nothing they can do about it. calling someone boyish, is equally as hurtful as calling people fat. i’m of average weight, but i feel for teh naturally skinny women out there who are made to feel unfeminine with magazine articles like ‘men prefer curvy women’.

  22. yeah, about the “men prefer curvy women” yes everybody knows MOST (not all) men prefer curves, but please stop that… in fact it is offensive for skinny women.

    im a naturally skinny girl (like all the girls in my family). Im 19 yrs old, 5″4 and 110 punds. My mom is 52, 5″8 and weights 132 lbs (she looks great). My grandma was 5″2 and 100 lbs.

    we really eat WHATEVER we want in the amounts we want. FYI Just now, Im eating a HUGE plate of pasta with cheese. oh, and Im enoying it!

    Im always triyng to gain weight, and believe me…
    its difficult. 6 months ago I used to weight 100 lbs.
    And I felt terrible.

    When I was on highschool, they used to call me “the boy”… yeah “the boy”. So sad.

    But, going back to Abrossio. I think she was exagerating
    with the 2 lbs. She was mad. Media can be really cruel with this kind of toppics.

    And i can say I understand her. Back then, when i was 100 punds, people didnt stop saying i was to skinny, that i looked “sick”.

    Now, I still very skinny, but i gained just a little bits of curves here and there (i went to a 32AA to a 34B and to a 00 to a 1). Want to know what people say now?

    “hey, i see some tummy there… No more pizza for you!”

    Wtf? What do you want people?
    Women are not cartoons. We CANT be all like Jessica Rabbit, you know?

    skinny OR curvy.
    we cant be like super curvy in the hips, butt, legs and b❆❆bs and ultra sikinny in waist, arms and face.

    but whatever, the thing is this:
    skinny girls, stop envying curvy girls.
    curvy girls, stop envyng skinny girls.
    skinny and curvy girls: love yourselfs and eat healthy.
    men, be realistic please, and love your girl just how she is.

  23. You people are ridiculous. she’s not saying people called her fat. She’s saying that that’s how society is treating women. Example Tryra Banks was considered fat when she gained weight. Another Example: Nicole Richie, who was considered sick when she lost weight.
    And she’s saying its coming from people like us. Regular people. I’ve seen it countless times. This is like the best quote ever !

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