Amanda Seyfried: ‘I Clearly Like Being Fit’

I-clearly-like-being-fit - Amanda Seyfried: 'I Clearly Like Being Fit'

Amanda Seyfried has been sharing a lot of weight & beauty-related info lately. In case you missed it, see her thoughts about the “f**ked up and twisted” diet-world, on how she tried “starvation” and about her “awful” raw food diet. And here’s more on this topic:

“I’m in my mid-20s and I know how to look after my body on my own. I’m not going to deny that I don’t think about it every day, it’s always on my mind. I clearly like being fit, but it’s not thin without a hell of a lot of work – I run and I exercise a lot and then I eat.

“If I have to diet, it’s salad with protein, salmon and broccoli, no dessert. But what kind of life is that? So I work out a lot and I’m just pretty moderate about what I eat.”

… says Amanda.

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50 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried: ‘I Clearly Like Being Fit’”

  1. As someone who has been in that type of place before, it sounds like she is on the way to an ED. She is admitting to be obsessive about both exercise and food. It sounds like she restricts and forces herself to exercise excessively. I love this girl, but she needs to be careful or it will completely consume her.

    • I don’t think she’s on the way to an eating disorder. I mean, I never had one so I don’t know what that feels like. I find her very honest and her attitude to eating and working out is pretty healthy! “Work out regularly so you can eat what you want!”

      • Yeah but if you read her recent interviews, she doesn’t really do that. My guess is she diets and exercizes. And I’m not sure who she is trying to convince otherwise…us or herself.

          • I would like to clarify that I never said she had an ED, but this type of obsession often leads to EDs. She is honest, yes but I agree that she is trying to convince herself that she is okay as well, which isn’t always a healthy sign.

  2. i like her being so homest. and i think that one part of hollywood starlets are those who really get into healthy life style and another part are like Amanda…trying to eat healthily and making themselves to workout, and falling off track sometimes ‘cos they hate it

    • I don’t think her eyes are photoshoped. It may depends on the light. For example, my eyes are green, but when I look to the light they look yellow and some days even brown.

  3. I agree with what e said — she sounds likes its starting to turn into a bit of an obsession…it’s sad, she is such a beautiful girl already!

  4. She is incredibly beautiful.

    I agree with others, lately she is starting to sound excessive about body image and dieting. I don’t know if it’s just questions people ask her or what, but still.

    She goes from saying that she is dieting and hates it, that she’s on the raw food diet, that she used to starve and now she’s saying that she doesn’t diet that much but instead exercizes? Sounds like she does a little of everything. Combine that with thinking about your body every day (which I don’t think normal people do,), and you’ve got a very insecure girl.

    I think she should relax a little. I love her figure too, but if Christina Hendricks can be sexy with all of her curves, then I think Amanda can afford to be a bit bigger than she is.

    • I totally agree. she keeps” yo- yo “-ing around topics and her body. she should stop if her body is not maintainable.

    • yep. that ‘think about it all the time’ comment got me too…thats when i realised i had a problem when i was with my ex. Just ALWAYS thinking about it. ALWAYS! and still now i do

  5. She is starting to sound like Kim K; all she ever talks about is her body. She clearly has talent but she is masking it when she opens her mouth.

  6. i just find her face so so sooo beautiful! and i think she actually suits it when she has a little more weight on her compared to when she is thin thin thin.

  7. “I exercise a lot and THEN I eat”

    whoa, disordered thinking much? She makes it sound like she needs permission to eat (only if she exercises on an empty stomach first). People who are grounded don’t have such an unhealthy relationship with food/exercise. They eat, AND they exercise.

    I’m dissapointed in her, I thought her brains matched her acting talent. Guess not.

    • I totally agree with what you quoted. I thought the same thing myself. I used to have the same mentality. It is not a happy place to be in.

  8. All she ever talks about these days is her body, what she eats and how much she’s working out. To me it doesn’t look like she’s working out that much, she’s slim but not overly so and she’s not very toned. I get the impression that she’s trying to convince herself of how much she’s working out when she clearly doesn’t.
    She’s a pretty girl, but dull as dishwater.

  9. Come on, girls. She talks about diet and workouts only because she’s constantly asked about it. At least she’s honest and admits that it’s quite difficult to keep her body fit. We all know that perfect body requires hard work – either healthy diet and regular workouts.
    She’s not too skinny, she’s slim and fit, good for her.

    • I agree it’s bc she’s asked about it, and this is a body related site, so idk if lots of you have been reading many interviews on Amanda, but i really haven’t, and just bc she talks about it in some interviews doesn’t mean she does it all the time. Buuut.. that’s just my opinion on her talking about it, i do think she still sounds kind of lost and slightly obsessed when it comes to maintaining her figure.

  10. She really needs to stop putting such an obsession on her appearance especially when it comes to her body image…..I understand that being thin or in shape at least when you are an actress comes with the territory but if she keeps on spewing out these self conscious/self deprecating quotes she is well on her to developing bdd slowly but surely deff not at ed…..I admire her honesty however it seems like the last couple of quotes from her interviews she has been discussing her eating habits/exorcise routines…… She ‘d beautiful the way she is and I’d actually prefer her a lil curvier … a la mama mia or mean girls…..She needs to understand that body image or being thin isn’t necessarily what encompasses or determines if your a great actress…it your talent ……megan fox is considered to be drop dead gorgeous but alot of people think she cant act for sh*t…and the same goes for jessica alba, jessica biel and the list goes on……

  11. Finally! A hollywood celeb that actually admits to th extreme lengths they go to in order to stay thin. I’m tired of all this “I eat whatever I want in moderation” bullsh*t that you here from all of these super skinny models and actresses. Thank you Amanda for being honest with your fans and admirers : )

  12. She’s probably talking about her body a lot because she’s being asked. This is a hot topic and a hot button issue. I doubt she’s like during an interview, “And hey by the way, can we get into weight, diet, and food talks now? Me likey talk ’bout those stuff.” She just needs to be careful. I tend to eat before and after a workout. Eat for energy, then after the workout restore some protein, good carbs and some important electrolytes. 😀 Working out without eating makes me exert less energy, so i try not to do it.

  13. Did Amanda Seyfried play Karen simith in Mean girls? Because if she did she lost ALOT of weight and she didn’t need to in the first place! Her body shape was totally different.

    I totally resepct Amanda as actor with admirable talent, however,IMEO, her body image is all over the place and as a result in her interviews she comes off as hypocritical.First her thoughts about the “f**ked up and twisted” diet-world, and then how she tried “starvation” (like thats any better)and about her “awful” raw food diet. All statements made in those interviews ranges from one extreme to other. As viewed in the public, she should be wary to message she sends and she can’t make -up her mind keep them to herself until she can.

    • I feel i have to clearify my previous comment:
      Amanda is being hypocrtiical b/c first she says the how evil the dieting world is .THEN in a differrent interview she says how she tired stravation method . …THEN in a seperate interview she mentions how she is on a diet ( thought she said they were negative, guess not) and NOW she is talking about having a balanced healthy diet and excercise regime. Whats next? she going say she is on diet again? She is tring to finsd her self, i just wish she would not do in such a publicly manner as she has an influnce over ppl being a celebrity.

  14. I don’t think she has an ED but she obviously isn’t naturally thin and sounds like she hates doing what she has to do to stay thin.

  15. Wow she is a very pretty girl! I think she looks great and I doubt she is going on about her exercise and eating habits in interviews without being asked about it so that must just be what they are asking her.I don’t think what she is saying sounds unreasonable at all and I don’t think it points to her having an eating disorder! Does she sound a bit insecure and like she worries about her body too much? Absolutely.

  16. em talk about over analyzing every word someone says!! i think the obsession is yours not hers. you go looking for unhealthy/ED type behaviour and find it wheerever you look, because she feels pressure to look good? cause she admits it? cause she isn’t the font of all wisdom as to the healthy means of doing it? its called being human. and being honest.

  17. I dont think she has an eating disorder at all – anyone who says so obviously is dilusional. She’s beautiful and healthy looking. Trying to eat right and work out is a lot different than starving yourself to death. She’s eating salads with lots of salmon – there is no crime in that! So long as you eat enough to have energy!

  18. For whatever reason I think she is one of those girls who would look beautiful with a “milk maid” type of figure (lol couldn’t think of any other way to desribe it). SHe has that fair porcelein skin and that really pale ethereal look, like an italian rennaisance angel. Her body type would look excellent a little, erm, “plumper” not heavy, not fat, but just with a little more womanly weight and soft curve.

  19. You can have an ED without completely starving yourself. That is a misconception that many people have about EDs. Obviously I don’t know whether or not she has one, and never said I did. I just pointed out that this type of attitude leads many people towards EDs. Also, as someone who has struggled with EDs in the past, it is quite common to discuss your weight/diet/exercise. I did not see myself as having a problem at all, and maintained that I was “healthy” when I was not. I never starved myself, but was beyond conscious of calories, diet and exercise.

    Sorry if you feel the need to attack me for what I have said. I never claim that anyone has an ED since I am not that person, but I relate to much of what she has said and caution people to be aware of going overboard with this type of mentality.

  20. Blah, blah, blah…same old sh*t. She’s gorgeous, yes, but I wish she would talk about something else. It would be great if she would pull a Natalie Portman and say, “I’d like to talk about my work, not my weight.”

  21. she is so weird; first she tells us that she is on the raw food diet and hates it, now she tells us she doesnt diet but she eats everything in moderation..

    i wonder whether she is lying or the magazines..

  22. i also have to watch out a lot with what i eat! and workout a lot for me no to gain extra pounds. as what some people say NO PAIN NO GAME

  23. when i was a child i had dreams of becoming an actress when i grew up.
    And i sometimes wonder now whether i might have spent 99% of my time as an actress obsessing over my eating habits.

    Actresses rarely talk about their passion, ambition, dreams or achievements – just their weight. I always think it is such a shame that as women we have come to objectify ourselves in this way, choosing the superficial over integrity, body weight over intelligence.

    when women complain that there are no female genius’ in history…….well, we can forget about male oppression; i cant foresee any female genius’ in the near future either. We’d prefer to be remembered for how little we ate or how often we headed for the gym.

    a bit serious for me, this one.
    sorry folks!

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