Amber Rose: “Supermodels represent 5 or 3 percent of women in the world”

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On the beauty myth:

“People have to realize that the supermodels we see represent 5 percent or 3 percent of women in the world. It’s not realistic. It’s very realistic to have cellulite and saggy boobs — it’s part of just being a human. It’s something I try to put out with my SlutWalk. There’s no body-shaming. And it really is very difficult. When you see these images, you think I don’t look like that. Embrace the skin that you are in. If you really do want to change, put your mind to it. Try to work out and eat better. I love cheeseburgers and tacos. Those are my two favorite things. I’ll probably never have the perfect body and I’m okay with that. As a celebrity now, I embrace it and I embrace my curves. I have a platform to help other women embrace it as well.”

… says Amber.




6 thoughts on “Amber Rose: “Supermodels represent 5 or 3 percent of women in the world””

  1. I like her message, though IDK how accurate that statistic is. I used to LOVE her look in the Kanye days, partly because she didn’t speak and was so mysterious. I still think she’s beautiful, just think she dresses quite trashy sometimes.

  2. I don’t think her message is wrong … But knowing Amber it’s just like Emily rata calling herself a feminist. Also how many women have her proportions and curves, probably 3 to 5 percent too. She is just as disgusting and narcissistic as kimye

  3. Great maths! If you take 100 random women (and see them at 20 years old so it’s fair to the younger and older ones) I doubt 5 of them will look like supermodels….LOL

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