AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini

AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini 1

90210 hottie AnnaLynne McCord is constantly photographed in tiny bikinis… last week we go black and red and now we’re getting bright yellow.

See AnnaLynne from various perspectives and her sister after the jump!

AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini 2

AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini 3

AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini 4

AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini 5

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49 thoughts on “AnnaLynne McCord Is Back in a Bikini”

    • they are really alike!!!! and sister even skinnier. way too skinny for my taste. she needs to be careful. she looks older than her years. skinny and old = gaunt and scary

  1. She looks great, but wow is her sister skinny! Her waist seems incredibly tiny in that pic. AL suits better this slightly softer look imo, i think she was skinnier when 90210 started.

  2. She has an amazing body! If only she had a little more curve, she would be perfect. But she is clearly someone who is naturally thin, and on top of that takes care of themself, so I really don’t think anyone can complain too much about her figure even if they don’t prefer it.

    • i agree. I mean, i dont really like her figure much…but I have always said that she works what she has got like all hell and she makes it hot! (though i partly think thats her hair and attitude). She is very fit and i always think her legs look amazing in heels and short skirts

    • i think it could be the angle-if u look closely, her sis is sort of more straight forward to the camera, while annalynne is more profile…

  3. I think there is a big difference between skinny and healthy
    I think there is a big difference between skinny and attractive.

    She is just skinny. Grats to her on all the undeserved attention and money she’s getting this year.

    But if you walked up behind either of them you’d think u were in line behind a tall blond Cali surfer dude. I sure hope girls aren’t envious of her body.

    • Why not? Some women are thin, unable to gain weight. Just like bigger women want someone who is in shape but closer to their size to aspire to, why shouldn’t thin women see her body as envious and something to aspire to? For a thin frame, her body is better than skinny/fat bodies, that’s for sure.

      Also, you may not find it attractive, plenty of people do. And her, confused for a man? Ever? Don’t bullsh**. That’s hilarious.

      No offense, but I’m pretty relieved to know that most people don’t think like you.

    • Poor dude with that kind of a waist to hip ratio. But seriously, preferances are preferances, but who’s to say she wouldn’t just gain in the unwanted areas (tummy, arms..?) if she was any bigger, so no reason to make it sound like it’s her fault she is how she is, like she chooses to be skinny instead of more womanly.

    • well too bad a lot of us don’t think she looks like a surfer dude and she can’t help that she’s skinny. why can’t a woman be thin and happy? she’s not my body type as well but i acknowledge that it works for her and she’s a woman, not a man and i’m pretty sure many men would go for her, not just her looks but whatever she has to offer.

    • I don’t think anyone would confuse a super hot girl with a near perfect figure with a dude. These girls have very cute sexy girlish asses and figures from behind.

  4. I honestly don’t find either of the sisters to be attractive, but that is just a personal preference. I do think the sis in the yellow bikini is looking healthier than she used to, and the one in the dark bikini has lost weight.

    • I totally agree! I think both of these girls are overrated. Neither are pretty in my opinion and their bodies are just meh. I think they believe they’re more attractive than they really are!

  5. Nice! I see actual muscle on them. Waaaaay better then skinny fat, obviously starved models *coughVictoriaSecretcough*

    • Well better than ‘skinny-fat’ but still not really got much muscle, just a low body fat percentage. Looks the same as VS models to me.

      • If your trying to compare her overall health to Marisa Miller’s I’m Pretty sure Marisa could best her in sit-ups, pull-ups, distance running and anything else u compare them with.

        Same goes for all of the former angels. Id think the only exception would be Miranda Kerr who I think VS lost serious positive body image promo PR points for.
        I feel like they probably have to let her rest in between outfit changes or hold her up with strings.

  6. their bodies arent attractive at all to me. like someone said, just cause they are skinny doesnt equal they are attractive(to me) its funny how you see a pretty but a little chubby girl and often think she is less attractive than a very skinny but weirdly shaped girl. i catch myself thinking it a lot and im trying to change it

  7. Can’t believe AnnaLynne’s sis is even skinnier than she is! They both have amazing bods! This is the look I personally prefer–less curves, more tone. And the McCord sisters certainly know how to dress for maximum hotness! 😀

  8. I forgot to add they are such attention w**** here.. there are more pictures of them from this set on other websites where they KISS each other and act all sorts of weird. im sorry but i feel like they are doing it for attention

    • not BS i don’t think she is looking great at all. not ugly, not awful, but not great. just a pretty girl who needs to put on a few. just like people always used to say, a pretty girl who needs to drop a few. works both ways

  9. Curvy, slim, or skinny, I absolutely ADORE when I see a woman’s body that looks like there’s some athletic maintenance going on. Anyone can be skinny. Anyone can have curves. But I really love it when you see a girl’s body and you can tell that either they work out or they keep active enough to get some muscle definition or to keep things in order, a booty rounder and more lifted, a leg with some toning, etc. Ah, story time! Some of the best pair of legs I have ever seen was this 40-50 year old woman in an airport. She knew her legs were hot, which is why she was wearing a SHORT mini skirt. Her legs were long, slender, but most of all, they were amazingly defined, and you could tell that she was proud of them and probably got complimented on them a lot, hence the micro mini. But yea, Anna looks great. She and her sister look awesome. Barely a touch of cellulite.

  10. I am not into her body too much. She is like a ruler, has no hips and no breasts. I must say her sister looks so much better, more like a woman.

  11. Although I prefer the more curvy body type, I think that she looks good because she’s naturally skinny and it’s how she would look her best ( I’m sure she works out and all, but I mean shes not literally starving herself.) If she really wanted to gain weight and had to go out of her way to eat a whole bunch of junk food just to gain more curves, it is as bad as a curvier girl starving herself. I think at the end of the day, everyone looks their best when they look after themselves and let their body fall where it does. Hope that makes sense! lols

  12. god she’s absolutely amazing!! perfect body 🙂 and I actually wonder if her sister is not even better shaped than her (sometimes it looks like AL’s thighs are too musled or quite big)

  13. She looks beautiful, but her sister is pure perfection. It´s not only because she´s skinnier, she also has a better WHR and a more feminine figure – Another proof that “feminine” doesn´t mean “curvy by body fat”, but “curvy by body shape/ bone structure”. Why do some people just not believe this? Everyone just goes on about how great curves are, but not every girl is meant to have them. Some (and I think Anna Lynne is one of them) would only gain in their midriff area and arms and would end up looking weird and unattractive instead of “curvy”. As a matter of fact, I begin to hate this word because it´s always used in the wrong context and meaning.

  14. Haha I’m sad for knowing this because she isn’t even famous, but her sister has lost weight. I think her sister actually looks better than AnnaLynne. (Although she doesn’t look healthy.) AnnaLynne looks healthy.

  15. WOW, her sister is sooooo sexy, that body is just dripping sex appeal, it looks amazing. They both have really sexy narrow hips and figures. AnnaLynne’s hips looks sooo sexy in that last photo. I love both their tight bodies, but her sister is hotter.

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