Anne Hathaway: “I just had to stop eating for a total of 13 days shooting”

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All the details of the story from The Daily Mail:

When she was cast as a starving prostitute, Anne Hathaway decided on a drastic way to lose weight – a diet that can only be described as miserable.

The Hollywood star shed nearly 2st for her role as Fantine in the film musical Les Miserables by living on lettuce leaves.

Her ten-year-old British co-star Isabelle Allen, who plays Fantine’s daughter Cosette, described Miss Hathaway’s diet as ‘rabbit food’ and said it left the actress so fragile that she broke her arm in a fall.

Yesterday Miss Hathaway, 30, referred to her diet as ‘starvation’ but refused to reveal details of what she ate to discourage anyone from looking as emaciated as she did as Fantine, a poverty-stricken factory worker forced to turn to prostitution.

In a recent interview she revealed she had shed 25lb for the role – 10lb in three weeks before filming and 15lb during production. ‘I just had to stop eating for a total of 13 days shooting,’ she said.

Yesterday Miss Hathaway said: ‘I was on a starvation diet to look like I was near death in a film… but I went at it with a plan and I had a guide, a nutritionist kind of helped me with it.’

Isabelle, who features on the poster for Les Miserables, which opened in the UK last night and is tipped for glory at next month’s Oscars, said she saw the extreme lengths Miss Hathaway went to for her role.

The pair had lunch in New York after the film’s premiere last year and Miss Hathaway was drawn to the chips that Isabelle was eating.

‘She said “this is real food” or something like that. Well it was because obviously she’d been eating… I call it rabbit food, because she was only eating salad and greens and vegetables because of her diet, because of her character.’

She added that Miss Hathaway had broken her arm because ‘she was so thin and fragile. She was riding a bike and she broke her arm’.

Isabelle, who lives near Eastbourne, East Sussex, said she treated Miss Hathaway as ‘a big sister’ during the filming and admitted she has wanted to be like her since she saw her in The Princess Diaries.

Eating disorder campaigners say the time the two spent together may not have been good for Isabelle and warned that the film industry has a ‘toxic preoccupation with extreme thinness’.

But Isabelle’s mother Elaine said: ‘From start to finish it was obvious [Miss Hathaway] was doing it for the role. The day she finished filming she said she could start eating again and I think it was a relief.’

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86 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway: “I just had to stop eating for a total of 13 days shooting””

  1. Anne is a beautiful woman and I like that hair on her, but hopefully she will gain the weight back because she looks better with it 🙂

  2. Her skin is pasty pale and shes not really gorgeous. I just dont understand why women always prop up average looking women and put them on pedestals, while at the same time bashing women who men find hot.

    • 1) Pale skin is beautiful. Anne has one of the nicest natural complexions in Hollwyood. I think Snow white skin is gorgeous and looks better than being orange or having sun-damaged/leathery skin from too much tanning. I would love to have Anne’s porcelain skin.
      2) That’s your opinion. You may think she is average but some other people don’t. I have a few male friends who like Anne Hathaway and have a celebrity crush on her… So I don’t get what you are saying. Everyone is attracted to different kinds of people. We don’t all find the same kinds of people attractive so its silly to stereotype and make assumptions.

      • Jenny, guru is still sore because people don’t find Megan Fox, her life hero, attractive. I for one, do not. She thinks that it means “bashing” when really, it’s just a difference of opinion.

        • Someone explain me the attractiveness of Megan Fox bc even before she went overboard to what it is now (weird plastic face) I didn’t find her anything special. In Jennifer’s Body all I could see was Amanda Seyfried.

      • lol pale skin is nice and snow white is gorgeous, but anne hatheaway is not snow white or milky. her skin is just pasty. it does not look healthy or rich or creamy.

        • Agree. She looks like she’s deathly ill a lot the time time. There is a big difference between being Snow White pale, and I just died pale. Either way this girl is so unattractive, and I swear that hair cut only exaggerates her horribly wide mouth .She looks like a clown.

          • It’s not very nice to make fun of SKIN COLOR. If we were looking at a photo of an African American celeb, would you say that they’re skin is too dark or too light? Anne cannot change her skin color. She is pale. THAT is her skin color. So keep your rude comments to yourself Guru and Anastasia.

          • @jen,
            ” Anne cannot change her skin color.”

            Uhhh too bad for her then? I don’t really care either way.
            And for the record, I LOVE pale skin, but her skin reminds me of a sheet. And that first picture of her smiling…. horribly unflattering.

          • @jen lol funny you mention that. i’ve received a lot of flack in the past for bringing up the fact that only light skinned black females are celebrated in the media.

          • To be fair, some recent photos of Anne have made her seem far paler than usual (although since those were from production for Le Mis, it probably had more to do with the fact that she was malnourished). I think most of the time her “complexion” as it were, is the result of how she does her makeup. She’s always seemed to have a pale-but-not-sickly complexion in the past; i think the reason she looks so much like a paper cutout in this photo is because she is wearing so MUCH dark and it is such a strong contrast against her skin, which she is showing very little of (so it just stands out a lot more)

    • She’s beautiful imo. And I think it’s kinda awesome that we put ”average” people on a pedestal. That perspective makes us think we could be one of them, at least for me

    • guru, you are correct, she can not pull off that pale look…. also I wish she would stop talking about her rationale for starving herself… she is not hot… but technically she is skinny, just not the gorgeous looking skinny, she is the 11 year old boy skinny. I also think she is obnoxious, jumping all over the mic when its not her turn to thank people…. eat some food, grow your hair and get some fake boobies… then she will look better…

      • ‘eat some food, grow your hair and get some fake boobies… then she will look better…’

        lol, i hope you’re trolling cause if you’re not then your comment is STUPID as f.
        1. If you actually read her quote(or the other 100) about the weightloss, you should know that was for a movie(a compromise), she didn’t desire to look super skinny cause she’s obsessed w it and b. it’s not easy for her to go back to her previous self 100%, though she’s close, because if she eats too much she’s gonna gain only fat and become very flabby and we all know these things should be taken slowly.

        2. grow her hair? lol. cause you think it doesn’t go with her face shape or cause you’re that kind of ignorant that thinks anything that isn’t long and simple(not emo-ish either) must look bad? considering what you said i guess it’s the second.

        3. you can have your huge fake boobs(hers are already medium at her usual weight and i bet you didn’t mean a small implant, lol), but don’t around saying they’re the ideal and suggesting her to change for YOUR dumb ideal

        • agreed, fake b❆❆bs are disgusting and do not make a woman more feminine, sorry
          and annes actually were pretty big in brokeback mountain, when she weighed a bit more

    • seriously, i would not think twice between this lovely pixie doe eyes and elegant woman and sexy-cliche-badass-fakeness Megan Fox. Anne has been looking so attractive to me these days, not as skinny as she claims to be though.

    • Guru, I showed my husband a picture of megan fox and he laughed and asked who it was. (and he knows who megan fox is, but he didn’t recognize her) I also have a co worker whose dream lady is Kristen Stewart, and a cousin that Loves Natalie Portman. And I had an ex who thinks Tara Reid was smoking hot in her prime. And my husband thinks I’m the hottest, and he treats me like I am. (and I look NOTHING like megan fox)

      So either you are wrong, or men’s opinions are wrong…because guess what, your average jane, might be someones hottie.

      • I think I replied to the wrong comment, I was commenting on Gurus “bashing of women that men think are hot and proping up average.” comment lol ohhh well

    • Are you still upset about Megan Fox? You know, my husband really liked Megan Fox, until he found out about how insecure she is. Drastically changing your appearance through cosmetic surgery when you were already beautiful is not a turn on for most men.

  3. This is all she talks about lately..Getting old. We get it. You lost weight for a role and are skinnier now. Its not that amazing.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s not all she talks about. Since this website is called skinnyvscurvy, the articles on here are weight related. That’s why it seems like celebs only talk about their weights.

      • not just here,..she talks about it in interviews and to magazines, seems like she is obsessed that she lost weight. again, we are all on here becasuse weight can be fascinating to talk about, it just seems that is all she is focused on-maybe because she is not used to eating so little and it does take a toll on emmotions.

    • Right.
      And why is it okay for an actress to talk about starving herself for a role but not okay for a regular person to starve herself in time for bikini season?
      What’s the difference..? I hate how some of these actresses act like such martyrs to their craft… You got way-overpaid to eat undereat for a few days and pretend to be a prostitute? Must be terrible.

    • You are phrasing this a bit harsher than I would, but I essentially agree. She is totally full of herself and it’s all about her all the time and every time. It’s indeed super irritating how she is trying to steal the lime light constantly.

  4. Ugh!!! We know already!!! Why don’t you say it a few more times?!!!!! Her look is not appealing to me, and I find her even more annoying than Gwyneth!!!!!

  5. cue the stupid comments criticizing her for mentioning her weight, yet they are on a weight focused website. She is asked these questions for the 10000000001 time. She’s a little full of herself, but she’s a good actress. I don’t understand how someone can call her immature for talking about their weight, when they are a regular poster on this site.

    • I wouldn’t criticize her for mentioning her weight and diet, except in a different interview posted on this site 3-4 weeks ago she said she didn’t want to talk about how she lost the weight because she didn’t want to be a bad influence, and then in this interview calls it a “starvation diet” which tells us almost exactly what she was doing.
      Contradicting herself!

    • I’d usually agree about the “we’re just on a weight-focused website” part, but Anne’s starvation stories have been all over the place lately. It really does seem to be a subject she likes to bring up, considering she has made a million statements about her weight in the past couple of weeks, when she initially said she didn’t want to talk about it, as it could be damaging for young girls. Not trying to be negative, but it really seems like all of this is part of her “give me that Oscar already” campaign and it’s making me dislike her more and more.

      Anyway, I think she’s pretty, especially with that haircut.

  6. ugh and we still have the rest of oscar season to hear all about anne and her horrific starvation diet that left her near dead, blah blah…
    she never even looked that thin to me.

    • Yeah, and I bet she tries to pull a Natalie Portman, but Natalie actually lost a lot of weight and the main “thing” of her Oscar campaign was the ballet training, not the starving.

      • The majority of the dancing in Black Swan was done by a double, not by Natalie Portman herself.
        Also, at the end of the day Anne H. was nominated for her singing talent, not her weight loss…she’s only using this weight loss to generate more headlines so that people don’t forget about her performance. it’s too bad, because she should let her talent speak for itself.

        By the way, when the hell did she break her arm? I don’t remember ANY pictures of her with a sling or a cast.

        • That’s exactly my point – they’re trying to get attention with these campaigns. Natalie and the director(or whoever that was) still claimed that she did 80 percent of the dancing, when the double claimed the opposite, it all generated lots of headlines.
          Anne is trying to do the same with her weightloss/babies/family/etc talk but the weightloss one is kinda failing because she’s inconsistent with it: “I was on a very strict diet” –>”I’m NOT going to tell you how I lost weight” –>”I was starving”

          • I think that’s what pisses me off the most about this whole Oscar campaign. Anne is actually a really talented singer, and did 100% of the singing herself. Why can’t she rely on her talent to win her that Oscar? I don’t really think the academy will be changing their minds because she lost a lot of weight….or will they??

    • Exactly what Ithink. She’s working her weightloss story for the Oscars and the funny thing is that she isn’t nearly as thin as she is implying!

  7. Eating too much of one thing usually makes food taste blah. I try to balance my meals; so if I’m eating meat/fish or pasta I’ll have veggies on the side, because they taste refreshing and contribute a different flavor to the meal. But a meal of just greens is too dull for the palate. Similarly too much sugary food at once tastes gross too. So Anne Hathway represents one extreme and Lena Dunham choosing cake all day is another. Most people can’t stomach those extreme diets and it’s not pleasurable.

    • well it was just for a role. She claims to be eating regular again(even if she hasn’t gained the weight back) 2 weeks of not eating at all actually has health benefits beyond the weight loss. We used to go long periods of time without eating so our bodies are suited for it. I defintly wouldn’t recommend going past that or doing it if you have disordered eating habits. You don’t need to do it every month either like a certain miss paltrow. I totally agree that the same thing gets boring and you even start to resent it after a while, no matter how good. I could never eat cake every day let alone every meal. For one I find the sweetness overbearing and two Lena must feel like crap and have no energy if thats her typical diet.

    • @Serena: I hear ya. It seems that everything is on the extreme with famous ppl. All the models you see are either stick thin or plus size… there is no in between. Celebs either eat too little or eat too much junk. I wish some celeb would say they eat healthy most of the time but indulge once in awhile.

      • “All the models you see are either stick thin or plus size… there is no in between.”
        I can see where you’re coming from, but some of the most successful models actually seem to be a healthy medium (Barbara Palvin? Kate Upton? Bar Refaeli?)

  8. talking about the weight AGAIN??!!..I know they keep asking her, but as it is the case for many celebs, this is redundant. I just don’t understand why producers didn’t alow enough time for her to lose weight in a healthy manner. (I guess time is money)
    I adore her outfit in this pic… and I can totally tell from her recent red carpets that she is enjoying being skinny

    • Like I said it really wasn’t that unhealthy as long as it wasn’t prolonged. I blame the interviewers more who are too lazy to come up with smart or original questions. If you read any interview of any celeb they are always asked the exact same questions, even though the interview already knows the awnser.

  9. Seriously, I have never found her to be attractive. Her eyes droop downward in some frames and she looks like a hound dog. Not to say she is atrocious, just painfully average.

    This weight does her absolutely no good. She looks old and haggard, and the sudden weight loss definitely shows on her face.

  10. Christian Bale dropped down to a 15 BMI for the Mechanist. Steve Zahn lost 40 lbs for Rescue Dawn. Tom Hanks lost 50 lbs for Castaway. I really wish people would stop asking her about this. 20lbs isn’t really that remarkable a weight change for a movie role.

    • So true!!! 20lbs really is a biggish weight loss when you are already thin like Anne…but it’s the kind of weight you can lose due to stress (like, I mean…not that uncommon amongst even already thin, but stressed people in everyday life). 50lbs! Wow that is a lot.

  11. I used to worship her! Now… not really. :/

    Because now, she comes across more and more like a control freak. And this is not based on her appearance of course (I for one think she looks lovely), but on the many interviews of hers that I’ve watched.

    But I suppose she’s just very… passionate?

  12. I find it amusing that so many of you are complaining that Hathaway keeps talking about the same old weight thing she did for Les Mis. I hope most of you realise that a lot of these articles came out simultaneously with the release of the movie. So it’s not like Anne KEEPS talking about it – she probably did these interviews in a row and not something she’s on about for months on end. If she was interviewed about it, she’s obviously going to reply with the same story.

  13. The problem is, she still looks like she needs to gain some weight back – I think she’s been looking a bit too thin since she was in Batman and became very body conscious from having to wear the catsuit. I haven’t seen Les Mis, but from the images of her, her weight doesn’t look that drastically reduced from now to me. I liked her in her early days in The Devil Wears Prada, etc – she looked to be at a healthy weight then, but has yo-yo’d a bit since then. But that’s Hollywood for you – actresses almost inevitably end up losing weight unnecessarily.

    She does admit that she has had problems in the past with getting too skinny and being a bit obsessive about her looks ( and she does seem like a control freak to me – not the best combination for a healthy body image!

    • thanks for sharing the link to the article – shows the contrast between her attitude then and her attitude now – she has definitely become very obsessed with her weight and herself – I cringe thinking she could win an oscar.

    • I loved everybody in “Devil wears Prada” 🙂

      To me Anne’s weightloss is only visible in her face, her body didn’t change much because she has a large frame. I loved her in “Devil wears Prada” too, she was already thinner there than in “Princess Diaries”, and her face looked very good at that weight. Right now her face looks exhausted even though her body looks almost like before.

  14. “but refused to reveal details of what she ate to discourage anyone from looking as emaciated as she did as Fantine,”

    Funny how the details just keep trickling in.

    I know interviewers ask her this and weight quotes are filtered for this website, but I feel like she definitely enjoys the opportunity to talk about it. She’s definitely trying to get a pity/emotional response from people.

    Especially considering the self-righteousness of her “not revealing details” and then the subsequent contradiction. It’s like everything she says is supposed to make her likeable, except it doesn’t.

    • That’s it. They’re stretching it a bit far with the “oh, she was so fragile she broke her arm” thing. Losing 25 lbs isn’t going to give you instant osteoporosis.

      • absolutely! but this Isabelle person is making it sound, like Mara said, as if Anne developed instant osteoporosis because she was underweight for a short period of time.

  15. i never saw the appeal and now it’s even worse … she looked a lot better with more ”meat” on her bones … and pleaaaaaaase, STOP discussing your weightloss ! So many other stars lost weight (sometimes a lot more than her) and yet we don’t hear about it or read articles discussing it EVERY WEEK ! Old … find something new to talk about ….

  16. She said, she’s not talking about it and oh my, here she goes AGAIN! Yes, the wannabe anorexics get it; to look thin, you gotta stop eating! Thank you for being inspiration for young girls everywhere Anne!

  17. I saw Les Mis this weekend. I don’t find her to be that skinny or her perfomance to be a Golden Globe winning one. She appeared in like 15 minutes of a 2h30 movie, only her neck and shoulders are visible (she wears long dresses, so we can’t see anything else) and ok, we see poking collar bones. But someone pear shaped as she is, with a healthy weight, as visible collar bones. I know I do. I don’t get all the frenzy around it. As someone said above, Christian Bale lost a lot more weight for The Machinist, he looked absolutely scary and we didn’t see all of this madness.

    • she IS NOT pear-shaped. she’s pretty much rectangle shaped with just a bit of definition at the waist, so yeah.

      but i agree about christian bale. he really sacrified his body. he’s amazing!

  18. She didn’t look that thin to me in Les Mis… if she really lost 25 lbs, what did she start at??
    She looked no less than 120 in the film, especially as she’s tall.

  19. Oh no, not again ! Women give birth to children and their weight changes, women have health problem and again their weight changes, these are serios issues to be discussed, now we have this trend of Anne to speek about losing weight for that role, i wont even look at the movie, i had enough of this !! 🙂 what a sacrifice, we should build a statue or something.

  20. I didn’t think she looked particularly thin in the film. In fact, she appears to be thinner in events she’s doing now. Is it just me?

  21. I’m not really a big Anne Hathaway fan. I like the haircut and the pale skin but not her very large facial features or her acting ability. TBH, I didn’t really find that she was THAT skinny or starving looking. Maybe that’s just because of how twisted the media is making body image but she didn’t look THAT thin. Thin yes but not terribly so. I would say Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr look significantly thinner than AH at her ‘thinnest’.

  22. I can’t stand her anymore. I feel like she should be in that South Park episode where the characters who drove Priuses loved the smell of their own farts! Anne just reeks of SMUGNESS.

  23. Im really not a fan of her. she is a good actress from what I have seen her in but she just doesn’t have that likability to be the huge star that they are desperately trying to make her be. She recently said that she isn’t experimental with fashion and won’t wear the kooky/eclectic pieces that she would love to wear simply because she is afraid that she will look silly and will get bashed. However, recently she has been seen with Valentino and wore that strange leather get up to a les mis event (when she didn’t wear the underwear) so obviously her people are trying to give her a transformation and are trying to use fashion to give her that ‘star power’- similar to what they did to K Stew which actually worked very well. But as I said, she doesn’t have the likability factor and that is obvious from all of the negative responses on here.

  24. I just saw Les Mis last night and I didn’t think she looked overly skinny or near death. She definitely look thin, but her face wasn’t gaunt or anything. I know she lost a lot of weight for it but it seems it is the only thing she talks about with regards to the movie. There is a lot more to the movie than her losing weight for the role. What about the singing – the main part of the movie???

  25. This story is becoming sooo anoying!!! Ok we got it you managed to lose weight, but some actors did so much more for a part. It’s like she’s so proud of it and keeps talking about it …. I was expecting her to be way more skinny than what i saw in the movie .
    Anyway I think she looks happy and i love her hair that way!

  26. I’m sorry, but she didn’t look that thin to me in the movie. People’s perception of “starved” is hilarious. She could have lost another 10-15 if she was really going for starving. I thought she had a great performance though.

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