White Dress Babes: Anne Hathaway and Carmen Electra

White Dress Babes: Anne Hathaway and Carmen Electra 1

Anne Hathaway (27) and Carmen Electra (38) showed up at two events this week in structured white dresses that looked great on their figures.

Are you a fan of Anne’s classy choice or do you prefer Carmen’s playful look?

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White Dress Babes: Anne Hathaway and Carmen Electra 2

White Dress Babes: Anne Hathaway and Carmen Electra 3

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58 thoughts on “White Dress Babes: Anne Hathaway and Carmen Electra”

    • Anne wins by more than a mile! She’s 5 foot 8 inches of pure super incredible beauty, not increasing the height of her beautiful super high heels!

  1. Anne’s nose and lips are way too big. There’s something very unattractive about her face. Carmen, looks great though! I can’t believe she’s 38!

    • Anne is perfect with gorgeous features including her great arms and super beautiful hands and her amazing legs and gorgeous feet! Her lips and lipstick and super beautiful and her smile is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! No one is even close to the lovely beautiful Anne!!

  2. Anne’s style is way more up my alley. Carmen, i guess she looks beautiful but i can’t quite see it bc my mind straight goes to her tacky outfits and general vibe that isn’t quite me.

  3. Carmen needs to stop with the plastic surgery lol, before she goes overboard, but she does look great for her age. Anne looks way more awesome just because she is so pretty in general.

  4. I’ve never been a fan of how Anne looks, but I must say this is the best I’ve seen her! I love the hair style and the fitted dress—only : / moment I had was seeing the awkward fabric hanging off of her hips. Other than that way to go Anne!

  5. i love that Anne’s make up enhances her natural features. as opposed to Carmens where her eyes are just lined in a thick black shade. and i dont like the black and white ensemble either. i prefer Anne’s offwhite and nude shoes. they just seem effortlessly elegant

  6. I think Carmen Electra is actually pretty. She’s flawless! Anne Hathaway is too, she’s very classic glamour like Audrey Hepburn.

  7. I prefer Anne’s over all look: the style of the dress, the nude shoes, the simple accessories – all very classy. Her makeup and hair also look beautiful – natural and put together. As for Carmen, I am not a fan of the black acessories (especially the hat) and the ultra tan and ultra bleached hair, that being said I do think she has a spectacular face and body (IMO even better than Anne’s) it just the whole processed look that makes her look cheap while Anne looks classy.

  8. annes dress makes her hips looks bigger than they are…not good.
    i like carmen here normally i think she looks a bit sloppy but she looks cute and i like her fascinator

  9. usually i would have chosen anne. she looks stunning, but that fabric hanging off her waist looks weird. plus her hips look bigger than they usually are. usually i think carmen looks pretty sloppy, but i think she looks adorable here. and she look amazing for 38! especially her body. i can only hope mine will look like that at that age 😛

    • I think that the dress makes her look like a pear because of the details in the hip area. Carmen is probably a vase – she has curves (even though some fake) and she carries weight proportionately.

  10. i cant help but love carmen. she is so cute. always have liked her even if she is a bit tacky…her breast dont look too fake as they usually do! they dont seem huge here. and i prefer her with darker hair. brings out her eyes more. she has a nice figure overall

  11. I love what Anne Hathaway is wearing.

    Carmen looks nice minus the hat, i don’t think the outfit is overly flattering on her though, makes her shoulder wide and her waist.

  12. anne looks beautiful and natural, she definately wins. carmen has a great figure and a pretty face (although she has had some enhancements so that’s to be expected) and can look very attractive, but she always looks a little tacky and cheap.

  13. do not personally find Anne attractive at all! Find her too bland, although I love her as an actress. Sometimes, I admit I like her classic style. Carmen is very beautiful although she is very tacky, which is not my style. So unfortunately no one wins. 😀

  14. anne looks very pretty, but if i was as pale as her, and i’m not too far off but i have more color, i would stay away from white. The hair helps, it gives a little more contrast (if she was blonde this would look terrible) but she definitely shines more with a bright red or blue.

  15. Carmen’s hat made me laugh! But I prefer the way she looks though.. Anne’s outfit is so boring.. just like her; she should dare more, she is so beautiful.

  16. Anne Hathaway has a much prettier face, a much better body, much more beautiful super feminine hands, and a more beautiful dress!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Both women are very beautiful but Anne Hathaway is much more beautiful! Anne has gorgeous arms and legs, feet, hands, abs, back, hair, face, lips, lipstick, smile and her dress and heels! Anne is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!

  18. Anne has great arms and very beautiful hands! Her legs and lips are super gorgeous! She’s much more beautiful than Carmen who’s beautiful too and everyone else! Anne is super gorgeous!

  19. Anne is the classiest and most beautiful woman in Hollywood! She has elegance not matched by anyone and blows Carmen out of the water! Anne is in incredible physical shape too and is amazingly strong while being very feminine! Anne has the most beautiful lips and wears such beautiful lipstick too!

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