Ariel Winter in a Little Black Dress

46288F4700000578-0-image-a-40_1510222959761 - Ariel Winter in a Little Black Dress

19 year-old Ariel Winter wore a little black dress that showed off her legs at the LaPalme Magazine fall cover party at Nightingale Plaza in Los Angeles last night.

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27 thoughts on “Ariel Winter in a Little Black Dress”

  1. The dress is bad and reminds me of early 2000’s fashion, and at first I thought “oh Ariel, honey…” but then I remembered when I had a similar body. When I gain it seems to go “to the sides”, it’s like nothing really protudes, I just get wider all over. Now I’m a size 4/6 and the only thing that is broad are my shoulders but at my highest I looked sort of like Ariel and it seemed like I had a broad frame. And even though it’s not my personal style I remember I felt better in form fitting clothes, because loose clothes only made me look wider. So I get it. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t much nicer clothes she could choose.

  2. don’t care for the dress but my real problem is with those ridiculous lashes she wears!!!! I’m all about lash volume – I personally get lash extensions – but these are just not a good look. It’s like a Kardashian butt… sometimes too much is not a good thing anymore

  3. Apart from her horrid fashion choices, people on this site seem to find her pretty. Where? How?
    I don’t. Even if she lost weight… her eyes are downslanting, her ears are low set, her face seems to be exactly as wide as long, giving the appearance that her forehead is too small, eyebrows, nose and mouth too close to each other. A least it looks like she got rid of her lip fillers. By half.
    No, no cuteness points for her innocent age.

    • Like you said, apart from the fashion, bronzer, etc., I do find her to be very cute. Her face has a doll-like quality and is very feminine. It’s hard to explain but I like the combination of her round face and button nose. I think she tries very hard to get away from her natural youngness/cuteness and the result she achieves is very tacky and kind of distorted.

          • So we should just say she’s ugly and not say why. Personally I’ve always thought she was ugly too and never understood why people thought she was attractive. She’s built like a troll and has a face that might look friendly and appealing as a grandma but does not hold any beauty.

          • I don’t think we’re on the same page enough to ever get each other’s points in this. I’m just happy to have the perspective I have rather than the perspective you seem to have.

    • She looks like stripper at a low class joint, not a Hollywood actress.
      I’m not famous and I know 100% sure I am at least ten times hotter and more beautiful than her.
      Even if you’d put her in a classier/normal outfit and wipe down that terrible makeup, she’d look like a boxy, shapeless, absolutely plain and not sexy, elegant or beautiful, average American twenty-something chick.

  4. She could dress differently and still look sexy. But she’s young, either she wears these tiny clothes now or she will have to become a pop singer to wear them on stage when she’s 50 😉

    • Yah, I’m with you there. The boyfriend is creepy af. In a few years time we’ll hear all about him and how he was. Ariel, needs some good friends to get her away from this one. *sigh

  5. This dress could still be sexy with two more inches up in the chest and more in the skirt. This looks … thirsty.
    Body doesn’t look bad, but the makeup makes her face looo rounder than she is, I think. There’s no focal point. There’s heavy base, too much lash, lip, and cheek. I always heard eyes or lip.

  6. she is so pretty, she doesnt need to try that hard…she is young in a few years she is going to look back and say to her self , what was i thinking?…she needs an stylist.

  7. I think she’s grown up following the IG “models” and that’s her ideal of beauty. I think she’s pretty, she’s petite and curvy. However, she doesn’t dress appropriately for events. She’s trying to prove to everyone she’s an grown up and can do what she wants.

  8. I feel bad for her because it seems she had a rough childhood without appropriate guidance and her wardrobe choices may well be a reflection of that.

    That said, while her goal seems to be to appear sexy, her outfits are almost always terribly unflattering, making Ariel appear wider and bulkier than she probably is. This dress is no exception.

  9. I like her and how when she talks she seems much more aware and intelligent than you might expect by her attire and her internet quotes. Maybe tacky, but I like that she’s not afraid to make a statement or an impression. Not afraid to be seen. Maybe not super proper or “posh” but she accomplishes the sexy style. She’s​ not a runway model, but she has curves and is girly. Quit acting like it’s a crime for a girl to not starve herself and still show off her body.

    • Tara Reed, who is meth-skinny, wears the same kind of stuff and the comments on her outfits here are similar. Both Tara and Ariel look desperate and thirsty; they don’t look “brave” or “empowered” to me–they look like they’re crumbling and would rather be known for their bodies and sex-appeal than be artists. Ever since her boob job, Ariel has been nothing but sex–to the point where you can’t tell if it’s a joke or done in irony.

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