Ariel Winter: “I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate”

ariel-winter-boobs-and-butt-3 - Ariel Winter: "I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate"

Ariel Winter recently opened up about her journey in front of the critical eyes of her haters, who, since she developed ‘boobs and butt’, started to attack her constantly:

Ariel Winter started out in Hollywood at just 11 years old. Naturally, as she got older, her body matured — and that, unfortunately, is where the Internet got ugly. “I was called every name in the book: fat, a slut, trashy, ugly,” she tells Stylish. But she’s not tolerating that talk anymore. She’s fighting back — and educating young girls in the process.

Right after I started developing, I automatically started getting all this hate. I developed these boobs and butt, and everything changed,” the Modern Family actress, 18, tells Stylish. “And as I got older, it only seemed to get worse.”

That’s why she decided to partner with Dove on its 12-year-old confidence campaign, the Self Esteem Project, which aims to inspire girls through research, education and understanding of their bodies. “What I think is really amazing about it is that we’re empowering young women to love themselves, to be comfortable with themselves,” she says. “And it’s not just about [liking] what they look like, but loving who they are.”

The Sofia the First star notes that 62 percent of young girls don’t know how to use the Internet to get the information that could help them understand that when it comes to bodies, each one is unique, and there’s no such thing as “right” or “wrong.” “We’re teaching them … so we can change the scape, so they don’t have to grow up the way I did,” Winter explains.

“I read a lot of the stories young women will send me about their body positivity and their body journeys, and that really helps me,” she says. “There are a lot of young women who are going through the same thing that I went through, and I think it’s important that we all empower each other. It makes it easier.”

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ariel-winter-boobs-and-butt-2 - Ariel Winter: "I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate"  ariel-winter-boobs-and-butt-4 - Ariel Winter: "I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate" ariel-winter-boobs-and-butt-5 - Ariel Winter: "I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate" ariel-winter-boobs-and-butt - Ariel Winter: "I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate"

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13 thoughts on “Ariel Winter: “I developed these boobs and butt & I started getting all this hate””

  1. i dont think she got hate, she just dropped her stylist and her style plummeted. Skinny girls who dress terribly get made fun of too

  2. honey, the main reason is your lack of style, class, and intelligence not your b❆❆bs and butt. people comment because you have worse sense of style than a cheap streetwalker.

    • Yasss! Nobody hated her for getting boobs, people started to get annoyed after she got the reduction and suddenly started dressing t–s-out and flat ass-out. This girl really is clueless.

  3. No, Aerial, you didn’t get hate because you developed a butt and boobs, but because you never stopped walking around in outfits that showed off your b❆❆bs and butt and continually posted photos of yourself on social media.

  4. OT but is ‘scape’ a word on its own? Does she mean landscape? Looks weird to me, haha.

    Anyway for some reason I have a real soft spot for this girl, I think she’s really beautiful. It must be so difficult to deal with your body changing in the public eye. So what if how she dresses is a little ‘trashy’ sometimes, she’s only 18 and she’s proud of her body which is pretty rare in young girls these days. She seems like a positive role model and if the revealing outfits make her feel good and may make other girls feel good about themselves then you go, Glen Coco.

  5. She really doesn’t have a clue.
    Isn’t she supposed to be the smart one on her show ? Who would start hating on someone for developing b❆❆bs and a– ?
    From what I understand people only started criticizing her when she started to dress really tacky and s—ty under the false pretense of advancing the cause of feminism.

  6. While I do agree her style needs help and that is where most of the hate (at least on this site) comes from, I do believe her. On instagram she does get comments saying she is fat, and she does get criticism on her body….not just her style. Hopefully her style will become smarter but it seems her b❆❆bs and butt are what make her feel sexy right now and she doesn’t know that she can be appealing without making it all about those two body parts.
    She is doing something positive for girls here and she doesn’t appear to be getting much credit. She’s rocking her body and isn’t catering to Hollywood’s “norm”. To me that says a lot.

    • Exactly. When she first started talking about it, I thought it was ridiculous because MY criticism didn’t come from body shame. But we don’t know the entirety of hate that she receives, she does. I’m kind of on her side now.

  7. To be honest, I’ve always observed what she describes, leading to crazy things happening to me or other girls in front of me. The amount of hate and insults you’ll get (on things that strangers can’t possibly measure, like intelligence and number of sexual partners you’ve had) seems to be proportional to how much women expect you to induce sexual desire in men and to their level of insecurity. This girl does have poor taste but she’s only 18 and she doesn’t live in Saudi Arabia so she should enjoy her freedom as she pleases.

  8. She does dress rather trashy, like one would if they were auditioning for p—. I never see people dress the way she does, and her clothing doesn’t even fit. She’s gained at least 15 lbs and by then it’s time to get bigger sized clothing.

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