Ashley Graham: “The average size of the American woman is my size”

Ashley Graham: "The average size of the American woman is my size" 1

On how she should not be called plus-size:

‘The average size of the American woman is my size, so to call us ‘the average’ but to then place us into the category of plus size is kind of awful.’

On her daily mantra that makes her confident:

‘I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful I can have and do whatever I want.’

On how plus women are getting more attention:

‘We are not just the big, funny girl. We’re finally being looked at as a sex symbol rather than just the friend. It’s becoming normal.’

… says Ashley.

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Ashley Graham: "The average size of the American woman is my size" 2 Ashley Graham: "The average size of the American woman is my size" 3 Ashley Graham: "The average size of the American woman is my size" 4  Ashley Graham: "The average size of the American woman is my size" 5

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34 thoughts on “Ashley Graham: “The average size of the American woman is my size””

    • You must be either envious or delusional. She is not fat and especially not average American fat! She looks healthy and voluptuous. Super skinny is not the only healthy size. She has some muscle, fat and an overall nice feminine shape.
      She is not just round and fat without any shape or tone. She looks much better in these pictures. Her figure is much more toned. Her skin and face are gorgeous.
      She definitely does not look like a typical fat American woman.

        • In my eyes, she is definitely still not fat. She has a nice overall shape and some minor flaws in the thigh area.
          I would want her figure with more tone in the thigh area and less cellulite versus having stick thin body.
          I cannot be wrong because it is my personal preference. No need to spend another minute on finding unflattering pictures of her to proof me wrong. There is nothing to proof when it comes to preference.
          Feel free to down vote me more to express your vehement disagreement. How dare I call Ashley Graham not fat on this site?

        • You shouldn’t have wasted your time looking for unflattering pictures of her to prove me that she is fat.
          In my eyes, she is still not fat. Every has their own preferences.
          I am skinnier but I would love to have her figure and mannerisms because I find it feminine and sexually appealing.

        • I don’t get that she is proud that she says the average American woman is her size. While probably the average adult woman doesn’t work out, doesn’t watch what she eats, that certainly is not a good thing or a thing to aspire to. Additionally I still don’t get what is awful about calling a size for someone who is overweight and larger than the middle / medium size plus size? Plus size is actually a pretty nice term which use to be very politically correct. I think that is much nicer than calling a size fat, obese, overweight, large, big boned, or any other term that pops in my head. If she doesn’t like it, she should lose weight and become healthy. Changing the name doesn’t make her fit, smaller, or healthy.

        • It’s nice that you can be entertained simply from a comment on a site meant to critic female bodies. You have a simple sense of humor and you are snarky.
          Everyone has their own opinion. People on this site disagreed with me. This site is an echo chamber for folks who prefer women with a lower BMI. I am sure there are plenty of people who would not see her as fat.
          I would use the word fat to describe someone like Tess Holiday or Melissa McCarthy.

          • lol did you just put Tess Holiday and Melissa McCarthy in the same category cuz one is a massive beached whale and the other actually lost weight and is also talented

          • Well you are the one who called another commentator envious and or delusional for stating their opinion. If you had simply stated you don’t see her as fat it would be different

          • so fat only starts at tess holiday level??? ohh come on. she is super morbidly obese. by medical standards she is overweight.

  1. They might be, but the average woman does not look like a model either, so what’s your point?
    Either way, you don’t represent the average.

    • I believe Ashley takes issue with the label ‘plus size’ because it is “othering” and has a connotation of being lesser than, both in worth and in population, which is both demeaning and factually incorrect. This ramifications of this extend beyond her individually and affects a plurality of American women.

      (not necessarily my opinion, just my understanding of her beliefs)

  2. “I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful I can have and do whatever I want.”

    “We’re finally being looked at as a sex symbol rather than just the friend. It’s becoming normal.”

    So I’m an average woman who works and has a profession. Is there still a place for me among all you sexy hot sex symbols?
    I’m bold, brilliant, but i’m not exactly beautiful – am i still eligible to have whatever I want as well?

    It’s all good all this empowerment, but a lot of it is focused on stuff that is very superficial, skin deep, and kind of based on a class system based not on merit, but on something just as unchangeable as skin colour, sex, etc.

    • Completely agree. I have seen her in CA in person and she is absolutely gorgeous. She is a big woman for sure but I knew she was “someone ” because she was dressed amazing and absolutely beautiful and also tipped the barista really, extremely well! Anywaus everyone had insecurities I am extremely thin and now it seems the trend is to have a massive butt and curves which I do not have so I feel insecure often as askinnt woman like I need more shape 🙁 some days I feel amazing and others I feel a little insecure. I guess life is a roller coaster

  3. This is like when you were a kid and your parents would say shit like “if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you”. Just because the majority of your country has forgotten how portion control works doesn’t mean everyone needs to go the same route or be proud of it.

  4. So she WANTS to be seen as a sex symbol? How very empowering of her *eyeroll*…
    I can’t comment on the size thing because I don’t live in the US, but I would assume it depends were you are. Like NY and LA have more skinny people than rural areas or the south, etc. But if that’s true it is troublesome, because in order for her to be average, aka in the middle, there have to be a lot of really obese people. My country has had a rise in obesity as well, but not to that degree, fortunately. I go weeks without seeing someone who is morbidely obese.

  5. “The average size of the American woman is my size” which is nothing to be proud of since it’s not exactly an accomplishment, is it? Ashley has beautiful face, opportunity to dress her body nicely and she is making money being overweight. But for the rest of us, “average women”, it’s better to look after our weight and health. I’ts not OK to think this way because of her “Oh, models are fat now, so 5 more donuts wouldn’t hurt/

  6. I wish I had her confidence and project it in ways that actually matter (like asking questions that might sound stupid, but could teach everyone involved a lot).
    And why is being a sex symbol such a life goal of so many? Honestly, people are aroused by, and would fornicate with pretty much anything. I don’t see that as empowering.
    I’d like to be the person that can hold a good conversation about serious stuff, is good at what she does, has minimal negative impact on environment, and has a good sense of humor. If I were to get “famous” I’d rather be a symbol for more sustainable living than a sex symbol. Being fat definitely isn’t eco-friendly, either. But there must be another side to models, right? They are not all 100% superficial?
    Also, I’d like to have more patience….

  7. Her face is beautiful but she is fat and that is it. Just like Lena Durham and Amy Schumer they don’t take care of themselves and should admit it. Ashley could lose weight and be normal sized but she likes feeling fat and sexy

  8. The reason she is considered ‘the average’ American woman is because the majority of the American population is now considered overweight or obese, so of course the ‘average’ woman in that country will be of a higher weight range, compared to say, Japan or Norway where the ‘average’ will be of a considerably lower weight range. The fact that she is also considered to be ‘plus-size’ is comparatively valid.

  9. every celebrity who is over weight says stuff like this… they’re constantly saying “i’m sexy, i’m beautiful, i’m confident! people should accept me and love the way I look”. like this is fine if that’s how you feel about yourself but you can’t force the general public to change what they’re attracted to.

  10. The normalization of obesity is neither positive nor empowering, it’s a public health issue.

    Appreciating a wider range of healthy body types/sizes/shapes is great, but the fact that the average American woman is overweight and bordering on obese is a shame.

  11. She’s pretty when she’s standing by herself, but when she’s next to a slimmer woman it’s really no contest. Frankly she looks huge standing next to the blonde woman in black and the woman in gold in that last pic.

  12. She’d definitely very fat. And she’s forgetting that she is a tall woman, the average American woman is 5’5 or so AND that size.

    Good for her for being happy in her skin though; I admire that strength because I sure would be miserable if I looked like that.

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