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Ashley Graham Brings Today’s Quotes

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On the time when she wanted to give up modeling:

I wasn’t taking care of myself, I had gained a lot of weight, and I had agents telling me that I wasn’t going to make it because I was getting too big. My mom said, “You are not moving back to Nebraska, because your body is going to change someone’s life.”

On her mantra:

“I am bold. I am brilliant. I am beautiful. I am worthy of all. I love you.” You don’t believe it right away. But as you say it over and over and over, the woman in the mirror becomes an energetic light who can empower others.

… says Ashley.

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How about a “body revolution” with size 6-12 on magazine covers. You know… like… neither underweight or overweight?


A body revolution would be her losing weight and becoming a healthy size. That would be an inspiration to plus size and women in general to see someone at and unhealthy weight like Ashley working out and going down to a healthy weight.


I appreciate Ashley and her work as a model. She is working out and taking care of herself – and she does not promote eating junk on social media, unlike other plus-size models. I personally know at least 4 women who are having a healthy and active life style, but are BMI wise probably somewhere in Ashleys range. I used to hate her until I figured out that I was chasing – for my body type – unattainable standards dictated by my culture, which had the cost of disordered eating and being obsessed about it 24/7. A ripped physique is… Read more »


I don’t think Ashley works out at all, but for the rest I like and agree with your quote. I have a girl in my football team who runs FAST and has good game, she is almost as big as Ashley, similarly shaped. she never misses a game.


Ashley works out. She posts work out videos on her instagram.


I think she is a bit full of herself with all this stuff about her body changing people’s lives. The obesity epidemic has normalized fatness and made it more acceptable to be overweight. The fact that more people are overweight and no longer feel as bad about it has created a market that clothing retailers need to market to. And this has opened the niche into which Ashley Graham and other plus models now fit. She’s not a bad model and has a pretty face, but she’s neither a “body activist “ nor a revolutionary.


She kind of achieved the impossible lol
I like her quotes and I think they are generally actually helpful to people, but I am battered by the fact hat she still is overweight…Therefore less believable to me.
A 10pounds loss would put her in the healthy range! she does dress nicely so I like her sense of style, but naked or in modelling pics or candids I don’t think her body is an example to follow AT ALL….