Ashley Graham on Rihanna not Using Plus-Sized Models: “It’s sad”

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On being disappointed in the fact that Rihanna did not use any plus-sized models in her Fenty show at NYFW:

‘It’s sad.’It’s funny to me, because I’ll look at runways and think, “I’d look so great in those clothes” or “I know curvy women who would look so great in those clothes. I was at Fenty last night, and that was an amazing show. But how dope would it have been to see some curves on the runway?’

… says Ashley.

Models during the Fenty show – Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s 16 year-old daughter:

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e-1 - Ashley Graham on Rihanna not Using Plus-Sized Models: "It's sad"

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29 thoughts on “Ashley Graham on Rihanna not Using Plus-Sized Models: “It’s sad””

  1. Oh please. Let’s be real Ashley, most plus-size models would have looked awful in the spandex. The models pictured looked bad enough in the tacky outfits. Make your own damn line.

  2. I don’t think anyone would look good in the pictured clothes. Are they meant to be sports clothes? Even if so, there are plenty of much better looking and more functional options out there.
    Ashley actually looks good in the black trousers with white top, but the hair is too long for my liking.

  3. Oh please Ashley, you were just upset because they didn’t book YOU in particular. Not everything in the entire industry is about you.

  4. Agreed, most plus sized girls would look terrible in closed designed for fashion models. Low scoop tops and many other styles only work for very thin women with small boobs. Spandex and bikini’s as well.

    The fact of the matter is that plus sized clothes are generally designed to cover up the flaws of being over weight. Whether it is waist cinching, stripes placed a certain direction or in a certain area, coloring, dark colors, etc, plus sized fashion is generally designed to make the plus sized women smaller, more healthy looking, and to cover up the bad parts of her body. The high fashion modeling clothes in general fashion shows are styled to embrace the thin bodies of the models. Not covering up their flaws or making them look thinner.

  5. That’s what’s sad?

    What’s sad to me is that there’s an actual “fat movement” because so many people are so incapable of maintaining healthy weights that they’ve convinced themselves it’s not them, but everyone else. And, instead of spending their time and effort on losing weight, they spend their time trying to convince anyone who will listen that fat is beautiful.

    • Maybe they spend time trying to convince you that is none of your business and that they have a right to be considered all-around people with skills and peculiarities and to express themselves like everyone else who is in better shape.

      • It is my business if they feel it’s necessary to show me their “curves” on a regular basis and even take the place of actual models in high fashion shows and make a waste of beautiful silhouettes. I love fashion and I simply don’t want them to pollute the landscape. It’s my right not to enjoy looking at them (like most people) and it is NOT a matter of “being brainwashed by the media”. I never will.

      • People can be as fat as they wish for all I care, it just bothers me when they try to force the idea that “fat is beautiful” onto others. It’s not okay to go out and force women onto gay men so why should this be? People don’t choose what they find attractive.

        • One. “Pollute the environment” “force sexuality”.
          If I ever thought we need plus sized model…now I’m sure. I hope you are soon to be a mental minority.

          • Why is it so important to you that everybody finds overweight people attractive? They shouldn’t be harrassed or treated badly because of their weight (obviously) but trying to force people to consider their bodies beautiful is borderline conversion therapy territory and I don’t think it’s okay. Downvote me all you want, I don’t care.

          • not to mention how being overweight is dangerous to general health. It’s not just about looks, it’s about how your body is being pushed beyond its limits, how your veins are clogged, how your heart is struggling overworking to pump blood.
            Being too fat can kill you, being too thin can kill you, obesity is an eating disorder just like anorexia, period.
            I will never understand the need to celebrate sickness – no matter in which form- we should all promote and celebrate HEALTHY.

      • Except its our health insurance premiums which keep rising and a lot of the costs are to cover people who don’t know how to take care of themselves. So it actually is our business.

        • Agree, jjj2. Also when obese people refuse to buy two tickets, and take not only their own seat but more than half of your seat. Happened to me when I had to sit on the edge of the seat uncomfortably because next to me there was a very obese woman. Why do I have to pay for my seat to be taken over?

          • I’m sure the passenger next to you was aware of how little room you had. No doubt she felt humiliated. Try to have some compassion.

  6. Okay, can we all for one sec leave Ashley aside and talk about how unhealthy Kaia Gerber looks? I mean Gosh we all know she’s a teen and all, but she’s looking so frail.. I remember her when she started out as a model a few years after that Versace campaign (in which she was 10), so it must’ve been around 13-14ish and she was thin but far from how she looks now. Her kneecaps are visible!
    It amazes me how her mom, who was famous for being curvaceous and not part of the super skinny bunch didn’t influence her daughter on how to be curvy-thin yet healthy looking.
    Hope she’s alright.

    • her proportions look really odd in that picture too – I think you’re right, its the extreme thinness that makes her look funny. It’s like her hip bones are what are giving her shape, no muscle or fat there at all

    • Have you heard the things her mom says? She says her daughter can’t eat carbs when she’s older. I can’t stand Cindy and she looks like Caitlyn Jenner these days

      • damn… to be quite honest I can’t say I have heard or read much of the things she has to say regarding her daughter (the only few times I did, it felt a little disturbing the way she almost resented Kaia for having her “old hair, and old legs” and that she wanted them back).
        But seriously, this girl doesn’t look healthy, and Anna is absolutely right.

  7. she is so ridiculous. this is what i can’t stand about the fat acceptance/plus size movement. they put “size diversity” over racial diversity. rihanna did an amazing job with the latter especially with her beauty line.

      • There are though like the girls in sports illustrated. Nina agdal, Barbara palvin etc I wouldn’t even mind seeing BMI 25 either, but most plus sized models are 30+. Promoting BMI 40 is the same as promoting BMI 15

        IMO SI models are more attractive than VS models now and it used to be the other way around. Ex: rose bertram, lais ribeiro, Hannah ferguson, Barbara palvin. It’s crazy because most women complain that the models are too thin but then thats what they want to see. THey hired Barbara palvin one year but she never came back because women think she is “fat” but men love her

  8. Ashley is what I would consider the highest point of a non limiting size. Anyone bigger than her will begin to have maneuverability issues and practical concerns as well a stress on their health. Ashely isn’t there yet, but really should should loose just 10 pounds and it would make a major difference in her quality of lie.

  9. “But how dope would it have been to see some curves on the runway?’” Fat, you meant FAT, Ashley, because you do see curves but that’s not really what interests you. And no, it’s not “dope” at all, it’s unhealthy. Just when designers use very very underweight models and it’s disturbing, the same would be true for the opposite.

  10. If Rihanna doesn’t want to use plus size models in her fashion show then that is her choice and that is her right. We should not demand that she use plus size models just because it is the politically correct thing to do nowadays.

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