Ashley Graham’s Leggy LBD Look

Ashley Graham's Leggy LBD Look 1

30 year-old Ashley Graham opted for a leggy look featuring a shiny black minidress as she attended the Harry Josh Met Gala pre-party in New York City a few days ago.

How do you all like her look here?

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15 thoughts on “Ashley Graham’s Leggy LBD Look”

    • Oh come one……eh yeah she is overweight she is a plus sized model…….severely overweight though???…….enough with the hyperbole. That said it does look like she has picked up more weight no doubt to appease all of the “body positive”people who chastised her on social media for not being “body positive” when she looked like she was losing weight. I really don’t know what plus size model really means. I mean it appears you can’t be just a little chubby to be a plus sized model. It seems like you do have to be fat and probably getting fatter to be considered plus sized. Hunter Mcgrady is another plus sized model who has picked up a fair amount of weight since her plus sized modeling career started. I guess they are doing what they need to do to get work but it seems like both just switched parameters from regular modeling to plus sized modeling. Regular modeling you have to maintain a smaller size and plus size modeling you have to maintain a larger size. I presume it just must be easier to maintain the larger size. Either way there doesn’t seem to be more nobility In having plus size models maintain a larger size…….what’s the difference.

      • She IS severely overweight! its YOU living in fantasiland. open your eyes and learn human biology.

        as much as most runway models ARE severely underweight.

        Ashley is overweight. is clear as the sun, even if she looks nice. overweight bmi, too high fat percentage.

        don’t come here with alternative facts about a simple reality. stop the narrative.

      • I actually do think she is on the severe side of overweight. Overweight isn’t the same thing as obese, I don’t think she’s necessarily ill for that matter but she clearly carries way too much fat for her frame. If your BMI is off to a certain extend, it makes you over your healthy weight, hence being overweight; and that she clearly is.

        • I believe that obesity is counted as more than 30lbs above the high point of recommended bmi. So… yeah. But on the flipside BMI is bullshit because Leila Ali was counted as overweight when she was 210 lbs of pure muscle with very low fat. literally “over” “weight” perhaps but BMI is a terrible calculator for health IMO

          • Its not that BMI is “bullshit”, its that it has limitations. It’s a measure of excess body weight and not excess fat. However, clinical uses of BMI would still be valid, as someone looking at Ali would be able to determine she was muscular. Someone looking at Ashley would be able to assess she was not 95 kg of pure muscle.
            BMI is a too to be used to ask whether or not more investigation is needed. It is only a guideline.

      • The plus size industry is an industry just like the rest. It thrives on overweight women. Ashley Graham isn’t necessarily an ideal body type for a lot of people, but if she brings in the revenue, who’s complaining?

    • she’s more than overweight, she’s obese. Her official stats are 1.75m and 95 kg. That’s a BMI of 31; 29.9 is the threshold of “overweight”.
      She’s risking her heath, full stop. No better than starving models imo.

      • I don’t think she’s 95kg, more like 85kg, which is NOT obese.
        I was that heigh/weight myself (although very different body type), luckily no more, and I can also compare her to my flatmate which is obese and weights around that…shes much more overweight than ashley (although she also is pretty I would say).
        I really think ashley is not obese. but she is overweight and has a bit too high fat perc.

        not hating on the girl. She styles herself well and fat is just something about her, definitely not her whole persona or something that lowers her dignity. but it is unhealthy and “over” the limit.

  1. You have to be eating a LOT to look like that, unless some disease is stated but there is no such thing for her. And honestly I don’t find her face attractive most of the time, it looks kind of self adoring and creepy to me. She has to be drunk here but I find her eyes unattractive and they are the most important facial features in my opinion.

    • Yes, you really need to work hard to maintain a weight that high. Eating french fries or a bag of chips with lunch every day isn’t going to do it. She really needs to eat a lot get this high.

      • It doesn’t seem like a lot when your brain pleasure centre is balanced on that many calories. your stomach is also bigger. “A lot” is very relative….to a kid, you eat a lot!
        it can be difficult to come off overeating, for some people it is a process, that starts with choosing fresh raw food and lowering sugars.

  2. I just think she looked beautiful here. Beautiful, beautiful face. Great hair, flattering outfit, not skintight, no sheer ridiculousness. She looks better when she’s not trying to “over-kill” the sexy.
    I’m sure she’s overweight. But not like Tess, just a little extra. I’m the camera adds 10 as they say. But that’s not a crime and frankly, it’s her business. But she can’t be mad if people think she’s “fat”. And he”ll… . she’s still pretty.

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