Ashley Greene Brings the Quote of the Day

Ashley Greene Brings the Quote of the Day 1

On the fact that she considered hiring a man as her body double during more challenging scenes:

“I might ask for a male body double because I have broad shoulders, but definitely not because I have two sets of sexual organs,” she said.

… says Ashley.

Ashley is basically naked over here – she’s just covered by body paint!

Ashley Greene Brings the Quote of the Day 2

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76 thoughts on “Ashley Greene Brings the Quote of the Day”

        • They don’t look weird to me. Large breasts sit low. There isn’t much you can do about that. If you want gravity defying space age b❆❆bs get some implants. And if your breasts are small you have no business comparing-two different worlds.

          (not directed at you, just saying).

          • don’t look wierd to me either. totally like mine! cept smaller! and yes i am jealous of the fact they are smaller.

          • not necessarily so, mine are natural and medium-big and they don’t sit low, my mom’s don’t either and she is 50. That said I don’t think hers look bad, they look average.

      • When I first looked I was shocked to see her b❆❆bs like that. They look so saggy. They look like mine though. Now I feel better about myself. It’s kind of nice seeing another girl without implants and without tons of photoshop.

    • Yeah, I think her b❆❆bs look great! But is anyone else freaked out by her toes in the second pic? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with them, they just look weird curled over that rock like that!

        • Haha, I normally read all the text but I am bit distracted watching the tv- serves me right!

          In that case, I guess she does have unfortunate breasts for her age. Beautiful skin and eyes though 🙂

          • wow girls really are critical of other girls. my bf just saw the pic and said nice boobs!!
            you need to stop looking at airbrushed celebs. girl looks fine. all big breasts hand down, a lot of small ones do aswell. i remember a pic of kirsten dunst a wee bit back getting slagged of int he press for exactly this. its called gravity.

          • I think her b❆❆bs look just fine. Mine are the same. They’re probably, looking at the picture, a similar size, and are most definitely not gravity defying! That particular ability I really envy smaller-boobed girls for! But yeah, bigger b❆❆bs definitely need a bit more help to stay up!

            On an unrelated note, I always thought she had more waist definition than that. She has great legs though. I am very jealous of her legs…

  1. Love her on the second pic… She’s beautiful…

    Don’t think she has weird boobs… She just has NATURAL and average breasts, as average women have… good to know not every female celeb has plastic boobs…

      • she’s 22 … I’d say you’re very lucky than… to be honest, I also think mine look way better than hers;), but it’s not her fault that she doesn’t have perfect breasts… she COULD do anything against it, but she doesn’t… I like that… she’s a natural beauty…

        ..if you think her b❆❆bs a weird, I guess you haven’t seen many 🙂

        • Ann, I feel like, because you are ugly (I don’t know, never seen you, but you are always saying that) you feel like it is impossible for me to have b❆❆bs bigger than hers, that are natural and still pretty. You are probably just very jealous…

          • Umm, I think what Ann was commenting on was your need to point out the fact that you have large b❆❆bs (bully for you) when we are supposed to be commenting on girl in the pictures. How ’bout you post a pic of yourself and then we can all point out your figure flaws and note how are own are so much nicer.

            See, I’m not going mention my own looks because they have no bearing on the conversation. I’m willing to bet, however, that Ann is not, in fact, ugly. And it was incredibly rude of you to say that she was.

            So, I guess what I’m saying is, examine yourself and your own motives before posting. Who are you trying to impress, hmm?


          • Cary, darling, I only said that ann is ugly because she’s ALWAYS saying she’s ugly. And there’s a lot of people in this website that compare themselfs with the celebrities and I believe I can do the same if I want to.

          • Okay, but you also sound like a conceited tw– while singing the praises of your breasts. So don’t be surprised when people call you out on it.

          • K., you are a very lucky girl than. But your comment comes over very b—y, arrogant and shallow. Especially the one where you call ann ugly and that she’s probably jealous of your chesticles which she has never seen.
            I agree with Cary’s comment.
            Ann you’re not ugly, you just feel like that 🙂 I got that same disease too it sucks loll xD

          • The more you talk the more you come off as a narcissistic tw–.

            There should be some rule that if you want to talk crap about your body/boobs/face being better than anyone else’s then you muse produce a picture for judgment. Why do you think anyone gives a hoot and holler about your mammary glands? If they are that great quit talking smack and make some money off of them. I’m pretty sure you are just another internet harpy talking smack though. That’s the whole point. People wanna talk smack but they never want to prove themselves.

      • I’m with you K, people are constantly comparing measurements on this site using there own, which I think is only natural to do. You can compare your b❆❆bs to hers if you feel like it, if they are not interested that’s ok, they don’t have to read it.

        • Sharen I agree with you as well. I have even compared my own body to certain celebs on this site, and of course been criticized for doing so. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s YOUR opinion and you are allowed to do be honest and write what you want. By the way, your b❆❆bs must be spectacular lol!

    • I HATE fake boobs, and certainly don’t endorse them. I was just surprised that she has breasts like this for her age. I am her age, and neither myself or my friends have breasts that sit like hers. Oh well, where she lacks in one place, she certainly makes up for in others! We all have flaws, and it seems in Ashleys case this is her only one (IMO). She’s definitely a natural beauty. Plus she scored the Somerhalder. SWOON!

      • Okay flaw was a harsh and wrong word to use- they aren’t a “flaw”, they’re just not her best feature 🙂 And at the end of the day, even if one was a size and a half bigger than the other, they’d still look better than a pair of fakies!

        (Sorry, I’ll stop with the comments now- I just felt guilty for sounding so harsh when it really wasn’t what I meant!)

  2. i do have to say that its not the nicest shape of breasts but its a normal shape and i do love the fact that people get to see different shapes of real breasts.

    probably makes women who have the same shape feel better about their own when she’s brave enough to show her’s to the whole world.

    very pretty girl.

  3. Ashley is pretty, but whenever she tries to do sexy like in these photos or her Maxim shoot a while ago it just doesn’t work. When she does these sexy photo shoots to me it falls flat and there’s nothing sexy about it just a girl who I feel is trying to hard. She is cute though.

  4. I have the same broad shoulders…I like them though.

    BTW, I’m 32 and my b❆❆bs are still sitting higher than hers…I think, anyway I agree that they do sit a little low for her age. Part of me thinks that the way they painted that top on makes them “APPEAR” lower because they should’ve painted the bottom line between her breast even with the ACTUAL bottom of her breast. With that line being higher than her breast it makes the breast appear kind of saggy 🙁 Maybe they should’ve just painted a string bikini on her…I think it would’ve looked better.

    The girl has HOT legs in the second pic:)

  5. I thinks it’s not her breast, it’s the unflattering body paint that makes her b❆❆bs look weird. I’ve seen other topless pics of her and in those her b❆❆bs looked great

    • i agree…
      ive seen some photo shoot where her breasts were showing as well nd they looked good..
      i think shes just posing a way that makes her b❆❆bs look a bit lower than they actually r….its the same wif anythin…in some pic her legs can look better than in others etc.
      i thinks its sad that so many ppl here have commented them as bad…
      they r natural nd i doubt that all of u ppl r perfect shaped….

  6. I personally think her body looks great. Muscular, fit, healthy and in no way manly or anything related. Her shoulders, don’t know, i have small droopy shoulders and nothing fits, i don’t see hers as too wide but just perfect for her size/shape. I think she should be looked up to!

  7. The top they painted on just make her b❆❆bs looks weird, it gives them a shape they don’t have. She has a real nice body (although I have no clue who she is!)

    • your comment is a little mean. i have been a f cup. i generally tried not to think of myself as a freak. thanks for telling me i was wrong..

      • @ amazon you shouldn’t take offence I’m sure emily was just referring to her friend and not sterotyping everyone who has F cup breasts. I’m currently a 32 F but I don’t take that personally:)

        what I don’t understand is if they were saggy why wouldn’t she have choosen to wear a top with more support? Especially on non candid photo

  8. bad shaply breats? I wonder what kind of breasts you girls have; cus this is the NATURAL way okey!
    plastic boosb may look round and “good” for some, but come on, touchin them issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss yuck compared touchin the real deal.

    this is from a guys point of view.!

  9. I think she looked gorgeous in Twilight… But honestly her body type is not appealing to me, I can see where her body tends to be a bit “masculine” with the lack of waist and broad shoulders. But this is her body and it looks that she is in the best shape she can be, so good for her.

  10. Umm, her breast are no where near saggy. The size/shape/set/density of a woman’s breast differ from that of other women. It also has alot to do with body frame/weight loss-gain. So while her breast may be look differently than yours, that doesn’t mean they’re saggy. They just have a bit of a hang to them, which is completely normal regardless of age, but sometimes breast density and shape have alot to do with it.

  11. I think her breasts look weird because she is in what looks like cold water(look at how she’s holding herself, she looks cold 😛 ) and she has no nipples. Other than that, her breasts look fine, they aren’t sitting too low or anything.

  12. Seeing natural b❆❆bs without any support makes me more proud of mine because sit higher and don’t look droopy. Mine are relatively small, but I guess that’s the perk of having small breasts.

  13. This exact same debate raged on The Superficial a while ago. I believe the consensus was that she is hot and she has nice boobs. That was from the guys though. You women can continue tearing her apart for having “saggy” boobs.

  14. For the record…

    MY B❆❆BS looks just like hers. Same uber natural, a little low, a bit full shape. *I* like to think my b❆❆bs have character- they’re healthy*knock on wood* and all of my exes always enjoyed and I hope to one day use them to feed some babies!

  15. I’m surprised people found her breasts and the amount of sag unusual. How fast and how far your breasts will sag also depends on genes. When I was in school (around age 15) I knew two girls. One was a gymnast, the other didn’t do much sports. They both had very large breasts (possibly twice the size of Ashley’s). You would think that, with all the jumping around the gymnast did, she would have some sag, but her braless b❆❆bs were very perky. However, the girl who didn’t do much sports (therefore her b❆❆bs didn’t get ‘stretched’ so much) already had breasts hanging halfway to her navel when she went without a bra.

  16. Whatever I think her b❆❆bs look good, and congrats to all of you who said your b❆❆bs look way better than hers..
    you guys act like they’re almost touching the ground or something.

  17. Who cares how much hang her b❆❆bs have. IMO when you’re clothed it matters 0% since everyone wears bras, and when you’re naked, umm, in my humble experience at that point, no matter WHAT kind of boobs, any red blooded hetero man would just be:

    BOOOOBS! *drool*

    Guys are simple that, bless them :D.

    • hehe, true Suzu. I showed her pic to my hubby and told him what others were saying, and he was like “They are rounded up top and bottom, that’s not saggy. They aren’t shaped weird, they are very nice.” IMO, the reason they look “weird”(other than my “no nipples” comment earlier) is because she is in very good shape with a lot of muscle tone, and the way she’s standing, she looks like she’s pretty much flexing every muscle she has, either because she’s posing or because she’s cold. You flex your pecs(and they don’t need to be uber prominent pecs either, everyone has pectoral muscles, just some are more built up than others), and it makes your breasts look a bit weird anyway, at least that’s what I’ve noticed on my own body, and looking at female fitness enthusiasts.

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