Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress

Barbara-Palvin-at-Vanity-Fairs-Best-Dressed-2018-402 - Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress

Barbara Palvin wore a little black dress as she stepped out for the Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed 2018 Event in New York the other day.

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Barbara-Palvin-at-Vanity-Fairs-Best-Dressed-2018-403 - Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress Barbara-Palvin-at-Vanity-Fairs-Best-Dressed-2018-404 - Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress Barbara-Palvin-at-Vanity-Fairs-Best-Dressed-2018-406 - Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress Barbara-Palvin-at-Vanity-Fairs-Best-Dressed-2018-408 - Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress

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12 thoughts on “Barbara Palvin in a Little Black Dress”

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  1. I used to find her so boring and meh (a veeery pretty girl but a bit uninteresting to me) but her boyfriend gave her major cool points lol. He is as pretty as she is if not more, it’s crazy.

  2. She is so gorgeous. I think she’s 5’5 and 135-140 to me, which is unusual for a top model like her but goes to show how unique her beauty is. No she doesn’t look like other models. She looks like a prettier version of Natalia Vodianova

    • She talked about becoming heavier than other models (I think in her insta) and I don’t think she has walked runaways for at least 4 years so she’s more of a commercial face model than high fashion or whatever.
      She’s still incredibly beautiful, no question there.

      • there are still very few commercial models who are her size. it’s cool because she has a great body still, looks amazing and isn’t overweight. she’s the only model in SI who isn’t super toned, aside from ashley graham. it’s interesting because men love her including many really hot male models who have met her, but most of the negative comments i see about barbara are from women.

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