72 Year-Old Jane Fonda Gets Sexy for V

f - 72 Year-Old Jane Fonda Gets Sexy for V

V magazine is always up for some new naked-weird-innovative ideas to put on their cover, and this month, they decided to dedicate the issue to over-60 women and named the number ‘The Who Cares About Age Issue’.

And to prove their ‘age means nothing’ statement, they opted for 3 actreses: Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver and… Jane Fonda, the (sexy?) star of this post, who posed in a tight animal print ensemble while bending over a table.

On a related note, a while ago we’ve seen Helen Mirren getting naked in the bath – click here to see that post!

3 - 72 Year-Old Jane Fonda Gets Sexy for V

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26 thoughts on “72 Year-Old Jane Fonda Gets Sexy for V”

  1. while she’s is gorgeous, i find it odd that they are placing a woman who has confessed to so much plastic surgery on a cover of a magazine containing the caption “Who Cares about age?”……well obviously jane fonda does. and she cares a lot.

      • I agree too. It also seems odd to include a shot where she’s pulling back her wrinkles to make her skin look taut and younger.

        I don’t think she’s a good choice to be representing women who don’t care about age. What about someone like Jamie Lee Curtis? Sigourney Weaver? Susan Sarandon? Helen Mirren? There are so many fabulous older women who are ageing gracefully and would have been much better choices IMO.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, Jane looks great, especially for her age. But dressing up in skin tight animal print and bending herself over a table? It’s really sort of unpleasant looking. . . it just looks tacky and trashy, and I would say that about any aged woman posing like that.
    However, if I think about the age thing . . .it’s really sort of sad. Is this how older women are supposed to try to show that they’re still “hot”? What’s next, Betty White in a black leather S&M bodysuit? Please Jane, maybe next time you can class it up a bit?

  3. Jane cared so much about aging that she had many facelifts and surgeries, yeah excellent covergirl for this issue. That first photo rubs me the wrong way, I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight…

  4. I’m suprised at people being “digusted” by the first picture- her outfit may be tacky, but it’s probably nothing worse than what Katy Perry wears to the local shops. Do people think that when you get older your sexuality disapears? I wouldn’t wear this NOW and i’m young, but if i did wear that kind of clothing, i’m sure age wouldn’t stop me.

    • Completely agree.

      But I also agree that she is a poor choice as someone who has had loads of plastic surgery. The Sigourney Weaver photos are much better.

    • “Do people think that when you get older your sexuality disapears?”

      Well that’s kind of the norm. With age, peoples’ sex drives decrease, especially women. That’s the main reason why older people are not sex symbols…because they don’t have very much of it.

  5. I’m surprised by the negative comments I think she looks FAB in the first pic – so what if she is wearing tight clothing and posed provocatively? I dont always like to see Kim K’s a– busting out of her too-small bikini bottoms in magazines and such, nor do I enjoy seeing Katy Perry’s perfume ad where she is in that latex cat suit – but if younger women celebrities can shove their t–s and a– in our faces all the time – then why can’t older ones? IMO jane fonda looks better than the likes of Katy Perry anyway!

    I make the same point regarding surgery too – all the young celebs have numerous surgeries to look their best – just because an older celeb like Jane Fonda does the same doesnt mean she is ashamed of her age it just means she wants to look the best version of “her age” that she can.

    • I agree. I think she looks amazing and having plastic surgery at an older age makes much mroe sense to me than having it young. She is so naturally beautiful, she just wanted to continue to look like herself in old age. I see nothing wrong with that, or feeling sexy at 72.

  6. sexy grandma!
    love that she is out there shaking it in her seventies. – inspirational…
    i am sure that your not going to look even half that good — when you turn 70

  7. It is a very good thing to see older people in general on covers. It is like only young, beautiful people exist and it gives a distorted version of the world. But like people above me mentioned she is not someone ageing naturally. Not a lot of 72 year olds look like that and wear tight animal printing while bending over.
    They say libido decreases in time, but Betty White recently said in an interview that if her man was still alive or she had a shot at Robert Redford she would still have a very active sexlife. So it completely depends on the person if their sexdrive decreases. I have known a woman who was in her seventies and having sex on a very regular basis (more than me!!!!!~!).

  8. this first picture doesn’t feel right for me, because I don’t like when too young or too old (yes, I said that) people are trying to be ‘sexy’. There are so many other ways – be beautiful, be misterious, no, there’s always somebodys bottom or belly or sth. And I think that speculating about somebodys libido is always below some level, so I think that older stars should give an example, show some class and stop following the trend of asking celebrieties about everything including nose picking. (I’ve known a woman in her nineties – I think she was ninety four then, having sex at least twice a day – imagine my face when she told me that)

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