Alessia Cara: “I started losing my hair in chunks in the shower”


20 year-old Canadian singer Alessia Cara recently opened up about her past issues with hair loss and how it affected her confidence:

In late elementary school, early high school, I started losing my hair in chunks in the shower. It was one of the scariest things. It got to the point where it was visibly gone,” she confessed. “I struggled with that a lot, especially going into high school. You have so many pressures—what people are going to think of you—and I was going into it losing all my hair. I had, like, nothing left. It was patches of missing hair that people would point out, because people are mean in high school.

… says Alessia.


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11 thoughts on “Alessia Cara: “I started losing my hair in chunks in the shower””

      • You can call someone you don’t know shallow, but if you were in that same position, balding, your self-confidence, I bet, would not soar. Yes, our self-indulgence is negative and shallow, our obsession with our looks unhealthy, but it is what it is, we choose how to deal with it. Our self-identity is in part based after our appearance, and to lose your hair is traumatizing as high school IS hard, people are cruel, and you just wouldn’t look like you. It also reminds of mortality, aging, which no one wants such a reminder of especially at pubescent fifteen years old when hormones are raging and emotions are unpredictable. And the person you called show FIRST commented that Alessia was “sweet and genuine,” thereby focusing on personality first, which is the opposite of shallow. So (s)he would be depressed if his/her hair fell out. I would too. I wouldn’t recognize myself, I’d feel old, I’d be afraid of what people would say. I’m not saying it’s good, far from it, society needs to change and get rid of these expectations, but in the meantime, by calling someone shallow, you’re not fixing anything, you’re just making someone feel bad in a world that already is harsh enough.

  1. I don’t know who she is, but she looks pretty and refreshingly normal 🙂
    And it looks like her hair grew back nicely, or does she still have problems with it?

  2. The first time I heard her song “Wild Things”, I thought she was singing about “a— weights”. I couldn’t even finish the song because the thought made me cringe so hard. I googled to find out the real lyrics, “808s”, but that still hasn’t changed how I hear it. A–l weights…

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