Allison Williams: “Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy”

allison-010615-_1 - Allison Williams: "Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy"

On being criticized for losing too much weight:

Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy. It’s easier to say, ‘Oh, she must be anorexic and depriving herself,’ than it is to say, ‘She might have a fast metabolism.’ I deprive myself nothing. But that’s an annoying thing to say, right?

… says Allison in Glamour Magazine.

Untitled-5 - Allison Williams: "Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy"

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allison-010615-_2 - Allison Williams: "Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy" allison-010615-_3 - Allison Williams: "Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy" allison-010615-_4 - Allison Williams: "Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy"

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38 thoughts on “Allison Williams: “Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy””

  1. its also easier to say “I have a fast metabolism” rather than “I started working out and changed my eating habits so that’s why i lost weight.” But at the end of the day its nobody’s business why she chose to lose weight and they should leave her alone. I should leave her alone and not comment but i’m unfortunately obsessed with weight/body myself, so…..

    • exactly! Just say look, I stopped eating cupcakes and started working out. No biggie but the fast metabolism just rolls right off the tongue 🙂

    • It’s easier to say that because people are soooo sensitive that if you say you work out and eat right, it’s considered fat shaming. A cafe in New York had to post a public apology because they put an advertisement up saying oatmeal is guilt free and only 200 calories! The fat acceptance movement took this as fat shaming.

      • You’re right too! People get all uppity with me for saying I don’t eat bread. Never mind I “can’t” eat it but they think I’m turning up my nose at them eating it so yes, the fast metabolism is much easier on people’s sensitivities. If she’d said I only eat natural food then everyone would have been offended about their Mcdonalds fries 🙂 And I CAN’T even believe that about the oatmeal. lol! Thats crazy

    • You saved me from having to type it myself haha, why can’t she just own up to it of she lost weight the healthy way? It actually makes me think she’s doing/did something unhealthy.

  2. Truth is, if you look at her legs at her “fatter days” picture, she’s right. She is naturally skinny, and it’s probably eating healthy enough and getting a moderate and healthy amount of exercise, that’s it. Compare that to a time in her life where she must have had a few bad eating habits and could have been more sedentary, and you’ve got yourself an “anorexic” in the second picture. I honestly think this is naturally her body.

  3. Gimme a break!!
    I hereby demand that the term “fast metabolism” should be banned from celebrity comments for all eternity!
    YES, there is such thing as fast metabolism but it doesn´t make you loose a ton of weight in a short amount of time, it actually prevents your weight from fluctating as long as your routines don´t change.
    Comments like that should be met with a heartfelt “Meh!”

    • Not sure if you have an issue with the term “fast metabolism” itself or with the physiological concept of it. When I hit 22, the baby fat just came off on its own and it was so easy for me to stay very slim…and boy did I hear cries of “eating disorder!” during that time. I don’t know why people get so angry when someone claims that about themself, or why it *just cannot* be true according to your judgment. Allison is right when she says that no one wants to hear it…this comment board proves it.

      • i think Anisbonbon just meant that the whole fast metabolism thing is overused. that it seems to be everyone’s go to excuse, not that it is impossible.

  4. Why can’t she just be honest. ‘I wanted to lose weight, so I lost it.’ Or something like that. Just something that is true. And not some of this bull s—. There would be nothing wrong with that. But saying it’s because of your ‘fast metabolism’, please don’t let me laugh. And every person can deprive him-/herself something at one point, there is nothing wrong with that I think. You should just find a good balance. No extremes.

    I do agree people should just stop talking about it. But I guess it’s like Kylie Jenner lips. Unless we know the real truth we keep on talking. Lol.

    She doesn’t look deadly thin or something like that. She looks fine. I do think she looked better before. Especially the face for some reason. But that’s just me.

    • She can’t be honest because if she were and said she wanted to lose weight, that means she found something wrong with her original body, and that it was fat, and that in turn gets interpreted by people bigger than her (and there are a lot) as “fat shaming” that’s why every celebrity and model in America/Europe says something like oh I have a fast metabolism. Because when they say it’s genetics, and they can’t help themselves, people think to themselves, well that means I’m morbidly obese because of my genetics I can’t help that either, which is easier to accept than saying ok maybe I AM overweight maybe I’m the one who is unhealthy

      • i totally agree with you. people may want to lose weight, they may be happy without fat but this fat acceptance thing actually impose thin people not to lose weight. ridicilous.

  5. I don’t see a big difference between the “before” and the “after” pics, and when one dresses with light colours usually looks bigger.

  6. Hmm seems like every celebrity or model has to come out and say they have a fast metabolism, stress, genetics or some other “excuse”, but in Asian media it’s so common for celebrities to just say I went on a diet and even publicize their meal plans – in other words they are HONEST. I think it really highlights the obesity epidemic in the western world, people are so insecure and touchy about being overweight that everyone who lost weight has to come out and say “but i didn’t mean to!” which really means I’m not trying to fat shame you, because yes people literally take it as fat shaming when someone else loses weight! Don’t believe me? Go read “This Is Thin Privilege” to see the ridiculous stuff I am talking about

  7. It’s crazy that tabloids will cry anorexia/pregnancy/etc. at the slightest weight change, but it’d be a crazier coincidence if your “metabolism” happened to follow your rise to fame.
    Honesty seems rarer than fast metabolisms, unfortunately.

    • what video is this? were they auditioning for high school musical? and they were all Yalies?? (sorry, its college applications time 4 me )

  8. But you act like 300 pounds is the starting point to being overweight. About half of German adults are either overweight or obese. Also Germany has the most overweight and obese people in Europe.

    Yes America is much fatter, but it’s quite embarassing for Europeans to say “we don’t have an obesity problem, I mean look at America they’re MORBIDLY OBESE”. Japan is the only developed country where people are getting thinner, everywhere else in the world people are getting fatter by the second.

  9. O.k., I’m aware I’m probably in the minority here, but I want to defend her.
    Of course she’s in the entertainment industry and she’s a young woman and she has been noticeably bigger in the past. It’s well possible that she has been restricting her intake, consciously or unconsciously, to get to this weight, and that she doesn’t want to admit to dieting, because for some people that’s worse than admitting to being a meth addict or psychopath. The fast metabolism thing always sounds cliche and dumb, it has almost become an insider-joke answer to all weight-related questions.
    BUT it’s of course not impossible and I don’t want to shame her for making a claim that I can’t prove isn’t true.
    I believe your metabolism is unlikely to spontaneously become faster past your teens, but there are so many lifestyle changes and circumstances that can affect your weight in a natural, not forced way. She may have been really sedentary before and leading a hectic life now, or something like that. Maybe she had a health issue actually causing her to gain past her natural, thin weight. Remember when Karolina Kurkova blew up for a while because of thyroid issues or something?
    All unproven but possible theories.
    I became hyper-metabolic for a year or so at 21-22 years and was pretty underweight, and people suddenly seemed not concerned, but actually obsessed with my weight. I believe her that people comment on her weight, even if she looks healthy to you guys, you never know how she would look in real life and how people close to her perceive her weight and weight changes. And no matter how she got to that weight, I believe her about being bothered by people commenting. Not every person who has lost weight enjoys the attention it brings.

    I think she looks good either weight, and I think I’ve mentioned that a couple of times, but I REALLY NEED THAT DRESS.

    • i’d never heard of fat shaming before or thin privilege for that matter. cant others just look at themselves and not be offended if and how someone lost weight. i’m yet to see a woman whose size extremely affects her overall appearance and more importantly her brains

        • Lol! The fact that people try and classify being at a lower weight as a ‘privilege’ is so ridiculous to me. While being *slim* may be more socially acceptable, in my experience people who are actually *thin* or ‘skinny’ experience the same amount of backlash as people who are overweight.

          Notice how describing an overweight person as fat i.e. “having a large amount of excess flesh” is somehow shaming them, but calling a slim person ‘skinny’ is perfectly fine, despite the fact that the word means ‘unattractively thin’.

          I can understand that being slim comes easier for some people than it does for others, but for individuals who maintain healthy weights by eating well and exercising, being ‘thin’ is simply a reward of practicing positive habits, not a privilege. Anyone who says it is needs to have a seat.

          Rant over.

  10. Am I really the only one noticing the poor photoshop job they have done in the first pic? Her waist line on the right (image) side is totally unnatural.
    And to be honest: I also prefer a rather slimmer body. But THIS is ridicolous.
    The difference between her “fat version” and the “slimmer” one is no deal for somebody who really is weighing too much.
    Yes, she has lost weight. But her “fat” body was better than any average American body is. This is just normal and not overweight. No reason to loose, but if she prefers to be a skinnier version she made it anyway. I never ever believe that this is her natural body type, her natural type was the “fat” one. The skinnier one looks like she put a lot of effort in packing on as little as possible or eating very selected. It is really a contrast loving societey, thin is privilege on the one hand with massive obesity problems and actresses who pick their food very carefully just to make sure to be under the normal weight because camera always adds 10 lbs. Where have all the normal weighing people gone…it is always these two extremes.

  11. i don’t like this ”i have a fat metabolism” story but the only reason celebs choose to say this is that annoying thing called fat acceptance and healthy at every size.

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