Alyssa Milano Gets Fat-Shamed by Comedian

FFN_f_51280592 - Alyssa Milano Gets Fat-Shamed by Comedian

The whole story from NY Daily News:

Alyssa Milano is a class act when it comes to being the target of a cheap joke.

The gorgeous actress, who at 41 looks better than most women half her age, found herself on the receiving end of a low blow by comic Jay Mohr after the two attended NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series awards ceremony at Wynn Las Vegas on Dec. 6. Mohr had hosted the event, and Milano presented race car driver Jimmie Johnson with his championship award.

Afterward, where Milano was spotted looking stunning in a rose-red, one-shoulder silk dress, Mohr did a radio interview where he called her “Melissa Milano,” then made fun of her “gut” and some problems she had while on the air.

She was one of the presenters. … She’s very tiny. In height,” he said. “It seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s—’ … I read it on her gut.

Mohr, who has two kids of his own, one with current wife Nikki Cox, went on to say “Melissa what’s-her-name” was very nice but didn’t look so great.

Somebody sat in the director’s chair and was not wearing Spanx and I was like, ‘Jesus Christ,’” the admitted comedy plagiarist said.

Mohr wrote in his 2004 book Gasping for Airtime that he lifted a joke from New York comic Rick Shapiro and turned it into a Saturday Night Live sketch. NBC later settled with Shapiro.

Who’s the Boss star Milano, meanwhile, responded to Mohr’s mohr-onic talk with a tweet, writing: “@jaymohr So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”

The actress’ Charmed co-star Rose McGowan jumped in, retweeting Milano’s tweet last Thursday and adding, “What?! Do I need to kick someone’s ass?”

FFN_f_51241242 - Alyssa Milano Gets Fat-Shamed by Comedian

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62 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano Gets Fat-Shamed by Comedian”

    • After re-reading his stupid comments I’m inclined to believe he made a pass at her once and she turned him down. Little bitter man-child.

    • And it happens all the time.
      This breaks my heart. So mean. I’m glad she has the self respect and confidence to deal with it with class.

    • nikki cox had the best body ever in “unhappily ever after”. what a gorgeous and perfect body! sorry, i had to mention it 😀

    • That’s what I thought – she’s got hard looking fake b❆❆bs and obvious lip fillers now – wonder if her husband influenced her into that?
      I loathe those sort of men – making themselves feel powerful by making women around them feel insecure with their childish put-downs – especially loathsome when it’s for laughs.

      • ” loathe those sort of men – making themselves feel powerful by making women around them feel insecure with their childish put-downs – especially loathsome when it’s for laughs.”

        Yet it’s okay for you to turn your nose up at women whose body shape/size you can’t relate to? hypocrite much. I am not defending this man either he is a low life, just that you are no better than he is.

      • Yeah I used to think Nikki was stunning in Las Vegas. And so cute.

        About Alyssa, I think she has a really nice body. Nothing wrong with her.

  1. I don’t know how or why he felt he had the liberty to comment on a woman’s shape. I feel it’s very weird that he managed to actually convince one to marry him. What a douchebag. Alyssa looks great.

  2. She doesn’t look fat to me. Her body is not as great as when she was in Charmed but she will always be beautiful to me!
    But on a side note: she has quite hairy arms…? Does that not bother anyone? I wax mine to be honest!

    • I used to depilate mine, but then they would be like cactus when the hairs would be growing back and it was very uncomfortable.
      I only did it because I found it funny to shave my legs and have hairier arms than legs.
      Now I leave them be and nobody minds.
      I also shave my legs less often now and don’t mind walking around with short hairs and cellulite as much.
      After I had an injured ankle and could barely walk for few months I am just grateful my legs function, even if they’re very far from perfect-looking.
      Same about arms. A little hair never killed anyone.

      • Nobody on here seems to mind the arm hair. Maybe I should stop obsessing over mine then 🙂
        To be honest its actually a comment from someone that has triggered the awareness for my arm hair… lol. Maybe most people actually don’t even notice…

    • No. It bothers me that it bothers people though. People will just pick on anything, won’t they? arm hair, “cankles”, neck is too short/too thick, hands are too wrinkly, etc etc. It has become absolutely ridiculous – no doubt high resolution photography has contributed to the problem. Not to mention that human beings have body hair for a reason. In fact, when individuals lose their body hair due to malnutrition or deprivation they also lose some of their ability to control their internal temperature, which is why they report feeling cold all the time.

      • it’s the same with intimate shaving. it may sound stupid, but if you’re hygienic you don’t have to remove all your hair. i think it’s just a hype that came with the 90’s when p— industry established.

        • I agree – the whole argument that it’s more ‘hygienic’ to have no hair down there is ludicrous and is just a cover for the fact that p— made a lot of men think that’s how women should look because it’s more ‘accessible’! It’s a bit like the idea that men have to be circumcised in order to be ‘hygienic’ – totally false as well.

          I don’t have a problem with people shaving it all off to try it out (I have – TMO – I know, sorry!) but to feel that it’s ‘gross’ to have hair down there is totally wrong and I think too many people feel that way now.

      • I’m with you for most of what you said, but cankles are a legit unattractive feature. I know some people naturally have them and just can’t get rid of them; sucks for them. Cankles simply can ruin the look of a person’s leg. Cankles can make or break a leg.

      • Love this comment Mia – it’s such a sad thing that we have become so obsessed with ‘perfection’ that we are ‘bothered’ by arm hair, or some cellulite, etc. Humans have body hair, to varying degrees, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

        When Mo’nique came out saying she is ‘hairy’ and never shaves her legs, a lot of people said it was ‘disgusting’ and ‘nasty’. It seems if it’s more than just light and pale on the arms – and other than our head-hair and eyebrows/eyelashes – women should be basically hairless, which is ridiculous! And if you have dark hair, then you’re even more ‘nasty’ for not removing it (which can be painful in any form for some women).

        • “Love this comment Mia – it’s such a sad thing that we have become so obsessed with ‘perfection’ that we are ‘bothered’ by arm hair, or some cellulite, etc. Humans have body hair, to varying degrees, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

          Ya cos you don’t do that at all do you? you complain about Robin Lawly’s head being too “small” or make catty comments about whr etc, yet you have the nerve to say others are obsessed with perfection…. Hypocrite of the highest order!!

      • Yeah like people on her picking on peoples natural body shapes, something they have no control over. there is so much hypocrisy on this site not talking about you mia, but others on here need to check themselves before they judge others.

    • I wax mine too. Mine are much hairier (sp?) than hers and I have major issues with that. It’s weird considering that I’m not even that hairy in general, I think my arms are worse than my legs! Ugh. Hate it! Then I always get little red bumbs when the hair is growing but that doesn’t bother me enough to stop waxing them.

    • I have ample arm hair myself, i used to hate it but ive only shaved it once and that turned into a prickly nightmare pretty fast. Since then i’ve decided i dont give a ff— if my arms are hairy. ^.^

  3. ahaha he was obviously thrown off balance in front of such a gorgeous woman … there’s something wrong with her blush on the first picture (the whole fondation looks too pale imo) and, let’s face it, that mustard yellow dress is a weird choice, although combined to the blue shoes it doesn’t seem too bad. Point is, that man, whoever he is, seems to open his mouth to say stupid things only. What would any normal human being reproach Alyssa Milano except that she looks so beautiful, especially for her age (not that 40s is old, let’s just say we don’t all grow old the same …).

  4. Always thought she was so beautiful. Jason Mohr is just doing his best to stay relevant. I wonder what his wife thinks about these comments.

  5. As a child of the 80s, Aylssa Milano will always be a goddess to me. I had her workout video ‘Teen Steam’ and she looks amazing-then, now, always. Jay Mohr is just a douchebag jerk

  6. So, people went from fat-shaming fat people to fat shaming people who aren’t even fat?! I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my eyes because to me she’s not even chubby, let alone fat,

  7. He’s so full of s—. She looks fantastic. Maybe a little fuller than when she was on Charmed, but he’s older too and never had much of a heyday. I bet he tried to hit on her and she wasn’t having it. I wonder how much influence he has on his wife, Nikki Cox, who now appears to have a case of body dysmorphia though she used to be gorgeous.

    • Wow. I thought I didn’t know who these people were, but seeing that pic made me realise that I do. How sad, she used to be so pretty. And her husband was on some silly tv show about a divorced guy a while back. Describing him as a “comic” threw me out. Why does this happen? Is it because the man knows that the girl is way out of his league, so he criticizes her to make her think she’s ugly so that she’ll never leave him?
      I know someone whose boyfriend used to do that. He was ugly and not very bright, so he told her (repeatedly) that she was ugly and if she left him no one else would want her. As well as many other horrible things. He broke her because he was afraid that eventually she would realize she was too good for him (and not just looks-wise). She eventually left, but it ruined her self-esteem and she has issues even now. It’s really sad.

  8. What a random and immature attack. Obviously that Mohr guy is just embarrassing himself rather than making Alyssa look bad. I don’t idolize celebrities and have never watched anything she was in, but just from reading her response to his incoherent rambling it’s obvious that she has more dignity in her little finger than he could dream of.
    I don’t even understand what point he was trying to make. Was that supposed to be amusing? Comedy? Does he actually believe what he’s saying (I hope he’s a beanpole himself then, because there’s just no way Alyssa could be called fat by normal standards)? Is he just a closeted misogynist who picked what he thought would hurt a woman the most? Mysterious…

  9. that “comedian” isn’t even attractive…his wife seems to have serious self esteem issues as well considering the plastic surgery. She is very beautiful but I feel bad for her. Being married to someone like that must be awful for her self confidence. And she might always have to deal with his judgmental attitude about appearances 🙁 poor woman.

  10. Grrrr, does this guy own a mirror? He’s a short and untalented dork. What if someone called his wife trout mouth? Alyssa is a stunner! I mean Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid was drawn to look like her, come on!

  11. Luckily for him, he’s an Adonis! /sarcasm…what a jerk, she’s lovely, and certainly the classy one here, as she proved with her tweet.

  12. LOL! What a joke, she’s small and even if she wasn’t has he looked in the mirror? He’s not exactly Brad Pitt, and he’d be lucky to score a woman that hot.

  13. and than there are people who wonder why there are so many insecure woman with eating disorders.

    I really hate comments like this, especially when it’s not even true!

  14. lol that everyone on here is like “body shaming sucks!” Uhhhh, hate to break it to you, but nearly all of you who made a comment like that body shame women on here all the time. Seriously, if it’s not okay when a man does it, why is it okay when you all do it? Because you’re women too, therefore it’s okay? When a commentor on this site body shames, you call it “having an opinion.” But really it’s the same thing. Food for thought…

    • “lol that everyone on here is like “body shaming sucks!” Uhhhh, hate to break it to you, but nearly all of you who made a comment like that body shame women on here all the time”

      LOL Exactly! What a bunch of hypocrites eh? especially erica, she has called people “ugly” “manly” and even called a Rosie H Whitley a “bony old man” once, yet everyone defends her and calls her “nice” lol. yet her and the rest of them are mad at this guy? hilarious.
      I think it’s even worse when a woman does it to another woman.

  15. She’s beautiful. I have always wanted to look like her. She’s stunning. He on the other hand is not!! What a mean bully. IMO she is a normal healthy weight. Just cause she isn’t wafer thin like most stars these days doesn’t mean she is fat. It shows young girls and women that you don’t have to be a tiny size to be beautiful.

  16. I always though she was very pretty and looks great for 41. I don’t think she is fat at all. Melissa Mcarthy is fat, not Alyissa Milao. Maybe this guy got them mixed up.

  17. I don’t think she looks her age at all. she looks younger. She looks younger than Tifanni Amber Thessien, who s around the same age.

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