Amanda Peet: “I’ve never gotten Botox… and I certainly am vain!”

FFN_vcv_51960038 - Amanda Peet: "I’ve never gotten Botox... and I certainly am vain!"

On why she never opted for invasive beauty enhancements:

I’ve never gotten Botox or fillers. I’ve never done anything to my face that’s ‘invasive.’ I think it has a lot to do with having two girls,” she said of her decision to forgo injectable face treatments. Maybe I’m afraid. I’m afraid…it’s like I’ve never done cocaine either! I’ve certainly spent a lot of time and money doing other stuff, and I certainly am vain!

… says 44 year-old Amanda.

FFN_vcv_51868610 - Amanda Peet: "I’ve never gotten Botox... and I certainly am vain!"

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FFN_vcv_51944488 - Amanda Peet: "I’ve never gotten Botox... and I certainly am vain!" FFN_vcv_51957813 - Amanda Peet: "I’ve never gotten Botox... and I certainly am vain!" wenn23433507_edited-1-781x1024 - Amanda Peet: "I’ve never gotten Botox... and I certainly am vain!"

17 thoughts on “Amanda Peet: “I’ve never gotten Botox… and I certainly am vain!””

  1. I think this one is actually telling the truth, she has forehead and eye wrinkles. Honestly, botox is a waste to me. There is more to looking old than just wrinkles, and when you see a 60 year old with no wrinkles they don’t look young, just creepy.

  2. Woow I am so glad to see this post, never heard of her before. I am a bit obsessive about having wrinkles and applying many moisturizers and sun creams to prevent them. I am afraid of not being able to resist the rage and have some fillers and botox in the future. Because all of these celeb women who had something done to her face look absolutely creepy. Raised brows, vacant eyes,unexpressed face, not young by no means but all the same and creepy. But this woman looks totally natural and amazing with all those wrinkles and such. She is breathtaking I am totally gonna remember her whenever I think of fillers in the future.

  3. Honestly, I’m surprised she looks this good. She was SUPER skinny not that long ago, like unnaturally bony skinny. I remember watching her in Igby Goes Down and in a sex scene you can see literally every bone in her back, ribs, spine, scapulas, everything. It was disturbing. It could have been method acting since I think she was playing a h—oin addict, but still, she was waaaaaayyyyyy too skinny. Excessive dieting and yo-yo dieting usually age people a lot, but she looks really good, I’d say even 5-10 years younger than her actual age. Whatever she’s doing is working.

  4. I think she’s so beautiful, and I love her eyes. I feel like she’s more beautiful than she used to be – and if it’s down to “uninvasive” procedures then so be it, it’s working for her, and atleast she’s being honest.

  5. Amanda Peete is one of the most beautiful women in show business and she’s aging so well. I love her show Togetherness. Amanda’s character is tragic and she plays it so well. The casting is great, where busy married people with kids actually look like busy married people with kids.

  6. Really love Amanda, on love her stance on botox. And when I see her I immediately remember why botox is a bad idea. She is so beautiful! Especially loved her in A Lot Like Love <3

  7. i like that she’s honest about it… but the cocaine comment threw me off… like she should have done it?!?!?! huh? there are too many people who think that drugs, and even prescription drugs like xanax, etc. are OK.

  8. She’s so underrated…probably because her red carpet looks are always slightly awkward (like Helena Bonham Carter). But she’s so beautiful. Love her honesty.

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