Amy Schumer Is 160 Pounds and a Size 6: “I’m not going to look like a malnourished bird”


On being criticized for not being skinny enough:

‘It’s very therapeutic for me to be like, “Yes, I’m not going to look like a malnourished bird,” and I like speaking to that, as well as speaking to my work and what I’m doing. I’m probably, like, 160 pounds right now (at 5’7” / 170 cm and 73 kg) and I can catch a d**k whenever I want. Like, that’s the truth. It’s not a problem,’ she said. I am a size [six] and have no plans of changing. This is it. Stay on or get off. Kisses!’

… says 34 year-old Amy.

A few months back, Hollywood Elsewhere writer Jeffrey Wells commented on Amy’s looks and weight, calling her ‘chubby’:

‘She’s obviously sharp and clever and funny as far as the woe-is-me, self-deprecating thing goes, but there’s no way she’d be an object of heated romantic interest in the real world.’

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93 thoughts on “Amy Schumer Is 160 Pounds and a Size 6: “I’m not going to look like a malnourished bird””

  1. She’s no beauty queen but she’s not hideous… Also why do you have to be some great beauty to have a heated up romance in the real world… That’s pretty stupid…

    PS I find her to be very funny

    • So true! So you can only have a heated romance in the real world if you are slim and beautiful??? OMG thats so incredibly stupid! The majority of people – average looking, different race, different ages, fall in and out of love every day and have heated (or not heated) relationships all the time! It’s called real life..

  2. What the critic said was incredibly disconcerting. He’s essentially saying how could anyone pursue a woman who has nothing more to offer then wit/charm/cuteness/sense of humor. Uhm, hopefully everyone??!! All the time in movies a man who isn’t “hot and sexy” is played up for his “strong personality” including most commonly wit/charm/cuteness/sense of humor but women….oh we’re just here to be pretty!!!

    She’s pretty, although this is more obvisious when she’s in motion or doing stand up….these pics don’t do her justice. However, she’s no where near a size 6! And it’s ironically insulting especially when talking about not conforming to standards.

    • ^ This.
      She could be a size 6, im 164 at 5’9″, and im a size 6/8.
      It probably depends on the style, she looks an 8 in the top picture

      • people are built differently, it doesn’t look like she carries a lot of weight in her thighs/butt, so her pant size may be smaller in comparison to someone with a more shapely lower half. i doubt she is lying, wouldn’t make sense considering her message. also, maybe she is size 6 at her favorite store, it can easily vary brand to brand… and additionally pictures usually make people look a bit bigger than they are. so all in all… there’s really no way to tell by looking at these pics!

      • maybe really a size 12? Could spend a little more time on the fat burn. It would be more becoming if she wants to go around exposing her arm flesh.

    • Exactly what I thought. I’m 170 cm /63 kg and wear a European size 38, that’s like a 6 no?! She is never ever a 38. More like a 42, why would she lie about her size when she seems to be honest about her weight. Weird…

      • I think that depends. On most stores, A EU 8 is a US 8. Some will go a size below (a 6). And the UK is one above (10). I went to the states last year and I was a solid 6, except for some stores where I was a 4 (vanity sizing? I loved it haha).
        Anyway, I totally agree. I’m a size 8 and judging by her pics, I’m quite a bit smaller and similar body shape. No idea why she would lie about her size – if she is indeed lying – but I’d betcha she is.

    • well i will say that a lot of male comedians also have a self-deprecating sense of humor. it’s part of comedy. but this particular critic focused on it particularly in the gender-bashing context. so yeah, he’s silly and i’ll not pay attention to him. she’s rad regardless of size. personality trumps pant size anyday.

      • regarding the importance of personality—this is why millionaire models are not scrutinized: they are not a threat to male dominance (based in a self-actualizing persona). men are threatened by a woman with a brain. the end.

  3. Actually, I think in “the real world” she would get a lot of attention, she seems really smart and funny, has a nice body with some nice curves, amazing legs for what I can see and a fairly attractive face…so why not? that’s basically what most men look for in a woman her age (not implying she is old or anything)

    • Can i ask you why you like her legs? I’ve read this comment a lot under her videos and since mine look exactly the same and i do not like them i’m always wondering” wtf they’re talking about?”

      • Well, I tend to like more thick and shapely legs instead of straight long ones (as most models have) bc I think this type of legs look amazing in skirts ans bathing suits and therefore seem to me more femenine and sexy. For example, I would rather have Rihanna’s legs than Blake Lively’s…

    • Lilly ~ Your comment is the most intelligent one I’ve seen so far reading from top down. BTW all of the size sixes who think your better than Amy by being skinnier & are probably in your 20’s. WHO CARES! Please print & save your b—y comments to look at when you’re older & then tell everyone how much skinnier you are than Amy Schumer who BTW is famous and apparently you’re not! And that’s coming from an older REAL Woman of 50s who’s a 5’8, and a size 12, with big Norwegian bone structure, and can still beat a weight guesser. Oh, and I did I mention who WHO CARES, if you’re a nobody cutting down a celebrity, do you think that will get ypu fame?
      Nobody knows who you are or cares. Get a real life or let us all know when you become a real celebrity!

    • Agree on both. I’d put her at a size 10-ish. And her quote just makes her seem insecure. Maybe she meant it as a joke and it would have sounded funny in real life, but on text she sounds very snotty.

    • LOL I thought the same thing too. I know she’s just joking, but it comes off as a bit vulgar especially the catching D part WTF

      • i think it was a strong push back on what the critic was saying (and if you think about the message – which has been said a few times by casting directors, its kind of a kick in the teeth for the average woman).

        • I applaud her for standing up for herself, and I get it that she is an insult comedian, but there’s always a classier way to respond, and still express enough snide. I don’t know what the fuss is about her weight, if she is healthy, all’s good. She can however, choose to use better skincare so she can age better. Not shaming her or anything, but skincare is important.

  4. Oh, my boyfriend would totally fall for her. He likes this kind of women… Soft, fullbreasted. Unlike me, haha. Still, depends on the type of guy I guess… Some like Amy-types, some like Karlie Kloss – types.

    • I imagine my bf would love curves, boobs, but I’m imagining Gigi Hadid, Edita V not really Amy Schumer. No offense to Amy, and there’s nothing wrong with the way she looks, but I just don’t consider her a stunner. But you’re right all men have different taste. Anyways, our bfs should feel grateful to have us so they should accept us the way we are lol

  5. In the “real world” women who like her have heated romances everyday. Maybe the critic meant that in the cinematic world women are required to look a certain way in order to ve taken seriously as an object of desire. That said, in the real world she is not a size 6 and is much closer to 10.

  6. “Size 6…” Hahahahahahaa. Sorry but she’s like an 8 at the *very* least. Don’t know much about her but she seems obnoxious.

  7. I love Amy and I love that she is brave enough to stand up to all of the shallow bullying. But I weigh the same as her but have a good 4-5 inches on her height wise and I wear a size 6. Granted retail sizes don’t make any sense and are wildly inconsistent, but I doubt she shops at old navy anymore.

  8. She’s not stunning, but she looks better than many American women. I’ve seem uglier women with good looking guys. Her lips are super thin tho. thats guys comment is very dumb, many men will sleep with a lamp post if you put a wig on it and call it Mary. I se a lot of comments on YouTube where men say they are attracted to Amy.

  9. There is noo way she is size 6! I wear size 7 and i weigh about 135 pounds! im 5’3 and i have some hips and a– but their not huge and she has some hips too she is at leastttt size 9!

    • i think odd sizes are junior or misses sizes, whereas even numbers 6,8 are women’s sizes and are cut differently

    • And she’s got a good 4 inches on you height wise. It’s hard to compare sizes in general but when you throw in random weights and heights it’s too difficult.

  10. i’d have never guessed that she weights that much..i’m slighly taller with a strong build and around 10 kilos less than her and we look about the same..weird

  11. I hate to admit it, but as I got out of my teens I was honestly shocked when I realized how many average or less than average looking girls around me had good looking guys chasing them or dating them. Sucks how the media wants to brainwash us into believing only perfect looking women could possibly attract a nice and good looking guy.

  12. Love her. She was so damn funny on the bachelorette. And she looks great in that black and white dress and in the long dark one.

    She’s smart and funny. She doesn’t need to worry about her weight. And as for the guy who said that about her… So the eff what??? Not EVERY woman wants to be the “object of heated romantic interest” or whatever.

    • she’s killing it in that first dress… And I agree… Why do some men think all women care about is how attractive men think we are… It’s really boring

  13. I’m 5’7, a size 4/6 depending on the store, and I’m decently muscled for footie at 145-150 pounds flux. I’m not sure what she used for measurements and weighing, but it may be a Kardashian special.

  14. I dont know her but i dont like her physical. Im a petite woman 5ft3-4 for 122 pounds. Her body is fine but her face lack of feminity. No lips, small mouth, big pointy chin, narrow space between eyes, bad makeup, shot large nose, deshydrated forehead wrinkles. She needs to tone arms, and thighs. Drink a lot of water and down her salt consumption. She needs sunscreen, her skin is damaged. Not someone I wanna look up to for any kind of advice. Plus I am about real long term relationship and not one night stand kinda insecurity thing.

    • Then I guess it’s a good thing she’s not trying to give anyone advice about being born with certain features. OR about hooking up with guys.

      • Yes! I thought everything that I wrote even if it is really not nice to read/write. I think I just want to find hollywood actress I can more relate to or who can inspired me to something better. Sorry about that. I a not really okay with average, i want amazing.

    • Actually, if you did any research or her or read her book, you would know that Amy has only had one one-night stand in her whole life and doesn’t hook up with guys when she tours. Please, people…she has a stage persona. I would imagine that most men do as well, and no one calls them out on bawdy or sexual humor

  15. ALSO, MALNOURISHED BIRD is a bit insulting to woman in general which is not something I approved. You can look like a lot of things as an example, Healthy & fit actress like jennifer anniston, jessica alba, jessica biel, etc. It is the easy way around to avoid the work and stay lazy.

  16. kind of a butterface. her eyes are so close set, she gives prince charles a run for his money. in other words, she could look through a monocle with both eyes. also her stand up is atrocious. other than that, i’m sure she’s a nice person.

  17. She’s very unattractive to me, but I can see how she isn’t to men. I’d say she’s the type a lot would go for. That comment from the writer was so rude. Unbelievable.

  18. There’s no way she is a size 6. Sorry. Maaaybe 8, but probably 10 and the way she talked About her weight, “probably” 160? Lol no. Every woman knows how much she weighs, and that girl weighs more like 175

  19. Amy amen! I wrestled with overweight then underweight, wondering “why oh why aren’t I attractive?” (hint was radically changing who you are in order to be liked was a major turn off for most lol). Once I got to a more moderate weight, that’s when guys and girls were more forward. It was my goal at 17 to get guys..but as I got older I got more scared about my health!

  20. She looks more like a size 12 or 14 to me. People who are saying 8 or 10 are being generous, IMO. She’s no way a size 6. She’s funny as hell, though. I just don’t know where she’s getting her clothing sized. I wonder if she’d mind sharing that magical place that takes you down 4 sizes?? 😉

  21. This whole I’m chubby/curvy/plump/”I love to eat!” and men LOVE me and wanna F*CK me too is such a regression for feminism imho. This seems to be Lena Dunham’s brand as well. Why is the measure of a woman’s raison d’être dependent on the male gaze, or worse the sexual proclivities of men? Here’s looking at you Meghan Trainor.

    Of course, I’d love to see the journalist who spoke so brilliantly for ALL men. I’m pretty sure, aside from major cities, like NY, LA, or Chi Town, most men’s gfs are this size. She looks great in the first picture, I must admit, but I think her whole, “I’m attractive, tell me I’m attractive and f*ckable, please!” message is less than edgy and invites criticism of her own self-definition. Her sexual exhibitionism and cliche, sexually-detached-female schtick is a toxic message as well.

    That said, she’s objectively not good looking, but people seem to think she’s more than witty and charming; our culture puts a premium on physical beauty. NOT EVERYONE IS PHYSICALLY BEAUTIFUL. Why not put emphasis on long-lasting, attractive qualities instead?

  22. She is not a size 6. I am 160 lbs and 6 inches taller than she is, I am an athlete, and I’m not even a size 6. She needs to stop lying about her size and buck up.

  23. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and I love that she does not care to be a stick like the rest of the industry. However, the reason she can get “d*#&” is that she is a celebrity and has oodles of money -that does help you know. I say embrace that you are not a stick, but do not mis-represent what a size 6 is. Now it is making the girls who are a size 6 feel like they are overweight and it is just going to cause another issue. If you don’t care about your weight -DON’T CARE…

  24. My wife is the same height and weighs about 10 lbs less and has not been a size 8 for 20 years. She is a size 10. In model terms she is way in the plus category. In certain clothes she can still look sexy. But no way in Hell she is size 6 to 8. Amy even looks fatter than my wife. She is delusional or is wearing those new delusional brands that say size 6 when it’s really size 10 or 12. Women are delusional when they want to be. But if people can believe in their Gods and their associated mythologies and comic books then I suppose fat ladies can shop at Victoria’s Secret (which they do) and fantasize that they are petite. Just please don’t include me in the fantasy. This is a sensitive subject so make sure you (guys) never tell them the truth how they look or you’ll get the equivalent of a pocketbook slap in your face, and they get even plus in other ways.

    • I dont know why but this comment made me think you are a closeted gay man or at least bi. Being a size 10 and having her business all over the internet … so sorry for your wife,, especially if my first instinct is true.

      • And kept calling his wife basically “fat”…Ewww. It made me feel bad or uncomfortable for a woman I don’t even know.

  25. Sorry Amy, but you are no size 6! Maybe if the fabric of the dress stretches , but she looks like a size 10 to 12 to me. Even 14. Why lie? Doesn’t plus size start at 12? I think she got insulted because she doesn’t want to be considered plus size, but her bone structure says otherwise.

  26. There is absolutely no way she is a size 6. She looks like at least a size 10.
    It’s so hypocritical to say she’s concerned about messages to young girls, yet feels the need to lie. Reminds me of Demi Moore who claims she’s never had any work done to her face/body (ha!), and so many other actresses that deny having had procedures, leaving young women with impossible standards to go by.
    So what if someone called her plus size… she is.
    There are lots of gorgeous women who are all kinds of sizes.
    This PC pettiness has gone beyond ridiculous.

  27. Amy Shumer is not a size 6 or 8 !! Why lie about your size? She is probably a size 10 or 12. She needs to learn to ignore articles written about her because it will never stop. She is young and pretty with a humorous personality. After all, it is real hard to look ugly when you are young no matter what size you wear when you have such young vibrant skin.

  28. I really don’t care who she is or what she looks like. But for her to embrace being bigger in Hollywood, and then getting upset that a magazine embraces her size with her? Ridiculous. I am 5’10”, 135lbs and a size 6 for ninety percent of my clothes. There is no way at 5’7″ and “160 lbs” that she is a size 6 – 8. She has to be relying on very elite designers to give her those kind of size labels, but in the real world, she is a size 12.

  29. Lets be real. She’s a 12 at least. If she’s really not ashamed of her body she probably should be honest with herself about it. She’s ugly either way.

  30. My size 6 wife (5’5″ 122 lbs) tells me women’s tagged sizes have been fudged downward to flatter just Amy Schumer’s sort. Schumer also claims at 5’7″ she weighs 155 lbs. Yeah right. If she weighs an ounce under 178 it’s because her head is full of helium.

  31. amy, you’re heavy set, so what? you make money with your humor not your looks. and btw, mathematically your height and weight don’t equal size 6. so don’t lie.

  32. I think she looks good! but i can promise you she is probably not a size 6. I am the same height and weightish (5’7 and 150-155) and, based on pictures, have a very similar build and I am a size 10 (sometimes an 8 if its a good day). i haven’t seen a size 6 in years and that was only when I was 20 lbs lighter. but i think its sad that someone would say she wouldn’t be a part of heated romantic interest in the real world. she isn’t drop dead gorgeous but, she isn’t ugly. Plus as someone who has a similar body type, i have to honestly say that i haven’t done badly in the dating world and I suspect neither does/would she. Guys like all different types of body types.

  33. I can appreciate that she has a great outlook on her body and her size. But, 5’7″ and 160 lbs is just not a size 6. It just isn’t. It would be a size 10 most likely. Which sends a lot of mixed signals about her so called “healthy attitude” about body acceptance. She was upset to be included in Glamour magazines ‘plus size’ edition, and claimed to be a size 6 or 8, but that is just not believable. If you really are so accepting of your body, and want to send a message about body positivity, then be truthful with the media and your fans! You don’t get to have it both ways.

  34. Amy is a great comedic talent. I am reading her book right now, and her writing is also quite poignant, heartbreaking, and brave, in addition to being very funny. She has created her own success and her talent is the only measure by which she should be judged. She is not a model, nor does she claim to be or want to be. She should be appreciated for her incredible wit, comedic timing, and her fantastic writing. When will we as a society stop judging a woman solely on her looks? We are so much more than that. (And I think she is quite attractive; she is beautiful inside and out.) I think (or would hope) that is what decent, unsuperficial men look for in a woman. And she has a boyfriend currently who seems to adore her and make her very happy. Jeffrey Wells can go piss up a rope.

  35. When I weighed 120 I was a size 10-12. I don’t want to seem negative but size 6?? I guess if you are having clothes made it’s different?? I know there are variations in women’s clothing but that is not a size 6 off the rack. However I love Amy and applaud her no matter her size!!

  36. I’m 4 inches taller than Amy, 30 lbs lighter and wear a size 6. How is she a size 6? Where is she buying her pants? She looks like a 12-14. Nothing against her size, she looks fine, but someone is lying to her about her clothing.

  37. I think she looks fine! She looks like everyday women who have curves. Whatever size she is.I don’t consider her chubby. And yes people can be the same weight but need a different size.women aren’t bulit like cookie cutters.

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