Ariel Winter Brings the Quote of the Day


15 year-old Ariel Winter, who stars in Modern Family has a little quote for you:

“I had body insecurities when I was younger. I still do. Every girl has insecurities — mine were heightened at the time because my mother wasn’t supportive. Now, my sister is always making sure to tell me that I look beautiful . . . It’s about learning to love yourself.”

… says Ariel in Teen Vogue.

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Note: Comments that criticize her figure will not be tolerated, since Ariel is just 15 years old.


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40 thoughts on “Ariel Winter Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, just like her character in modern family! she is going to grow up to be very beautiful woman – inside and out.

  2. Yes but if you still depend on an outside source or person to tell you or remind you that you look good, then you haven’t really learned to love herself.

    Then again, I don’t blame her. She is only 15 years old, and this kind of thing usually takes forever to fully learn and practice. There are days that even I need affirmation from the outside, and I’m in my mid-20’s.

    • Well yeah but if your own mother had been calling you fat and other things for so long it might be hard to feel good about yourself with out hearing it from someone else
      (Her mother lost custody of her due to emotional abuse last year and she lives with her sister)

  3. She seems vey mature for her age,but I wonder if this self confidence will last.
    I mean ,when you’re very young and already famous in Hollywood,it’s difficult not to feel the pressure of being skinny,having botox and so on in order to be perfect.

  4. She’s very cute, she reminds me of the girl who played Maeby on Arrested Development. It’s so funny to hear a 15 year old talk about how they felt when they were “younger”.
    Is she the same actresses who was removed from her home because her mother was emotionally abusive to her? I think I remember something about that on another site…

    • “It’s so funny to hear a 15 year old talk about how they felt when they were “younger”.

      Hahah I know! she is just a kid after all. But to be fair my body image changed a lot in my youth – I was most insecure at 11-13 and became more confident as I aged.

  5. She is definitely cute – I always think she’s got a good figure on Modern Family. She’s still so young, she might change quite a bit in the next few years – she’s got the ‘baby fat’ look. Her outfits here are a little too young for her though – but it’s refreshing not to see too much skin from a 15 year old!

    • I think the dresses look off because she looks older than 15. And that’s strange because she has a baby-face and is very cute.

  6. I lover her on Modern Family. And I also think it’s sad that you had to add a warning message telling people to curb their hateful comments to a 15 year old.

    • i don’t really think it is a warning because it is Ariel, but more of a gentle reminder that she is under 18 years old

    • Her outfit and styling reminds me of an outfit Mila Kunis wore not too long ago, very similar. I don’t know she’s just an early bloomer but she looks very well developed for 15, and her skin is so clear. Lucky.

  7. I thought she was at least 17…then again, I am not very familiar with her work. she is pretty and fresh-faced. It is refreshing to see a young girl who is not acting too sexy-womanly for her age; her outfits are fun and appropriate even when she shows some skin.
    I hope her confidence continues to grow…as she mentionned, we all go through it.

  8. i dont know its kind of odd to comment her look, im 28 and she is still just a kid. i looked akward at her age.. baby face and large b❆❆bs lol, like 9 y.old with boobs, it was awfull! 🙂

  9. Of course she’s beautiful! Look at her! She dresses age appropriately (i.e. not seeing so much skin) but still looks older than her age to me. I would have said 20ish

  10. You’re probably going to mock me but… I’m 14 and honestly I had body insecurities since the age of 9. Because kids can be cruel and being called names from a young age is not fun and it definitely makes you feel insecure about who you are. When you’re young, you go through a lot of stages and 4 years might not be much of a difference, but 4 years ago I was nothing like I am today. So just a quick reminder :):)

  11. To Tala: I’m sad you are even spending your time on such websites at such an age. At 14, you should be able to not even think about such things at all, and I hate the aspects of our society that have robbed you of that. You are beautiful–I’m certain of it.
    This is not to rag on this website at all, since I also want to commend versus for drawing a line against any negativity towards such a young girl. She’s lovely.

  12. I can’t even….. This quote!

    What 15 year old girl isn’t highly insecure? Between the ages of 13-16, every girl I knew was so insecure it makes me sad looking back on it… Nevermind the fact that we weren’t constantly photographed/on TV.

    She seems lovely but this quote is what her publicist told her to say, no doubt about it.

  13. im sorry and i dont intend to criticize her figure but i just watched a few episodes of modern family and cant figure out what charakter she was playing 🙁 i remember a very thin girl with dark hair though. but i guessed that wouldnt be her since she figure is pretty normal. please help me out

  14. ‘ i had body insecurities when i was younger’ LOL. you are young.
    i wish i could sack her stylist still cuz shes pretty girl, but some of these outfits scream 30 yr old MOM!

  15. Hey Versus,
    Why can’t we extend this same courtesy to all women? No one deserves to be torn apart and belittled based on the way their body looks, regardless of whether they are over-18 or not.

    • Hi Courtney,
      I always encourage the readers to say their opinions in a nice, constructive manner and refrain from harsh comments. I already moderate a lot and delete or edit so many comments.

  16. my guess is when shes 30 and weighs 270lbs, she will respect what her mother was trying to do for her. even if it was in an awful way.

    thus, the difference between children and adults

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