Ashley Graham: “Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny”

additionelle_729494_1_1 - Ashley Graham: "Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny"

On how Hollywood calls thin women ‘curvy’:

Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny. There needs to be more education in schools, because that’s where eating disorders start. It’s not just about being healthy; it’s also about loving who you are.

… says size 14-16 Ashley.

FFN_f_51609598 - Ashley Graham: "Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny"

qgyc3zxrhmzz5kxhdqp3 - Ashley Graham: "Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny"

More pictures of both Ashley and Jennifer next!


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40 thoughts on “Ashley Graham: “Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny””

  1. Jen Lawrence is curvy cos curvy is about shape not weight, many have twisted this word&today say “curvy” meaning “bigger than slim”, but in my head it means the former.Lawrence has lost some weight but she had a curvy shape before&has one now, imo.I don’t think it’s good to focus on labels or try to turn description words into labels, cos there will always be women with body types, proportions, heights that don’t fit what’s promoted&pressured as most attractive. People need to be educated about the fact that everyone has a healthy weight range, so whether you look the thinnest, medium or biggest but still fit into that healthy weight range(fat level), feel physically comfortable&have good health showings when you visit your doctor – you’re good. As for not loving the way your body looks even in healthy physical state, esp. if it’s smth impossible to change, then that’s a head issue&is usually deeper than just body issues, and is harder to deal with&also smth people need to be educated about&helped with cos not only EDs mental disorders, but pressure, expectations&labels will always exist(not only appearance ones) and smn is always gonna be left out, so learning to deal with that can help many accept&love themselves.

  2. She is kinda right though. It’s pretty hypocrite that we all keep seeing Jennifer as curvy (aka hollywood’s term for chubby), when she is obviously very slim. If you read some comments online, oh my. But well every famous person will read comments from being to skinny and looking ‘anorexic’ to ‘so fat’.

    A side from that, I am loving her hair. In the pic with the green coat she looks amazing!

    • I don’t think curvy is hollywoods term for chubby. You can say skinny is a term for emaciated as well.

      I don’t think we should have clearly overweight people take over the word curvy. Beyoncé is curvy if you are obese that’s not curvy

  3. Oh please if anything we need to teach kids to be healthy and to love themselves so they get fit because there is a huge childhood obesity problem.

    I can’t stand this girl

    • Seriously! I was at the gym today and 2 boys came in with their Mom – probably ages 7 and 10 both very overweight. They were walking up the flight of stairs to get to the cardio section and one of them was completely out of breath from just walking up the stairs (I was pretty far away from them and could hear his labored breath) by the time they passed me, he was still out of breath. So sad, especially at such a young age. It was good to see them come to the gym as a family though; I hope they are on the track to establish healthier habits.

      • Yes that is incredibly sad, and while it’s a good thing that they are going to the gym, the main problem is diet, which a lot of people think a simple gym session can fix and it’s not like that. You can sit on your a– all day but eat healthy, and thats better than working out once a day but eating pure crap.

    • It’s not jealousy. It’s the fact that Jennifer Lawrence IS beautiful in every way but she is in no way “curvy” she is very small. And there’s something very wrong with perpetuating an image of a very very small person as being extremely “curvy” because it tells young girls that that is the biggest they can/should be.
      And I don’t think Ashley is denying that she’s overweight. That doesn’t mean she can’t celebrate her body and model if she wants to.

      • jennifer lawrence is curvy. she has b❆❆bs and hips and a defined waist. just because she’s slim doesn’t mean she doesn’t have curves. just because a woman is overweight doesn’t mean she does.

        the use of the word “curvy” as a p.c. way of saying “fat” is so frustrating

  4. Curvy means a good hip/waist ratio. Imo Ashley has no waist and Jenn does, so Jenn is more curvy. People should stop calling fat ‘curvy’. I know skinny girls who have waists (fe Candice Swanepoel), while other skinny women (Cameron Diaz) are not curvy at all. Same goes for Kate Upton (no waist and bigger than Dita von Teese, while Dita is a lot curvier and has a nice waist/hip ratio).

  5. She comes across as kinda rude in this quote, but she’s right, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t curvy. I don’t believe that curvy=fat/chubby though…I mean I think true curvy is like Beyonce or Nicki Minaj. Jennifer is slim and pretty straight up and down.

  6. Big boobs? Not really. But you are right, she has a curvy shaped body. I think big b❆❆bs don’t particularly belong to a curvy body.

    • It’s not even about being “pc” here, what she is promoting is downright wrong. Childhood obesity is a huge problem already, and in a few decades – if current trends continue, literally 90% of Americans will be overweight or obese. Kids need to learn about health, and being overweight is NOT healthy.

      No you are not wrong, I’m so over this fat acceptance movement, it’s not even about how fat looks aesthetically, it’s about fat being incredibly dangerous. That’s sending the wrong message to children!

  7. I’ve never seen Jennifer as being particularly curvy- just Googled pics of her and I’m slightly confused as in some she looks moderately curvy, while in others not so much.

    I guess ‘curvy’ can vary across all sizes; what’s curvy to me might not be the same to you and vice versa. My main point was that I don’t think it’s a word that should be exclusive to women of a certain size, and I didn’t classify Jennifer as not being curvy because she’s ‘tiny’- more because (in the images I’d seen of her) her WHR didn’t seem to be that dramatic, and I don’t find her b❆❆bs particularly big to be honest (again, just a matter of opinion.)

    I feel like most women have some form of ‘curves’, but that doesn’t mean they’re specifically ‘curvy’, (if that makes sense?) and that’s kind of how I view Jennifer. 🙂

  8. Yes agree. Candice Swanepoel is curvy. You are right, she is not curvy, if this wasnt photoshopped it would be even more obvious.

  9. You guys sound like broken records explaining what curvy means. It’s blatantly obvious that she meant chubby, not curvy. Her point is that the world is ridiculous for considering JLaw chubby. And she’s totally right. This is pure semantics.

    • If she meant ‘chubby’, then that’s the word she should have used. I don’t see why people always use PC synonyms when describing women who are, quite plainly overweight.

      I’m not saying I find it acceptable to go around calling women ‘fat’- I can deal with ‘big’ or ‘chubby’ or even ‘plus-size’, but when people begin to use words like ‘fluffy’ and ‘healthy’, or try to commandeer the word ‘curvy’ for solely larger women, I find that irritating.

      It’s also strange how we generally describe overweight men as just ‘fat’, but walk on eggshells when referring to women of the same size.

  10. Exactly. When I think of the word curves, curve, or curvey – I think of Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe. Not an overweight woman who throws that word around to make themselves more secure in their body. Being fat does not equal being curvy/curveceous.

  11. She is def fat.
    Also, I dont think was the media go to for curvy – Beyonce was really the first, the Kim k got in on it, Halle berry

  12. I am so sick of these fatties call themselves ”curvy”. She is not curvy, she is just fat. Curvy is about your shape, not your fat. I think candice is also curvy and she is thin but this woman is just fat.

  13. I think her statement about needing education in schools was very ignorant as well. There is currently an obesity epidemic. Let’s stop the “love yourself” bs and start teaching kids about health and nutrition.

      • “In the health campaign against fat, we should avoid bashing obesity and idealizing thinness, which only foster the self-destructive thought processes that characterize eating disorders from anorexia to obesity. Anorexics with jutting collarbones think they’re fat. Binge-eaters often think, after eating too much, that they’ve already done the damage so they might as well keep eating.
        No eating disorder is a lifestyle choice. Besides the serious, often life-threatening physical dangers, there is shame, loneliness, and depression.
        But environments can change. Not that long ago, people smoked everywhere, just as we eat everywhere today. The health campaign against cigarettes worked. We can change the way we deal with eating disorders as well.”
        -Psychology Today

  14. I love Jennifer Lawrence’s body. Of course she is not Christina Hendricks. or Scar Jo. But I think Jennifer has a great body to aspire to. She is smaller than Christina, or Scar Jo. but she also has an athletic body with hips and thighs and toned (but not skinny) arms. I get what the model is saying though. I would like to say Emilia Clarke is another actress who I think has a good body image, if you want to look like a celebrity.

  15. wow, that is the most airbrushed a– i think i’ve seen on this website. overweight women need to stop thinking that they are the epitome of curvy. salma hyek, khloe kardashian, jennifer hudson…those are curvy women. a man with ashley ’s body type would undoubtedly be considered fat.

  16. I don’t agree with the overweight accepting their figures (only if temporarily, for the sake of not doing something to themselves), as being in a healthy weight range is important for everyone, future human kin, finance, health organizations…

    However, I don’t agree with women praising the skin and bone look either, saying it’s healthy and natural, because that is just as deluded as an obese person saying they are just curvy. If you are naturally thin that’s completely different as not eating or being a fitness fanatic to the point of overworking your body or artificially keeping your weight down and muscles up.

    I just don’t agree with either.

  17. jennifer used to be one of the most beautiful and curvy actresses on the big screen. I absolutely loved her shape. she was not big or small, she was just appalled to see her so small. It happens all the time with celebrities.they are discovered and brought on movies and tv for their natural beauty and talent and after a few years in the limelight and the bigger the star they become..they eventually turn into skin and bones..I lose all respect for them at that point because giving in to peer pressure is the weakest characteristic anyone can have…

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