Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico (49) Had 4 Plastic Surgeries in a Day

wenn31350873-682x1024 - Baywatch's Donna D’Errico (49) Had 4 Plastic Surgeries in a Day

49 year-old Baywatch beauty Donna D’Errico recently went through a plastic surgery transformation and had 4 procedures in one day. The full story from Daily Mail:

“I feel really uncomfortable with the loose skin that hangs,” D’Errico said, adding: “I can almost tuck my skin [from my stomach] into my pants like a shirt and it’s not a good feeling.”

A few weeks ago, she turned to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng for four cosmetic procedures that she had over the course of just one day.

“My end goal is to be in my swimsuit and be out on the beach,” she said.

Inside Edition was there on the day of the surgery. D’Errico was extremely nervous.

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“I am panicking,” she said. “What if my heart stops?”

But despite her anxiety, she underwent the procedures: Liposuction on her stomach, arms and back; a tummy tuck, a butt enhancement and arm lifts.

Dr. Obeng was able to remove about two liters of fat during the liposuction, which he reinjected to round out her backside.

During the tummy tuck, he removed several inches of loose skin and tightened her skin around her ab muscles.

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After four and a half hours, the surgeries were completed, and she was wrapped in tight bandages to reduce swelling.

Nine weeks later, the results are incredible.

During a beach photo shoot where she rocked a red bathing suit, D’Errico told Inside Edition that “it feels like a trip back in time.”

The total price tag of the procedure is just as astounding as her before-and-after photos: $55,000.

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34 thoughts on “Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico (49) Had 4 Plastic Surgeries in a Day”

  1. If all this makes her feel more confident, more power to her! I like that she’s being so open about her procedures. There is nothing shameful about wanting to look your best (especially as a public figure) but when people with obvious surgery insist on being all natural it’s a little ridiculous.

  2. I can understand getting things like this done, if my arms looked like her before picture I’d never wear short sleeves. I’m glad she didn’t end up botched because I can only imagine how horrible that must feel.

  3. I wonder what the scars look like especially on the arms. I think that is why she is wearing the long sleeve sweater in the after picture. She looks amazing though.

  4. If it’s well researched, done by a board certified plastic surgeon and physical look is not the only thing you have to offer to the world… then I’m all for it. She does look really good on the outside, hope she takes care of herself on the inside as well.

  5. What???As I was reading I kept thinking that maybe she was really fat, or had lost a lot of weight and had some loose skin etc, but than I saw the video…why did she do it??
    She looks almost exactly the same, really unnecessary, and the comments saying she looks good, good for her??Well she does look good, but not more than before…what has become of this society…

    • Why did she do it? Because it’s her decision… She has a lot of money and time on her hands, I don’t think she represents society at all. She’s being honest about it, I do admire that. You hate it because you can’t tell the difference? For me, that’s a sign of a good work. If she ended up like Kim Kardashian people would criticize her too. I disagree with the commenter that said it shows lack of self-discipline, it looked like she had excess skin, which is fine, but sometimes no amount of exercise can help you with that.

      I agree that plastic surgery shouldn’t be applauded, it shouldn’t be some type of merit, just a personal choice. But I do think she looks great, I’m just being honest.

      • While I do agree with you that it’s her choice to get this done, and also, at least she’s not pulling a Kimmy K and family by denying they’ve had anything done, there is the issue of going under a general anaesthetic and its attendant risks (death, for example). She does mention her fear of dying, which is good, but not enough people who are ‘choosing’ to have these unnecessary procedures done. She does look good, though we didn’t see her arms and butt… Though I don’t think she looked terrible before. Yeah, the point is, people should not see this as an impulse purchase rather than what it is: a FOUR hour operation that can easily end badly.
        I remember Khloe K saying it was easily done and everyone should do it!

      • ‘Because it’s her decision’ it’s not the best answer…you can do drugs because ‘it’s your decision’, it doesn’t mean anything. Of course it’s her choice and she can do anything she wants with her body, just as Kim K. can but she is being insulted all the time (full disclaimer: I’m NOT her fan in the slightest), so is only honesty the problem here? Like, if you admit to the worst things you can get a free pass as opposed to someone who is not admitting to (whichever thing they’re accused of)? Isn’t that a strange reasoning?
        Of course I’m exaggerating here for the purpouse of this discussion, but let’s not pretend like this issue isn’t real. We’ve seen it too many times with politicians etc.
        How it’s a sign of good work if she looks the same? Surely she did it to NOT look the same, or else what’s the point of changing her appearance?
        Obviously she can do anything she wants, transform herself in a green alien and no-one could judge her for it…I just find it really really sad that she even felt the need to do it, that she thought she wasn’t fine before (when imho she was more than fine!) and that she is even being applauded for it, I’m just being honest.

        • She was a bit fat before, not fit at all. Her fault is not to working out in order to miss that procedures. Honestly I am admiring her that she try to be the best she can be. She looks awesome for her age. There is a BIG difference before and after. And if somebody can not see it, probably this person neglect himself/herself and doesn’t care enough about her/his appearance.

          • Are you saying that since I don’t think that there is much difference in her appearance I don’t care about myself??Wth? How is that even correlated?

        • If you only take “that’s her decision” and apply it to anything, even illegal things, of course it’s not gonna be a good reason, it’s a different context. She’s a grown woman and it’s her body, her time, her money, her decision.

          You don’t see the point of a procedure if it is unnoticeable, do you prefer a Kylie J. type of procedure? Something that looks botched?
          And remember, she has the money and time, most of celebrities have at *least* a nose job. You don’t have to be all depressed and hating yourself to have plastic surgery. It’s less of a deal for them.

          Ignore people applauding her. I totally get where you’re coming from. It also weirded me out when people were applauding Ariel Winter for her breast reduction. I agree on that that’s f*cked up.

          • I don’t prefer the ‘Kylie’ way, I’d actually prefer for plastic surgery to be taken more seriously and less like ‘it’s a no big deal’ like all these Hollywood types pretend it to’s a serious medical procedure and full of risks as well..and most of the time totally unecessary in my opinion, and yes, I’d prefer for it to not be so ‘common’, but of course, everyone has their right to do what they want with their body like you said, I just find it sad, that was all that I wanted to say.

  6. This is ridiculous, she could have the same results + a ton of other health benefits if she worked out and ate correctly. Shows a lack of self discipline and intelligence to resort to this, honestly.

    • The amount of loose skin she had on her arms – and at her age – doesn’t go away with exercise and “correct” eating. Insulting her intelligence for a life choice doesn’t make you any smarter…

      • Body composition and shape can be fixed with exercise. Loose skin, no, and having that taken care of would be understandable to me. The truth is, based on how she looked before, she was not taking good care of herself. She was overweight and had significant excess fat, so not eating well. Choosing the quick-fix of surgery will give everyone including herself the illusion that she’s healthy and youthful when she’s not, hardly encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Our society is addicted to quick fixes for everything, no one wants to put in the time and work to achieve something difficult. Might seem great at the time but it will come back to bite you in the butt later, every single time. Nothing important to your life can be solved in 4 hours, trust me.

    • are you kidding me? of course working out and eating correctly is always number one. but you cant shape your body the same way with exercise.i if i hear one more person say do squats. the people that say that have probably never squatted in their lives. look at male body builders, do they have big round butts? no because squats make your legs grow faster than your butt. in addition to that building much muscle is impossible for a great majority of women.
      some people are thin butt have belly fat still.

      • Actually I am a lifter so I know what it takes to build muscle thanks. It is possible for everyone if they train, eat, sleep, etc correctly. Just no one wants to put in the effort it takes, or even learn what it takes to start with (most people don’t even know how you can change your body, as your comment demonstrates). Can you change your bone structure or where you are genetically predisposed to store more fat or the exact shape of each of your muscles? No, but you can control the amount of muscle you have where and how much fat you have overall to achieve the best looking version of yourself. Lifestyle is everything. ‘Exercising’ twice a week like a Pilates/yoga class or something is basically nothing and will have no impact… it takes serious work and commitment in the gym but it is possible for everyone. Male body builders have no butt because they don’t train their butt to grow, because it doesn’t matter for their sport, that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your butt. Squats do a little bit for your butt but they are definitely not the best, there are other movements if that’s what you’re going for..

  7. That is NoT four procedures that falls under one procedure called a Brazilian butt lift where you lip certain areas and put it into the hips and or butt.

  8. Had the only times I’ll judge she somebody for plastic surgery is if they lie though their teeth or it’s a result of obvious body dysmorphia.

  9. She has that kind of face structure that never ages. I understand wanting to get rid of loose skin or doing lipoglaze or something on your lower stomach… However, I think plastic surgery in general is pretty falsely represented in the media, like it’s no big deal to get lipo or bbl. It’s an invasive procedure that can leave you bloated for a year, the longer you avoid sitting the better results etc. You have to get massages and wear a faja and all that.

  10. Ok, so, she looks absolutely incredible. HOWEVER I can’t get over people that spend thousands upon thousands getting procedures like lipo when you can do what it does for free if you’re willing to put in some time and effort.

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