Bethenny Frankel Wears Her 4 Year-old’s Pajamas


The full story from CBS News:

Bethenny Frankel posted an Instagram pic of her wearing her 4-year-old daughter Bryn Hoppy’s Hello Kitty pajamas, and the Skinnygirl mogul’s followers didn’t take too kindly to the pic.

On Sunday, the 43-year-old former “Real Housewives of New York City” star wrote: “This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?”

The post garnered over 545 comments by Monday morning, many touting that the Naturally Thin author was sending a bad message to her young daughter. “This makes me sick to my stomach!!! #eatsomething,” one commenter wrote.

Another message read: “I would just caution doing this as she gets more impressionable. She needs to develop a healthy self-image because she may not have all of your genes…and it won’t be obvious to you, but it will look as though you are competing with her.”

“Starting a complex early for your daughter,” a commenter added of the pic.

Frankel reacted to a few of the comments, writing: “When ur 4 year old peanut says ‘mommy please put my dress on’ & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told. @Squirrely007.”
An hour later, she wrote: “BREAKING NEWS! World Scandal: Former reality star, failed talk show host & cocktail maven jokes by wearing her kids’ pjs! #itcantbetrue.”

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39 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Wears Her 4 Year-old’s Pajamas”

  1. sorry thats all kinds of wrong. To be 100% honest her body type along with sarah jessica parkers, its like skinny muscular, is my complete ideal but not realistic or attainable for me and many others… pictures like this are irresponsible.

    • So because it’s unattainable for you, that makes it “irresponsible?” Okay. I hope your inform the rest of the world that they must limit what they do to only what you can do, otherwise it’s “irresponsible”.

    • I was just gonna say…I don’t care how skinny you are, and I won’t bring myself to stoop to the level of saying ‘eat something’. But this starvation that she has, is for attention, and it’s disgusting for any woman, especially one her age with a daughter.

  2. This is actually funny, and the point of them not really fitting well is what makes it humorous. If people are really getting mad at this they need a life in the real world. So what if she can fit into children’s clothes?
    The best picture I have is one of my brother, who is a lot bigger than me, stuffing himself into my jacket. Chris Farley taught us that too tiny of clothing is, in fact, comical.

  3. I don’t think the people throwing insults at her and telling her to eat something are in the right… but it’s a little odd, not necessarily because she fits in a four year old’s clothing but I know if I were growing up and my mom did stuff like that I’d be pretty embarrassed and pretty weight-conscious from the get-go. Like no child wants to be bigger than their middle aged mother.

  4. What else do you expect from the Internet….lots of indignation over nothing. Her daughter probably thought it was hilarious that mommy squeezed herself into those things. Doubt she was in the bathroom purging her Cheerios and juice box because mommy is so skinny.

    I’m no fan of any of the housewives of wherever but I’m sick of every single tweet, pic, Facebook posting being psycho-analyzed by every douchebag with a computer.

    • Same! I could imagine this was a kids age 10 to 11 minimum. There is no way she would be able to fit her arms through an age 4 and her hips too. They just aren’t a four year old’s item of clothing.

      • Yeah at 5″6 122 lbs isn’t underweight. I don’t think she should lose more though she is probdbly borderline underweight

      • Her body basically looks exactly like my mother’s, who is 5’6″ and between 118-124lbs. I think BF looks fine, and if she’s 5’6″ that’s a reasonable weight estimation, and well within the healthy range.

        Also, she might fit into her daughter’s clothes, but they clearly don’t FIT her.

  5. You’re telling me that *this* little girl wears pants of *that* size?

    Really, now.
    Healthy body image building starts young. Growing up with a mom wears “your” clothes to gain attention, and seems to have a convoluted self-image… I worry for her daughter.

  6. Okay, so it is a joke, she says. What is wrong is not that she’s putting on her kids pjs for fun when her 4 year old asks her to, it is sharing it on the internet that is wrong on many levels i.m.h.o.

  7. I don’t get why everybody is so upset? I think we all have more important things to worry about than a mother wearing her daughter’s clothes which are obviously a bit too small.

  8. Okay… wow…. what…. why would she do that? Just to prove a point thats she’s oh so skinny? And even as a joke it’s severely retarded. If I was that kid I would be mortified, really. Let me see when her little girl grows up and she start’s teasing her how 12 yr old’s t-shirts are too big for mommy or whatever…

  9. Agree completely. I think this is a classic case of ‘much ado about nothing.’ I honestly can’t believe people are trying to associate poor parenting with something which to me seems like an innocent, albeit silly action.

    I have a pair of pyjama trousers from when I was about 6 which I can still fit into at the age of 20 due to the elasticated waist. My Mum and I still joke about it now as when I first got them, they were full-length but now they’re on the knees!

    I’m having a hard time believing that a 4 year old would have the capacity to think “Oh- mummy’s skinny enough to fit into my dress… does that mean I’m fat?” I’m pretty sure her daughter found it hilarious and that they had lots of giggles about how silly mummy looked lol.

    • This is my stance. Who cares if it was a joke, she’s obnoxious so of course this was an obnoxious, attention seeking lame move.

    • Joke?

      This woman doesn’t joke about the weight… Let’s just say it mildley, I wouldn’t wanna have her as my mother….

  10. my first thought was good for her for being so thin and fit to fit in to a 4 years old clothes, but then i realized shes also really really short. so fitting into a 4 year olds clothes is not such a feat when youre like 5 ft tall

  11. She’s so transparent with such a stupid stunt.
    It is absolutely normal for a woman in her 40s to wear her 4 year old child’s PJs….and posts it up online. Idiot.

  12. I used to wear my daughters pjs for fun too. I would do the same thing, nightgown as a shirt and pants as little capris. My entire family thought it was hilarious. I wish folks would lighten up. I would never post a photo of myself but I did often send a pic to my mom or my hubby. Bethany is a celebrity havering a little fun and suddenly she gets crucified. Would t this world be lovely if we all had a sense of humor about ourselves and life? 🙂

  13. OK, so Bethenny says she is wearing her daughter’s pajamas at her daughter’s request. Fine. But why post the results online?! Doing so comes off as a bit of a humble brag: “Hahaha, I am wearing my daughter’s clothes!” Subtext: …and they fit. Even if the fit is strained, it is not unattractively grotesque; I doubt she would have posted the photo if she looked horrible. She wanted to broadcast the fact that she could get the clothes on. While I do not agree with the caustic commentary, she willingly brought it to her own door.

  14. who in the world looks at kids clothes & thinks:”i’m going to try it to see if it fits…+ take a picture”? it is wrong on many levels…a bit like mens who are wearing/ stealing women underwear…

  15. I can’t really speak to whether or not this would be damaging for her daughter, every child is different and really developing those issues will have to do with her entire environment as a whole. Choosing to post this picture is ridiculous attention seeking behaviour, and looking for validation/ “proving” how fit she is (which she is). This attitude and personality basically undoes for me any ‘attractiveness’ about her (a comment which extends to all the real housewives imo). Sure, I would not want the world analyzing my insta account but I also didn’t sign up for a reality TV show so…. The most offensive thing about her is how TERRIBLE her drinks are tho lol.

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