Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn Featured on Body-Positive Women’s Running Cover


Name: Nadia Aboulhosn

Nationality: Lebanese-American

Occupation: fashion blogger, model, plus-size designer

Age: 27

Pictured above: on the cover of Women’s Running.

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More details from Us Magazine:

Happy tears! Plus-size model Nadia Aboulhosn broke down in public when she saw her Women’s Running magazine cover for the first time in stores.

Despite the cover star’s doubts, the decision was a no-brainer for the glossy’s editor in chief, Jessica Sebor. “You don’t need to be an Olympic marathon runner to get the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of staying fit and healthy,” she wrote in a statement.

Aboulhosn’s cover marks the second time the fitness mag has featured a plus-size model on the cover in just eight months. In July 2015, 18-year-old curvy model Erica Schenk had the honor. “There’s a stereotype that all runners are skinny, and that’s just not the case,” Sebor told Today. “Runners come in all shapes and sizes. You can go to any race finish line, from a 5K to a marathon, and see that. It was important for us to celebrate that.”


See more of Nadia’s fashion shots next!


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45 thoughts on “Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn Featured on Body-Positive Women’s Running Cover”

  1. she’s stunning. i think there’s a double standard between slim and overweight when it comes to whether an outfit is viewed as tacky. that being said, i’m not sold on some of these outfits

    • Certain outfits just look better when on a smaller frame. Like when you see a nice looking pair of shoes when they’re a small size. But when you go to bigger size, the same pair of shoes on large feet suddenly look ugly.

    • completely agree, on both counts. she’s very stunning, but I had to catch myself from judging her outfits. I actually like most of them (except that fishnet one), and would never have judged them otherwise on a slimmer fashion blogger.

  2. I like this a lot! (well maybe just the cover) I think a big factor in overweight people not getting healthy is shame over their bodies and people judging them no matter what they do. I was definitely guilty of thinking things like “what’s the point?” when I was younger, seeing overweight people trying to run so stuff like this should help.

  3. she does not have good style, skinny or fat. being big is her ticket, since I do not think she would be popular just off of her “style”…. the cover is lovely tho

  4. im curious to know what distance she runs, because she never mentions running before.

    Often in RM they talk about performance – that was kind of left out here.

    Again, back at the Beauty and (Sexualized) Body angle of plus-sized women instead of the emphasizing the health and fitness aspect. And worse this is a health magazine instead of a fashion mag.

    This is bunk, and geared (again) towards moving merchandise to more women.. sigh.

    I wish women athletes were given more media coverage because some would make fantastic role models – discipline, hard work, and striving to be #1

  5. No, I’m not a fan…I think it’s uncomfortable to run while carrying all this extra weight. Should be tough on the joints

  6. I always thought she was very good-looking!
    And although her body isn’t the standard skinny, she looks fit and healthy to me.

  7. I think her legs look great in many of the pictures. If it was me personally I’d probably like to be smaller, but she has great porpotions. And I like the quote, it’s neutral yet positive and pushes people to think differently without confortation.

  8. For a fashion blogger, Nadia’s style sense seems to be in short supply. As far as an overweight girl being on the cover of a running mag, I have no problem with that. Everyone has to start somewhere with regard to fitness and some may find this encouraging.

  9. Aside from the cover outfit, these are horrendous clothes. Even Gisele would look terrible in them. I don’t buy these types of magazines anymore due to the fluff articles and models, and I don’t like the fashion editorial type shoots. I am not paying $4.99 to read health tips from a fashion blogger and model. I want to read tips from athletes (no, they don’t have to be Maria Sharapova trim), fitness trainers, coaches etc. people who have a background and maybe an education in fitness and nutrition.

  10. Its so clear that Runner’s World is just catering to the (overweight, tumbler-lina) masses. Personally, I feel a running magazine should feature runners, not models who go jogging once a blue moon (regardless of their weight).

    • But maybe this is the encouragement other overweight/obese people need? I see a huge number of young, overweight people in hospital (I’m a doctor) who say they can’t run/do exercise that is more intense than walking (without actually ever trying) because they’re too heavy, when that’s not the case.
      I agree it should feature runners, and according to Nadia + runners mag she is a runner.

  11. Is this going to be the norm now? Putting bigger models on all magazine covers to get more media attention? I don’t mind body shape diversity as long as they look healthy, but in this case is ridiculous because this is a fitness/health magazine and this woman looks overweight to me. I’m afraid all this body image acceptance is going to make people feel is ok to be overweight. Obesity is a big problem in this country, especially among children who don’t have a choice but eat whatever parents give them. Someone needs to raise the bar again. Disappointing.

    • Yes but even overweight people do exercise and, more importantly, NEED to do so, so I think it’s ok to put them on the covers to promote healthy lifestyle. It’s necessary. Not everyone who hits the streets every morning to run is perfectly fit with a six pack and a crop top.

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