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At high request, here’s a story that fits perfectly in our Beauty and Body Image category that you might find interesting – all the details from People Magazine:

A New York college student who started a blog on self-acceptance in order to help other young women deal with body image taunts has become a viral hero to many for her frank and powerful online discussion about her weight. Stella Boonshoft, who writes The Body Love Blog and who has polycystic ovarian syndrome, put her curves on full view when she posted a bikini photo on her Tumblr site.

My body must be a revolution,” she wrote along with the photo, which she captioned, “Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin. And we all know that only skinny people can show their stomachs and celebrate themselves. I am not going to stand for that. This is my body, not yours. MINE.”

“I think people are cruel because they are uncomfortable seeing an image of people who are not thin,” Boonshoft said in an interview on Tuesday’s Today show. “I found that after years of struggling with my body image that really there was no way to justify the bullying as a child and as a teen.”

And her cause became a cyberspace hit with more than 2.4 million views on Facebook. In addition, more than 80,000 people shared her photo from her Tumblr page. But she got even more exposure thanks to Brandon Stanton, who appeared with Boonshoft on Today. He created the Humans of New York project, a collection of street portraits in the city, and he initially took his own photo of Boonshoft fully clothed but later made a decision to use Boonshoft’s own bikini shot, which she says mortified her – at first.

After a while, she decided it was the right choice as she continued to work on her project on sizeism.

“It took a lot of years of soul searching to decide this isn’t right,” she said on Today. “I finally came to a place where I was really happy with the way that I looked. I wanted to leave a message to the bullies who tormented me.”

What do you think about Stella’s message?

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282 thoughts on “Body Image Story: Stella Boonshoft”

    • brave? hardly. she knew full well when posting this how much she would be applauded by the ‘love yourself’ crowd. and plus, even though she is fat, her body proportions are not unusual. if anything, when looking at her, it is obvious that if she lost weight she’d have a really fashionable body. overall, i dont know what her point is cos at the end of the day hot skinny women will always be on the cover of magazines. thats never gonna change.

          • Stop with the annoying psycho-games already.
            You sound like my grandpa when he realizes he can’t possibly win a discussion.

          • uh, actually it IS the reality of the world we live in today. I’ve noticed for many years now that since there are more and more plus-size people, there is a greater acceptance of the idea of being plus-size. not only is there more & more fashionable clothing available so that if you’re big, you can still look good, but even more and more magazines are featuring women who aren’t rail-thin only. so it is the reality that you can feel good about your body at any size and that bigger sizes are being celebrated today as well.

      • If shes happy with herself then bravo. Applause. Really. What sucks with being ideal-thin or too fat is not being content and happy at it.. a bad attitude makes anyone look ugly

      • She is strong today despite the fact that she has been bullied because of her body throughout her life. It is a statement that she did not let it bring her down. That is her point.

  1. I have an issue with this… I’m not a mean person and I think you should feel happy with the choices you make in life, good or bad, but this isn’t just about choice of appearance. It’s health too. I don’t say this because I find her unappealing to look at like she implied. It’s because I worry about unhealthily over weight people using this as an excuse to not do anything to help their problem which, I’m sorry to break it to you, is indeed a problem. I was very overweight at 13 and my doctor had to warn me about the possibility of diabetes which changed my life. I immediately began to make a change and have lost all the weight since and feel much happier and healthier now that my doctor blessed me with such advice to lose it. Good for her if she feels confident with this life decision to be over weight. However, I hope her decision isn’t influencing dangerously overweight people to make their life misery.

    • I agree with you. although I love the “movement” of being comfortable in your own skin regardless of shape and size, I am actually kind of worried if this will make us forget health completely and just focus on appearance. Of course I know nothing about her health and for all I know she can be way healthier than myself. But still…I don’t like what turn this issue is taking. Knowing myself I know I don’t feel comfortable at all if I know my health is bad, even though my appearance may seem ok. I really don’t care about the size or shape of people, I care about health, because it matters so much more. And I worry this “be comfortable with your own self” – is all really great, I fear neglecting our health because if this, will make us forget body – for the inside, completely.

      • Why are you so self-righteous to believe that YOU know when someone is healthy? You are not her doctor. Believe it or not, she could be perfectly healthy the way that she is. Looking at someone, no matter how thin or fat they may seem, does not determine their health. And I’m sure none of you care very much about her health to begin with. It is that need to judge other peoples bodies and that ostentatious know-it-all attitude that is affecting society badly, not this girl living her life.

        • “”And I’m sure none of you care very much about her health to begin with.””

          True! The comments above are hypocrisy at its finest. If instead of being a bit overweight she was a bit underweight nobody would have said that because being skinny is so hot right now.

          • I agree with the fact that people are always defending underweight people with the everlasting argument ‘naturally thin.’ Almost all the VS models weigh too little, but it is accepted because people see their weight as beautiful and healthy. It’s not. I don’t mind accepting the natural thin people, but I really wish that people would accept the natural heavier people as well. I’m quite big, I’m a size 12. But I’m also 5’10 and I am broad built. I care much for my health. Still people keep bugging me about it and they would never do that with the natural thin people. It’s so unfair.

          • wow I kind of feel attacked…listen, Im just saying from my life experience being close to diabetes that its wrong to give overweight girls the invalid reassurance that they will be accepted in life and be healthy and happier than if they lost a little weight. Im not saying that they should be toothpicks or anything but normal. BEING OVERWEIGHT IS A HEALTH ISSUE. and I sure as hell am a lot happier now that I’m not overweight. Telling overweight girls to give up and accept themselves for ‘who they are’ is wrong! they have a choice to be healthy! whatever, I can’t make you guys see what I see but I just know that when I was overweight I was very depressed and now that I’m not, I love life! You won’t have to be bullied if you put in effort to be a healthy individual! Sure she may have this disease I never heard of…and below its implied that it “is no excuse” to be overweight. Im not sure of that. But totally separate from the specific girl above, Im speaking about the overweight population as a whole, not this girl with a disease.

        • I think some people on here are projecting their own fears. I live in the US and there are a lot of people I love that are obese. I hate worrying about them dying so whenever I hear about accepting obesity, it freaks me out. Both of my parents are type 2 diabetics, obese, and 60. Sometimes I lay awake at night worrying about them and I’m not confident they’ll make it to 70. Of course obese people get angry if you mention “diet” or “lifestyle change” as if we should just accept their slow death and say nothing to avoid hurting their feelings.

          • THANK YOU! Someone understands. And imagine being told by ur doctor at 13 that you could have diabetes. That was enough to get me interested in being healthy and putting an effort into my life. Shouldn’t that be enough for everyone else too? what is it that makes overeating so much more important than eating moderately and exercising…it’s really not that difficult.

        • “Why are you so self-righteous to believe that YOU know when someone is healthy?”

          Give it up erica. Why is it you get to post under other names yet anyone else is called out for it?

          • Lol/S- don’t be silly…Erica has an account here and she has for ages plus everyone knows how she feels about this so why would she go to the effort of posting under a fake name? And don’t start this s— about me being in Erica’s “clique or real women brigade” either (cos you know how I feel about that phrase it’s complete bs plus I disagree with Erica about a lot of things) but dude she isn’t even commenting here and you’re *still* talking about her! I agree 100% with some points you’ve made in the past on this site but anybody would think you have an obsession with Erica…just chill! 😉

        • I don’t think it’s self righteousness. While no one exactly knows if someone is healthy or not just by looking at them, I’m willing to bet that an obese person or an extremely thin person is not as healthy as someone who falls in a normal weight range. It’s common sense really. No one would look at a starving anorexic with dull skin, thin hair, gaunt face, and overall frail look and believe that that person is perfectly healthy. Same applies to someone that’s obese. I’m sure there are exceptions, as there are exceptions to everything, but in general, I’d say someone’s weight can be a good measure of a person’s health.

        • I don’t think Saturn was being self-righteous… This is textbook A&P right here. When you are obese you have a much higher chance to develop high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and a number of other health problems than if you live a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a result from having a really high blood glucose level for a very long period of time. The more fatty/sugary foods you eat, the higher your blood glucose level goes. Your pancreas normally makes insulin so your body can “use” your glucose, but because the blood sugar levels are SOOO high, the pancreas “gives out.” It’s also usually not diagnosed until later in life because of the damage done when the person is young. This is a major concern for overweight and obese individuals. As for this girl, no I do not know her history and I’m not her doctor, but she is “at risk for” a number of different health problems in the future if she were to continue a lifestyle like this.

      • I feel that being comfortable enough with all aspects of your being to accept them without a feeling of shame and guilt is where health, in a broader sense, starts. You can’t be healthy without the confidence to stand by yourself, all flaws aside. It’s ironic that some people think a healthy lifestyle relies on self-judgement. Society has been kindly reminding us of the horrors of obesity for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to have worked. Obesity is still on the rise, along with other eating disorders. Do you really think keeping up the attitude of body-shaming is going to help those developments?

    • Good point. While I don’t think this girl is unhealthy cause she’s not morbidly obese, she may become a symbol for really unhealthily overweight people to continue with their way of life. Having lost my father to health problems that resulted from him being over-weight, I’m kind of irked.

    • I think it’s silly to worry about one person becoming a face of obesity acceptance or being a bad influence on peoples health. You could say the same thing about plenty of celebrities who indirectly send bad messages based on their lifestyle personal choices but at the end of the day, I think if a person doesn’t want to take control of their own diet, or get help to control it then that is their own issue. This is coming from someone who was once at age 15 overweight, but I decided to watch what I eat and lose weight for myself. There’s PLENTY of help and information on diet and exercise out there for any person who wants it, but some people just don’t and that’s up to them.

      Btw I think my comments come across more negatively than I intend on here sometimes lol or people are very sensitive but, I’m not trying to offend anyone. It’s just my opinion 🙂

      • What an odd statement. On what are you basing that? Her external appearance versus another person’s behaviors? You have no idea what she eats, along with drug/alcohol/cigarette/exercise habits.

        It’s always a fallacy to compare one person’s inner life with another person’s external appearance. There’s absolutely no correlation.

      • Yeah if she was under weight, a smoke in one hand and alchol in the other… There wouldn’t be such a big reaction, yet smoking and alcohol pose more of a risk then weight/size alone.

    • I agree with what you say, but a lot of folks that are overweight know they are already. Seeing this won’t make them drop the quest to get healthy, especially if MDs are urging them, and popular culture is doing the same. But I feel that seeing this will help them feel less ashamed of their bodies (if they are) which isn’t a bad thing! To be comfortable in front of your guy or walking down the street and not be embarrassed is good. And this one image can’t compete with the million that are out there showing the opposite I have a lower half like KK, and seeing her (even though I dislike her) helps me accept my curves, even though I am still jogging and what not trying to trim it down. Accepting my body for what it is, helps me exercise more, because I like myself along the way. Hope that makes sense

      • Emilie- I also agree with that. Sometimes people may be so ashamed of their weight that it leads to more self hatred, and bingeing. They may also feel ‘too fat’ to get out and exercise. They may not have the confidence to overlook the nasty jibes that they get from other people. It can be a really nasty cycle.

    • Uhm, she says the she has polycystic ovarian syndrome. There ARE some health issues that make it near impossible to be thin. Those include underactive thyroid, polycystic ovarain syndrome/cancer, hormonal diseases, etc. Don’t judge all overweight people as being lazy, or having a choice in the matter. I know many people in my life who cannot lose weight even though they run miles a day and eat a pretty clean diet (which is usually the recipe for success for most people).

    • I do agree with you. However, I still think that is up to the individual what they do (as sad as it is). What about all the dangers that come with starving to be thin, or bingeing and purging? These girls often look completely normal (especially with many models these days having low bmi’s), and so nobody questions their health. Only when people get extremely, painfully thin will their health be questioned.

      I do get what your saying, and I agree. However, I really think this goes both ways. So many people will now over look the fact that many girls and women starve etc to become model thin. Then the only backlash that people seem to have is ‘oh it’s natural for them’. There are so many dangers involved with eating disorders, or disordered eating (of any kind). Even when people don’t look too big or too thin. I was always ‘normal’ in weight range, however I managed to damage my body beyond repair in some ways.

  2. So true! There is no way to justify the fat hating bullying that happens to children and teens… I thank god that it is less vicious as we age.

    But it still exists, I lost a lot of weight and now when I see people from school they make a point to say how HUGE I was as a kid… It’s like? Dah eff are you on? You torrmented me for years and now you want to remind me?

    Also my daughter is not over weight, but “chubby”. She is active, eats whole healthy foods and if a happy kid… And yet my own sister tells me to put her on a diet bc she has “cellulite”… A 3 year old with cellulite? Seriously? When did peoples weight become anyone else’s business. I want my daughter to be healthy and strong and to love herself. If her weight was an issue then I would deal with it by getting her more active. Putting a toddler on a diet is just sick.

    Gah, rant over.

    If someone has nothing better to complain about then another beings weight, then they must have a very boring life.

  3. Well I dont see any curves here. Please give up relating every obese women with curviness. She is a thick ruler not a voluptous hourglass.

    • She didn’t call herself curvy, though. I agree, the word is far too often used as an euphemism for ‘big’ and it’s annoying that the article had People magazine had to use it here, but I don’t think the girl was trying to convince anyone that her shape is curvy, that of a “real woman” or superior to skinnier body types.
      I hate that most so called body-image campaigns reinforce the skinny-fat-conflict with this aggressive defensiveness.

    • THIS! Bullsh*t should she be labelled as ‘curves’. It’s fat and fat alone!! And trying to glorify it and pass it off as ‘curves’ is sending out the wrong kind of message as well!!

    • No body knows what her natural body shape is because it is covered in layers of fat. If she lost weight, we would see what her body shape really was. I think once someone gets over a certain weight, they lose what was their once natural body shape. If someone starts out an hourglass, if they gain a ton of weight, eventually it will go to the mid section too. if they pack enough weight on.

      • I know a bunch of obese women and each has different shapes trust me. Because after all fat is distributed according to your natural shape. When an hourglass gains weight of course her waist circumference increases proportioned to her widened hips.

        • I am just sick of every overweight woman claiming to be an hourglass, when the are in fact just overweight. After a certain point even if a natural hourglass gains a ton of weight, she is going to look like a shapeless blob.

      • Lol is right, look at Mila Kunis – she lost 30 lbs for Black Swan and when she gained it back quickly it distorted her body shape and made her look boxy in the torso. I bet Stella is pear-shaped though – notice she cropped out her bottom half for the pictures 😛

  4. I agree completely. This is not the image of a healthy girl who eats enough food for her age/activity level and exercises. While I don’t think super skinny people who under eat and overexercise should be celebrated but we should not celebrate people who are overweight. This can help people feel better about themselves but I hope it does not help the obesity crisis in America by making it okay to never exercise or eat too much.

    • Do you really REALLY believe, a campaign like this has the power to “help” the obesity crisis?
      Because if you do, you need to understand, that obesity is an issue far too big and complex to be influenced, in good or bad ways, by a fat girl daring to show her tummy in underwear.
      Wanting to be healthy has to come from within and when you’ve learned to feel only SHAME and HATE for yourself, you won’t be able to make healthy decisions for the right reasons – you will MAYBE start to change your lifestyle, because you’re convinced it’s going to make you acceptable, loveable, valueable. And this relationship, or rather lack of relationship with yourself, is not healthy at all.
      Why are people afraid of teaching self-love? How could it possibly HARM anyone? It says a lot about society, if we’re afraid of self-acceptance, fearing it could make us lose all motivation to take care of ourselves.

      • Okay, yes, I DO think it is wonderful if someone has self confidence and is alright with looking the way they do. Coming from me who used to be a size US 16 and went to the other anorexic end of a size US 00, I have had my fair share of body distortions and screwed up relationship. I have since been able to eat healthy portions and exercise in a healthy manner and I am a healthy size and weight for my height. My point is that clearly this woman over eats or does not get enough exericise and it pisses me off that Americans can continue to treat people like her as a “brave hero” when she ought to eat right and exercise and show HEALTHY not over weight or under weight. I am not trying to advocate stick skinny or say that one person will get rid of obesity. Being over weight should never be celebrated. Lets put up pictures of girls within a healthy weight range please.

    • “While I don’t think super skinny people who under eat and overexercise should be celebrated”

      Well in America, we already do…. Why not celebrate this one person, vs the thousands of others that go to opposite extremes to be thin, like starving, over exercising, smoking and drugs

      • No one celebrates super skinny people are you kidding me. Super skinny people get called stick insects, anos, 12 year old boys, and a bunch of other names. Slim/Slender yet shapely people are celebrated but not super skinny ones. Last I checked, women like Nicole Richie (during her anorexic days) were just as ridiculed as any fat girl.

        • I agree that super-skinny women are not openly celebrated by the masses and often ridiculed. However I feel like if there was an emaciated girl in underwear, talking about body image, being bullied in school and being sick of hiding her body, more people would shake their heads at the cruelty of bullies, congratulate her on speaking up and wish her the best. People wouldn’t make her health so much of an issue if she was obviously underweight – and I don’t think it’s ignorance about the dangers of excessively low body weight, but rather that they’ve learned: Under no circumstances should one EVER make obesity seem okay.

          This girl could have lost a hundred pounds and be on her way to great health and people would just see a fatso encouraging fat acceptance. There is this huge, huge fear of accepting an overweight figure.
          Obviously people body-shame emaciated women all the time, but not in a comparable manner, I don’t think so. Do you remember that fake Mariah Carey quote, about wanting to be skinny like the starving children in Africa? I think the fact that people had no doubt about it being real demonstrates society’s obsession with skinniness. IMO the underweight figure is celebrated in a way similar to smoking. Many people think it’s cool and are influenced by images the media create, but most don’t like to admit to it, because contradictiously we are also constantly reminded of the health risks, of how it’s “wrong” to starve/smoke.
          I think most women feel that they “should” be envious of the skinny part of the population and “should” want to be like them, which leads to aggression towards skinny women, as they are seen as a threat to one’s self-esteem. And with the constant celebrity eating disorder speculations magazines are kind of delivering the weapons to the not-so-skinny women.

        • There’s a really weird double standard when it comes to making fun of people at different weight extremes.Thin people are VERY often told “Omg you’re so tiny! Eat a cheeseburger!” but that can honestly be just insulting as telling an overweight person “Omg you’re so big! Eat healthier”

          People assume that being called thin or tiny or being told to eat a lot is a compliment… but its not. Thin people have insecurities too. Maybe she wants bigger b❆❆bs or a curvier butt. You never know. Thin people ARE just as ridiculed as fat people, it’s just in a different way and most people who ridicule them think they are complimenting them.

          Also there’s stuff like Dove’s “Real Body Campaign” I LOVE the idea of a brand representing women of all body types… but if you look at their women there is no one with a BMI under 21. Thin girls deserve to be represented as well, or does a body cease to be “real” once it has a BMI of 20? It’s ridiculous. What people should REALLY be doing is accepting all healthy body types which can go into both the chubbier and the thinner range

          • I see your point here with the “real body campaign,” but I just wanted to offer a different view on the subject. I got the impression that, “Since ultra thin models are used in campaigns for everything in advertising, we will use “real bodies” of citizens from our increasingly fat nation and call it the “Real Body Campaign.” It just so happens that the majority of the people of our nation (who the brand is targeting) do not have thin model figures or are overweight/obese.
            I definitely understand your point of view of getting picked on. I had a skinny friend growing up and me being a size 6-8 pear shape would struggle with my weight. Mostly in sarcasm, I or friends of mine would comment here or there about her being skinny, and think nothing if it. I know if I got a comment that I was skinny, I loved it! She opened up to me about those insecurities and totally put things into perspective for me.

  5. I agree with some of the commenters above. Loving yourself at any size, being comfortable in your skin and not being bullied because of your size are all very worthy and important things to aspire to.

    However, being significantly overweight just isn’t healthy. Anyway you slice it carrying that extra weight is just more stuff your body has to deal with, and its hard.

    I think the fat pride movement, is a backlash to the notion that being thin is the only way to be healthy, and that healthy is somehow strongly correlated with beautiful. I understand that people are just sick of all these stereotypes being showed down their throats. However, I browsed some of the fat pride and what not websites, and while some of the messages are great. Others like “obesity is a myth” are just as damaging as pro-anorexia sites. Yes, we should all strive to love ourselves despite not being perfect, but we should also strive to be healthy.

    On a weirder note, I’ve stumbled across a site where others show their progress in gaining weight. From normal to significantly overweight.

  6. ok. ive never ever writen a comment but i feel like i have to. I agree that being thin is not what wee need to celebrate, we NEED to celebrate normal bodies. have cellulitis, have a bit of strech marks, not having a tight gap. whatever , being normal but that girl is cleary over weight and not healthy at all. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and i dont look like that because i have to eat right and walk or ride a bike. i think shes a bad example.

    • My sister has polycystic ovarian syndrome too and she also does not look like that. She takes dance classes regularly and eats a clean diet. I think this girl uses her “illness” as an excuse to be lazy. Not a good role model.

      • I’ve never commented before but I felt the need to respond here. People are saying “I know someone who has this disease and doesn’t look like this…” etc, but that is such an over-generalization that it is ridiculous. Comparing two people is never okay–everyone’s body is different and everyone is affected DIFFERENTLY by illnesses. The point is: you cannot tell if someone is healthy by looking at them, so don’t judge!

        • I agree. We don’t know other person’s situation. I guess we all want to be healthy and to look beautiful. But when someone’s beauty does not meet certain standards, it shouldn’t be a reason for blaming them. Sometimes, even greatest efforts are not enough to obtain desired looks, that’s from my experience.

    • She’s not trying to be an example for physical health and she doesn’t need to. She’s an example for acceptance and acceptance should be unconditional, if your overweight and unhealthy, underweight and unhealthy or perfectly healthy at any weight.
      The message is simple: You don’t have to be perfect to be acceptable.
      It’s NOT just: You don’t have to look conventionally attractive to accept yourself, your body doesn’t have to be a certain shape/weight, to be acceptable.
      But also: You don’t have to be perfectly healthy or perfectly *anything* to be acceptable.
      She’s not setting an example for inactivity and lack of interest in one’s health.
      Noone with a bit of self-respect could possibly lack interest in their health. It’s just that without self-respect you can’t even get started with health.

    • More importantly (imho) is that maintaining a healthy weight is typically consider very important when managing POS… To be fair, this may be a healthy weight comparatively speaking for her, it doesn’t appear to be in the healthy range of body fat. She has every right to feel comfortable in her skin, and fat shaming is pointless (though I am NOT a fan of glorifying obesity…), but the POS angle irritates me a bit. It seems to be used an excuse, and that’s b.s..

    • i agree that we should be celebrating normal healthy bodies but thin bodies are NORMAL for a lot of people. Not every thin girl starves herself to get that way.

  7. She can say whatever she wants, but the fact is she’s overweight and it’s not ok to be so, just as it’s not alright to be anorexic-ly thin.

    She’s fat and needs to lose some weight and no amount of self-acceptance is going to change that fact. Unless, she has health problems that cause her to be overweight, she has no excuse. Put the fork down and lay off the fatty foods.

  8. Nice positive message but fat acceptance is INCREDIBLY disturbing.

    Being a poster child for a rare disorder & social acceptance VS. Standing against fat shame because you have a disease…There is a difference.
    Her story should make people with polycystic ovarian syndrome feel better about their body condition. And that’s it. Not obese people in general.

    • Agreeeeed. For the women who sadly suffer from this disease and have legit barriers to losing weight, being able to relate to a confident person who is not ashamed of her body is great……..
      On the other hand, there is no excuse that a disease free young woman should be as big as the girl above. I was heavy for the first 2 decades of my life, and made excuses and tried to justify it until I developed high BP.
      When I made changes and stuck to them, I lost 50 pounds slowly and maintained it for 5 years. So I am clearly bias, but I have very little sympathy for overweight people who overeat, emotionally eat, don’t work out, etc…and then wonder why they are fat. We all have the power to change…instead of forcing fat acceptance on society, they should take responsibility for their own health.

  9. I know she was highly requested, but does having a non-celeb on here make anyone else feel a little uncomfortable? Like, it’s one thing to critique people in the spotlight who make a living off their image but this is an ‘ordinary’ person. I know people will say ‘well, she put herself out there so she should expect it’, but it’s strange to see a mere mortal (like us)!

    imo, anyway. Maybe I’m overthinking it?

    • It would be weird if it was a private photo that somehow got leaked, but like you said, she put herself out there, of course people are going to comment.

    • Yeah I agree Peach, I feel uncomfortable with it because she’s a teen taking pics of herself at home, not a model. But commenting on anything she said in the quote is fair game of course, since she said it on her public blog and the Today show.

  10. Regardaless of what she looks like or the state of her health (health is not just physical anyway, so many people are physically healthy but emotional and spiritually the opposite and it’s something that’s very personal imo),bullying and body-bashing is unjustified and everyone deserves to love their body irrespective of what it looks like *shrugs* How can you even begin to treat your body right if you don’t hate every inch of it?

    I know people who have cut, starved, abused and even tried to kill themselves because of bullies taunting their bodies, that’s plain wrong…idgaf how fat or skinny someone is.

    • i agree misscheeks. The issue of health being not only physical, but mental, emotional, spiritual etc as well, and a very personal thing, is something many commenters don’t take into account. For example, I am not exercising at the moment because I am in recovery and need to focus on eating right without burning extra calories. Not exercising is the right choice for me mentally (not having pressure, pushing myself, feeling like I’m not good enough how I am, thoughts which exercise can trigger for me), and physically (weight maintenance). But sometimes I feel really bad because I am not being as physically healthy as possible, because I don’t have much muscle mass and I am “skinny-fat”. I have to remind myself that health is not just physical, and ultimately I will be healthier if I can fully recover mentally and avoid returning to unhealthy habits which are damaging to my body and mind.

      sorry for the long comment, i just think this is something many of us should think of more often when critiquing others for not being as healthy as absolutely possible. there are many factors in overall health other than the physical.

      as another example, i have known girls who were serious over-excersisers (as part of EDs), who looked UH-MA-ZING and were physically health, but mentally were incredibly unhealthy and obsessed, and suffered greatly internally.

      • I wish you full recovery and good health.
        I cannot be physically active enough now due to health issues, and my lost weight starts to return. After a couple of years of dedicated fitness trainings, now one of my biggest dreams is to be in such a good condition some time that I’ll be able to hit a gym again 🙂

      • I’m in recovery too!! So I understand what you’re going through. Good luck <3 feel free to message me if you want to talk about any of it haha

    • agree so so so so so much. The importance of mental health is often not talked about haha. And body-shaming of any size needs to stop.

  11. I think her message is great. She might have her health issues with the weight, but it is no reason to love the way you look, and love yourself. Also when it comes to bettering yourself or your health, from my own experience it’s easier to do with kindness not disgust over yourself. I have very overweight friends who struggle with it, they try to lose weight and sure, they eat a lot of crap too when they cave, but that doesn’t make them any lesser. I have my own problems, my unhealthy habits etc, so do they. I don’t see the acceptance over your body – movement as an OK sign to be unhealthy, not at all. Maybe to some people it means that, idk. Also, polycystic ovarian syndrome comes in many shapes, it has different effects on different people and it’s not everyone’s syndrome is as severe as the others. Probably it is one reason to why her fat stores so visibly in her stomach area, maybe her case isn’t severe and isn’t really that big of a reason as to why she has gained / hasn’t lost the extra weight, but there isn’t really a way to tell just based on knowing a couple of other people with the same syndrome.

    • ” Also when it comes to bettering yourself or your health, from my own experience it’s easier to do with kindness not disgust over yourself. ”


    • I agree with everything you said. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome plus hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia. I have a similar body shape to her (thanks to the hormones messed up by PCOS and genetics, I store a lot of weight in my stomach and you can tell when my meds work to make the sensitivities change because I gain a waist). Even though I’ve lost 70 lbs with near-obsessive calorie counting (only grilled chicken or steak plus broccoli and avocado, maybe some eggs) and 3+ hours of exercise a day (weight loss took 5 years), it is tremendously hard to lose weight. I’m still given a lot of side eyes, glares, and judgments because I’m not skinny or lean. I was even told by one man I needed to “get on that” while pointing to my body. Even with all of my hard work, I’m still judged by the public at large because I’m “heavy” and not at a “healthy” weight. I hate the judgments or assumptions people make because they assume size/appearance = health.

      I know it’s not one-size-fits-all and people can have whatever opinions that they want, but for me, as an overweight individual who works exceptionally hard to lose weight, I’m still being judged by this. You can’t deny it doesn’t exist, no matter the cause of the weight/size. It’s hard enough to lose weight or feel good about yourself without having a battering ram of “you’re unhealthy”, “you’re fat”, “it’s disgusting” going on about you.

      • congratulations on great results of your weight loss journey! 🙂 having faced some of these conditions, I know that keeping fit it is very good for your health.
        and thanks for sharing, because it is an inspiration for me. 5 years may seem like quite a long time, but it is worth it. I have mentioned in a comment here earlier, every person has their own situation. we cannot judge anybody, because, for starters, we simply don’t know how it is for them. on the contrary, any efforts within the current situation are worthy of support.

      • Nice job on being committed to losing weight, even in the face of being sick. I too struggle with an underactive thyroid, and so I understand what you mean when you say that you have to be obsessive with calories and clean eating, and obsessive with lots of exercise, only to be still a bit overweight. And I know two girls who have PCOS, and they eat clean and run every day, yet they too are not ever able to get to their ideal weight. It’s very hard to even stay motivated when you have to work THAT hard to not even get thin, but just not end up obese. People who haven’t had these struggles cannot judge. Stay strong Katie!!!

  12. Whatever I have to say, at the end of it, I agree with her.

    People need to understand that body acceptance is something that is both tied to, but also independent of health. You can be healthy, but emotionally unhappy with how you look. You can be unhealthy and happy. The point is, from a simply emotional standpoint, I think everyone should learn how to accept themselves.

    That being out of the way, I was going to comment on two more things:

    1) I think it’s important to note what kind of thin we are talking about here. She is talking about thin as in probably a size 4, aka normal thin. If you happen to be a size 0, you will most likely be the target of cruelty as well, and will have to face your own demons when it comes to self-acceptance.

    Not every thin person is born with supermodel proportions and a beautiful face/figure to get away with it.

    2) She has PCD. That usually is related to being overweight, which she is. Now that she has supposedly tackled body-acceptance, I would start addressing health if I were her. Why not have both and live a happy and healthy life?

    • Agree completely, Casey. And the process you outlined was exactly mine. Like misscheeks was saying, it’s very difficult for most people to lose weight while hating every inch of their bodies. Once you love and accept yourself, you can start working towards a healthier, better life.

    • I’ve noticed that your comments are always very level-headed and reasonable. I may not always agree (I do in this case though) but it’s just something I’ve noticed. 😉

  13. Bullying needs to stop period. I was a healthy weight as a child but I was bullied because I wore hand me downs. Why don’t we forget about this single issue of size or whatever and just promote tolerance in schools? It’s not about weight or PCOS effects, its bullying thats the problem. Children need some guidance as well as trust worthy adults they can talk to. Lets end these petty superficial focused pride movements and learn how to appreciate the things that matter about each other and stop hate in all ages.

  14. I am always torn on this subject. To a certain point we should all be happy with ourselves. But this whole “born this way” mentality can turn us into lazy, self-satisfied people who never make an effort to improve themselves (whether it is health-wise, career-wise or personality-wise).
    I really believe that nobody should be taunted or ostrasized because of their looks. But that doesn’t mean I agree with people who are complacent with their size.
    To me, the people who promote “BODY CONFIDENT” are the ones who are least happy with their bodies.I understand the message this lady is trying to convey…but I don’t agree with it 100|%

  15. Well I’m sure she is happy, but she’s probably not healthy. I highly doubt she follows a healthy exercise/diet routine. While I champion her for her body confidence which so many of us women need, she probably is not truly healthy. And we must distinguish between being curvy and being overweight. Just because you are overweight, doesn’t mean you are automatically curvy. She is overweight and I probably sure her doctor has told her that she needs to lose weight. There’s no amount of happiness that can change that fact. I am an overweight person who was told by my doctor that I needed to lose weight and change my eating habits or else I would have a slew of health problems. I adapted a healthier lifestyle and immediately lost weight. But I do envy her body confidence because even the skinniest girls are still unhappy.

      • This is such a large generalisation. I was once below 45 kg at 5’3″, looked very thin ad modelesque but was the unhappiest I had ever been. Now I’m about 15 kg more than that and am as happy as a person can be. Pinning weight on a person’s self-worth and happiness is such a shallow way of thinking.

  16. Regardless of what she says, she’s not happy with herself. No one is happy being as overweight as she is, especially with stretch marks all over. People who are truly happy with themselves don’t feel a need to post pictures of themselves and angrily screech, “My body is a revolution!” “I’m not going to stand for that!”

    If she doesn’t want to lose weight, fine. But she’s kidding herself if she thinks society admires her or thinks she’s hot. She’s just a fat girl.

    • You have a point. I do feel that girls that post pictures of themselves like this on places like facebook are seeking something. As you may or may not know I’m fresh out of High School, and when I would visit my facebook girls would post pictures of themselves in suggestive poses and clothes and then they’d message you or put in the caption something like… “Like this”. There are a few girls that I use to be close to and they’re doing it too, one becaue she doesn’t feel pretty the other because she wants to be popular amongst the peers.

      • But for the girl that was thirsty for popularity it all ended and she ended up looking stupid when she got her a– beat in the middle of the street.

      • My daughter is in high school, and I see this all the time on her Facebook page. The same girls take suggestive poses of themselves and ask for “likes,” or wait for all their friends to say, “Oh you’re so pretty!” Even my daughter thinks it’s sad and desperate.

  17. Let’s be honest, in society today, who actually takes note of ones health? You’re either too thin, thin, overweight, or obese. That’s how you’re judged, by appearance. In the long run, one will only be healthy when THEY decide to be, so enough judging others. This matter is really an “each to their own” one. If she’s comfortable and loves herself, that’s a strength that not many women have, regardless of their looks. Its her choice however, to be healthy (if she’s not already)

  18. Let’s be honest, in society today, who actually takes note of ones health? You’re either too thin, thin, overweight, or obese. That’s how you’re judged, by appearance. In the long run, one will only be healthy when THEY decide to be, so enough judging others. This matter is really an “each to their own” one. If she’s comfortable and loves herself, that’s a strength that not many women have, regardless of their looks. Its her choice however, to be healthy (if she’s not already) and @JJ, just because YOU wouldn’t be happy overweight, doesn’t mean everyone would. Not all of us need society’s approval.

  19. Let’s be honest, in society today, who actually takes note of ones health? You’re either too thin, thin, overweight, or obese. That’s how you’re judged, by appearance.

    In the long run, one will only be healthy when THEY decide to be, so enough judging others. This matter is really an “each to their own” one. If she’s comfortable and loves herself, that’s a strength that not many women have, regardless of their looks. Its her choice however, to be healthy (if she’s not already)

    and @JJ, just because YOU wouldn’t be happy overweight, doesn’t mean everyone wouldnt. Not all of us need society’s approval.

  20. Let’s be honest, in society today, who actually takes note of ones health. You’re either too thin, thin, overweight, or obese. That’s how you’re judged, by appearance.

    In the long run, one will only be healthy when THEY decide to be, so enough judging others. This matter is really an “each to their own” one. If she’s comfortable and loves herself, that’s a strength that not many women have, regardless of their looks. Its her choice however, to be healthy (if she’s not already)

    and @JJ, just because YOU wouldn’t be happy overweight, doesn’t mean everyone wouldnt. Not all of us need society’s approval.

  21. Let’s be honest, in society today, who actually takes note of ones health. You’re either too thin, thin, overweight, or obese. That’s how you’re judged, by appearance.
    In the long run, one will only be healthy when THEY decide to be, so enough judging others. This matter is really an “each to their own” one. If she’s comfortable and loves herself, that’s a strength that not many women have, regardless of their looks. Its her choice however, to be healthy (if she’s not already)

    and @JJ, just because YOU wouldn’t be happy overweight, doesn’t mean everyone wouldnt. Not all of us need society’s approval.

    • I’m not sure which one of your many identical comments to reply to, but as I said, she is NOT happy with herself, or there would be no need to post the picture, along with her militant, angry comments.

      • So true. I highly doubt, that if given the chance, this girl wouldn’t jump to be a size 4 or 6. No amount of photos or is going to convince me, or many others, that she’s happy with her body.

        • the thing is , there is a difference between being a happy person and being happy with your body. someone might not 100% be happy with their body for whatever reason, but still be a very happy person because they love their life and have a good relationship with themselves!

        • Dont you get it? She’s saying that since she has PCOS and cannot be a size 4 or 6, rather than hate her own body, she is trying to love and embrace it for what it is. I see nothing wrong with that!

          • There are drugs to treat her PCOS, just like there are drugs to treat underactive thyroid, and every other medical condition people use as excuses for being overweight.

          • It is possible to be smaller then she without having to become a 4 or a 6. And, she sounds very defensive which makes me think that she is not happy with her body at all. And I know this is not PC, but I will go ahead and say it. No way anyone that looks like that can love their body.

          • I look similar to that, maybe a dress size or two smaller and I love my body, because it’s healthy and I always keep in mind how lucky I am to have a functioning and hearty body that allows me to do everything from hike up a mountain to swim for 2 hours straight while there are so many people on this earth who never had the blessing of even being able to walk, my cousin being one of them.

            I couldn’t care less what my body looks like as long as it functions the way I want it to and my health is fine.

            But of course I know the deal with people like you. Only thin people have the luxury of loving and accepting their body for what it is. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or not very bright. Newsflash, the world is a gigantic place with billions of people. Not two people think exactly the same. Stop generalising what everyone can or cannot feel about their own bodies.

      • And you would know if she is happy how? You just assume that no fat person can be happy? You don’t know her, don’t act like you know her true feelings.

    • She’s not physically healthy, she has a disease (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I know a girl who was diagnosed with PCOS and eventually needed to have her ovaries removed, but that was an extreme case. It can really be awful and impact your fertility though.

  22. What a truly beautiful thing. Loving yourself regardless of what OTHER people feel is beautiful or “perfect” or “ideal”. I find those who struggle daily over calories and body issues far more SICK than the ones who have a truly healthy relationship with themselves. Being morbidly obese and being obsessed with skinny imo is the exact same thing. Skinny does NOT = healthy. Healthy = healthy. Mind body and soul.

  23. When I first saw this post, I thought “good for her” and never thought any adult could have anhthing negative to say about this. However, after reading some of the comments there are many good points here about this possibly praising being over weight or making people think “oh I’m fine the way I am so I don’t need to be healthy”. And I think there may be some validity to that. But only with people that have mental issues with their body image- just like some pro-ana people may use pics of people at unhealthy low weights as inspiration, the opposite extreme may use her story to justify their unhealthy behaviors- but to say that the average overweight person will see this and think “see she is confident, to heck with being healthy” is insulting. I think the message is to love yourself and your body for what it is and what it does for you and because you love it, you should treat it well. Regardless if this girl actually believes and practices that, does not make the idea wrong.

  24. Stella goes to my college and her Facebook page seems to have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of herself posing in various outfits…honestly, I get the impression she’s a bit of an attention seeker. Posing in your skivvies is not inciting a “revolution”. Nowadays 2/3 Americans are overweight/obese so she represents the norm. She seems like a nice girl but with so much free time, maybe volunteer or do research for a good cause? That would be more revolutionary than taking selfies in your bra 😉

  25. I hope that you guys can look at the comments and see what’s going on here.

    The real truth is we are uncomfortable seeing fat bodies.

    We are especially uncomfortable seeing happy, confident fat people because we are too busy hating ourselves. If we can’t love ourselves as we are, how dare someone like Stella not be miserable like us?

    Please stop fat shaming and confront the issues you have with fat. Whether it be that you believe fat people are lazy, or unclean, or that fat women are unfeminine and large, or that you associate it with people who are not able to afford quality food, or that you just feel it’s ugly, or you are “concerned for their health”, it is not your business and it doesn’t help anyone lose weight.

    • Same. I find it funny when people claim to care about a stranger’s health and how this altruism arises when a person is fat. No one walks by a smoker and worries that they’re unhealthy. No one sees a picture of a model smoking an worries that they’re unhealthy. We are uncomfortable with fat people. nobody should be bullied because of the way they look. Good on her for being comfortable in her skin. And there are happy fat people. I find that for most overweight people that are genuinely unhappy lose weight and are still unhappy. A lot of them believe when I’m thin I’ll be happy but that is often not the case.I often tell overweight women on a weightloss journey to find what makes them happy while they work towards losing weight because it often happens that they get to their “ideal” weight and feel like they are still not good enough. When people are bullied it causes emotional damage that goes on way past high school or college.

    • Hey Dani, please stop projecting your insecurities onto us. I’m not uncomfortable looking at Stella – she’s the norm, isn’t she? Chubby, but hardly huge. The reality is women are uncomfortable looking at supermodels; that’s what provokes feelings of insecurity and eating disorders. You talk about being miserable and hating your body, and that’s sad, but again, please stop projecting your feelings onto most women who in fact don’t hate their bodies. Actually plus-sized women can be just as confident as thin girls, does that surprise you?

      And @Everyonedeservehappiness – you made me laugh with your comment that no one worries smoking is unhealthy. It’s drilled in our heads since age 3 that smoking = unhealthy. But maybe you’re European or from a country where smoking is common.

      • No I think what she is saying is that we know smoking is unhealthy but we don’t pretend to care about strangers who smoke like some people pretend to care about fat strangers health because smoking doesn’t have unattractive side effects like being obese does. So we really only “care” about strangers health because it is aesthetically unpleasing to us.

        • That makes more sense Aafje. But if a model were to do an interview talking about health but openly smoke cigarettes we would all call her out on it, right? I mean no one here genuinely cares about Stella’s health but she shoved her medical issues and weight in our face so to speak. It is ultimately her business though.

      • You have no understanding of eating disorders if you think that’s the cause. It sets the standard that skinny is “in control” and better than fat, but so do other forms of media. Really, in my case, a very stressful personal experience provoked my anorexia nervosa. I had no desire to look like a supermodel, lol.

    • Personally, I would never say anything about anyone’s weight, as it’s not my business, and really, what’s the point in hurting someone’s feelings? But having said that, I find fat to be unattractive. It’s not an “issue,” it’s how I feel. I didn’t look at the overweight girl with stretch marks in a bikini and think, “Oh how cute!” I thought, “Ewww.”

    • How do you know that she’s happy and confident? Because she posted a picture of herself in underwear on the internet? A lot of people do that, regardless of their size. It actually reeks of desperation and the need to be validated by others.

  26. There is a positve and negative side to every situation. Just as she would have received praise for this, there would also be criticism. The reality is, both sides bring up some important points.
    I think she is brave and I admire how confident she seems. The message she is sending is one of self-acceptance, in other words, loving yourself regardless of your flaws. ALL of us should love our bodies, even if it isn’t ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal.’ No matter what, positive thinking is essential.
    That however, does not imply that if we are unhealthy, we should disregard it and be happy-no, that’s just plain ignorance. So, there is a difference. If we are unhealthy, we shouldn’t complain either-it’s no excuse not to love yourself but it is a sign that you need to work on leading a healthy lifestyle.
    I know this girl’s intention wasn’t to glorify and promote bad health. The fact is that there many bigger people living in a society where being thin is desirable and she was simply saying that larger women are beautiful too (and I will add, large women who take pride in their health).
    I’m not going to judge her health by her appearance. I know many people pass of fatness as a result of laziness but biological/medical factors play a role as well. It’s not the same for everyone. I’m saying this b/c I have a friend and some accquaintances who are this girl’s size and much bigger, and I can assure you all that they eat a healthy/relatively healthy diet, they do not overeat and exercise. One of them are invovled in sports and karate and would be classified as obese.
    I know an obese girl who got almost as tiny as I am in a couple months-no extra fat anywhere, you’d never guess she was huge. I suspect she had surgery b/c THAT most definitely isn’t natural- although she looks perfectly healthy now. My point is, we aren’t experts and there is no 100% accurate way of telling who is and isn’t healthy.

  27. People talk about health but the simple fact is 99 percent of people will say Charlize vs the fat woman. Being fat isn’t seen as attractive , deal with it. Harsh but true, it’s how we all feel.

    • Agreed. Everything else is people trying to be politically correct, or wanting to appear as “kind.” Fact is, WHO would want to look like this girl? I have to laugh at the intense criticism that goes on here over some practically flawless model, but then we see a picture of a fat girl and everyone is all, “She looks great!”

      • Just because you don’t want to look like someone doesn’t mean you have to be rude to them. I don’t want to be obese but do I go up to fat people and tell them they are gross and should lose weight? No. Because I’m not an asshole.

          • I was talking about all the people she said bullied her throughout her life. She is posting this to stand up to them and tell them to f off. She doesn’t look that great, but that doesn’t mean she cant be happy and proud of herself.

          • I apologize if it sounded like I was saying you would be that rude, I was just justifying her need to make such a big statement and pose in her underwear.

    • No matter if you think it’s attractive or not, she shouldn’t have to feel bad about herself and should be able to post these pics without feeling ashamed or backlash. And some people think that fat is attractive. Perhaps not severely obese, but overweight, chubby, chunky. I mean, that may be a fact for you , but I think many folks may disagree with you

  28. i like her claiming of her body. I feel that weight is a personal issue.
    My weight is just that, MY weight – and you don’t get to talk about it.
    Am i overweight? Yes. Is this endangering my health? Maybe. Is it your business? NO. Its my body, my choice and thank you for keeping your opinions to yourself. Don’t find me attractive? Not my problem. You have no claim to my body. You do not get to have an opinion on what my body looks like – its mine, and mine alone.

    • It’s her body then let her keep it to herself, posting pictures of herself online means that people can and will comment. And btw, your tone sounds like you are pretty miserable about your size, and you come across as defensive. And weight while your weight is a personal issue, try sitting next to a 300 pound woman on an airplane/train/etc and then your weight becomes the problem of the poor bastard sitting next you you as well.

    • I grew up with overweight parents (who are now obese) and honestly it hurt me. I was constantly worried about their health and now they are sick with type 2 diabetes. I don’t understand people who neglect their health. Do you think no one loves you or worries about you?

  29. I hate that people try and hold her accountable or says that she is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. i dont know where anyone gets that idea from. never once did she mention anything like that in her interview. Its this nation skwed sense that unhealthy equals fat. Why not hold these celebrities accounting for promoting unhealthy lifestyles; Rihanna for getting back with chris brown, teaching girls that is ok to be with a man that beats you, gwenthy poltrow, who goes on extreme detox programs bc she wants to loose five pounds off her 95 lbs body for a movie opening. Hold these people accounting for their actions and words. Not someone who is simple telling you to love yourself, just that simple message.

    Plus i dont know where people get off calling her fat. she is actually very well proportion. and looks as if she carries her weight evenly around her body. i think she is sexy. and this is coming from a man, a gay one at that. and trust WE can be critically

    • You don’t understand how anyone can call her fat? She isn’t just overweight; she is clinically obese. You can see how much weight she is carrying on her abdomen alone.

      Now, if you find her sexy, that’s fine. 99% of men would not, especially those in her age group.

      • “. 99% of men would not, especially those in her age group.” Where is your source for that? you have no idea what men like. Is this guru? That is the dumbest comment I have ever read on this site. EVER. Congrats

        • I’m talking about here in the US–if you’re from another country, then it might be totally different.

          The one fear of young men is having a fat girlfriend. Fact.

          • In the US, most girlfriends are overweight (thus fat) these days. Maybe many guys would prefer their honey thinner, maybe very few, but that doesn’t seem to prevent relationships. Your theory is ridiculous.

          • I never said that fat girls don’t have relationships. But the hot guys get the hot girls. The lesser guys have to settle for the overweight girls. You know it’s true.

        • lol sorry i dont post under alibis. i think she is right, emilie you sound like you dont have that many male friends, and if you do they are the nerdy liberal arts type of males. red blooded males are attracted to women who have hotness and sexiness. thats human nature and it wont change.

    • “She is actually very well proportion. and looks as if she carries her weight evenly around her body.”

      Ya, evenly like a tire. I’m curious just where she’d have to gain weight for you to find her disproportionate. And you’re not gay man, you’re just a fat girl or a chubby chaser. I don’t know what the hell Rhianna getting her a$$ beat has to do with your rant either.

      • And being a gay man doesn’t make your opinion count more, FYI. Let’s ask the straight men who go to college with her if they find her “well proportioned and sexy.” I’m pretty sure the answer is NO, or she wouldn’t have posted her picture and angry rant.

        • I know, since when would any woman care what a gay guy thought about her body anyways? imo the opinion of a straight man would matter way more then a gay one.

        • There is more to life than getting a man on a college campus. Loving yourself and having confidence will get you A LOT further in life. Priorities out of whack

          • You missed the point. No one said that the reason women go to college is to land a man. That’s a bit absurd. I was saying that although gay men might find her sexy, most men her age do not. THAT is why she is so angry.

      • look i see where he is coming from. her body is proportionate in that she doesnt have thunder thighs+ narrow waist and huge hips. her hips and shoulders are in line and she doesnt have a cartoonish outline. if she lost weight shed have a slim fashionable figure.

  30. Normally I would never comment, but as a mother who’s daughter reads this site and as a doctor i feel like I need to share some of my knowledge.

    I have been working as a research physician in an obesity clinic at a university up here in Canada for over ten years now. I also practice at a well known eatih disorder clinic so I see both ends of the spectrum.

    The newest research we are doing is showing that size is not indicative of ones health. We have studies with over 45000 participants that have concluded that the most important indicators of a persons health are of they lead a physically active lifestyle and follow a balanced diet. The studies also showed that some people who could be considered very obese who followed the latter ( exercise 3+ times a week, healthy caloric intake) were actually cardiovascularly fitter and overall healthier that a “normal” person. Sitting on your butt eating junk and doing nothing has the same detrimental health effects as whether you are 110 or 210 pounds. Also those who’s BMI fell in the 30-35 range actually had the best outcomes for bouncing back after an illness, though research is not conclusive as to why.

    Overall my opinion is that it is incredibly naive and just kind of rude to assume how someone leads there life based on how they look. Yes obesity is a problem but it is also very complex and multifaceted, not always just lazy people who sit around and do nothing.
    My daughter is smart, healthy and beautiful, but what I try to p instill is that your mind and what’s inside is most important…society really needs to move away from being such an appearance centered construct.

    Woo rant over lol

      • Agreed JJ. I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard of this study. It would be great to see the link to that study, because every doctor that I’ve ever been to has explained that a waist size of over 35 inches equals an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health issues.

    • Emma, just because you put MD at the end of your name doesn’t actually mean you are one. Your “study” is complete BS. Trying to tell me that a VERY OBESE person can be healthier and cardiovascular fitter then someone in the normal weight range is complete make up junk. Nice try. Most obese people can’t even take a few steps without getting out of breath, and you’re telling me that they are somehow fitter?

        • I didn’t say all people i said that size was not indicative of health in those people leading healthy active lifestyles. I see it everyday in my job, whether you believe what i do or not doesn’t bother me. Here is a link where one of the studies is discussed in the Ottawa Citizen about better health outcomes for obese patients:

          Heres the other link to the study that had over 40000 participants, it was internationally collected data. Its been published in several Canadian publication but firstly in the European Heart Journal, a simplified description is found here in Time:

          I never said all “obese people” were healthier than those not considered obese, but in some cases metabolically they can be. My main point that I still defend is that you can’t judge somebody’s life style on their apperance.

          • You provided 2 links to support your views, what about the hundreds of studies/doctors/nurses who all say that being overweight to obese is a big contributor to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a host of other problems? Should all that be disregarded? And while a few obese people can be metabolically healthier then someone that’s not obese, this is not true for the vast majority of obesity cases. And my personal point of view is this. Every day, going out and about to restaurants, fast food places, and anywhere with food, I have yet to see an obese person eating a salad. Most are gorging themselves like its their last meal. And this is why, for many people its hard to believe that someone’s appearance has nothing to do with their lifestyle.

      • EmmMD comes out with the exact same claptrap that erica comes out with. All these so called studies can be put upon the internet by anyone.

        • This is a person who backs up her comment with actual studies and still it is not good enough for you. Any one can put this up? Really that is your excuse because the studies do not back up YOUR opinion? These are legitimate studies on legitimate sites. This just show how hateful you really are. You just want to hate and hide behind ‘health’ or other pathetic reasons. No you do not know if this girl is really unhealthy. Read the studies. You just like putting people down, like a bully, to make yourself feel better. That is it. And that is the point this girl is trying to make. Regardless of her size, she is a human being. And she wants to be treated like one, instead of being hated because of her size by people like you!

      • Anastasia, Emm said that it was overweight people who exercise and eat a pretty balanced diet who can be healthy. Try reading & comprehending before responding.

        • Emm said “The studies also showed that some people who could be considered VERY OBESE who followed the latter ( exercise 3+ times a week, healthy caloric intake) were actually cardiovascularly fitter and overall healthier that a “normal” person.”

          And I said “Trying to tell me that a VERY OBESE person can be healthier and cardiovascular fitter then someone in the normal weight range is complete made up junk”

          Your comment has zilch to do with what I actually said. Maybe next time actually read my comment before opening your trap.

          • Actually it can be possible.. According to BMI I qualify as obese im five foot three and weigh 187 pounds. I wear a size ten jeans, but i am fit, I just completed my fifth marathon this year last month, but if you saw me in clothes you may think I look “big” or unhealthy. This is all new research we are coming out with, and it takes a lot to change the was we’ve been taught to think about obesity for so long.

            Its important to view my comments in the context that as a doctor who specializes in obesity that Obesity refers to a BMI over 30. BMI in my professional opinion is a load of crap lol! We are currently trying to develop something better because there are so many factors to body composition that BMI does not consider.

            Oh and these studies aren’t junk on the internet… I posted summaries from news sources but the original content are journal articles, peer reviewed, and published in highly regarded medical journals.

          • @EmmMD. Sorry Emm, trying to tell me that at 5”3 and nearly 200 pounds that you’re somehow fit…. that’s INCREDIBLY hard to believe, but I guess miracles can happen. It would be the same as a 90 pound 6’3 woman telling me she’s fit/healthy. It just doesn’t happen. And to add, I really don’t see how someone can become 187 pounds by running marathons, eating healthy etc. How did you become obese in the first place?

  31. I just want to add that women with PCOS often suffer from excessive body hair, like they grow body hair as men do (thick hair on arms, chest, face). So Stella may have been teased for that as a teenager. Maybe that is why she comes across as very sensitive about her body. Being chubby plus hairy is a recipe for teasing.

  32. PCOS increases your testosterone level which often creates hypothyroidism. As a woman with PCOS I gained 43 lbs in 3 mont. Your hormones become so out of whack. I was given medicine & it took 18 months to find a good combination for my body. End of sotry. Most of you ladies sound dtupid when you speak about PCOS

    • Agreed tannis. These posters most likely have never had to deal with PCOS, hypothyroidism, or hormonal issues. Wait until some of these obviously young people hit their 30’s and 40’s, when a lot of women tend to get problems with thyroid and hormones and they gain weight NO MATTER how much they exercise of how controlling they are over their diet. Then I’d like to hear their comments about how being fat is just being lazy.

  33. No point in feigning concern for her health, I don’t give a damn. But there’s no way I will ever believe that a young girl can get that big by eating right and staying moderately active. Those stretchmarks tell a different story. If she wants to believe her own BS, that’s fine, but I doubt many others will. Get to the gym and eat less, POS may cause you to gain weight, but she didn’t get that big from having POS alone. And I don’t even know if she has POS, it may be that she’s lying about it,and just uses it as an excuse to justify her size. I’m surprised she didn’t throw in the underactive tyroid and her genes in as well. Personally, no matter how many pictures she takes of herself in a bikini, I will never find her size acceptable or be okay with it. Fat is fat, using words like “my body must be a revolution”, will never change that.

    • I’m with you. The excuses are always hormones, or thyroid, or something else completely out of their control–as if medications don’t exist to treat their alleged conditions.

      She doesn’t look good, she knows she doesn’t look good, but instead of working on it, she’s having a “body revolution” and just given up. Well, goody. Give up all you want, but don’t force the rest of us into thinking you’re hot.

      • JJ – you obviously have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Medications do not always help people with “alleged conditions”. I had hypothryoidism and was put on medication to treat it. Instead of getting better, I got worse. All of my symptoms kept getting more out of control the more my Dr’s messed with meds. And why? Because some people have problems with their adrenal glands and when you put a person like that on meds to “speed up” their thyroid, it puts too much stress on your adrenal glands and makes all of your conditions worse. The only way I was able to get my adrenal and thyroid condition under control after 2 awful and painful years of dealing with weight gain, no sleep, fatigue, loss of sex drive, depression, was to go to a holistic Dr who switched me to a completely herbal support for my adrenal and once the adrenals were back to normal, then we treated my thyroid. For you to say that someone like me is using thyroid as an EXCUSE, or that I have an “alleged condition”, or that medications can solve all problems, well it just shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. There is no one cure-all for everything. Right now, I have gotten back to feeling good, and I am back to my normal pre-thyroid weight at 5’4″, 128 lbs. but it was a long road to get back that, and I think it’s offensive that you believe that everyone is out there using thyroid as an excuse and to just shut up and take meds. Think before you speak next time.

        • You just proved my point. There ARE ways of treating your condition, as I clearly stated. Medication solved your problem, and now you are at a normal weight. Thanks for backing me up! Case closed.

          • No i just said that traditional western prescription medication didn’t help my problem and that is what most people end up taking unfortunately. The Rx made it worse by giving me an additional health problem (adrenal fatigue). So the medications made me worse. I spent 2 years trying to get better but only getting worse. It wasn’t until I went an alternative route (which most people do not know alternative methods of treatment are even possible) that I was able to start getting better. It’s funny to me how you seem to think you’re an authority on this topic & that meds are the answer to all problems. I’m assuming you’ve never been ill and realized that traditional medicine can sometimes cause more problems than help.

  34. Am I the only one who doesn’t think she’s morbidly obese? I’m pretty sure that although she would be overweight in terms of BMI she’s not fat enough to be considered obese. I feel like we’re so used to idolizing skinniness that we automatically see some fat rolls and throw the word “obese” around. Now I’m not saying she isn’t fat, but I don’t think she’s exactly a walking heart attack.
    I like her message. It’s not about promoting fat, it’s about promoting acceptance. It IS her body after all. Bullying is never ok, shaming is never ok. I was an overweight kid because I started confort eating after my mom passed away and my whole classroom would make fun of me to the point were I would pretend to be sick because I didn’t want to go to school. When I turned 15 I got sick of it and lost a lot of weight. I can’t even describe how much things changed for me. I was still the same person, but suddenly people were inviting me to parties, guys wanted to date me, etc. It felt good but it’s sad to think I was exactly the same personality wise but all of a sudden it was like I was finally deserving of attention. It made me realize how important image is (way more than it should!) very early in life.
    Bullying scars you for life, Whenever I gain some weight I’m terrified people are going to start treating me differently again. I’m an adult now and I know things don’t work quite like that anymore, but it’s just how engrained the whole thing is on my mind. I hope we’ll all be more accepting in the future, I don’t want my daughter to live her life counting calories and horrified because she got from a size 4 to a 6, like I do.
    Sorry for the rant, I just think that people who were never bullied don’t really understand the permanent damage it does to your self-esteem, or they wouldn’t be doing it. By the way, I know I sound kinda crazy, it’s a sensitive topic. I don’t have an Ed, fortunately, but I do obsess about my body way more than I should and I wish my self-esteem wouldn’t be affected by wether I gained or lost 10 pounds. But it does, because I know society will comment on it.

    • No, because I am not seeing obese either. I believe everyone should love and accept themselves no matter what stage of life they are in. I get that everyone aesthetics aren’t the same and everyone has their ideal but the thing about beauty is there is more than one type! So nobody should be bullied to the point of emotional pain. I don’t see this cause as fat celebration but fighting against the grain.

    • @Jane – Keep in mind 1 out of 3 Americans is obese. It’s common to be obese; it doesn’t mean you’re HUGE, just very overweight. I know overweight people in my family who look much smaller than this girl. So Stella is most certainly obese. But BMI is just a guideline. Something else to consider is where the fat is concentrated – around her midsection, the worst place. Her stomach is so distended it left permanent stretch marks. People with such large stomachs often have undiagnosed digestive issues (IBS, Celiacs, etc).

      I agree with everything you said about bullying. Picking on someone for their weight is the best way to give them emotional eating issues and make it worse.

  35. LOL at the hypocrites here. The same people saying we shouldn’t shame overweight people are he very same people who pick apart Kate Upton for having no waist.
    Practice what you preach.

  36. The original article she wrote just completely repelled me against any message she was trying to get across. Just because you feel hard done by doesn’t mean you can then go and throw atrocious language and bitter remarks back at those perpetrators. “THIS IS MY BODY, DEAL WITH IT.

    And ALL who tried to degrade my being and sense of self with your hurtful comments and actions.


    Perhaps if she handled herself in an eloquent manner, I’d respect her. But unfortunately all I see her as is a very resentful person. It’s either skinny or fat to her. What happens to everything in between? Body acceptance is great, yeah. But when people preach it like Stella is it really indicates to me a massive sense of insecurity.

  37. fat chicks post themselves on tumblr all the time in bikinis… WHY IS THIS REVOLUTIONARY?!?!

    I don’t find her body shocking either, fat people in skimpy clothing never bothered me. It isn’t attractive to me but it’s just layers of extra energy stored over a body.

    • Yeah, just go to stophatingyourbody for pages and pages of it. I kind of eye rolled at revolutionary even though she was being tongue-in-cheek.

  38. Victoria Beckham has POS and we all know how skinny she is. This girl isn’t going to help other people back off by shoving her own body type down everyones throats.
    That is asking for trouble. Nobody forced her to do this photo.

  39. I’m from Denmark, and I’ve got PCOS myself. PCO is when you “only” have some sort of problem with your sex hormones getting out of balance, but when it’s PCOS you also have at least two out of these three things: No periods or irregular periods, high level of testosterone and small cysts on your ovaries.

    Luckily I don’t have a high level of testorone and I can live a completely normal life, but with that said it is EXTREMELY important to maintain a normal weight and a healthy lifestyle if you suffer from PCO or PCOS. It’s brave of Stella what she’s done, but the way she looks is not at all the way a PCO-girl should look. It’s way to risky regarding for example the high risk of diabetes etc.

  40. I believe that you cannot lose weight until you start loving your body and accepting it. But I also believe that obesity should not be praised. Here is what is wrong with this: I love this idea! Love your body and accept it. It’s great. But if you stopped to think about it… we NEVER actually had healthy role models. Sure we get celebrities who claim to eat healthy and models but working in the fashion industry I can tell you how many of them cut their calories still. No, I’m talking real people who live healthy lives. Anybody here seen 13 going on 30? Jenna’s presentation for the magazine redesign is what I think needs to happen with body image and everything else. It’s always the extreme. People are either really thin or obese. This girl looks very sweet and I bet she’s great. But look at her stretch marks. Her body is suffering. Her skin cannot take her weight. Now tell me, if you love your body and you see that, how can you go on without doing something about it? Loving your body means taking care of it because you want it to be healthy. Honestly to me it sounds like this girl tried losing weight but she gave up and now she’s accepting it. All I know is that I love my body. Not even for what it looks like so much as what it can do. I move around and then I think wow, my body can do a lot. It’s amazing. I want to take care of it so it can continue being healthy. Idk that’s just my opinion.

    • yea true, we never had healthy role models bla bla but what about parents, grandparents, smart cousin, a friend..? why a model or actress you dont even know has to be your role model? thats so dumb annyway.

  41. so girl is tat. whatevery. her choice. i think that is the point. b*** , im not going to kill myself because i dont have a hot body and i exist too. i think that is the point. if i have to look skinny a–holes an pu**ys all over internet(and im not a lesbian), then you can look mine too. so i say ok, good for her. plus obesity is ilness. you cant cure sick people by pointing fingers at them or hating them. americans. you should as well shoot your ill and old people with your arsenal of guns at home, brain washed idiots.

  42. As a nurse, I come across the very sensitive subject of weight every day. I work in a cardiac ICU, and some of the things that I see would shock the pants off of everyone here. Having taken care of hundreds of patients after massive heart attacks, I can tell you with certainty that the top 3 things that cause heart disease are smoking, being overweight (even a little overweight) and family history. Now there’s just not much to be done about your family history, but the other two things are completely modifiable. I just had a 35 year old pt who had a heart attack at his family’s Christmas dinner. His 13 and 10 year old daughters watched him fall unconscious and be whisked away by EMS. They came to the hospital bawling and asking me if their daddy was dead or not. He weighed 280 lbs and worked a desk job…his last physical was 15 years prior. He had no idea he had 2 occluded coronary arteries, high cholesterol and aortic valve stenosis (which is generally irreversible) and ended up with 2 stents. No family history, no smoking. This was completely preventable. My point here is that by not being personally responsible for your health, you are not only shortening your own life but you are also affecting the lives of loved ones all around you. I agree with many of you that the road to health is by having a positive attitude about health and oneself, but knowing that you are overweight and not making an effort to remedy that situation is costly to so many. Not to mention the out of control health care costs in this country…weight control problems will bankrupt our nation. Type II diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, vascular disease…these all stem from weight problems! And yes there are other causes for these conditions but the vast majority of people end up chronically ill because they don’t take care of their weight problems. We, as taxpayers, are all footing the bill for out nation’s weight crisis by paying the obnoxious health care premiums for insurance…hospitals just can’t keep up! And the worst part about it all…if I try to provide patients with education and resources to help them reach their weight goals, only about 15% of them will even have a conversation with me about it. Many tell me “my weight isn’t a problem” when YES, IF YOUR BMI IS OVER 30 YOU ARE TOO HEAVY. Your heart is getting tired. Even over 25 is really not the best, as your disease risk drastically increases at that point. People are offended, they call me a “dumb skinny b—,” a hypocrite, they cry and say that I am mean, or they just refuse any conversation at all. Nurses and doctor are afraid to even approach the subject anymore due to this backlash! No one should be bullied or made fun of for any reason, as it’s just cruel and hurtful and not at all constructive. And I do feel for those people who struggle with their weight, as I’m sure it is not an easy battle. However the resources are available, people like myself want to help you be a healthy positive person. If people remain in denial about the health risks that being overweight brings with it, pretty soon parents will be outliving their children.

    • In response to your comment about those who are a “little overweight”.
      “The study examined the relationship between body mass index and death among 11,326 adults in Canada over a 12-year period. (BMI uses height and weight to estimate body fat.) Researchers found that underweight people had the highest risk of dying, and the extremely obese had the second highest risk. Overweight people had a lower risk of dying than those of normal weight.”


        And here is a study that proves my point… stating “an elevation in BMI of around 4kg/m2 across the life-course will increase the risk of developing the disease by 50 per cent on average.” You can find a study to back up almost any view point when it comes to the “is slightly overweight OK or not debate.” True, not all people who are slightly overweight are unhealthy, just like not all people who are underweight are unhealthy. But the vast majority of them ARE. I’m sorry that you had to battle with an eating disorder, as that is also a terrible struggle on the other side of the weight spectrum. We all need to realize that there is not a single catch-all answer to the questions of what is a healthy weight, and that the standards are based on the majority. And trust me, even if you are only overweight and not obese, you are putting additional stress on all your internal organs and putting yourself at higher risk for disease. This does not mean you are a bad or ugly person. And many people are incredibly naive about their health and need help and guidance from a doctor, as doing individualized testing and labs is the only way to determine whether or not a person is truly healthy. People should consult an actual physician for a health assessment rather than going online and googling things.

  43. As someone who suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and is now in the best shape of her life (aside from a little exercise compulsion that aggravates my health conditions), I commend Stella. Everyone should love his or her body and respect it for the machine that it is, because otherwise it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with food. Shaming people for their weight rarely changes their behavior. Only they know their health. If they are unhealthy, then they have to make that change for themselves on their own terms; that’s how I “grew out” of my eating disorder.

    Not to mention, a study, (WHICH YOU CAN EASILY SEARCH AND IS FOUND ON SCIENCE DAILY), states that those who are underweight have the highest risk of dying, followed by those who are obese, then by those who are of normal weight, and lastly those who are overweight (they think because of a better immune response). So, really, think about that before you criticize a chunky girl for her “health” (we all know that’s an excuse anyway intended to mask your own discomfort with fat).

    • Speaking to both sides of the conversation, throwing out stats and scientific facts about weight don’t really hold a lot of it. There are so many variables that affect their validity. Like anything else there are half-truths in there, but to say that this is 100% true all the time doesn’t work. There are a lot of risks to being overweight due to lifestyle, just as there are for being unnaturally underweight. Even the people who *are* naturally thin might have health problems too.

      • Agreed Lisa. The problem with studies is there are many of them and they all vary. One year they say that being A is good, the next year they say that being A is bad and being B is good. Although unrelated, just look at the whole caffeine debate, one year a study noted that its healthy to drink 4 cups of coffee a day, while in the next year another study noted that drinking that same amount causes serious health issues. There are so many variables, which is why there are so many different studies with different results all about the same issue.

      • Obviously. I was simply countering the opinion, which is practically irrefutable in some circles, that being overweight leads to health problems. Not necessarily true.

  44. I get her point, but I have to agree with those who say that health is more important than curves.

    I recently lost 20 pounds – I wish those who are overweight and justify it by labelling themselves as “curvy” could feel how HEALTHY you feel, just by loosing 10% of your weight (what I did, doctor directed).

    I don’t loose my breath, I am way more mobile and can give my puppy a run for her money. I would rather be an average weight and healthy than obese and denial and call myself curvy because it seems to be the cool thing to do. Take control of your health – when all of these girls have diabetes and their joints are failing from holding up that much weight, they will regret putting in a little effort to be healthy.

  45. Hey C- I promise you I have never secretly envied a chunky girl for health reasons (hahahah).

    Unless your study is right, and chunky girls don’t….die?

  46. Oh many comm. !

    Well 2 points, one…is not about size that we should care but about health, if you are healthy then be whatever size you wish, duh ! Good girl.

    Second, i think if you post self made photos with your underweare on international network…well you scream for attention and aplause and that’ s lame even if you say: i am confident, you are not. Here-bad girl. 🙂

  47. Okay, well. Her body is not my body. Thank god, because PCOS sucks a dick and a half, and nobody should have to deal with all of the havoc it wrecks on your system. If you read the bolded message, she’s absolutely right. There is zero justification for bullying, even if you’re behind a computer screen.

    Proportionate, healthy or normal aren’t words that I would use here, though. But judging by the comments, she’s right about another thing: this stirred the pot, Fat girl takes her clothes off, the world ends. The Mayans were off by a bit. 😉

    Just to end on a slightly catty note, per this site’s requirements: Marilyn and Hello Kitty… How old are you again? Chances are she also posts about Marilyn’s curvacious size 16 body that doesn’t exist.

  48. Like some of you, I never comment on blogs, but felt the need to comment on this one. I’m an attorney, and I sit at my desk for about 10 hours a day. I have to fix my hair, put on makeup, and wear high heels most days, except for Fridays, when it’s casual Friday. As much as it pains me, I have accepted that to be a successful woman in this male-driven field (and believe me, although law school classes are about half women, it is still male-driven), I have to look “nice”. And the reason for it has little to do with how I am perceived by men, and more to do with how I am perceived by women. Men are easy. Women are harder. Like it or not, competence is determined by a quick once-over. When I interviewed for different firms right after law school, I could practically see the interviewing attorneys (usually women) thinking to themselves, nice hair? check. nice smile? check. manicured nails? check. heels? check. brooks brothers suit? check. pearls? check. thin? check. Like it or not, that’s the reality. My point is (yes, I do have one) society is the way society is, and it’s not entirely unreasonable. It is very difficult to change, no matter how valiant the effort. I celebrate this woman for encouraging acceptance. However, I also encourage her to live a more healthy lifestyle. For everyone suggesting she’s healthy, I respectfully disagree. She’s overweight. No sugar coating. And trust me, your body can’t turn nothing into mass. So to be overweight, she has to be over-eating (absent disease or illness. Haven’t figured out whether she has PCOS as some of you suggest). It’s so simple to be healthy that it’s a little maddening to watch someone willfully choose not to be. You know that feeling you get when you’re sober (or slightly buzzed) at a bar and you notice someone getting absolutely wasted for no apparent reason? That’s what it feels like to me when I watch an overweight person eat a huge piece of cake for example. Because at the end of the day, you can eat like a queen and still be thin. My typical day: Breakfast: coffee and two scrambled eggs with cheese. Lunch: tomato soup and rice crackers and a sliver of pie. Dinner: glass of wine, half a ribeye, and grilled asparagus. I do 35-60 minutes on the elliptical about 3x a week and a calisthenics video with light weights about once a walk. I love to take walks with my boyfriend. It’s so easy! I recognize that people over eat or under eat for different reasons, and believe that if you have an emotional reason for over/under eating, you should seek a bit of therapy. Some days, when a client has been rude, or my boss has jumped my butt, I would LOVE to dig into a GIANT piece of chocolate cake and just cry. But I don’t. Other days, when I’m on deadline, or I’ve been faced with something particularly challenging, I just want to go straight to bed without dinner. But I don’t. Because food and water are nothing more than nourishment and hydration for me to keep living on this Earth. And ps, I’m sure this post will be met with backlash, and I sincerely apologize if I have offended anyone. Not my intention.

  49. She doesn’t look appealing to me. She doesn’t look healthy. She doesn’t look nice. I don’t say skeleton would look any better. I prefer healthy looking body and that’s not anything like this.

    People who are severaly overweight seem to come around more and more these days with “accept it”. It’s not any better than is the glamorizing of impossibly thin people. And they always come out with the victim setting. “I’m the huge victim, I’m being bullied.” I’m very sure that most of these huge people feel it’s bullying if anyone, including their family members, as much as dared to say “how about you ate a bit less sugar, a little more healthily, such as vegetables and moved, you’re looking a bit heavy, would like to see you healthier.” BULLY!!!! Accept me!!! This is meeeee!!!

    The most insane idea for me was that art show of insanely huge women, trying to define “new beauty standard” Why does it has to be unhealthy extremes always? Why can’t it be sensible, healthy and normal?

    And, the fact is, people are cruel. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Bigger people probably bully thinner people just as much (for revenge, but they’re entitled, surely….. (not)). People bully others based on ANYTHING that’s different – age, race, outlooks, money, stuff, clothes, lifestyle, hobbies, friends… anything is a weapon.

    It’s a nice thing someone has energy to go on a war and try to change things. Unfortunately, it’s far more likely that these people burn out before they can achieve any real change.

  50. I LOVE HER … wish all of us could feel the same way. It is exhausting to not be ok with the way you look and sooner or later if you dont accept yourself and embrace what you got insecurity will destroy you… believe me it will.

  51. i may not like the way she looks, but i do agree with her message. her weight is nobody’s business but her own. one of the most annoying things on this site has to be the criticism that people look “unhealthy”. the reason it bothers me more when the comments refer to the fatter celebrities that way is because i’m willing to bet a majority of the commenters here could care less if someone like Melissa McCarthy is healthy or not. most people just feel uncomfortable with the aesthetic aspect of someone being heavy (or thin). it also seems that a lot of people get cynical and defensive when someone overweight claims to be happy with themselves. that’s kind of sad.

    anyway, i know that when i comment on this site, i’m usually more concerned with the way the person looks rather than their actual health, even when they’re super-skinny. however, just like i don’t want to see some emaciated chick prancing around in a bikini, i don’t want to see a fat girl in her underwear either, i’m not going to sugar-coat it. but i’m also not going to make fun of the way she looks and insult her, whilst pretending that i’m doing so out of concern for “her health”. if she truly is happy with herself than good for her, but in my experience people who post pictures of themselves on the internet scantily clad are usually the opposite of confident (and i don’t mean because she’s fat either. Rihanna and Kim Kardashian come to mind as people who do the same thing and they’re not fat).

    • Loved your comment so much! I also dislike the whole ‘She’s not healthy and that’s worrying’ very much. Every person’s health is their own concern and no one else’s.
      I also agree that we shouldn’t justify our comments towards one body type or another by commenting on how unhealthy or at risk they are.

      Very well said

  52. A lot of the comments on this post make me want to share this (It was written by alanaisreading on tumblr):

    The fundamental mistake that most thin people make regarding fat people is that they make the assumption that all bodies work the same way that their own does. The naturally thin among us look at a fat person and think, “I’d have to eat nothing but cheeseburgers and milkshakes all day long to weigh that much. Therefore, that person must eat cheeseburgers and milkshakes all day long.”

    It doesn’t work that way. Most fat people eat the same basic three meals a day that thin people eat. Despite what you have seen on tv and in movies, fat people do not shove food in their faces all day every day. In most cases, they eat the same things that thin people eat, but their bodies simply process it differently. But fat people are labelled as “disgusting” and “pigs” because they are only ever shown from a thin person’s point of view, based on these false assumptions.

    Fat people can be guilty of this mistake too. Sometimes we see someone very thin and, knowing that we would have to stop eating entirely and exercise obsessively in order to be that thin, we assume that the thin person must be anorexic, when they may just be naturally thin.

    The difference is, in our culture, thin people are assumed to be morally superior. These wrong assumptions about how body size happens paint the thin as disciplined and the fat as lazy, when the reality is that there are as many lazy and undisciplined thin people as there disciplined ones, and there are as many disciplined and active fat people as there are lazy ones.

    “But every time I’m out I see fat people shoving food in their faces.” Really? And you never see thin people eating in public? Are you sure you aren’t just noticing the fat people because you started with the assumption that fat people eat all the time, and every time you see a fat person eating, you take special notice of that as proof that you are correct?

    Some people will always be naturally thin, no matter how much junk food they cram in their faces, and some people will always be naturally fat, no matter how little they eat or how much they exercise. The naturally thin may gain weight now and then, but their bodies will always eventually settle into being their own natural thin size. The naturally fat can lose weight, but eventually will gain it all back as their body regains its natural shape.

    Attaching moral weight to a person’s body size will always be wrong. When you think that thin people are better than fat people, you may as well be saying that tall people are better than short people, or blue-eyed people are better than brown-eyed people.

    The truth is that people are people, and all of them should be treated equally.

    • This is a wonderful comment, Warda. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish people were more willing to look at others with kindness and compassion.

      • I have no idea why you’re so paranoid that everyone with a viewpoint I have is erica. I’m not the first person in the comment here that you’ve claimed is erica.

        Why is it so baffling to you that there are people who don’t despise fat people, who know that fat people aren’t some horrifying menace that should be berated every time there’s an opportunity to do so? There’s more of us out there than you think. Are you afraid that those like me and erica will actually spread a kind message of acceptance of all types of people, everything I’ve seen from her is kind and I try not to be abrasive as well, and it will somehow make whatever cruel thing you’re trying to say seem less legitimate? Is this message of kindness such a formidable opponent to yours that you have no real counter argument and the only way you can try to hold your ground is by pretending only one person feels this way? There’s many of us out there and that must be frightening to you, but trying to pretend we’re just an army of one won’t accomplish anything.

        Also: You would have no idea of my writing style from my original comment because, as I said, it was something posted by alanaisreading which is a blog on tumblr, so even claiming I “you sound exactly the same erica” makes no sense.

  53. She is FAT. And she is fat because she is STUPID and WEAK. Only people like that put crap into their mouths and overeat themselves. Being overweight, unless you’re sick of course, comes from lack of moderation in eating. Food is not to be treated as a hobby. It is to give you strength and energy. You should eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Eat healthy organic food, and have one dessert a day. If she’d done that she would be about 50 pound lighter. Slim is healthy, fat is unhealthy lazy and a looooooser. Period.

    • im sorry but you’re an ididot; did you not read her story?? she has polycistic ovarian syndrome.

      i just cannot even deal with the amount of stupidity in this comment. oh my goodness. she is not fat because she is stupid and weak. jesus.

      • The only idiot is you. As many have already pointed out POS is not an excuse. Victoria Beckham has POS and she is skinny. You are talking out of your backside.

        • lets just think about all the money and resources victoria has compared to what stella has……

          everyone is different. not everyone loses weight the same way. I understand that her weight is very likely unhealthy and that it is not the most aesthetically pleasing to many people but calling her stupid and weak takes this to a level that it doesn’t need to.

  54. I am ALL for people being comfortable with their bodies. I think you should put on a swimsuit if you want to regardless of a dimple of cellulite. Love yourself if you’re not perfect because no one is. My issue is with health though. Not “size” I have read so many comments (and this can come from too thin or too heavy either way) but the first step of LOVING yourself is taking good care of your body. Eating enough calories too.

    I believe if you try to eat healthy and get moderate exercise that your body regulates to a standard of what is “good” for you. If that’s a size 6, or 4, or 12 ( I am just giving examples of course)

    As for this girl, I applaud her for showing herself for what she is and not being ashamed. I don’t believe anyone should be bullied no matter what someone thinks about their looks. If she’s happy and healthy then good for her.

  55. Is her body, who cares! If you wanna be thin and healthy, it’s ok. Is you wanna do this for someone else is a huge mistake. If you are in the process to lose weight, just accept who you are now and you will be thin and PLEASE, healthy in body and soul. I’m sick of girls starving herselves and considering thin or tall as beautiful.

  56. I applaud her bravery and I agree that, regardless of our opinions, mean comments are never justifiable. The point of the campaign is not to force society to find her beautiful, but to encourage kindness and respect towards overweight people (as should be with any other human being) by keeping our criticism to ourselves when no one’s asked for it.

    I find it great that she has found a way around the bullying and not let it disturb her mental health. I hope this makes it possible for her to move on to watching her physical health just as closely, and remain a role model for other people in this regard too, for many more years.

  57. This kind of posts annoy me so bad. You are fat, congrats. Whenever a normal, healthy woman posts a bikini pic like this no one cares. And I don’t mean skinny celebs with eating disorders, but someone hot toned and curvy. No one wants to see a big oversized pig with stretchmarks. That’s just not the world we live in.

  58. Wow, I must address the hypothyroidism issue. Some people say it is a valid excuse for being over weight and despite ANY effort, you cannot lose weight. Both my mother and my older sister have this condition and they gained a lot of weight once they got a bit older and the condition worsened. However, with medication and eating a very strict and healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, they both are a healthy weight. They are definitely not stick skinny, but they are healthy. My sister is 5’5″ and 130 pounds and my mother is 5’4″ and 136 pounds. They both were above 160 at one point. I am not saying this is for every single circumstance, but it IS possible to be a healthy weight if you work hard enough and take proper medications.

  59. I think this girl is really beautiful and I would date her in a heartbeat. She is not obese but is overweight but for me I like girls that have a little extra to offer. I am in no way trying to celebrate people being fat (which she is not) because in my line of work I see tons of people who do not take care of themselves and the health consequences that go along with it. For them it is a slow painful death. The one negative I see in this picture as mentioned above that it may empower people to keep themselves obese or to keep eating to the point where they become obese because it is “accepted”. One example of this is that when I met my wife she was about this girls size and they strikingly look a lot similar in the face(which is probably why I think she is hot) but my wife has become morbidly obese in the course of 10 years now. She went from 5’2′ 160 lbs to 240 lbs. I still love her but I can’t help but wonder if this will send the wrong message to people. Anyways, you look good girl!

  60. I think that we should start paying attention on the between of the fat x thin thing. There’s the normal. HEALTHY. Being way too thin and way too fat are both really bad.

    • In agreement with Vanessa and others who have made similar comments: the point is, every one, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, should strive for health. Vanity is not the issue here. I have suffered from anorexia and bulimia myself, and when I think about the people in my life who have suffer/suffered with cancer, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimers, and more, it makes me feel very ashamed to think that I had a psychological and self-inflicted illness at one point. Health is the key. Unfortunately for Stella, and all the other “love-yourselfers”, a healthy body, in general, is one that is lower in fat with a moderate amount of muscle tone. That’s just the science behind it. Sorry (this apology is actually sincere, I promise). In my opinion, this girl is very brave for saying “Eff you!” to hateful people. On the other hand, by embracing her obesity (again, scientifically, she is obese), she is hiding behind the self-love movement to avoid reality. I am of the belief that obesity is another manifestation of something lying under the surface, much like anorexia, alcoholism, sex addiction, etc.. People aren’t accidentally obese. It takes some effort. I genuinely wish this girl some perspective, for her health’s sake. And to everyone commenting that we don’t know if she’s healthy because we aren’t her doctor– she might be healthy, for now. However, (here I go again with that darn science bit), studies have proven time and time again what obesity leads to. So let’s stop avoiding the elephant in the room.

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