Bridget Malcolm Stopped Obsessing about Her Size and Gained Weight

Bridget Malcolm Stopped Obsessing about Her Size and Gained Weight 1

Bridget Malcolm, the 26 year-old Victoria’s Secret model who has been criticized for looking too thin and obsessing too much over achieving a skinny look, has recently admitted in lengthy blog post that she’s been struggling with self hate and over-obsessing about thinness – but no more. Here are some highlights:

In August this year I made myself a promise. It was time to make peace with my body. I threw away my scales, my measuring tape and my body checking. I threw away all my clothes from when I was at my smallest. I deleted all the gym selfies from my instagram, and all of the “progress” shots from my phone. Basically, I wanted no point of reference any more of a time when I was smaller, or larger. I just wanted to stop looking in mirrors and telling myself that I was “too fat”, and “not doing enough”.

So I began to relax into eating well; healthily, because I feel better that way, but no longer skipping meals, and no longer restricting volume. I let go of any attempt to diet, and stopped having foods that were “bad” or “good”. I stopped allowing guilt to exist, and I stopped hard workouts altogether.

I cannot tell you how many times I went to bed with my head whirling – trying to get me to latch onto how much I ate at dinner, or during the day, or trying to convince myself to change my diet, start training hard again, start tracking my size, just start doing more.

Because the fact is, life is way too short to be focused on the exterior. Time spent worrying about your size is time wasted. There are far bigger fish to fry in the world than your thigh size. There are so many better uses for your brain.

I have gained weight. And I do not give a fuck about it. My life is so much more than my jean size. And every day when that voice in my head tries to tell me I am worthless, it gets a little easier to shut it down. I am setting myself free slowly.

Honestly I have been kind of leading a double life when it comes to by body image. I have pretended that everything is fine and that I love life, all whilst struggling in private with serious self hate.

Read her entire blog post HERE!

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Bridget Malcolm Stopped Obsessing about Her Size and Gained Weight 2

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33 thoughts on “Bridget Malcolm Stopped Obsessing about Her Size and Gained Weight”

    • When you’re a model your main job is selling products. Often that requires a very strict diet but I think in Bridget’s case (and Nina Agdal’s) they got burnt out and were approaching the end of their careers age-wise so they make statements like these to justify why they’re no longer working.

      • I didn’t get that sense from her comments at all. In fact, I found them refreshingly honest and believable, not a justification of why they are no longer working.

  1. Never liked her as a model, but I sincerely wish her all the best for this new journey. As someone who used to restrict heavily in order to be as skinny as my classmates back in HS, I can relate. At some point, you just can’t do it anymore.

  2. She is describing her eating disorder here yet I went to read more on her blog and the first post/most recent is someone asking for advice for their friend suffering from an eating disorder and her response is she has never had an eating disorder so doesnt know. lol

    And I quote from her blog… she says: I have never had an eating disorder. I have definitely had my share of disordered eating, and evil, commanding voices in my head, but thankfully never a fully blown eating disorder. So I can’t really speak from experience too strongly here

    • She probably either thinks that only people who end up hospitalised have “real” EDs or she hasn’t been formally diagnosed and is relying on that technicality.

      • You can have l disordered eating and also restrict your consumption without having an eating disorder. If she didn’t personally feel guilty for gaining weight or eating normally but did restrict her diet for job opportunities that isn’t an eating disorder.

        • good comment. i also think she didnt have an ED. plus, is not so easy to “recover” form an ED as she stopped her restricted eating

    • yeah I think there is a misconception about what an eating disorder is, and the clinical definitions don’t help… the DSM specifies low body weight for anorexia and a frequency of binge/purge for bulimia… when the reality is whether or not you fit those criteria, these are MENTAL disorders and you can be suffering inside no matter what behaviors or symptoms you display on the outside. It truly is an internal struggle and no one has the right to categorize you based on what they perceive you to be going through.. only you know. This is something I hate about the mental health industry (yes it’s an industry), they try to give you a label so you fit neatly in their little diagnosis box and then they just run down a checklist of different ways to “fix” you… almost never works and actually makes many sicker. It truly takes a lot of inner strength and courage to heal yourself and theres no way around that. even though Bridget might be in denial that she had an eating disorder, I’m glad she’s doing the hard work of getting better.

      • The DSM-V did improve upon the criteria thankfully. Amenorrhea is no longer required for Anorexia Nervosa , which makes it inclusive to boys and men, girls who haven’t gotten their period yet, girls/women that use birth control that limits or prevents their period, pregnant women and women who have gone through menopause. It also reduced the B/P frequency for Bulimia Nervosa from twice a week to once a week for at least three months, as well as made Binge Eating Disorder it’s own official illness instead of being part of EDNOS–which has been refined as well.

        This is a link to the criteria for EDs:

        • that’s all great to hear! i do know multiple women who suffered from anorexia who were overweight though , so still not completely inclusive..

  3. She gained weight because she only eats salad and is obsessed with eating as little as possible, no carbs, and is not doing the right workouts. Sounds like she has damaged her metabolism, on top of not naturally having the body frame or type of a typical model. She’s like an average looking Elsa, and also loves posting pics of herself looking as skinny as possible.

    Romee and jasmine are skinnier than this girl, but they focus on building muscle and fueling themselves properly.

    • For all we know, those 2 could very well have similar issues. They’re not that muscular either, they just look super toned because their bf% is so low, which can’t be achieved without some sort of restriction.

      • You can’t be counting calories, eating minuscule portions everyday and be as happy and as vibrant as Jasmine or Romee. Not sure why every one on this site thinks skinny = eating disorder or that someone with disordered eating must be the skinniest. You can look up the workouts jasmine and romee both do. They’re not body builders but they are strong. Romee lifts more than Ashley graham and struggles less during her workouts, is extremely consistent, can support her entire body weight on just her arms. They also have smaller bone structures, allowing them to have more muscle on their bodies and still be a smaller size.

      • You’re actually trying to tell me jasmine tookes of all people has an eating disorder. Ok. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

        Not saying everyone can be as thin or as toned as her, like I’ve mentioned jasmine has a small bone structure. I’m calling out the elsa and Bridget type women who are trying to stay as thin as possible even though their body structure does not agree (yes they are “big boned” compared to jasmine or lais). They usually end up yoyo dieting, eating only salad, and then “working out” like doing yoga for 15 mins a day because they don’t have any energy to do a real workout. And no just because someone is thinner does not mean they are restricting more. IF you seriously think that you might be suffering from disordered eating yourself

        • Wow, someone is offended, sorry about that. I never claimed that either of them have EDs, I just said that they could have similar issues, such as feeling a lot of pressure to look the way they do (like Bridget described). You’re completely overreacting here, and throwing around a diagnosis based on a single comment is crazy. Calm down.

          • and I could say Ashley graham might have type two diabetes and everyone would say it’s rude of me – and yes that would be rude. You’re the one assuming negative things about other people because of your own experience. I’m sorry you felt the need to starve yourself in the past. But just because a certain size is unhealthy for you doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy for someone else. It would be unhealthy for me to be Rihanna’s current size, but she’s thriving, beautiful, energetic. It would be beyond rude for me to call her “overweight” just because that’s overweight for my body type. Btw Rihanna looks fabulous

          • I didn’t starve myself, please stop putting words in my mouth. I said I restricted, which meant not having bread or chocolate every day (as a European, I love those things so it sucked for me). Obviously a different level than Bridget’s struggle but still restriction by definition. I didn’t say Jasmine or Romee are unhealthy, I didn’t say they have EDs, those are straw men you came up with. Anyway, I think we just have to agree to disagree here, which is fine.

          • Aren’t you the one who got offended because I called out Ashley graham for only being able to squat 10 pounds. Do you hunty

          • I said: Bridget eats only salad
            You: for all we know those two could have similar issues
            Seriously give me an example and back up your statement with evidence. I can think of plenty of examples of Bridget’s disordered eating and thinking – that’s really the only reason she’s ever featured. For the one thousandth time, I’m saying Bridget shouldn’t strive to be stick thin because of her bone structure. She’s also quite shapeless so putting on muscle mass would do wonders for her, but when you’re terrified of weight gain, the thought of gaining 10-15 pounds of muscle is horrifying. WHile she does not have “excess” fat I can see why she keeps trying to starve because her body fat percent is not super low. When you starve you get to a point where the body will not let go of fat. She doesn’t need to lose that fat at all (everyone has fat), but if she wanted to get leaner she would need to gain muscle, do more strength work.

            But you people trying to make this about how women thinner than her must starve themselves just as much or even more.

    • It baffles me that someone could read this honest expression of struggle and persuit of internal strength, and then have the audacity to post a response like this. Comparing her to Romee and whoever, is extremely inappropriate and downright cruel.

      • I wasn’t comparing her. Wow people on this site have serious comprehension issues but OK. I was saying she shouldn’t strive to be a super skinny model, she’s never going to look like Vlada roslyakova and that’s OK she shouldn’t have to. You realize she was eating nothing but salad to try and look like that right? Bridget should eat a more balanced diet, a vegan diet is balanced but hers is not, and focus on building strength. This would mean putting on a lot more weight on the scale than this artificial snall amount of fat gain from her metabolic damage. Apparently this is offensive.

      • Not sure why everyone here needs to be a butt hurt first without even understanding my point. I’m saying: not everyone needs to be super skinny, find what works for you. Vita sidorkina – looked awful at her thinnest, looks like she suffered an eating disorder, but now gained muscle and shape and looks a thousand times better. Bridget will never learn look as good because aside from being plain af she’s too obsessed with eating only salad with no carbs and doing tons of cardio. She’ll never look like a high fashion model, but doesn’t want to work hard to put on the right curves

  4. She must have gained like 3 pounds, and she looks one hundred thousands time better. ..who even suggested her to lose more? do they have eyes??
    anyways I think the post itself is all PR to keep her popular (sigh),and those glasses are very ugly and annoying imo

  5. It’s good she finally acknowledged what we all saw between the lines. She wrote before that she’s eating 1500 kCal a day, which doesn’t seem enough for her activity level. Her advice to others is often sensible and she always recommends seeing a professional, though. I think admitting she (still) has problems and working on them is the way to go. Not only is it good for her health, it also makes her look more credible as a nutritionist, which I believe she’s in school for.

  6. She looks great in the above photos. Not sure if that ie before or after the weight gain. She looks very sexy, pretty smile and a nice body.

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