Brooke Shields – “Preserving that sexy bod”

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Brooke Shields has a little something to share about how she looks great at age 44:

Preserving that sexy bod.
“Having two kids helps. You eat less for some reason because you end up picking at what they had to eat and don’t eat real food. I’ve always danced and I spin and I love doing yoga. I don’t exercise every day, but in New York, it’s easier because we walk everywhere. So we’re walking all the time. I make my kids do that too.”

But she’s not a fitness fanatic.
“It’s sort of a cliche, but it’s definitely been post-children and just surviving my 30’s. It sounds so granola, but I sort of celebrate what I do have rather than what I don’t have. You spend so many of your early years, or I did, focusing on the things that I wasn’t. I was never petite. I was always getting unfavorably compared to other people. Finally, I started saying, ‘You know what, I am going to wear heels. I don’t care if I’m 6′4″ when I wear heels. Why should I compromise?’ There’s something freeing about not wanting to look 22 anymore. So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve given myself a little bit more of a break.”

… says Brooke in Parade Magazine.

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13 thoughts on “Brooke Shields – “Preserving that sexy bod””

  1. love her. she sounds pretty grounded regarding the whole body image issue

    also i think that when you have kids you get so busy that you don’t have time to partake in all of the mindless eating/munching that you used to

  2. Eating your kids’ leftovers and no real meals is not a healthy attitude though. It’s a type of letting yourself go, in a restrictive way. If that makes any sense lol, I hope you know what I mean.

  3. What sexy body, she has looked like a man for like 15 years, i can’t believe she manages to maintain her celeb status without doing anything of value.

    As far as I can remember her crowning achievements were having sex with her brother in the blue lagoon, showing her v—- before “camel toe” was coined, staring in 2 canceled shows and some toothpaste commercials.

  4. Uh i hate to look at moms picking at the food their kids have left over or are still in the process of eating. It makes me feel like they want to appear busy and important even during mealtimes by not being one of the people eating but more of a person in control of what’s happening. I shouldn’t hate on them bc especially if you have small kids you ARE busy quite likely, but it’s just something i hate, i want everyone to sit and eat at meal time (when the kids are big enough to join the table with the family, and not having to necessarily feed them), if it’s not like that, i like to eat alone thankyouverymuch. Other than that, she sounds reasonable enough.

  5. i always thought she had a gorgeous face! i like her honesty and i agree, we should love what we have instead of what we dont! I’m going to try and work on that.
    I am short. and sick of wishing to be taller to have long legs, but i am just going to try love my strong britney legs (which i usually hate wearing pants without heels cuz i feel they are huge) and just rock my jeans and sneakers now because at least they are in shape and muscular and finish with a pert bum. ugh. sorry for the rant if anyone read that!
    but feel free for others to also turn around their negative thoughts! lol
    what is the point in wishing we were something else when there is no one correct equation for attractive! its is so subjective!

  6. Brooke Shields is so beautiful and seems so sweet. How can I say anything bad about her? I can level with her about the kids leftovers. I’ve been rushed and out the door with what feels like just a few scraps of whatever meal I made my two kids. It’s not a habit, but hey, it happens…

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