Coco Got a Boob Job Becaus She Didn’t Want to Be Considered Fat

article-0-1D3E53AA00000578-802_634x7421 - Coco Got a Boob Job Becaus She Didn't Want to Be Considered Fat

On why she got a boob job yeas ago:

The reason I got my boobs done is because I wanted to take the attention away from my hip area, because I felt like I had big hips. Back then, if you had a butt that meant you were fat, and I didn’t want to be considered fat.

… says 35 year-old reality TV star.

More of Coco working out.


article-0-1D3E5DD300000578-785_634x5301 - Coco Got a Boob Job Becaus She Didn't Want to Be Considered Fat  article-0-1D3E599200000578-690_634x8071 - Coco Got a Boob Job Becaus She Didn't Want to Be Considered Fat

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36 thoughts on “Coco Got a Boob Job Becaus She Didn’t Want to Be Considered Fat”

  1. I don’t know what to think of her body. Her top half doesn’t look bad, but her legs… they are so muscled yet fat at the same time! If she had thinner legs and the same top half she would look (almost) thin. I don’t know, she’s obviously proud of her body so good for her. Wish I could be so confident. But I think the b❆❆bs are too big. And that outfit is super tacky.

    • I think she is just one of those people who is genetically predisposed to having cellulite. She is obviously very fit (despite the extreme proportions), but sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t get rid of cellulite. My mother and grandmother both have a lot of it, and I have had it on my legs since I was 12 years old. Despite the fact I eat a healthy diet and am an avid runner it has gotten worse over the years, I hate it but I have it. You may not be a fan of the way she looks but kudos to her for her confidence.

        • What helped me a lot (though I accepted it will never go away completely) was using a cellulite roller every morning&evening for 5 minutes per side. 20 minutes a day well spent 🙂

      • Same thought over here, I also think she’s built to get rather “bulky” by working out and I also get the cellulite part. Even in my healthiest and “clean eating” times when I was doing sports on serious competition level I’ve had cellulite and have never been a thin little fairy. Still I think she went overboard with the b❆❆b size, it doesn’t help tone down her frame at all.

    • I don’t think she had a– implants..

      i’ve seen pix for her doing squats with HEAVY weight.. and she has perfect form

      the a– is a muscle.. can grow.. unlike b❆❆bs (fat)

      and I used to have almost no butt.. after 3 years of working out.. now I am super proud of my perky butt XD thanx to lunges – squats – spinning

      i’ll put the pix.. but they will take some time 2 be approved and visible

  2. She is mostly muscle so it shouldn’t be hard for her to burn off the fat with more cardio. I think she just naturally has a curvy body, so it’s probably really easy for her to put on weight. My issue is the overdone b❆❆bs and the way she dresses.

      • cardio burns calories… if you burn more calories than you take in, weight loss happens. pretty simple formula. cardio absolutely aids in weight loss.

    • ehhhh…. I would really hesitate to classify her as “mostly muscle.” She’s roughly built similar to me (minus the breast implants, obviously, but I do have a 43″ booty)– but as often as she shows herself working out with those weights, she should have a lot more definition, especially arms/back/shoulders. You can’t see any indication of traps or lats, and her triceps are at best lacking. And for someone who claims to have a 24″ waist, she has no abs. When she’s using the yoga ball, her waist looks almost as thick around as her hips/booty, so I kinda doubt that she’s truly 24″….

  3. lmao. coco. how i adore you. she actually comes off as totally sweet, if anyone’s ever watched her and ice’s show. they’re so cute.

  4. GYMNAST…Y. I think those shorts are pretty tacky. I was never a fan of billboard bum advertisements. Like Juicy sweats, ick.

  5. I love her! I have a similar body. Not quite as big with the booty and hips and no implants but similar shape. I do power yoga 3 times a week, cardio twice a week, sand volleyball once a week, I eat between 1400-1900 calories a day depending on how active I was that day…..I am still 200 lbs at 5’10”. I have fat and LOTS of muscle. I have just accepted my shape 🙂 I really like Coco’s attitude about her body!

  6. well its true, whenever a woman has large breasts it automatically elevates her to the title ‘curvy’ , look at scarlett johansson, kate upton they both have large breasts but i dont think either of them are particularly shapely , kate has no waist and scarlett has a pretty average body…same for christina hendricks shes quite heavy but if you took away her implants she’d just be considered ‘fat and pear shaped’…

  7. Of course the outfit is very tacky, but I can kind of appreciate that kind of style. I think she’s rather sweet and harmless, and I would kill for that butt tbh.

  8. I think she has a healthy attitude about her body. She works out instead of starving herself.
    Yes she got muscles and in my opinion that´s way better to be a bit thicker and firm. Then to be a skinny fat person where the butt is saggy and the whole body is like jello,
    More power to strong girls who dare to brake the mould of what society considers beauty.

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