Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: ‘Thinspo model for impressionable tweens’

wenn22770076 - Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: 'Thinspo model for impressionable tweens'

Last weekend, 19 year-old Zendaya attended the Kids Choice Awards and her appearance did not go unnoticed. 37 year-old actress/comedienne Julie Klausner decided to start a tirade of harsh insults on Twitter targeting the teenager’s slender frame. Check them out below:

Untitled-23 - Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: 'Thinspo model for impressionable tweens'

Untitlded-2 - Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: 'Thinspo model for impressionable tweens'

FFN_vcv_51994841 - Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: 'Thinspo model for impressionable tweens'

Pictured: Zendaya at Kids’ Choice Awards 2016.


FFN_vcv_51994988 - Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: 'Thinspo model for impressionable tweens' FFN_vcv_51994992 - Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: 'Thinspo model for impressionable tweens'

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33 thoughts on “Comedienne Julie Klausner about Zendaya: ‘Thinspo model for impressionable tweens’”

  1. Growing up, I knew many naturally skinny girls, but none of them looked this bony. Her head and waist are almost the same width. So I can see where the allegations are coming from.
    That being said, it’s not her fault people use her as thinspo or feel fat because they see how skinny she is. That’s a much bigger problem and I find it rather immature to blame a 19 year old for it. Even IF she has an ED, comments like these will not help, but encourage disordered behaviour.

    • honestly zendaya was always like that… so it can be her normal weight or she has ED since disney days. IDK but the blame is ridiculous .

      • Zendaya, this is her natural frame. She started out as a model and an actress, and part of the reason she made it this far is in addition to her talent, she has a certain look.

        1000s of girls audition, and many many of them have great talent, but only so many of them are attractive enough, and even fewer have the “look”.

        Dont be mad at the actresses that made the cut while others were sifted out – they are just players in this – if people are upset at one type being promoted, criticize the producers, scouts and casting agencies who are the ones with the $$$ and the ones who make the decisions.

  2. Oh come on this is so silly! There’s no difference in shaming this 19 year old for being too skinny than there is for fat shaming a curvier gal. I think that all those mean comments are worse for young girls to know about than seeing Zendaya, who, by the way, does look quite thin but still healthy!

    • Well, she did say she’s not concerned with Zendaya’s health or whether she eats, just what standard she sets for impressionable teens.

    • Exactly, and let’s be real.. why is it okay for people like Ashley Graham to choose to be overweight, but if someone wants to be skinny then they are Satan himself? People get so offended it’s crazy.

      • You’re right, Ashley Graham gets NO criticism, especially here. -_-
        Come on, don’t change reality to fit your little narrative.

        • Just realised your comment was sarcasm. (I know, I know ;P)

          And damn, another straw man. The users on this site just can’t get enough of ’em. Anyway, I know Ashley gets hate. But the point I’m making is that there are people who will praise Ashley but at the same time will contend that Zendaya is setting a bad example. That seems contradictory and unfair to me, especially when Zendaya isn’t trying to promote a message that “bonez r beautiful” or whatever.

  3. Julie Klausner, your little tirade served nothing but to make you look incredibly insecure and undignified. To Zendaya: Keep slaying girl!

  4. Never heard of this Julienne woman before, and I do think she has a point about concern trolls. Regardless of which end of the weight spectrum someone’s at, it’s really nobody else’s business whether or not they’re healthy and anyone who feigns concern about a complete stranger’s health is really just being dishonest and shady.

    That being said, I think Julienne made a complete fool of herself with this series of tweets. Her quote about fighting ‘fire with fire’ is completely absurd. Like “I think it’s wrong that people criticise another fully-grown woman about her weight, so in order to balance it out, I’ll just body-shame a teenager!” -_- Get a grip, woman- you’re 37 years of age. The whole thing just seems like a ploy to garner herself some publicity and it’s clearly working. It’s just sad that an adult who claims to be an established comedienne believes in her talent so little that she feels the need to publicly attack a girl half her age in order to remain relevant.

  5. This pathetic old bat is trying to ride Zendaya’s coat-tails to fame, nothing more. As if anyone cares what this nobody has to say.

        • it is sexist when 99.9999999% of the time “not aging well” is directed towards women.
          If we want to tackle the issue of women being picked apart for their appearances – which is the theme of this post – maybe we should partake in ANY of it – weight, age, beauty or sexuality, full stop.

  6. Zendaya looks absolutely stunning. The dress, the hair, the satin band around her neck -all so pretty to me. While extreme thinness as beauty standard is certainly problematic, and the audience of the TCA is young and impressionable, making assumptions about Z’s diet / saying she has an eating disorder because she is thin in NO WAY helps address these issues. All it does is attack one girl. It’s harmful, and there are 10000000 and two ways to address the s—ty beauty ideals without bringing down other women or shaming her for being thin and visible.

  7. Stupid comment. This woman is just jealous. There are many healthy skinny girls in the world. Get over it. And anorexic girls don’ t care about models or singers. Anorexia is a mental disorder with genetics, psychological and personal causes.

  8. I get her concern but this is not the way to go. We don´t know if she´s naturally that thin or if she has a ED and it´s not out business to talk about another woman´s body thin or fat.

  9. What bravery, an adult woman attacking the appearance of a teenage girl! If this “comedian” wants to know why young girls have self esteem issues, perhaps she should consider her own behavior before pointing her finger at others. I, frankly, am troubled by this new trend of women in their thirties taking to social media to condemn (or cyberbully, more accurately) teenaged girls, and then being applauded for it. First, we saw Kim Kardashian heralded as some sort of feminist icon for insulting Chloe Moretz, a teenager, and now this. If these women want to help other women, this is not the way to do it. Not even close. And, needless to say, being excessively thin doesn’t make you a bad role model anymore than being excessively heavy does.

  10. What was her stylist thinking. On her body type, this dress looks horrible. The joke is shes so skinny sge could almost wear anything and look great …but this…makes her hips look so unproportianetely bigger than her upper body…nakes her b❆❆bs look even smaller…the length makes her look shorter….

  11. It’s a problem beyond Zendaya – she herself might be a victim to today’s crazy standards. Can’t blame a rich person for all the poor there is, fix the system I.e fix the way society validates girls based on their bodies and all the positive that is linked to being very skinny. Today we tend to think skinny equals healthy, it doesn’t. Today we tend to think skinny is glamorous and desirable, while being bigger is being lazy and stupid… And anything we don’t even realize we think about someone’s size. Sometimes the reasoning behind an ED is that a girl doesn’t want to become a woman hence trying to erase curves – why is that? Why does it trigger anxiety?

  12. Ugh… She shouldn’t leash out at teenage girl (who’s self-esteem might be still developing) if she wants to speak about this subject. Now she just sounds mean and insecure herself. Zendaya looks great. Yes, she’s very thin, but her skin is glowing and radiant, she doesn’t look tired or uncomfortable.

  13. Her thinness in these pictures doesn’t look healthy to me at all. I imagine she would look quite frightening in person. Also, does anyone else see a “grey” cast to her skin tone?

    • Nope. Same thing was said about Taylor Swift, and we can see from her bikini post that she is healthy looking and just has very slender arms and upper body. You can see from Zendaya’s face (not at all haggard or bony-looking) that she does not appear to be malnourished. No protruding bones in her back either. Her slim physique isn’t really common anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly healthy and physiologically normal. I know a number of people with this type of physique, and they have no EDs or health problems either, they just eat healthily and exercise. Did you think Ashley Graham’s weight was unhealthy too, or do you reserve your ‘concern’ for skinny girls (a teen in this case) only?

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