Dascha Polanko: ‘I love being thick. I love having things to move around′


Orange Is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco recently opened up about sample sizes and body image – here are her thoughts:

On body image:

“When I saw myself on screen for the first time in Orange, I was like cringing because I looked so big. I didn’t look curvy, I just looked big. And I felt like, ‘That’s not me.’ So I started working out. You know what? I’m never going to be a size zero. And I don’t want to be. I love being thick. I love having things to move around. To twerk with! I just want to keep it together and I want to have it controlled. I want to be able to control it. Not it control me.”

On sample sizes:

“It was very frustrating at the beginning. It was really disappointing, and I was like ‘I’m depressed.’ And [frustrated noise] I want to wear color when I have shoots or …. what am I doing? I like to show a little bit, you know? I want wear color, I like neon colors, I like white. I hate that term ‘sample size.’ We’ve gotta come up with a different term than sample size.”


Many more pictures of Dascha next!


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55 thoughts on “Dascha Polanko: ‘I love being thick. I love having things to move around′”

  1. Yikes. Well, to each their own I guess. You would never hear that coming out of my mouth in a million years. If being thick makes her happy though then good for her.

    • Why is it so hard to believe she’s happy at her current size? Nobody is questioning Miranda Kerr’s happiness in her current size and shape. If somebody is worryingly thin or morbidly obese it’s obvious they might have something going on, but when it’s about being in the lower spectrum of BMI vs. the higher end it’s such a big deal, not like Dascha is unhealthy or anything.

      • I never said it was hard to believe she likes being this size. I said, if she does, and she claims to; then good for her. But I wouldn’t want to be. Where on earth did you get that I said it was hard to believe her from my comment?

        • “Yikes.” “In a million years”, the whole tone of your comment. I get it’s your very own precious opinion and you’re entitled to it, but it sounded so mocking

          • Lol, well I’m sorry if the way I worded it offended you, but I wasn’t trying to imply anything. Just voice my honest reaction to how *I* felt, never once did I doubt how *she* feels about herself. Which was your original point, remember?

            Quit trying to read between the lines for things that aren’t there, it really isn’t a productive habit to get into.

          • People are getting way too sensitive on this site and it’s ruining it. Now everything is monitored and it’s ridiculous. She’s chunky. End of. Ur allowed to think that. I agree

        • The point SP is getting at is: your comment is one of those that makes it about YOU and YOUR opinion of her’s…not HER and her OPINION of her…its pointless and in most cases better left unsaid. Part of knowing what to say, is knowing when not to say anything. Your comment could have simply been “good for her” or “I am glad she is happy with herself”. Going out of your way to clarify how you feel about what she is feeling good about (when you feel differently) gives the impression your simply trying to use the original topic to segway back to yourself (usually to make an apposing argument). Much of America has taken the oppertunity to “comment” as a way to turn the OP to focus on them and how they feel (as if it is another post entirely).This is called being narcissistic and unfortunately its becoming a VERY commonly accepted personality trait. what used to be (and still is by those not infected by delusion) considered abrasive/selfish/annoying behavior has been turned into the hallmark of a “successful” person. In short …get over yourself and your opinion. If you don’t agree move on…the comments section was originally ment to foster discussion amongst people who found something they liked on the web. There are plenty of skinny twigs you can go agree with. Meanwhile this woman is dropdead gorgeous and has many following her that feel the same (and wouldnt touch a woman without that extra weight).

      • Actually, she is probably medically over weight. That being said I think she looks lovely…for HER. if I were this big I’d look like a beast as my face would be like a ball.

  2. 1sam·ple
    : a small amount of something that gives you information about the thing it was taken from
    : a small amount of something that is given to people to try

  3. I don’t think she looks unhealthy, but she is certainly overweight. I also don’t dislike her body (she looks hot in the red dress), but I still wouldn’t want it myself. And I just think she has really weird arms.

  4. I find her very likeable. She is beautiful in motion (in OITNB), although I do find some of these outfits questionable. Gorgeous lady!

  5. She’s pretty! I’m glad she’s confident about her figure– more people should have that attitude, and if she’s working out and eating right, there’s nothing wrong with being thick like that.

  6. I have no idea who she is but wow, she looks beautiful with dark hair and I can say she rocks her figure. It’s funny though how her face is so angular and her body kind of big.

  7. She is right up on the edge of chubby but she is still quite pretty and curvy. It’s okay for women to be right up on the edge of skinny also. For most women they probably teeter on those edges for most of their lives. So long as they don’t dip too far into the unhealthy range then live and let live……….

  8. Very beautiful facially, but too big for my taste (more than likely her BMI is over 25 anyway) and she comes across very bitter and frustrated n the interview. Now even sample size harms the special feels of the special snowflakes.

  9. Don’t like her face…
    The woman in the blue and black dress looks like a very bad Kris Jenner lookalike lol (for some reason the dress and haircut makes me think of her).

  10. Her face is meh, but she looks much better with dark hair, in pics with blonde hair&different make up she’s on the verge of ugly, imo. Her body looks great in the white dress, jumpsuit and the two-piece with leather jacket. Surprised how many people here she comes off as overweight, her frame is bigger&her body type seems thick, so her weight here to me looks like she’s in the middle of her healthy weight range, not even close to overweight. But we’re all playing a guessing game here, so who knows, i just feel like with so many people used to v. skinny with small frame body so populated in media the moment they see someone with bit of fat or simply with bigger frame and/or thick body type scream fat. Screwed up perception is very sad, so i hope Dascha doesn’t lie about being happy about her body, people will always have opinions of her, so for a healthy self-esteem she should listen to her body&take care of her physical&emotional health more than to the outside noise.

    • I didn’t speculate on this, but having been in a few places on the BMI scale myself and also having a larger frame, by BMI standards she is certainly in the overweight category. Because I have a large frame and quite a bit of muscle the smallest I can get to reasonably is a size 6 and at that size I am just in the normal weight range – if I gain 5 lbs I am considered medically overweight (which is ridiculous, but true).

  11. It’s almost sad and amazing to see so many comments who just…haven’t learned yet that “healthy” for your height is a range and it varies a lot. At 5’4 she could be 160 lbs and still be in the ‘healthy’ range, not overweight, not obese, just average. In that range she could go as low as 110 – that’s a huge range.

    Yes, you may not like it and yes, maybe you find it unattractive. But it isn’t because she’s ‘overweight’. It’s your perception of what is attractive and if you like borderline underweight then that’s your choice. But don’t shove that down other peoples throat.

    • Uhm, what? Stop the blatant misinformation! 160 lbs at 5’4 is a BMI of 27.5. OVERWEIGHT! Not healthy/average range. So how about you do not shove down other people’s throats your scientifically inaccurate assumptions?

      • I think BMI is very outdated and doesn’t really tell anything about health if we’re talking about the range between slight underweight – slight overweight. A bodybuilder would be “medically overweight”, but is that harmful? No. A curvy woman who carries weight in her breasts and buttock could be slightly overweight – no harm there. It’s about fat percentage compared to muscle and limiting the abdominal fat. Those are the real issues and if a person is say, very curvy or “build bigger” but has no distinct abdominal fat, exercises and eats rather healthily, don’t make her body go through insulin spikes… Then it’s all fine and dandy. Overweight =/= unhealthy just like skinny =/= unhealthy, but it can be of course also the other way around. It varies from person to person. BMI should be used as a guidance, it’s not in general very healthy to obsess about being a certain weight. Bioimpedance analysis and physical examination tells way more about one’s overall health.

        • The poster before me was not talking about bodybuilders, but about average women. Bodybuilders are a very small part of the population and insufficient to alter the BMI for scale for the average joe/jane. It is a very good estimate for population weight. Not 100% accurate, but way more accurate than people who are overweight and in denial about it want to make it look.

      • Right exactly, also the range for individuals is MUCH smaller. BMI just takes into consideration everyone’s body size and frames, and basically is an average. There are some people who can be technically overweight, but healthy because they have a low body fat percentage, and they would be too thin even at a “healthy BMI”. Same for me I would be overweight at a much lower BMI than officially overweight.

      • BMI is BS, though. The thing is, weight is not always attributable to fat. A muscular woman could have a higher BMI than a fat woman. This is the case with a lot of athletes. I wish people would stop using BMI as an actual indicator of “health.”

    • I am almost 5’5 and the top BMI bracket not that BMI is the best way to judge health is approx 140 to 145. Which is still a large bracket form 110 to 145.

  12. I like that she has sex appeal alllll around here (drawing a mental circle around her face). It’s in her eyes. Plenty of 36D-24-36 broads don’t have it in the eyes, trust me. She’s got a very pretty skin tone, unique features, and I think she looks her best with LESS makeup and her hair DOWN.

    • 36D-24-36 isn’t hourglass if that’s what you were trying to say. Maybe the size around the bust should be 36 but under the bust / rib cage measurement won’t be 36 if one has as big top as bottom, and the bottom is 36.

  13. It’s a bit hard for me to comment on her because I’m smaller but I can relate to the broader frame, the relatively flat stomach, and particularly, the bigger arms. Her arms are too big for her frame (which isn’t small, but still). If you imagine her with her arms behind her back, you’ll see it makes a difference. Having big arms is a nightmare, if you’re big but your arms are small, it disguises the “bigness”. When it’s the other way around, it sucks. Anyway, she looks good in some of the outfits. Never watched the show tho.

    • I have exactly the same body type, larger arms, broad shoulders, flat stomach and wide hips. Because of my broad arms and shoulders, I look a lot bigger than I actually am.. It’s a nightmare to shop as well, I have a size 4 waist but need a 8-10 for my shoulders and arms. . It sucks! But this woman is absolutely beautiful! It’s refreshing to see other body types than the typical size 2-4. I think this is a lot healthier role model for teenagers to have than the celebs who were popular when I was in my teens ( Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, the Olsen twins).

  14. This! Most people still are in the wrong bra size I have a 38 bust with a 26 waist and wear a 30 back sometimes a 28. Willing to bet to have 24 waist it would be near impossible to measure 34 to 36 inches in your underbust.

  15. Such a gorgeous face, but let’s call a shoe a shoe.
    “Curvy” “thick” she’s somewhat overweight, although she wears it well and does look beautiful. Also, I hate the expression, “I’m never going to be a size zero” of course you’re not, why take it to the extreme? but a size 4, a size 6, is very possible if you really wanted it. Unless she was tall and had a Serena Williams bone structure then these are very reasonable if she truly wanted to be small. If she’s happy, then that’s great. But no one is born to be chubby unless you have a serious illness or a thyroid problem.

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