40 Yeal-Old Elsa Pataky Thinks She Looks Younger than Her 33 Year-Old Husband


On the fact that she thinks she looks younger than her husband, Chris Hemsworth – she’s 40, he is 33:

‘I always tell him, “I’m always going to look younger than you, so watch out.”

On aging in Hollywood:

‘Age is just a number. It’s all about how you feel and how young you feel.’

… says 40 year-old Elsa in an interview with The Daily Telegraph last week.

What do you guys think: is Elsa right when she says she looks younger than her husband?

See how Elsa feels about very muscly female figures in this post!


More pictures of Elsa next!


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32 thoughts on “40 Yeal-Old Elsa Pataky Thinks She Looks Younger than Her 33 Year-Old Husband”

  1. I mean, I don’t see any wrinkles or anything but I would put her somewhere around 35-38, him a couple of years younger. I don’t know, he’s obviously all man but still kinda.. Boyish? It’s a really weird thing for her to be bragging about!

  2. She sounds pretty insecure but I probably would be too if I was married to a man that so many other women want to steal. it’s amazing how much younger she looks without heavy makeup, also

  3. The quote sounds kind of odd, but I don’t think she really meant it in that way. She probably said it in reference to him looking…rugged ?

  4. She looks late 30’s, he looks mid 30’s. I would have placed him around 35, her 38.

    Also, I don’t find him handsome. he’s tall with a nice body, but I don’t see anything handsome or sexy about his face. Same with that Ryan Gosling guy.

    • I also don’t get the hype about so many male actors. Both of these, Sherlock Holmes guy, Reynolds, John Hamm, Pitt or DiCaprio in younger years… all vastly overrated looks-wise, in my opinion. I don’t even know who else is supposed to be “hot”, but to me there are very few and far between.

      Elsa looks great, though.

    • Thats Hollywood for you, constantly proclaiming average looking actors as being “beautiful”. Don’t get me wrong there some male actors who are gorgeous but others are just plain looking. Chris Hemsworth does nothing for me, being tall with a nice doesn’t equate attractiveness.

    • I agree he, pitt and depp are overrated.
      I feel attracted to intense and old fahioned men like Ralf Fienes in the English Patient, Michael Douglas and especially Daniel Day Lewis in the Unbearable Lightness of Being and the age of innocence.

    • Honestly a tad more fat would help her out at her age. Certainly not saying she should gain a ton of weight- 5 lbs would soften her sinewy limbs.

  5. She really looks younger than she is. Chris Hemsworth however isn’t aging well. He’s still young, but looks much older to me. His brother is going the same route. They both look like farmers to me who got dress up nicely

  6. She looks great, I don’t know if younger then her years, but he is definitely looking older! I was surprised when I read that he is 33, I thought 38 for sure!

  7. I think she DOES look younger than he does. I think that’s why he is so handsome– he looks seasoned, like Eastwood and Newman and Brando all did in their young/prime.

  8. Eh, her chest looks scary in the squat pic. I think she looks her age, perhaps even older. Chris looks a bit older than he is at first, but then you see the boyishness. He’s hot and she’s not.

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