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On maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

“For years, I’d struggled with depression. I’d tried medication, but I hated it and I went off of it after two weeks. But within a year or two of eating as organic as I could, I realized that without even being conscious of it, the fog of depression had been lifted.”

On her return to “Lost” after giving birth:

When I was on ‘Lost,’ I prided myself on being the woman who never used a stunt double, who could do anything a guy could do. But there were things that I just physically could not do three months after giving birth. There were motions that my hips couldn’t make; I couldn’t move my leg in [certain] ways. I had to swallow my pride. But when we came back for reshoots, I vindicated myself!”

… says Evangeline in Women’s Health.

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35 thoughts on “Evangeline Lilly Brings Today’s Quotes”

  1. Photoshop strikes again. She’s lovely, doesn’t even need it. Although her quote about antidepressants is bs because it takes two to three weeks to even feel the results kick in. And I’ve been on them since I was 17. 25 now and got off about a year ago. She’s right, Exercise and diet are key.

    • Maybe something about them, when taking them, made her feel bad. I mean.. maybe she had some side effects from them that came kinda fast.

    • True but there is also alot of trial and error with medications having been on prozac I was horrific I my moods would cycle going from extreme highs and crashing lows within hours of each other. However eventually when I was put on a mood stabilizer I had minium side effects and felt much better. However sometimes you can find the right drug right away I’ve known many people that prozac has helped. And its shocking how much correct eating and exercise can help low moods although in my opinion they don’t get rid of low mood by itself it deffinetly does make a difference.

      • I guess it depends on the person. Drugs work differently on different people, and the same thing goes for diet, My depression stemmed from other health issues (thyroid, immune depression, nutrient deficiencies), so when I addressed that, I got better (took a long time though, b/c it was trial and error). But I realize many people don’t have the background to figure that kind of stuff out, or the time to do it, or just require drugs. So it’s definitely YMMV and people should do what works, b/c living with any type of mental health problem is pretty terrible. Glad to hear that you’ve found what works for you,

      • yeah. maybe it worked for her, or maybe she had a form of depression that was able to be treated without medication, but my brother was/is suicidal when he goes off his meds. Diet certainly helps, but that on its own is only half the story. depression is a very complicated illness that has emotional, physical, psychological and psychochemical pathways, all of which need to be addressed.

    • I’ve just started up an antidepressant for depression, anxiety and chronic pain and I know how hard it is – I’m almost two weeks in and I wanted to stop after the first week because the side effects were too much. They have started to improve (or I’m just getting used to them!), but I was told to expect it to take maybe 2-4 weeks before the side effects were gone and positive effects kicked in. And it can take longer than that.

      I totally sympathise with anyone who has had to give up though – if I was working over this time, I could not have kept them up because I felt so nauseous (I lost 8lbs in 4 days!), my vision was blurry and I was so tired all the time. Some people also feel like they’re not themselves – which would make me stop straightaway because that is scary! But, I’ve already started to feel some benefit and still feel like ‘me’ only a bit calmer, so that has kept me going – if someone only feels like crap, then I can understand not wanting to take them, especially when you have to get up and go to work and/or have children to care for.
      For someone with serious depression/anxiety/pain issues though, it’s best to try a couple if you’re willing to go the medication-route. The first one might not be right and many people have tried several before finding one that really helps and has minimal side effects. And for some people, they might never work well – we’re all different!

    • Antidepressant meds are no more effective in double-blind studies than a placebo, this has been published again and again in scientific journals. You may as well be swallowing m&m’s. However the placebo effect is enough to make people feel better after a few weeks and so dr’s prescribe them (also it’s a million dollar industry). Many Westerners eat terrible diets, feel sluggish as a result, and then call it ‘depression’ when it’s just a side effect of eating crap. This IMO is different from feeling a genuine depression which often comes from poor life circumstances or biochemical issues such as post-pregnancy. As a med resident I see it all the time.

      • I ♡ u
        I tried to post something similar earlier about how all efforts to exhaust all non-pharmaceutical treatments should be the priority…something got messed up. What you’re saying is exactly true as well as even in those with hormonal or chemical imbalances (thus true depression), studies show that the best rates of success relate to a combination of pharmaceutical treatment paired with coaching for improvements in diet and exercise then when success is increasing weaning the individual off the pharmaceutical to minimize the need for such harsh and crappy types of intervention with grossly negative side effects related to acidity in the whole body and ruining gut which can be a separate issue as well as a completely contributing as you to those mental health problems bc of the HUGE gut-brain connection.
        People can be cured of these disorders completely without pharmaceuticals and feel great without contributing to poor health in other ways…I’ve seen it happen in others and in my self
        feed your body and your brain with food not candy aka: no more processed food gluten Dairy sugar and artificial sugars, non dairy probiotics regularly.
        you don’t have to give these things up for your life not even for a week eating these things daily or multiple times daily are very multiple times weekly will kill you because you will feel like s*** regularly in your tummy joints in your head and in your heartbecause the things I’ve listed are candy they’re not food they do not provide nutritional value promote energy and health they are desert there’s what you have for your taste buds after you’ve eaten food for fuel.

        Read Clean…even if you don’t intend on doing the exact clean program

        and whoever posted that they lost 8 pounds in one week because of a pharmaceutical treatment that they’re on for depression or anxiety stop taking that drug losing eight pounds in a week is a very clear sign that this is not the right treatment for you and if your doctors don’t agree you have the wrong doctors and they are not looking out for your overall health I’m story about a bit intense but I’m just saying it like that because I really do care

        • Then look them up 🙂 this is as I was taught in my undergraduate psychology degree, and the research was all published in peer reviewed, well regarded scientific journals.

      • So these studies were on many patients that had very mild depression. In many studies, the exclusion criteria makes it impossible to include seriously depressed patients with comorbidities. As a psychiatrist, it is important to be clear what anti-depressants can help with and what they cannot “fix”. As an individual in medicine, it is also unsafe to perpetuate that antidepressants are “m&ms”. This simply makes it easier for the general population to continue to write-off mental illness. It may be due to poor diet, poor life circumstances, etc but in many cases it is DEPRESSION. Research continues to look into the exact causes but 7 years into studying medicine, it is my belief that it is important to look at depression using a bio-psycho-social model. That includes treatment – I agree that exercise is under-utilized but the best results are in combination with meds. It worries me that people read comments like yours and decide to not try medications. I agree they aren’t perfect but depression also has a high mortality rate from suicide which is underestimated by certain medical professions

        • I have read studies evaluating various forms of treatment for anxiety, depression and adhd (not mild) in adults and children in med journals…some studies that were funded by the pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs to treat these disorders and some not. Lets just say diet and exercise are generally GROSSLY underused methods off treatment, gross bc of the scientific evidence supporting these as effective treatments and bc little to no neg side effects.
          If u are truly studying medicine, please do stay on top of the cutting edge research in alternative medicine…the gap is bridging and thus this type of medicine is becoming less alternative. The new medicine evolving in north America will be known as functional medicine and will will utilize a greater level of natural, non-pharmaceutical treatments for a majority of health issues. Some explain it as eastern and western medicinie or Naturopathic and western medicine practioners as one, not separates. Strengthening the body and mind from natural, organic food and activity is far more powerful in both preventing and treating physival and mental health issues than is currently being utilized.

          PS. Im not sure I agree that in writing off a treatment one encourages or makes it easier for the population to write off mental illness.
          I know MANY dr’s who write off chemo as a quality treatment for cancer yet seek and implement other treatments to kill the mutating cells (there are amazing studies about vit c being used in super high doses to strengthen the immune system)

          • I totally agree with you about this, just based on my experience (I’m not an expert or anything). I spent a long time (though not compared to some people) in the mental health system, psychiatrists always trying to find a cure for my depression and anxiety… i had an eating disorder the whole time (which meant not eating, and then eating terrible junk food and sweets when I did eat), and lo and behold, now that i’ve been physically healthy for a solid year and a half to 2 years, I feel amazing. Like, I actually know what it means to be happy. Its not entirely physical, its also due to therapy, but no drug ever really did anything for me – prozac made me manic, and the only one i really noticed was a mild dose of lithium, which just made me feel drugged. Good food and exercise really are the answer (or at least an important part of it) for so many people. When I have a bad eating day, I almost immediately start feeling depressed again. Get some healthy food in my stomach and I’m back to feeling positive. Cutting out most sugar and wheat has been extremely important for me because my blood sugar just couldn’t handle it…the highs and lows made me feel terrible even before i was ever clinically depressed. I really want to go around telling people to experiment with their diet like this, (eg my friend with extreme anxiety who eats sugar all day long) but people just aren’t receptive… its very frustrating. I guess people have to come to it on their own, like I did.

          • Me too…
            I’ll try not to ramble but a big thing is sleep for me, when I dont eat right or get enough exercise my sleep gets off and then I’m literally a gong show…practically ADHD and anxious or low…can happen after only 3-5 days for me…knowing that has made me happier and way more energetic. Waking up from 8 solid (!!!) hrs of sleep is realllllly a beautiful thing.

          • I rarely comment on this site since I’m not a nutritionist or a model – I can’t comment on things I have very little knowledge about. But this topic is close to my heart and I can’t stay quiet when someone misinterprets information. I also don’t need to argue about this topic so I won’t be responding beyond this little rant 🙂

            Just because something is marketed as “natural/organic/vitamin/new” does not make it “cutting edge” or better in anyway. Last time I checked, poison ivy is “natural” but that doesn’t mean you should be rubbing to all over yourself! These studies are often compared to placebo or no treatment rather than any actual proven treatments. Furthermore, please show me a vitamin C study for cancer that shows outcomes ten years down the road. Statistical significance does NOT equal clinical significance!

          • I don’t do things bc they’re cutting edge or simply organic…I do things that work to make me feel energized, have healthy bowel movements (ya I went there), sleep well and have good attention and focus (incl emotional and sensory regulation).
            Poison ivy, While organic and is not something to rub on your body… I’d say it’s pretty narrow minded to think there is no way it could be beneficial to you even tho maybe not topically (though not everything in nature should be ingested by humans).
            Btw this is my field…you are misinformed about how clinical studies are conducted in general, as well as I’m much less interested in placebo studies…I read clinically based studies FDA approved/funded and those not, I.e. Through the orthomolecular medical society and much much more…
            Annnnd the Vit C study is going on in Israel, is a clinically based study and is in something close to yr 7 and there are some results even devils advocates (cough like yourself cough) would be excited and happy to know for the future of medicine since even oncologists say “we are not winning the battle against cancer with chemo or radiation”…such an extremely high number of cancer patients die from chemo, not the first time they have it but usually the second time! bc they have no effing immune system left…

            I’ll never, even as a multidisciplinary behaviour specialist, understand the value of being a s— disturber past the age of 12 or 13…really

  2. Ya I wonder if this was taken out of context or something…like 2 weeks is so short to try a drug and I’m confused…does she mean that eating organic food made her “fog lift” or eating organic food made her conscious of lifestyle choices which therein improved her mood…

  3. I think she looks way more beautiful on the “authentic” pictures.. The paparazzi photos I mean.. Than those in magazines where she has way too much makeup on, and where there is too much photoshop involved. She doesn’t need any photoshop at all.

  4. I agree with everyone else here – she looks better in the candids. She’s really quite beautiful and has a sort of ‘spark’ to her that I like – she seems tough, but also sweet and fun at the same time, which is an alluring combo.

    What she says about medication is pretty common – a lot of people give up after two weeks because the good effects haven’t started and the side effects can be awful. I’m glad she found a natural way, but not everyone will have the same experience. I think organic food is great, but I’m not sure many people could afford to eat entirely organic – certainly not where I live! And I haven’t heard of eating organic as being a cure for depression – but certainly diet and exercise have a part to play in brain chemistry and overall well-being.

    • I don’t think its going organic per say that makes people feel better, I think its the fact that when they go organic they just eat healthier foods – no more McDonalds and poptarts.

      • I don’t eat that stuff either – but it hasn’t cured my depression!
        Anyway, everyone experiences and cures their depression differently – I’m not saying her way is illegitimate, I’m just saying that anyone who completely dismisses meds is wrong.

        • oh I know, I wasn’t disagreeing with you, just talking about the organic thing… I don’t eat all organic, but I’ve worked on my diet a lot in the last year, and I’ve realized there are a lot of things that I used to eat that were unhealthy for me that I didn’t realize were unhealthy… for me it all boils down to sugar burning vs fat burning, so eating all the wheat (bread, bagels, pasta, crackers) that lots of people do and all the sugar (even health brand cookies and cakes and such) made me feel terrible. (Eating them on a regular basis i mean, i still do occasionally but it can’t be multiple times a day for me). but we dont generally think of those as being necessarily unhealthy.. for example, even orange juice and bananas are really popular and considered healthy, but if you have sensitive blood sugar consuming them all the time affects how you feel.

          ok, this was kind of a tangent, sorry – i didn’t really mean all that in response to you, just sharing my experience with how diet can change how you feel even when you least expect it!

          • I can sort of see where you’re getting at, but I honestly don’t believe this momo jumbo about bread. People have been living for thousands of years on bread, potatoes and beans. Cheap, easy food. And they survived and worked all their lives. How come we didn’t go extinct by now if people all got depression by eating these foods? I know I certainly feel better when I eat some nice, freshly bakery baked bread. But I obviously don’t eat it all the time. Moderation is key, always has been.

          • Like I said above, for me its about sugar burning vs. fat burning. Wheat has a higher glycemic index than any other food on the planet, including pure cane sugar. This means it raises your blood sugar more than any other food immediately after eating it. If you don’t have superb blood sugar regulation, you will feel a high, and then your blood sugar will drop and you will feel a low. This is why lots of nutritionists say to eat every few hours – to maintain the blood sugar high. If you don’t eat foods that raise your blood sugar so drastically, you break out of the high-low cycle and have a consistent blood sugar level, which gives you more long-lasting energy and more endurance since you aren’t reliant on eating those carbs every few hours to maintain your energy. You start burning fat for energy instead of sugar, so you don’t get the headaches or exhaustion that come with sugar lows (which most people consider a normal part of life – but it doesn’t have to be!) For me, the big realization was just how much wheat and sugar I was eating – it was in pretty much every snack and every meal. Think breakfast cereal, crackers and cheese, spaghetti, sandwiches, pastries, cookies, etc. Then flavored yogurt, jam, honey, raisins, dates, bananas all have high sugar content. I still eat all of these things, just not as frequently – I just replace most snacks with protein like nuts or cheese, and make the wheat a small part of some meals, instead of a large part of every meal.

            Wheat, rice, beans, corn, potatoes and other mass produced agricultural products ARE cheap and easy and yes, the world has lived on them for a long time. But if you look more closely, historically, in places ALL over the world, those foods were mainly given to the poor, while the rich and powerful dined on meat, fruits, vegetables, and other animal products. Grains and other products like the ones listed above are nutritionally deficient in comparison to animal products and other fruits and veggies – they simply don’t contain that many vitamins or minerals or protein or fat. You can get energy from the carbohydrates, but it doesn’t nourish your body in the same way as those other foods do. Which is why the poor were so unhealthy in comparison to the rich – for example in England during the industrial revolution when the poor lived off bread basically. They “survived and worked all their lives,” but their lives weren’t very long and they were extremely susceptible to disease. Nowadays, these foods can be PART of a balanced diet (like you said, moderation is key) but they shouldn’t be the basis for one. The problem as I see it is that most of us don’t even realize they ARE the basis of our diets, since we are so used to eating so much them – at least that was the case for me. A really great book to read that has a historical/cultural/political perspective is “Against the Grain” by Richard Manning.. not so much nutritional info but just an interesting read if you’re interested in food systems in general. He talks a lot about the role these grains have had in maintaining social hierarchy, and how that hierarchy itself is due to modern-style agriculture, which if you look at the dates, hasn’t actually been around for very long in comparison to how long humans have been around for – yes we’ve been living off modern ag (wheat etc) for thousands of years, but we lived for HUNDREDS of thousands of years before that off meat and berries and whatnot. Modern ag and grains have allowed population explosion through food storage (cant store raw meat very long) and brought on all sorts of environmental, social, political and health problems (eg. no diseases when we had a hunter/gatherer lifestyle – disease developed with high population density in dirty places, ie cities). anyways its a super cool book you should check it out! no bread will not hurt you if you eat it occasionally, but eating wheat all day every day for your whole life will definitely impact you health negatively- its not balanced at all!

  5. Since her days on Lost, I’ve always found her stunning. Wow she said exactly what I’ve recently experienced. I was on antidepressants over a year and they did work well but I hated being dependent on a medication. Then I started eating 100% organic and I now have been off the meds for 2 months and feel amazing. We don’t realize how much chemicals and pesticides in food are contributing to many of our illnesses.

  6. I’m not ready to label her Dr Lily a la Dr Jenny McCarthy, but I am side eyeing her. Diet and exercise can have a profound effect brain chemistry, though.

  7. Although I’m not ready to label her Dr Lily a la Dr Johnny McCarthy, I am side eyeing her. Though exercise and diet do play a profound role in brain chemistry.
    The waist of her dress in the candids is about 3 inches to high for my liking. Right under the breast/empire waisted things are always thought of as extremely unflattering by me because I’m an hourglass with larger breasts. It just makes me think of maternity wear.

    • Same here, she looks bigger in these recents pics but it might just be the unflattering cut. Her b❆❆bs seem to have grown as well tho, I don’t remember her having bib b❆❆bs on Lost!

  8. her face is clearly beautiful but i am not a big fan of her body. also these clothes (i mean the skirt plus boots combo) weren’t the best choice for her shape.

  9. she’s damn gorgeous in the first and last picture, much better than the cover..she should be a “”plus size”” model!!

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