Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food

FFN_vcv_52065034 - Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food

The full story from Page Six:

Hollywood film legend Faye Dunaway arrived at amfAR’s star-studded gala in Cannes, France, with the most unusual accessory — a scale to weigh her food and calculate her calories. Famously feisty Dunaway appeared at a table at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc with film producer Tova Laiter, and a bulging paper bag. Then, a spy said, “She sat at her dinner table and pulled out the scale from a paper bag.”

The stick-thin screen siren then proceeded to weigh all her food — including her leafy salad. The “Chinatown” actress, 75, “asked for a very bland meal,” a spy at the event said, “which she then proceeded to weigh. She weighed all of her food, including her salad and fish, before eating. We’ve seen a lot of stars make strange requests, but this was a sight.”

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FFN_vcv_52065036 - Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food

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FFN_vcv_52020096 - Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food FFN_vcv_52021158 - Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food   FFN_vcv_52067127 - Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food FFN_vcv_52068586 - Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food

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26 thoughts on “Faye Dunaway Brought a Food Scale to the amfAR Gala & Weighed Her Food”

  1. This is just sad. I know people who do this in real life is well. They log every carb, every gram of fat, etc. into an app to “count marcos”. To me, this is just another eating disorder and a decrease in quality of life.

    • I think it has its place for people trying to lose weight. Measuring your food puts portion sizes into perspective. But I totally agree, so many people are obsessive about it, and it’s an astronomical waste of time to weigh out the grams of spinach you’re eating.

    • It is a bit odd, but I know people who actually use it as a tool to address their disordered eating. It works for both over- and under- eating and keeps them mindful of getting the correct amount of calories and nutrients. Of course, some people will use it to unhealthily obsess over minor weight gain, but that’s more about them than the actual practice of nutrient awareness. Personally, I only bother tracking micronutrient intake by being generally aware of which foods contain which micronutrients, but I can see why some people find it beneficial to track calories and macros. So, the actual practice of nutrient tracking is not an eating disorder in itself . . . after all, diabetics keep track of their carbs and thus experience an increased quality of life. I also think most people would increase their quality of life just by using some micronutrient awareness, like I do. Having optimal B12 levels, for example, really improves mood and concentration.

    • So sad. I get doing this in most of your meals, then just letting it go to stay balanced and keep perspective. If she couldn’t even go to a gala without it…

      Anyway, she’s very talented and I really have always loved her face through the years. So expressive.

  2. What is she so scared about at 75 ? She needs a purpose because worrying about weight gain at the dawn of your life is pathetic. I actually feel sorry for her.

  3. Yeah if that’s true at 75 I feel really terrible for her. She hasn’t allowed herself to relax a little and be free. It’s just sad

    • I guess it’s sad at any age then when you think of it that way. It’s sad that 20 year olds can’t relax and be free and how acceptable that is.

      • Oh yes! I agree completely. I just meant in 75 years she hasn’t allowed herself to live freely, enjoy things. I think everyone needs to cut themselves some slack.

        I have seen an astounding number of people around where I live who workout for hours a day and eat super “healthy” and it’s a disorder just as much as her weighing her food. I feel sorry for all of them, 20, 30 or 75

  4. Didnt this SAME story come out word for word about one of the girsl (Sarah) from Girls Aloud? I feel like a variation of this story comes out every year. If something ever didnt happen it was this.

  5. Sad, she’s one of my favorite actresses. A lot of body builders and people in fitness competitions do this kind of stuff. Personally think its stupid and must really take the enjoyment out of food. I mean, I guess it works for people who are very dedicated, whatever. At her age I will not be weighing food thats for sure.

    • Yeah but I think. A lot of time they estimate, it’s just when they’re getting ready for a competition or a shoot that they weigh every single bit.

  6. “The spy at the event”….lol enough said.
    She seems a bit obsessive.
    Has she done something to her face? It looks really weird around nose and lips area

  7. idk, reading this then looking at her body, i thought to my self: this is a headline seeker. Someone’s trying to be relevant agaaain.. but what do i know. i never saw any of her movie..i think.

  8. A lot of people do this, it’s a bit much imo, but it’s good for people who have trouble accurately estimating their calories.

  9. That is so silly and I don’t see the point especially for someone her age. Her body and face will never be attractive at this point, being obsessed with every little thing you eat is just making you miserable in your final years. I understand the pressure when you’re young and it seems to make a difference in your quality of life supposedly. But what is she hanging onto? Being a happy old grandma who bakes cookies is better than a miserable one weighing lettuce. Sometimes the only thing that I think will be worth it when you’re old and can no longer be attractive is being able to enjoy food to the fullest degree.

  10. Lol well just to be devil’s advocate–you can say she should lighten up for this one event, but that’s a big reason that people gain weight–because you break your eating guidelines “this one time” and then “this one other time” and if you keep doing that, it adds up. Yeah, it’s genuinely too bad if this is indicative of disordered eating, but otherwise, kudos to her for doing this even with the inevitable judgment that would follow

  11. Perhaps she’s eccentric, as her publicist implies…or, maybe she is retaining her anonymity due to participation in a 12-step program, like OA.

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