Gillian Anderson: “I know that I am a vain woman”


On her vanity and plastic surgery:

At 47, I feel quite strongly that I wouldn’t do plastic surgery, but also, I know that I am a vain woman. Talk to me in ten years – they may have invented something which feels less invasive, and then it’s possible that the line will be easier to cross. I don’t want to say never. I don’t want to be hypocritical about it. But also, at this juncture, I just hope that I would be able to embrace these stages of my aging face, and not feel like something was wrong and that it needed to be fixed through surgery.

… says Gillian.

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27 thoughts on “Gillian Anderson: “I know that I am a vain woman””

  1. I don’t get these actresses that are like 50 and talk about “oh, talk to me in 10 years and I might consider botox”. I’m 24 and already considering it. They’re either lying (because they look great) or have good genes.

    • I don’t see why you would need or want botox. My boyfriend (he’s older than I am) just turned 30…he has like 2 lines on his forehead but his skin is smooth everywhere else. A couple of lines really requires botox to you?

      • Oh, congratulations on your boyfriend… what do you want me to say about that? lol.

        Need it? Nah, I don’t need. Plain vanity.

        I’m just starting to face signs of aging. I frown a lot, I have since I was a kid, it’s almost my neutral expression so the muscles there are strong and got really visible on the last couple of years even if I’m relaxed, I’m also getting some lines. I went to a dermatologist because my skin is dry and I wanted some type of anti-agin treatment, and she was the one that brought that up. So yes, I’m starting to think about getting it just in the middle of the brows, it lasts 4 months and could help me to break the habit of frowning, weaken the muscle and stop the process of creating those wrinkles.

        Lines across the forehead and laugh lines look fine to me. I don’t like the buldgy muscles.

        Haven’t decided yet. I’m a bit afraid.

        My point is, most of those actresses that say that phrase have had obvious procedures. Check Sofia Vergara, she doesn’t have laugh lines anymore and I’ve heard her throw that line.

          • Thank you! That means a lot, I feel like I’m aging prematurely. I’ve got smile lines, frowning lines and I’m starting to get lines below my eyes. I should visit a dermatologist too.

          • I also feel like I’m ageing prematurely.

            I guess the dermatologist I went too is more botox-oriented, or something like that, because I’ve heard Dita Von Teese dermatologist has a more natural approach and haven’t put her under the needle, I think she looks amazing and natural… Where can I find somebody like that u_u ?

          • I’m starting to take better care of my skin now, and I’m seeing small improvements on it’s general look, but not regarding the line situation. Never heard about derma rolling, will check it out.
            I feel like Dita Von Teese’s “trick” is to bathe in sunscreen haha
            And if she suggested botox so quickly maybe you should really try a different dermatologist!

          • I don’t go out 🙁 I avoid sun at all times. I really think it’s because of that habit of frowning.

            Yeah, I’m also taking more care of my skin, I had my first facial ever the other day and bought a bunch of creams, haha. We’ll see, May, I’ll let you know if I get something done. The wild times of sleeping with my makeup on are over, lol.

          • I have no idea, I heard her say that in an interview. Another “natural” beauty that comes to mind is Salma Hayek. I want their secret!

          • If you’re considering botox at this age and with this pretty face you need not a botox but psychiatrist or someone to boost you’re confidence . Of corse dermatologist will convince you to use botox ! They don’t care about you they need to earn money . And just let me tell you the older you gonna get you gonna need more and more often it’s like a trap … but it you’re money and you’re face . Personal i think you are very pretty !

          • First, that’s not me, that’s the other commenter. You don’t know how I look like.

            Second, I wouldn’t need more and more botox, are you talking about fillers?

            Learn how to read and how botox works before trying to insult me/feel better about yourself saying that I need a psychiatrist… Barf.

            I won’t explain my case again because I already did.

          • Ohhhh I have the exact same problem! It started when I was 26. No at 30 with two little kids and major lack of sleep it’s not getting better…inherited from my grandma:/

          • Yeah I got it from my fathers side, all his sisters have s—ty skin. My mothers family looks amazingly young. I’m trying a load of different creams, lets have hope haha. Wishing you and your family the best 😀

          • I got it from my mothers side but my mother looks quite young, it’s just the frowning lines and I never really noticed it on my mother untill I started to get them myself.

        • I know the struggle. I thought I was the only one who has this problem. Everytime I bring it up, people say “stop frowning!” but I can’t help it lol I mean it’s the middle of the eyebrows so everyone who looks at you sees it, that’s what disturbs me and I’m only 21 so by the time I’m 30, it will look worse.

    • I’m 30 and have EDS so my skin is really thin, lately I’ve been seeing ageing signs. I don’t have the money to upkeep anything invasive (I don’t really want it either) but last year I got some laser treatments (I have acne scars too) and WOW they are AMAZING, my skin got SO much better, the lines I had faded, my complexion improved, my skin feels tighter and more plump. The best thing is that I got 10 and that was it but I still see the results one year latter. They are not cheap, but cheaper than botox/fillers (at least in México, where I live).

  2. I like what she and Amanda Peet said. They may be one of the few women in Hollywood that hasn’t had plastic surgery or even Botox done, but they still think about it because how could they not in this world? And I LOVE that they admit to being vain unlike the people who post 500 pictures a day online and claim it’s for some cause or it’s art or some other silly excuse.

    • Exactly, why do these celebrities take people for stupid? I saw a couple of episodes from the new X Files, her face is completely frozen and extremely distracting. Ugh.

  3. Ugh, I’m vain as well. I feel like people (men really) treat me sooooo much better when I’m slim, wearing makeup, nice clothes have super white teeth and long hair. I went through years being pregnant and taking care of babies where I didn’t pay as much attention to my looks and it’s very noticeable how different people treat you. Such is life.

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