Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter After Being Bullied for ‘Shocking’ Bikini Cellulite


Iggy Azalea was recently photographed in a bikini and shortly after, she dealt with a lot of criticism on Twitter regarding her ‘shocking cellulite’. Here’s what Iggy said:

(1) Just got back from a great vacation, came online and saw apparently it’s shocking and unheard of to be a woman and have cellulite. Lol.

(2) I just want to have peace and relaxation time without a perve with long distance lense hiding out taking pictures, everyone deserves peace.

(3) I feel the hatred and pettiness i see online at all times is at making me become an angry person and I cannot be that.

(4) To become nasty because of the way I feel iam treated would be a disservice to my fans and I promise i will try to keep smiling.

(5) But I also want to let my fans know iam taking some time away from social media. I need to be happy and it is too negative and draining.

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57 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter After Being Bullied for ‘Shocking’ Bikini Cellulite”

      • What the hell does this have to do with Doutzen? I don’t remember not letting anyone “mess with (my) perfect Doutzen” but OK… can’t help but feel like you’re taking some type of insecurity out on me.

        • Alias, remember, I told you, on this site, those kind of women are fair game, women
          like Iggy are not lol. I’m not pulling out anyone in particular but it is a
          trend here. And people are also unusually touchy here, you can’t say *anything* anymore without someone making a scene out of it. (Well, providing the women is a size 8 and up, of course). I don’t get any of what they are flaming you for out of your comment, I know what you are trying to say, as usual. But like I said….

    • what the hell kind of argument is that? ‘I don’t like your music so it’s ok to attack your appearance’? grow up. and maybe research a bit the term ‘fallacy’.

      • I was never bullying her appearance or ok with it, I wrote in another comment it’s silly for people to be picking on her body, but at the same time she’s a public figure it’s going to happen, and the way she seeks sympathy for it is quite pathetic.

    • Wow haha some of the commenters here are beyond pathetic, get over yourself and your own insecurities, and stop reading what was never there.

    • it doesn’t matter whether u like her music or not. but to tear down her self esteem just because u don’t like her music is bull. no matter how much someone gets paid, they’re still people that have feelings and when ur constantly attacked it’s going to get to u

    • I’m with you. These other women completely miss everything because they are just waiting to take out their insecurities. She’s a rubbish celebrity getting paid millions for bad songs she didn’t even write. The one negative to her career is fame, so yeah boo hoo. It’s hardly bullying, poor gigs azalea. Some people actually have problems.
      Her music is awful, she should be grateful she has a career not complaining. Just a not talent girl with an ugly butt.

      • There are people a thousand times more talented than her who will never get her fame or money. Everyone here crying like having some cellulite pointed out is the worst thing ever. Please get over it.

  1. I agree somewhat with what she says, but it really gets under my skin when celebs complain about the negatives that come along with their fame. There are millions of people who would kill to be in the position they’re in, they’re literally living the dream life. Being famous comes along with giving up most of your private life, that’s just how it is. Iggy has enough money to retire and disappear into abscurity for the rest of her life and never be photographed by a pap again, but chooses to keep performing and selling albums. Which is great, but you can’t sell yourself, and your body in a way (and iggy definitely sells her sexuality) and not expect negative feedback. It’s just not realistic. Just makes me roll my eyes a little.

    • I agree with you to an extent, celebrities do open themselves up for negative comments etc when they go into the spotlight but I think this situation was just pathetic and cruel. Imagine having thousands of people suddenly attacking you about your body just from having a photo posted, anyone would crack. She didn’t hurt anyone, or get some crazy new surgery, she was just on vacation in a bikini like any other person.
      I’m not an Iggy fan or anything, so I’m not just trying to defend her but I can understand anyone wanting to hide away from so much hate on such a large scale about something you don’t have a lot of control over.

  2. I’m not really a fan of hers BUT I will say women have cellulite. I’ve even seen pictures of Ale and other VS models with it in her legs so the fact that people would bully her over it is pretty ridiculous

    • Yeah I agree it’s silly to pick on her for her cellulite, but I think it’s more ridiculous how she’s throwing a fit about it, publicly too.

      • Oh yes, I agree she’s throwing a tantrum about being made fun of. Granted it wasn’t right for people to pick on her about something so silly BUT when people are getting paid so much money to be celebs (without much talent lol) it kind of comes as a package deal. I think for the money they make I could suck up the criticism and enjoy the vacations, shopping, etc. 🙂 She should say… Make fun of me, who cares

  3. ”I just want to have peace and relaxation time without a perve with long
    distance lense hiding out taking pictures, everyone deserves peace.”

    Here’s something someone who doesn’t ask for attention does: not be on social media at all, and don’t post pics of yourself all the time on the net, for no reason, if you don’t wanna be commented on!

    Who’s the weird woman with the clown make-up though? :S

  4. I’m in two minds about this. Surely she must realize that this type of negative commentary is part of the ‘fame’ territory. You want to be a household name, be prepared for ‘them’ to critique every aspect of your inner and outer self.

    I’m NOT saying there is any justification for bullying and body shaming of any type, but in all reality, this is the world we are currently living in – which is appallingly sad. However, many so called ‘celebs’ don’t help the general situation and perception of women when they present themselves scantily clad and make themselves targets for sexual objectification. I bet very few onlookers really stop to think of Iggy as a women with feelings and emotions, goals and dreams, or someone who may struggle with insecurities of some kind.

    On the other hand, as a mother of a tween, I take the issue of ‘beauty’ and the female need for ‘external validation’ very seriously. I really feel there is too much emphasis put on what other people think is of value (material possessions, how many FB friends you have, ‘thigh gaps’) and it’s only when we can separate the need for external validation and see what’s really important to lead a happy life, can we make personal change and teach/show our youth a better way. It takes hard work to change ones outlook, and a lot of conscious thought to be able to switch off and not react to others’ opinions……and that still leaves our own inner negative self! ! I think it’s important to realize that we are not just out bodies – we have a soul and spirit. Nurture that first and foremost and live free. Peace.

    All that just from a post about Iggy’s cellulite – sheesh!

  5. I don’t even find her mildly attractive but I have to agree.

    For most women, celebs included, cellulite, bloating, and stretch marks are all normal. I’ve never looked at a beautiful woman who is displaying all of the above and suddenly thought-UGH, how heinous she should be shot on site.

    This is unfortunately the attitude of a lot of people online. There are a few people who are blessed with none of the above but really it comes down to 90% genetics and 10% lifestyle. Celebrities are not mutants and thus the standard shouldn’t be so much higher than the average person.

    Iggy further, has a relatively large butt, cellulite is especially expected and I could see how people tearing her down would be incredibly disconcerting.

  6. Bullying sucks. I’m glad she’s done with it, and that she recognized it’s damaging effect to her life. Wish more people could do the same to their ‘so called’ fans. Don’t like her music or her style, =/= I can say horrible things about her and to her.

  7. It must be awful to be criticized, hated&nitpicked for anything, including kinda normal stuff, lots of even healthy women with healthy&active lifestyle have cellulite. But no one forces her to read the comments, she can let assistants handle her social media accounts&keep her away from such unimportant info.I sympathize with her only if a pic was taken&posted by smb&not herself, cos i do believe many celebs suffer cos the right for privacy is taken away from them or disregarded entirely (many think it’s a normal for public&famous figures (I disagree)), but if a celeb is on social media&known for sharing personal pics&personal info, as opposed to using it strictly for giving out info of new projects, promo stuff, etc., then i don’t feel bad for that celeb at all. People have alw. been nasty, internet just gave them an anonymous voice, you open up on social media-you give away ur right for privacy, Iggy, as a celeb still gonna get pictured&discussed by paps&mags, so she can choose to keep at least some pieces of her privacy&emotional well being by ditching or changing her attitude to social media, imo. She’s famous enough already to do that.

  8. people will say the meanest s— when there’s little to no consequence for doing so. sites like twitter and tumblr are littered with some of the most hate filled self-riotous assholes so I don’t blame her for wanting to get away from it.

  9. Really, so she quits Twitter? Sorry but I can’t help but think, “Oh boo hoo, poor little old you”. I mean how delicate are these people’s egos? They put themselves out there, shoving their butts and whatnot in our faces 24/4, and likely expect only praise and adoration. When they get just the opposite, criticism, they go all to pieces. Please.

    • I get what you’re saying but then again they get criticized for everything! What did she do wrong in this case? It does seem mean and the worst thing is that almost everyone can look bad if presented in the worst light and angle! And when normal women and young girls read a story like that it makes it harder for them to go to the beach and relax and have fun because they’re always thinking how their butt must look in the sunlight. It’s a pity that such superficial topics get so much attention! It’s like today as much as 50 years ago, it’s just super important for women to be beautiful. I don’t feel like male singers make the cover of a magazine for going to the beach and looking “ugly”. Sorry for the rant, I actually mean well lol!

  10. Ya know I’m with her that it’s perfectly normal to have cellulite and she shouldn’t be judged about it. But, when she and JLo put out a Video about their Booty’s and they look absolutely flawless in them, they can’ get upset when we are shocked that they aren’t flawless at all. How about don’t retouch a music video? Show your normal self in the video and then maybe we can all feel better about ourselves instead of trying to obtain perfection!!

  11. That’s right but she made a trashy video with Jennifer Lopez where she shakes off her retouched butt on the face of everyone, so dear, you used a false image of yourself to build your success, that’s not fair. So have fun with your money but please stop complaining about critics.

  12. I haven’t seen the pictures, but I don’t get how it’s shocking that she has cellulite. She’s a very bottom-heavy woman, she has wide hips and a big butt, how would she not have cellulite?
    And although I do think that to some extent celebrities have to suck it up and accept that they are going to get negative attention and hurtful comments, I think she handled this well.

  13. Yeah I am a size 6-8(Aus sizing) and I still have cellulite on my butt and thighs. It’s my best friend, we go to the beach and everything together. Cellulite is so natural, it breaks my heart for all the young girls currently looking in the mirror and feeling insecure. I hope this becomes the year we say no to media portrayal of the “perfect” body and just accept and love what we are born with.

    • I don’t really think this is what we are born with. It’s just the modified food. I am from Poland and although there are some overweight people here, very few of them have cellulite. It is the processed and pesticides filled ‘organic’ food that.gives us cellulite:)

      • Really? I’m really careful about what I eat and train at the gym four days a week and from what I read it is natural so I just figured it was just there. I’ll have to do a bit more research, thanks 🙂

  14. I don’t see her having a breakdown. She is confident over all, and her taking this step away from social media shows just that. She’s being very smart and cool about it.

  15. I feel empathy for her. And I can’t believe all the comments that claim that she has to suck it up because that’s the price of fame. It’s not surprise, that’s how people behave on the internet. I doubt that some of you would be that way in real life, but the anonymity makes people cross their personal barriers in that way. There’s no punishment and no consequences. You can put on the bully mask so easily.
    And no, not because she’s famous she deserves all the hate that she received. She’s a real woman and a human being. But I’m glad she took off time of social media. Social media is creating monsters…

    • I never bullied Iggy or was pro-bullying? I just don’t feel bad for her at all. She gets paid millions, there are people starving in the world on less than a dollar a day. Honestly I would love to be picked apart, if it meant being overpaid, and not having to work like a normal person. Models get way worse criticism to their face everyday, and get paid a small fraction of what she does.

      I just find it pretty hypocritical of you, and other commenters that I can say something about Miranda I can say something about Candice, about Gisele, and not one steps in to say hey that’s shaming, but the minute it’s about a plus size person, or someone curvier like Iggy, lord have mercy all of you act like I’m the devil.

  16. I use to think her butt was fake too, but she does have smaller breasts. This that would indicate to me she is probably didn’t go with butt injections. Why make your butt big without the hideous big fake b❆❆bs to go with it? I don’t care for her style of music, but I think she is a cute girl.

  17. I didn’t say u were bullying her. I only said that because u were belittling her problem. U basically said she should b ok w all the bullying she gets just because she’s a rich celebrity. I’m merely stating the obvious that she is still a human being and just because u have fame n money doesn’t mean ur immune to hurtful words

    • BECAUSE IGGY ALWAYS DOES THIS, tries to get the public and media to side with her.

      Do you not know of her racist behavior? Embarrassing all of you are putting body image issues above REAL issues.

  18. Oh no, not one person would. You should see all of the “she is starving herself! She is TOO SKINNY! Toothpick legs!!” already going on on Alexa Chung’s new post. Yet everyone on Dashca Polanco’s post was like, “well, she’s not chubby, her BMI is healthy, she is healthy, etc. etc.”. Oh, and I know you have seen the Candice posts lol. Yeah…

    • Yeah I saw them I’m just ignoring it all, already learned my lesson from previous posts lol. I don’t like Candice, but I bet if she were 50 pounds heavier, I would receive so many hate messages for my comments. No because when a big person is in love with themselves that is CONFIDENCE and empowerment. Right.
      Haha what I see here just really confirms a lot of what I see in society, and with the whole pro-fat movement

  19. “You’re essentially defending your right to bully someone just because they have a few more pounds in the bank than you,”

    Gee how the hell is this NOT your insecurity talking? How can you conclude I’m thinner than Iggy, have you seen me? Have I explicitly said it? Stop reading what was never there.

    As for bullying, I have never bullied someone in my life, and I’m not ok with it, but Iggy seeking for sympathy like she always does is a joke (like her existence). Find it sad that all of you are jumping in to defend a racist, just because you think it’s SO SAD people talked about her cellulite.

    • Ugh, Alias. Really? I think this has just proven to me that it is actually *your* defensiveness talking. You seem to be of the opinion that if someone disagrees with you, then it MUST boil down to their insecurities. -_-

      You previously accused me of “reading into what was never there”, but if anyone is doing this it’s you. This is the second time that you’ve tried to put words into my mouth. The comment I made with regards to “pounds in the bank” was referring to MONEY, not weight. I’m British, and pounds and pennies are the currency that we use over here for goodness’ sake!

      Lastly, I wasn’t aware that Iggy was racist but if that’s true, then of course I’m not ok with that either. The arguments I’ve been making aren’t specific to Iggy so I’m not defending *her*. I’m simply defending the right of individuals in general to reprimand those who verbally abuse them online or otherwise, regardless of their financial status. That is all.

  20. You might want to look into Iggy’s history, her racist behavior, how she always cries to the media for attention. I don’t think she was bullied at all. If you think having some cellulite pointed out is the worst thing ever, sorry newsflash it’s not – it happens to EVERY celebrity of every size.

  21. Again, I really don’t think
    I’m reading into what was never there. Your initial comment clearly states in black and white: “Oh boo hoo Igloo […] that’s what comes with being a
    celebrity and being overpaid.” Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the ‘that’
    refers to the uncharitable comments about her appearance, specifically her cellulite, which you are suggesting are part and parcel of being financially and/or socially advantaged. I’m not talking about simply saying things like
    “Oh- she has cellulite on her bum.”, although even that would be
    pretty inane, because it’s a well-known fact that the majority of women have
    cellulite of varying degrees. I’m talking about comments sent directly
    to her e.g. “Your a– is disgusting”, which was by far one of the mildest
    comments, the worst of which were subsequently deleted.

    If it’s the term ‘bullying’ you
    oppose so strongly, I think we can both agree that such comments aren’t nice to
    say the least. Where we disagree is that you believe she should accept them as
    a part of everyday life, whereas I oppose this viewpoint. Do I think she’s a
    talented rapper? No. Do I like her music? Not really. Do I, however believe she
    should put up with what online abuse just because of her status?
    No. If people believe that it’s their right to abuse ‘celebrities’ just because they are so-called, then I believe that ‘celebrities’ also have every right to defend themselves and call such people out.

  22. I have chicken legs, and yeah being picked on about it has made me not go to places or associate with people who would comment on them. Ain’t no body got time for that.

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