Jaime Pressly Lost 32 Lbs. with the Cabbage Soup Diet

FP_4044541_RIJ_SAMSUNG_PARTY_111809 - Jaime Pressly Lost 32 Lbs. with the Cabbage Soup Diet

Jaime Pressly is in Health Magazine this month and she’s got a bit of info to share:

On the pressure to look perfect in Hollywood: “I’ve never felt that pressure. Part of that is because I know myself. I’m someone who likes to be in shape because it makes me feel good. But I eat junk food, too.”

On plastic surgery: “I believe in the saying, ‘To each his own.’ Who knows, when I’m 56 years old I may want to change something. I don’t want anyone to judge me, so I’m not going to judge them.”

On doing the cabbage soup diet: “I lost the first 32 pounds [of baby weight] by my 30th birthday, which we celebrated in Vegas. We had pool parties, and I was not about to be chunky. I did the cabbage soup diet twice in a row. It lasts six days, and you eat cabbage soup three to four times a day. But one day, you can also eat up to eight bananas.”

… says Jaime.

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21 thoughts on “Jaime Pressly Lost 32 Lbs. with the Cabbage Soup Diet”

  1. Cabbage soup and bananas for two weeks…sounds like a really healthy way to lose weight. really. No wonder Jaime looks about 10 years older than she really is.

  2. Whyyyyy cabbage soup. The only idea about these diets is that they are really low cal. Some may be advertised as containing fat burning foods etc, but for the most part it’s nonsense. If i wanted to crash diet for a period of time to get into a smaller size, i sure wouldn’t be downing mere cabbage soup.. As for her will to be thinner quick, she’s used to being thin, so she propably knows how to eat sensibly. Normally you’re just gonna end up with a few thin days and pack all the pounds again, but i’m sure getting back in shape per se wasn’t her problem.

  3. Cabbage soup is famous for it’s properties in diet. My mother used a diet based on cabbage soup and she lost a lot of weight, at the age of 45. The cabbage soup diet was advertised also to the aerobic-fitness place where i used to go.

  4. while the diet certainly isn’t healthy i’m glad she’s copping up to basically starving herself in order to lose the weight.

    so much better than “oh it was breastfeeding”

    • agreed… love her honesty!
      Am I the only one who thinks she looks hot (though obviously trashy) in “My Name is Earl”?

      • I loved her in my name is earl 😀 she was so hot and funny there ! moreover she perfectly playes her character 😛

        and i guess she never felt the pressure, because she has always had a perfect figure. and her diet? in my opinion there are much worse diets than this one- after all couple days of cabbage cannot hurt 😛 always better than beyonce´s maple sirup 😀

  5. Wow, that totally makes sense. She doesn’t feel pressure to be thin at all, but she lost 32 pounds on a crash diet. yeah. that makes perfect sense.

  6. i think catherine-zeta jones admitted she also follows this diet from time to time
    i’m surprised Jamie is talking ’bout some diet…in the past in interviews she used to say she’s very athletic and loves fitness and healty food so weight was never an issue for her
    but i guess things changed after she had a baby

  7. what a hypocrite. . . “I’ve never felt pressure to be thin. . .yet I followed a stupid crash diet to look thin in a bikini” Blah. Hollywood trash.

  8. My mom used to do that one back in the day. I can’t believe she resorted to such an old school diet when she has so many Hollywood resources at her disposal. But to each their own I guess. She has always looked great and been honest about how she does it–I can appreciate that!

  9. She’s admitted that she has struggled with bulimia. I don’t think crazy crash diets are a good idea for people with eating disorders or eating disorder histories (or pretty much anyone. Seriously, all that cabbage soup? She must really smell!)

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