Jemima Kirke Cut Her Hair and Undressed for StyleLikeU

Jemima Kirke Cut Her Hair and Undressed for StyleLikeU 1

The full story from Daily Mail:

The 31-year-old Girls star was filming the StyleLikeU’s video series, The What’s Underneath Project, when she discussed her seven-year marriage, admitting that she and ex husband Michael ‘couldn’t be more different’.

As part of the series, participants are asked to strip down to show that style is really about being comfortable in your own skin, and during the candid interview Jemima revealed the she real reason she cut her trademark long blond hair was because of troubles with Michael.

‘I cut my hair because I felt like my hair was really one of the only things that made me feel pretty,’ she explained. ‘I felt like my hair was my go-to trick. I really believed for a while that without it I would be boring.

‘I was having a terrible moment with my husband in our relationship and I was extremely hurt by him and extremely angry at him and so I was feeling self-destructive.’

Instead of doing something truly self-destructive, Jemima said she ended up just cutting her hair, and it was actually Michael who gave her an even shorter ‘do a couple weeks after their fight.

‘I said I wanted to go shorter and he said “I’ll do it” and he cut it. It was really nice,’ she added. ‘It was kind of romantic. It’s nice to have someone you love cut your hair.’

Jemima pre-haircut:

Jemima Kirke Cut Her Hair and Undressed for StyleLikeU 2


Jemima Kirke Cut Her Hair and Undressed for StyleLikeU 3   Jemima Kirke Cut Her Hair and Undressed for StyleLikeU 4

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22 thoughts on “Jemima Kirke Cut Her Hair and Undressed for StyleLikeU”

  1. Call me old fashioned, but I love long hair and think it is uber feminine. But lots of women look great with short hair, too. It probably takes (first world) guts to do it for some people, especially if they had it for a long time.

  2. I find it strange that women think hair is so important in their appearance, but i can see that if youve done a certain style forever, its comfort
    Hair cant change your physical features; if you have features that are unharmonious, or whatever features are considered less desirable, hair doesnt do much.

    A beautiful face with balanced or harmonious features in my mind is a beautiful face.

    I think Jemima has a pleasant face, but not only that, and interesting voice and a lot of charisma so its odd thats he thinks her hair was what made her different…

    • True, but I do think certain hairstyles flatter different face shapes more than others, thus “tricking” ones perception of a person’s facial beauty.

      • I agree. I have had different hairstyles myself but the one the one that works best for me is the short bob a la Victoria Beckham when she was blonde because my cheekbones are high and defined. However, long hair doesn’t suit me at all. I wish it did, though.

    • sorry but hair makes or breaks. amy schummer is already ugly but her hair is soooo gorgeous it helps a ton. look her up before she could afford her hair, she looked wayyyy wors

    • Yes, hair can change the appearance of one’s features. Some people look good with both long and short hair. I am on of those who looks terrible with short hair; my nose looks huge, and I don’t actually have a big nose…
      Jemma suits long hair better because this śhort bob makes her look fatter.

  3. meh. she looked wayy better with long hair and i ussually prefer short hair. it works with her hippy, carefree look. she looks old with the new cut.
    both of her sisters are wayy more interesting in my opinion

  4. im so bored with this weak insecure talentless women, who the f even is this lady??? Give me Barbra Streisand, give me Aretha, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren!!! Confident, larger than life, and most importantly, IMMENSELY talented, charismatic women. I dont know who the f this b is and i have no interest in finding out.

    • I think the main reason you’re probably counting those women as examples is because they all come from an era when we didn’t have access to celebrities’ lives as much as we do now, so they could appear more glam and mysterious easily. If you had candid shots of Elizabeth Taylor going on a coffee run in her sweats or Sophia Loren giving a quick interview while walking to her car from LAX, you wouldn’t find them as interesting either.

      • Ive seen dozens of photos of these women in sweats etc. I’m talking about their public personas and talent. Lady Gaga is boring to me and she’s always putting on a show.

    • Then why click on the article if you’re not interested in the person its about? I have zero zilch nada interests in sports so I wouldn’t click on an article on Peyton Manning and then complain that I have no interest in reading about this person.

  5. Her hair was long but also a bit straw like and the cut was dowdy. I like the short hair better, but it could be a bit more modern, a lob or something.

  6. Her and Mamet’s daughter are the only tolerable characters in Girls. This one is very gorgeous though and I love how she flaunts her figure with no shame.

  7. I think her long hair is pretty perfect, thick and wavy but not coarse or frizzy at all. She’s right about it being her best feature though she’s attractive enough. I’ve worn extensions off and on to boost my crap hair so I can’t imagine having that perfect flowing hair growing out of my head and chopping it all off into a soccer mom bob, lol. It doesn’t look bad, it just looks kind of blah now.


    If your face is the picture your hair is the frame. It doesn’t change your features but can make them appear more or less prominent and give the illusion of a different face shape. It also conveys an overall look which says something about the personality of the woman. That goes a long way in terms of sex appeal. Check out the differences in celebs with short vs long hair:

  9. I don’t get the appeal of long hair at all. The longest I’ve ever grown it is shoulder-length, anything longer is such a chore. If it wasn’t so tedious/expensive to cut it/have it done, I would wear it even shorter. Piles of them on the pillow. in the drain, on clothes, my pet peeve.

    She looks much better with shorter hair. When it was long, it just hung there like an old rug you’re too lazy to throw out.

  10. I’m surprised about the positive comments about her long hair – to me it looks quite thin and also very frizzy and dry. Personally, I had very long hair for quite some time and then I chopped it all of and it felt really liberating. I am now growing my hair again purely because I got kind of bored with the short hair but I’m sure I will get sick of long hair again and cut it short after some time. Experimating with your hair is really fun in my opinion – and it’s very liberating when you are used to having the same hairstyle for a long time.

  11. If I had such a lovely, thick blonce hair as Jemima I would never cut them! But she looks very nice in either long or shorter hair.

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